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by: Foster Morissette


Foster Morissette
GPA 3.55


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Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Foster Morissette on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 1020 at University of Georgia taught by Albright in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/202168/clas-1020-university-of-georgia in Classical culture at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Achilles Trojan War hero killed by arrow to the heel Agamemnon Agon contest or competition Aigisthos Aegisthus Ajax Ajas Trojan War hero who lost to O in a contest and won t talk to him in the underworld cause he s still bitter Alkinoos King of the Phaikians offers hospitality to Odysseus with a feast and games Wants to earn kleos Anagnorisis point of sudden realization like when Oedipus realizes he killed his father and bedded his mother Antigone Antikleia Odysseus s mother who dies of grief after waiting so long for Odysseus to return from Troy Antinoos lazy boorish suitor of Penelope staying in her home in Odysseus s absence Areopagus where they had Orestes trial Arete queen of the Phaikians arete manly excellence aristoi the best men Athena goddess of war and wisdom helps Odysseus in the Odyssey and judges Orestes s trial in the Eumenides Athena Parthenos large sculpture of Athena in the Parthenon Aulis the port from which the Greek army sailed to Troy after Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Authochthonous raised from the earth Cassandra know Charybdis sea monster who eats six of Odysseus s men Chorus group of people in Greek plays who speak their lines together Often the citizens or elders of the town Creon Jocosta s brother takes over position of king after Oedipus and his two sons die Sentances Antigone to death cyclopes Polyphemus bad host of Odyseeus he eats two of his men Odysseus tricks him into thinking his name is nobody so when he blinds the cyclops and escapes Polyphemus says nobody killed me dactylic hexameter epic meter Demodokos blind singer of the Phaicians Dike justice Ekphrasis Vivid description of a work of art Elektra sister ofOrestes helps him exact his revenge on their mother Klytemnestra Elpenor one of Odysseus s men who gets drunk and falls off a roof and dies They later found him on the outskirts of the underworld where he asks for a proper burial Epic Cycle cycle of poems about the Trojan War epic simile extended simile found in epics ErinyesFuries demonic scarylooking creatures that punish those who have committed blood crime like matricide or patricide Eriszgoddess of strife Eteocles son of Oedipus and Jocoasta brother of Antigone and Ismene Killed in a fight for the throne of Thebes with his brother Polynices Given an honorable burial Eumaios loyal swineherd of Odysseus Eumenides another name for the erinyes Greek tradegy by Aeschylus where the Erinyes chase Orestes for his mother s muder and he is acquitted in a trial judge by Athena Euryalos a Phaiakian who taunts Odyseeus about not participating in the athletic contest enticing Odysseys to play Eurydice wife of Orpheus guy who went to underworld to get wife failed Eurykleia old nurse of Odysseus and Telemachus Eurymachos a leading suitor in The Odyssey Haemon son of Creon and betrothed of Antigone kills himself after Antigone hangs herself Hamartia tragic aw Harmonia goddess of harmony and concord opposite of Eris Wife of Cadmus Hektor great fighter and Trojan prince killed by Achilles in the Trojan War Helen wife of Menelaus kidnapped by Paris to begin the Trojan War most beautiful woman in the world gives Telemachus advice in the Odyssey Hephaistos god of technology craftsmen fire and metallurgy Hermes messenger god escorts Orestes in the Eumenides and helps Odysseus resist Circe s power and escape Calypso Heronortal who does awesome deeds with divine helplineage member of aristoi possessor of arete world characterized by agon battle athletics seX speaking poetry etc Homophrosune likemindedness Odysseus and Penelope Iphigmeia Daugher of Klytamestra and Agamemnon sacrificed before the Trojan War by her father Ismene sister of Antigone and Polynices does not want to disobey the law but lies and says she helped Antigone bury her brother but is spared J ocasta window of Laius married her son Oedipus Judgment ofParis got it Kalypso nymph who holds 0 hostage as her lover for 7 years Kleos farreaching fame and renown Klytaimestra wife of Agamemnon murders him and his concubine Cassandra to avenge the murder of their daughter Laertes father of O reuinites with his son at the end of the epic Laistrygonians cannibals 0 visits they eat some of his women and sink all but one of his ships Laius father of Oedupis killed by his own son at a crossroads Leda mother of Helen and Klytamestra grandmother of Orestes Lotus Eaters O encountered them on his journey they gave his men lotus to eat so they wouldn t want to return home and 0 had to force them on his ship Menelaos husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon Trojan War hero gives Telemachus advice Mentes name taken by Athena when she appears in disguise to Telemachus Mentor friend of O whom Athena impersonaties Nausikaa princess of Phaicians Neoptolemus Achilles s son Oath to Tyndareus promise to Helen s father that her suitors would defend her chosen husband Odysseus hero of the Trojan War and protagonist of The Odyssey his journey home Oide teacher Orchestrazwhere the chorus sings and dances in Greek theatre It surrounds the stagescene Oresteia Trilogy of plays by Aescylus detailing the murder of Agamemnon by his wife her murder by their son Orestes his pursuit by the Erinyes and his trial judged by Athena Orestes son of Agamemnon and Kly kills his mother to avenge his father and his pursued by the Erinyes Athena judges his trial and he is acquitted Paraskene wall in the ancient Greek theatres with projecting sides and doorways for entrances and exits ParisAlexandros prince of Troy who elopes with Helen to begin the Trojan War Parthenon temple to Athena in Athens Peisistratus Nestor s son accompanies Telemachos to Sparta Peleus father of Achilles Penelope wife of O hounded by livein suitors during his absence Perpeteia turning point in a Greek play Phemius singer at Ithaca who saddens P by singing about the Trojan War Polybus one of Penelope s suitors father of Eurymachus killed my Eumaios Polyneices killed by his brother fighting for the throne of Thebes illegally buried by his sister Antigone Poseidon god of the sea and enemy of Odysseus tries to prevent him from returning home Priam king of Troy during the Trojan War Protagonist main character and possibly good guy in a story Rites of Integration maturation shit back to society a man Rites of Separation maturation shit taken away from families and civilization Rites of Transition maturation shit transition from boy to man with competition satyr play ancient Greek plays with bawdy jokes making fun of something usually politics Sirens water nymphs whose song is fatal to sailors O is the only man to have heard them and lived Skene building behind the stage used for mask and costume changes Skylla whirlpool near Charybdis known for sinking ships Sphinx monster who tells riddles Oedipus solves his riddle and assumes the kingship of Thebes Synoikism blending of two households oikos Teiresias blind prophet to attempts to bring wisdom to both Oedipus and Creon Telemachos son of Odysseus who matures over the course of the epic Theatron where the audience sat to observe a Greek tragedy Theoklymenoszfugitive from Argos whom Telemachos befriends and brings to Ithaka of a prophetic family Mythology October 26 2011 Ancient Athens Meeting of over 6000 people meet at pnyx Areopogus quotHill of Aresquot where the trial in Eumenideswas set Akropolis quotakrosquot high quotpolisquot o Mycenean citadel to begin with 0 Sandwiches between two rivers Kephissos 0 Natural 120 m high outcrop of limestone o Parthenon Modern Athens has serious pollution problems and Temple to Athena Polias City Goddess Other temple Parthenon Athena Parthos virgin goddess 349 BCE Periklean Building Program 0 Politician Perikles 0 Architects Kallikrates lktinos and Mnesikles o Sculptor Pheidias Perikles 0 Son of Zanthippos and Agariste member of the Alkmeonid family 0 469 BCE became leader of the more democratic pary o 5trategos generalquot o Died from the plague Propylaia gates o Mnesikles o Doric dolumns on exterior o Ionic columns inside passageway o Pinacotheka quotpicture gallery 0 Access to Nike bastion Temple of Athena Nike 0 Ionic columns sculpted frieze altar in front 0 Resembles treasuries at Delphi 0 Nike victory Erechtheion 0 Temple of Athena Polias guarder of the city 0 Most irregular of Greek temples o Maidens are thought representation of girls who served Athena priestesses 0 Space in this temple not only for Athena but for other figures that figure into the history of Athens 0 Myths of Athens 0 Battle for Athens between Athena and Poseidon occurs during reign of Kekrops the first king of Athens 0 Spring was due to Poseidon hitting the ground with his trident 0 Athena offered Olive Tree still there perhaps not the same one o Hephaistos tries to rape Athena on the Akropolis Erecthus Erichthonius born from the semen soaked wool and earth 0 Kekrops s daughters Pandrosos Herse and Aglauros o Araphoria festival ofthe dew carriers I Athena s helpers took a secret thing down to the sanctuary of Athena represents first marriage losing virginity etc 0 Athena tells the daughters to not look at the half snake half baby Erechtheus but Herse and Aglauros look and then throw themselves offthe cliff o Parthenon quotthe perfect example of Doric architecture 0 Athena Parthenos virgin goddess 0 Political space people HAVE to look at it when they visit Athens power Naos 2 chambers eastern hektompedon western is called Parthenon X to 2X1 most beautiful ratio to have Most masculine and austere looking strength and masculinity Elaborate sculpture in pediments and metopes Parthenon got blown up by gun powder stored inside during Ottoman Empire Giant Statue of Athena Sculpture is very intricate Frieze may depict the Panathenaic procession 0000000 I Hard even to see glorifies Athena more than man 0 Panathenaia I Festival for Athena each year I New Dress peplos for Athena s statue woven for the goddess s cult by women I Every fourth year a Great Panathenaia was held 0 New peplos for the cult image and also larger quotsailquot peplos which was probably hung up Woven by men 0 92 Metopes I Various mythological stories I Lapiths v centaurs I Greeks v amazons I Gods v giants Study Guide for Second Midterm This is ONLY a guide it does not replace your class notes You are responsible for all reading material and class presentations of course You may see terms on the midterm Achilles Agamemnon Agave Agenor Aglauros agon Aigisthos Aegisthus Ajax Aias Alkinoos anagnorisis Antigone Antikleia Antinoos Areopagus Arete arete aristoi Athena Athena Nike Athena Parthenos Athena Polias Athenian Acropolis Aulis authochthonous Autonoe Cadmus caryatids Cassandra Charybdis chorus Creon cyclopes Polyphemus dactylic hexameter Demodokos Dionysia ekphrasis ekstasis Elektra Elpenor enthousiasmos Epic Cycle epic simile Erechtheion Erechtheus Erecthononius ErinyesFuries Eris Eteocles Eumaios Eumenides Europa Euryalos Eurydice Eurykleia Eurymachos Haemon hamartia Harmonia Hekabe Hektor Helen Hephaistos Hermes hero Herse homophrosune Ino Iphigeneia Ismene J ocasta Judgment of Paris Kalypso Kekrops kleos Klytaimestra komos Laertes Laistrygonians which do not appear on this study guide Laius Leda Lotus Eaters maenads Menelaos Mentes Mentor Nausikaa Neoptolemus Oath to Tyndareus Odysseus oide omophagy orchestra Oresteia Orestes Pandrosos paraskene ParisAlexandros Parthenon Peisistratus Peleus Penelope Pentheus Pericles perpeteia Pheidias Phemius Polybus Polyneices Poseidon Priam Prometheus Propylaia protagonist Pythia Rites of Integration Rites of Separation Rites of Transition


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