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by: Dr. Meda Rosenbaum


Dr. Meda Rosenbaum
GPA 3.72


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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Meda Rosenbaum on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTS 2000 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/202177/arts-2000-university-of-georgia in Art at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
FAQ39S ABOUT FampI 1 What are the requirements for the Furnishings and Interiors major Intended Furnishings and Interiors majors must complete 45 hours in core areas IVI at least sophomore level including ARTS 2000 or ARHI 2300 or ARHI 2400 ARST 1050 TXMI 2350 and TXMI 2360 beforewhen applying to the major During the fall semester of your sophomore year submit an application and portfolio of work by the deadline date for Fall Portfolio Review This deadline date changes every year so please check with the department to verify the due date Enrollment is limited As a result everyone that applies will not be accepted into the major Portfolios are evaluated on an established list of criteria please check the FI Information and Application packet for further details All decisions are final 2 What differences are there between the Furnishings and Interiors program in the Departmentof Textiles Merchandising amp Interiors and the Interior Design program in the School of Art The Furnishings and Interiors program in the Textiles Merchandising and Interiors department focuses on interior design of residential environments single and multifamily housing design assisted living facilities hospitality etc with an emphasis in kitchen and bath design The program also provides a strong background in textile enduse and performance The Fl program is accredited by the National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA The Interior Design program in the Lamar Dodd School of Art offers courses in residential design but emphasizes commercial design The Lamar Dodd program has a separate set of requirements to enterthe program and is CIDA accredited 3 Why do I have to take Chemistry when I have completed 6 hours of biology or other sciences Chemistryprovidesa39 395 39for 39 quot th V 39 quot and enduse performanceof a e textile materials commonly used in interiors including upholstery carpets and other materials 4 Why do I have to take statistics when I have completed Math 1115 Statistics is the science of collecting analyzing and interpreting quantitative data collected in a way so conclusions can be evaluated in an objective way It will be useful in developing your problem solving skills and is required for Textile Testing TXMI 3250 5 Will I have to draw in this major Yes Drafting of floor plans elevations and sections as well as threedimensional drawings such as perspectives and axonometric drawings and rendering are essential to being able to communicate effectively and to present design ideas visually 6 Can I minor in something else with FampI as my major Yes The University of Georgia requires a student to have 20 hours of additional courses not required for your major to receive a minor In addition you will need to meet the minimum requirements of the minor as determined by the department you wish to receive your minor in 7 What student organizations are available to students who major in Furnishings and Interiors The Furnishings and Interiors major offers the Student Interior Design Association SIDA which includes student membership in IIDAInternational Interior Design Association ASIDAmerican Society of Interior Designers and NKBANational Kitchen amp Bath Students may also join NABH National Association of Home Builders which is offered through the Department of Housing and Consumer Economics The student chapter of AATCCAmerican Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists in TMI also covers topics related to interior designers dyes and finishes Each of these organizations welcomes all interested students 8 What are the starting salaries in the field An average range of 25000 to 30000 is common for a beginning designer However salaries have been a little lower to as much as 40000 depending on the student company and position 9 What will I be qualified to do with a degree in Furnishings and Interiors With a degree in Furnishings and Interiors you will be well qualified to work in interior design and architecture firms as well as companies specializing in kitchen amp bath design and model home merchandising In addition a degree from our program will prepare you to work in many different areas including design showrooms and furniture stores You would also be able to be work in historic preservation and adaptive reuse color consultation and many other related areas 10 Where are some alumni of this program working today Design Environments Stephen Fuller Centex Knoll Image Design KB Homes Interior Design Atlanta Home Depot Expo Kravet Brunswig and Fils Holland amp Company Lee Jofa Fabrics Donghia Atlanta Merchandise Mart Bella Maria Inc Mayo Guyton Interiors Beverly Hall Interiors and Chatham House Interiors 11 What is the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator As defined by NCIDQ the interior designer is qualified by education experience and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior design spaces for the purpose of improving the quality of life increasing productivity and protecting the health safety and welfare of the public An interior designer performs services relative to non loadbearing interior construction furnishings fixtures and equipment An interior decorator on the other hand is an individual who is involved only in the embellishment of interior spaces and may or may not have a formal education in the field of design Job responsibilities of an interior decorator may include selection and specification of finishes and furnishings within an existing space 12 What is NCIDQ Certification Can everyone take the NCIDQ Why take it NCIDQ is the National Council for Interior Design Qualification NCIDQ certification recognizes that an individual has met minimum competency standards forthe practice of interior design NCIDQ 39s role in the certification process includes the establishment of standards for education and experience and the administration of a minimum competency examination The examination consists of three sections as follows Section I Principles and Practices of Interior Design Section II Contract Development and Administration and Section III Schematics and Design Development NCIDQ certification provides interior designers with peer recognition promotes public acceptance through awareness of a profession with certified practitioners is required for professional designation in interior design professional organizations such as ASID and DA and is required for licensing in those states with title acts andor practice acts for interior design licensing To be eligible to take the NCIDQ exam requires interior design education and actual full time interior design experience The requirements are as follows 0 45 years of interior design education plus 2 years of fulltime work experience in interior design or o 3 years of interior design education plus 3 years of fulltime work experience in interior design or o 2 years of interior design education plus 4 years of fulltime work experience in interior design As of January 1 2008 those interested in taking the NCIDQ exam will be required to have their work experience under a licensed designerarchitect or a designer who is NCIDQ certified in order to qualify to sit for the exam lF that person begins their work experience on or after January 1 2008 Qualified interior design work experience begun prior to January 1 2008 will NOT be required to be under a licensed designerarchitect or a designer who is NCIDQ certified 13 What are the requirements to become a Registered Interior Designer in Georgia Requirements for licensing and type of licensing varies state by state Georgia has a title act form of licensing not a practice act A completed application is to be submitted to the Georgia State Board of Architects along with the current application fee Georgia s s requirements are as follows 0 Be at least 21 years of age 0 NCIDQ Certification 0 A minimum 4year or first professional degree from a college or university with a program accredited by ClDA or a program approved by the license board NASAD National Association ofSchools of Art and Design or NAAB National Architectural Accrediting Board A minimum 4year degree received prior to July 1 1996 which would constitute the equivalent of a major in interior design For more information see wwwsosstategaplb then click on Interior Designers on the side bar then FAQ s on the next side bar 14 Can I become a registered interior designer in the state of Georgia with a degree in Furnishings and Interiors from UGA You can appeal to the members of the board that oversees the registration process for special consideration and then you must demonstrate to them that you are qualified Obtaining NCIDQ certification is required and will provide support for a favorable outcome of their decision 15 Can I become a Certified Kitchen Designer CKD or Certified Bath Designer CBD without a degree from a FIDER accredited program Yes The traditional careerpath for NKBA certification requires minimal industry experience and NKBA professional development courses regularly provided by NKBA A NKBA Accredited Program Graduate will automatically be granted 30 hours of NKBA Education and one year related experience which can be applied to any NKBA certification requirement Students that complete their internship requirement in the Kitchen amp Bath industry and submit a Graduation Verification


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