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by: Jovanny Yundt


Marketplace > University of Georgia > Latin > LATN 1001 > ELEMENTARY LATIN I
Jovanny Yundt
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jovanny Yundt on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LATN 1001 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/202187/latn-1001-university-of-georgia in Latin at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Latin Final Review 11292011 55000 PM Key terms Cases Appositive noun that is positioned next to another noun as an explanatory equivalent Gaium filium meum in agro video I see Gaius my son in the field Predicate Nominative when the nominative is employed with forms of to be and other linking verbs Puella est poeta The girl is a poet Attributive adjective simple modifier Vir fortes The brave men Predicate Adjective describing the subject with a form of sum or some other linking verb Viri sunt fortes The men are brave Substantive adjective used in place of a noun Fortuna fortes adiuvat Fortune helps the brave Objective complement describing the result of the action of the verb on the object Virtus fecit viros fortes Virtue made the men brave Nominative 0 Known as the subject of a verb 0 Say it like Thea noun Genitive 0 When a noun is used to modify another 0 Say it like of the noun 0 Types Genitive of the Whole Partative Genitive u Indicates the whole of some thing or group is used after a word designatin a part of the whole a EX pars urbis part ofthe city multum boni much good of good satis eloquentiae sufficient eloquence Dative 0 Marks the person or thing indirectly affected by the action of the girl 0 Say it like tofor the noun Accusative 0 Could indicate the direct object of the verb 0 Could be used as object of a preposition with certain prepositions adtowardat ininto postafterbehind 0 Say it like the noun Ablative o Modifies or limits the verb 0 Say it like bywithfrom the noun 0 Types Ablative of Means or Instrument u Answers the questions by means of whatby whatwith what u Recognition ablative without a preposition u EX Litteras stilo scripsit He wrote the letter with a pencil Id meis oculis vidi I saw it with my own eyes Ablative of Accompaniment u Answers the question in whose companywith whom is the action performed a Recognition ablative with the preposition cum u Ex Cum agricola laborat He is working with the farmer Ablative of Manner u Answers the questions howin what mannerbehavior is the action performed a Recognition ablative noun with the preposition cum u Ex Cum ceeritate venerunt They came with speed Ablative with Cardinal Numbers u Idea of the whole is expressed by ex or de a Ex quinque ex eis five of them pauci ex amicis a few of the friends Ablative of Time a Indicates the time when of within which an action occurred a Indicated a duration of time u Ex Paucis horis id faciet Within a few hours he will do it Aestate ludebant In the summer they used to play Ablative of Place from Which u Involves a verb of active motion from one place to another a Recognition nearly always with one of these prepositions ab de or ex u Ex Cicero hostes as urbe misit Cicero sent the enemy away from the city Flumen de montibus in mare fluxit The river flowed down from the mountains into the sea Ablative of separation u Implies that some person or thing is separate from another a Sometimes there is no preposition u Ex Eos timore liberavit He freed them from fear Agricolae pecunia saepe carebant The farmers were often lacking money Ablative of Place Where a Describes where someone of something if located or an action is occurring u Typically with in or sub u Ex In mag na casa vivunt They live in a large house Navis sub aqua fuit The ship was under water Vocative 0 Used to address or call on someone or something directly 0 Always conjugated like the nominative 0 Say it like 0 noun Declensions First Declension Singular o Nom 3 porta magna 0000 O Plural 0 00000 Gen ae portae magnae Dat ae portae magnae Acc am portam magnam Abl a porta magna Voc a porta magna Nom ae portae mag nae Gen arum portarum magnarum Dat is portis magnis Acc as portas mag nas Abl is portis magnis Voc ae portae magnae Second Declension masculine in the us er Nom user puer ager magnus Gen i pueri agri magni Dat o puero agro magno Acc um puerum agrum magnum Abl o puero agro magno Voc eer peur ager magne Nom i pueri agri magni Gen orum puerorum agrorum magnorum Dat is pueris agris magnis Acc os pueros ag ros magnos Abl is pueris agris magnis Singular O O O O O Plural O O O O O O Voc i pueri agri magni Second Declension neuters Nom um donum magnum Gen i doni magni Dat o dono magno Acc um donum magnum Abl o dono magno Voc um donum magnum Nom 3 dona magna Gen orum donorum magnorum Dat is donis magnis Acc a dona magna Abl is donis magnis Singular O O O O O O Plural O O O O 0 Third Declension Voc a dona magna Singular MFN o Nom rex virtus corpus 0 Gen is is Regis virtutis corporis o Dat i i regi virtuti corpori o Acc em regem virtutem corpus o bl e e rege virtute corpore o Voc rex virtus corpus Plural MFN o Nom es 3 reges virtutes corpora 0 Gen um um regum virtutum corporum o Dat ibus ibus regibus virtutibus corporibus o Acc es 3 reges virtutes corpora O O gt Abl ibus ibus regibus virtutibus corporibus Voc es a reges virtutes corpora Third Declension I stem nouns Singular MFN o Nom civis urbs mare Gen is is civis urbis maris Dat i i civi urbi mari Acc em civem urbem mare Abl e i cive urbe mari o Voc civis ubrs mare Plural MFN o Nom es ia cives urbes maria 0 Gen ium ium civium urbium marium o Dat ibus ibus civibus urbibus maribus o Acc es ia cives urbes maria O O O O O O Abl ibus ibus civibus urbibus maribus Voc es ia cives urbes maria Fourth Declension Singular MF N o Nom us u fructus cornu Gen us us fructus cornus Dat ui u fructui cornu Acc um u fructum cornu Abl u u fructu cornu o Voc us u fructus cornu Plural o Nom us ua fructus cornua 0 Gen uum uum fructuum cornuum o Dat ibus ibus fructibus cornibus o Acc us ua fructus cornua O O O O O O Abl ibus ibus fructibus cornibus Voc us ua fructus cornua Fifth Declension Singular M F M resthing Fdies day 0 Nom es res dies Gen ei ei rei diei Dat ei ei rei diei Acc em rem diem Abl e re die 0 Voc es res dies Plural M F Nom es res dies Gen erum rerum dierum Dat ebus rebus diebus Acc es res dies Abl ebus rebus diebus Voc es res dies 0000 0 00000 Demonstratives Hic this these Singular M F N o Nom hic haec hoc 0 Gen huius huius huius o Dat huic huic huic 0 ACC hunc hanc hoc o Abl hoc hac hoc Plural M F N o Nom hi hae haec 0 Gen horum harum horum o Dat his his his 0 Acc hos has haec o Abl his his his Ille that those Singular M F N o Nom ille illa illud 0 Gen illius illius illius o Dat illi illi illi 0 ACC illum illam illud o Abl illo illa illo Plural M F N o Nom illi illae illa Gen illorum illarum illorum Dat illis illis illis Acc illos illas illa Abl illis illis illis O O O O Iste that near you that of yours Singular M F N O Plural O O O O O 0000 Nom iste ista istud Gen istius istius istius Dat isti isti isti Acc istum istam istud Abl isto ista isto M F N Nom isti istae ista Gen istorum istarum istorum Dat istis istis istis Acc istos istas ista Abl istis istis istis Personal Pronouns 15 person EgoNos I we Singular O O O O O Plural O 0000 Nom ego 1 Gen mei of me Dat mihi tofor me Acc me me Abl me bywithfrom me Nom nos we Gen nostrum of us nostri of us Dat nobis tofor us Acc nos us Abl nobis bywithfrom us 2quot person TuVos you you Singular O O O O O Plural OOOO Nom tu you Gen tui of you Dat tibi tofor you Acc te you Abl te bywithfrom you Nom Vos you Gen vestrum of you vestri of you Dat vobis tofor you Acc vos you Abl vobis bywithfrom you 3 person Is he this man Ea she this woman Id it this thing Singula O O O O O Plural O 0000 r M F N Nom is ea id hesheit this manwomanthing Gen eius eius eius of himherit hisherits Dat ei ei ei tofor himherit Acc eum eam id himherit Abl eo ea eo bywithfrom himherit M F N Nom ei ii eae ea they Gen eorum earum eorum of them their Dat eis eis eis tofor them Acc eos eas ea them Abl eis eis eis bywithfrom them Reflexive Pronouns 1 person meinostri myselfourselves I O O O O Plural OOO Singular Gen mei Dat mihi Acc me Abl me Gen nostri Dat nobis Acc nos Abl nobis 2quot person tuivestri yourselfyourselves Singu O O O O Plural 0 OOO lar Gen tui Dat tibi Acc te Abl te Gen vestri Dat vobis Acc vos Abl vobis 3 person suisui himsel hersel itsel themseves Singu O O O O Plural lar Gen sui Dat sibi Acc se sese Abl se sese Gen sui Dat sibi Acc se sese Abl se sese 0000 Relative Pronoun Qui quae Quod who which that Singular M F N o Nom qui quae quod 0 Gen cuius cuius cuius o Dat cui cui cui 0 Ace quem quam quod o Abl quo qua quo Plural M F N o Nom qui quae quae 0 Gen quorum quarum quorum o Dat quibus quibus quibus 0 Ace quos quas quae o Abl quibus quibus quibus SQecial ius Adjectives U unus a um one N nullus a um no none U ullus a um any S solus a um alone only N neuter neutra neutrum neither A alius a ud another other U uter utra utrum either which of two T totus a um whole entire A alter altera alterum the other of two Solus a um Singular M F N o Nom Solus sola solum 0 Gen Solius solius solius o Dat Soli soli soli 0 ACC Solum solam solum o Abl Solo sola solo Plural M F N o Nom Soli solae sola Gen Solorum solarum solorum Dat Solis solis solis Acc Solos solas sola O O O o Abl Solis solis solis Alius alia aliud Singular M F N o Nom alius alia aliud 0 Gen alterius alterius alterius o Dat alii alii alii o Acc alium aliam aliud o Abl alio alia alio Plural M F N o Nom alii aliae alia 0 Gen aliorum aliarum aliorum o Dat aliis aliis aliis o Acc alios alias alia o Abl aliis aliis aliis Active Conjugations Present Indicative Active ex I graisei 1St conjugation Singular o o laudo o as laudas o at laudat Plural o amus laudamus o atis laudatis 0 ant laudant 2quotd conjugation Singular o o moneo 0 es mones et monet o emus monemus o etis monetis o ent monent 3rd conjugation Singular o 0 ago capio o is agis capis it agit capit o imus agimus capimus o itis agitis capit o unt agunt capiunt 4th conjugations Singular o 0 audio 0 s audis o t audit Plural o imus audimus o itis auditis o iunt audiunt Present Active 7 quot ex Praise 1St conjugation 2quotd person singular o a lauda 2quotd person plural 0 ate laudate 2quotd conjugation 2quotd person singular o e mone 2quotd person plural o ete monete 3rd conjugation 2quotd person singular o e age cape 2quotd person plural o ite agite capite 4th conjugation 2quotd person singular o i audi 2quotd person plural o ite audite Future Active Indicative ex I will praise 1St conjugation Singular o abo laudabo o abis laudabis o abit laudabit Plural o abimus laudabimus o abitis laudabitis o abunt laudabunt 2quotd conjugation Singular o ebo monebo o ebis monebis o ebit monebit Plural o ebimus monebimus o ebitis monebitis o ebunt monebunt 3rd conjugation Singular 0 am agam capiam 0 es ages capies o et aget capiet Plural o emus agemus capiemus o etis agetis capietis o ent agent capient 4th conjugation Singular 0 am audiam 0 es audies o et audiet Plural o emus audiemus o etis audietis o ent audient Imgen ect Active Indicative ex I was graisingl 1St conjugation Singular o abam laudabam o abas laudabas o abat laudabat Plural o abamus laudabamus o abatis laudabatis o abant laudabant 2quotd conjugation Singular o ebam monebam o ebas monebas o ebat laudabat monebat Plural o ebamus monebamus ebatis monebatis o ebant monebant 3rd conjugation Singular o ebam agebam capiebam O o ebas agebas capiebas o ebat agebat capiebat Plural o ebamus agebamus capiebamus o ebatis agebatis capiebatis o ebant agebant capiebant 4th conjugation Singular o ebam audiebam o ebas audiebas o ebat audiebat Plural o ebamus audiebamus o ebatis audiebatis o ebant audiebant Present Perfect Active Indicative ex I graised I have graisedl Singular o I laudavi egi fui o isti luadavisti egisti fuisti o it laudavit egit fuit Plural o imus laudavimus egimus fuimus o istis laudavistis egistis fuistis o erunt ere laudaverunt egerunt fuerunt Plugen ect Active Indicative ex I had graisedl Singular o eram laudaveram fueram o eras laudaveras fueras o erat laudaverat fuerat Plural o eramus laudaveramus fueramus o eratis laudaveratis fueratis o erant laudaverant fuerant Future Perfect Active Indicative ex I shall have graised 1 Singular o ero laudavero fuero o eris laudaveris fueris o erit laudaverit fuerit Plural o erimus laudaverimus fuerimus o eritis luadaveritis fueritis o erint laudaverint fuerint Present Active Indicative of esse to be Singular 0 Sum I am 0 Es You are 0 Est sheheit is there is Plural o Sumus we are 0 Estis ya ll are 0 Sunt they are there are Future Active Indicative of Sum Singular o Ero I shall be 0 Eris you will be 0 Erit hesheitthere will be Plural o Erimus we shall be 0 Eritis ya ll will be 0 Erunt theythere will be Imgen ect Active Indicative of Sum Singular o Eram I was 0 Eras you were 0 Erat hesheitthere was Plural o Eramus we were 0 Eratis ya ll were 0 Erant theythere were Passive Conjugations Present Indicative Passive ex I am bein raised 15 conjugation Singular o or laudor o aris laudaris o atur laudatu r Plural o amur laudamur o amini laudamini o antur laudantur 2quotd conjugation Singular o or moneor o eris moneris o etur monetur Plural o emur monemur o emini monemini o entur monentur 3rd conjugation Singular o or agor capior o eris ageris caperis o itur agitur capitur Plural o imur agimur capimur o imini agimini capimini o untur aguntur capiuntur 4th conjugation Singular o or audior o iris audiris o itur auditur Plural o imur audimur o imini audimini o untur audiuntur Imgen ect Indicative Passive ex I was being graised used to be graisedl 1St conjugation Singular o abar laudabar o abaris laudabaris o abatur laudabatu r Plural o abamur laudabamur o abamini laudabamini o abantur laudabantur 2quotd conjugation Singular o ebar monebar o ebaris monebaris o ebatur monebatur Plural o ebamur monebamur ebamini monebamini o ebantur monebantur 3rd conjugation Singular o ebar agebar capiebar O O O Plural O O 0 4th conjugation ebaris agebaris capiebaris ebatur agebatur capiebatur ebamur agebamur capiebamur ebamini agebamini capiebamini ebantur agebanut capiebantur Singular O O O Plural O O O ebar audiebar ebaris audiebaris ebatur audiebatur ebamur audiebamur ebamini audiebamini ebantur audiebantur Future Indicative Passive ex I will be graisedi 1St conjugation Singular O O O Plural O O O 2quotd conjugation abor laudabor aberis laudaberis abitur laudabitur abimur laudabimur abimini laudabimini abuntur laudabuntur Singular 3rd conjugation ebor monebor eberis moneberis ebitur monebitur ebimur monebimur ebimini monebimini ebuntur monebuntur Singular 4th conjugation ar agar capiar eris ageris capieris etur agetur capietur emur agemur capiemur emini agemini capiemini entur agentur capientur Singular 0 ar audiar o eris audieris o etur audietu r Plural o emur audiemur o emini audiemini o entur audientur Perfect Passive System a verb s perfect passive participle the fourth principal part is combined with sum ero eram to form the perfect future perfect and pluperfect passive Present Perfect Indicative Passive ex I was raised have been raised Singular o Laudatus a um sum 0 Laudatus a um es 0 Laudatus a um est Plural o Laudati ae a sumus o Laudati ae a estis o Laudati ae a sunt Future Perfect Indicative Passive ex I will have been graisedl Singular o Laudatus a um era 0 Laudatus a um eris o Laudatus a um erit Plural o Laudati ae a erimus o Laudati ae a eritis o Laudati ae a erunt Plugen ect Indicative Passive ex I had been graisedl Singular o Laudatus a um eram o Laudatus a um eras o Laudatus a um erat Plural Laudati ae a eramus Laudati ae a eratis o Laudati ae a erant O O 11292011 55000 PM Two summers ago as a graduated senior in high school I went to Camp Oasis at Camp Twin Lakes Willaway as a camper My crohn39s doctor had been trying to get me go to camp for the longest time but every summer I was booked the week of Camp Oasis When I finally went to the camp my summer was changed and I had just had the best week of my summer I learned so many new things and had so much fun The next year I decided to volunteer as a counselor for Camp Oasis Working with the kids was the best experience I had ever had Watching the kid39s smiles light up the room when the CTL staff would dance and sing with the counselors and the kids made me realize how powerful this camp was That was when I realize I wanted to see these kinds of smiles all summer and I talked to some friends about doing Camp Twin Lakes Staff


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