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ELAN 4400

by: Brendon McGlynn

ELAN 4400 ELAN 4400

Brendon McGlynn
GPA 3.62


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This 79 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brendon McGlynn on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELAN 4400 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/202188/elan-4400-university-of-georgia in Language Education at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
ELAN 4400 Melanie Kee Smagorinsky 8 October 2002 Rationale for Researching the World For centuries mythology has been a part of educational systems across the globe The writings of Homer Aeschylus and Euripides became sources of Latin Education European literature dramatic arts and law school training I will use mythology to teach the world Myths that come from all parts of the world provide insight into each individual culture s social structure Students will study myths from around the world to provide a social and cultural awareness of and respect for others different from themselves within our melting pot society Cater Brooks best captures the effectiveness of teaching mythology it is a lens through which we continue to see ourselves it can be understood as a story that contains a set of implicit instructions from a society to its members telling them what is valuable and how to conduct themselves if they are to preserve the things they value Not only will this unit provide an awareness of other cultures it will provide an awareness of values within the students immediate cultural society Gwinnett County s ninth grade curriculum requires the reading of Homer s The Odyssey Though we like to criticize the old dead white guys in the canonical literature they play a vital role in the development of curriculums worldwide Like it or not this European patriarchal literature with heavy Greek characteristics greatly in uences curriculums in the US This is the central text of the unit however myths from many other cultures surround the text in order to avoid ideas that Greek myths are superior to other cultures myths Multicultural myths provide a reoccurrence of themes archetypes and motifs unique to cultural signatures or in uences of each culture on its myths V anVickle Including Greek mythology in this multicultural unit provides a familiar basis for students to understand allegories in other works of literature that they encounter in later English classes It is important for students to understand these in uences as America becomes more independent on other societies it is critical that students be taught to appreciate respect and value the contributions of all cultures Handy l A myth of creation eXists within all cultures in some way shape or form Each culture s view of how the world came to be effects both the social and cultural beliefs that in uence that culture s ways of living The National Education Association agrees an educator shall not reasonably deny students access to varying points of view Bird p419 Based on the Supreme Court s decision of balanced teaching the court ruled that teachers are free to teach any and all facets of this subject of all scientific theories about the origins of humankind trueorigincom Creationism a touch subject in most classrooms I approach these stories as what the Supreme Court calls creation science Creation science need be nothing other than a collection of scientific data supporting the theory that life appeared on earth Edwards vs Aguillard p 549 Jerry Bergman reminds us sixty percent of teachers feel that teaching creation does not mean teaching religion it can be taught from a nonsect pointofview trueorigin com In teaching these myths of creation I hope students will understand differences in cultures and the way these cultures own history I will avoid creating an environment in which students cultures appear less superior to any other Students will lea1n the equality of all cultures and belief systems Beginning the unit by playing a game of telephone facilitates discussion on how myths passed down verbally before they were recorded in writing The discussion involves how myths evolve through time and create social and cultural changes Students split into groups each group receives a written version of a culture s creation myth These myths range from Australian Aboriginal to Islamic to Christian and Jewish myths The group must present their myth to the class using a form of visual aid As a class we create a chart that compares and contrasts the different creation myths while discussing what factors may in uence similarities and differences I will segue into a discussion on folklore and how it evolves within cultures recipes family customs religions etc After this introductory activity students receive a project assignment in which they find a piece of folklore from their cultural heritage for a class presentation This multicultural approach empowers the students with gifts from their own cultural and social backgrounds and involves family and community within the project Students may have a difficult time relating to and understanding some of the ancient folklore therefore I intend to teach the unit with elements of pop culture Pop culture in my de nition is the use of modem day aspects that appear in the students lives on a regular basis In watching Oh Brother Where Art Thou a modernized version of The Odyssey creating a modemday folklore book and using technology to tech the classics students will have the ability to relate what they are learning to their own lives Students will also study the evolution of Cinderella within the American culture using Grimms39 version the Disney cartoon and Brandi s live action version Also a section on urban legends as a form of verbal folklore will help students relate folklore to teenage life By the end of the unit students will write their own pieces of folklore Dr Brooks Landon from the University of Iowa supports my intention with the inclusion of pop culture Those who pass Through The horizon of modern culTure puT Their experience inTo familiar words and images because The languages They have inheriTed are inadequaTe To The new world They inhabiTThey express Themselves in meTaphors paradoxes conTradicTions and absTracTions raTher Than Their language They are incoherenT collages using fragmenTs of The old To creaTe enigmaTic symbols of The new uiowaedu In creaTing Their own myThs and arTifacTs of folklore sTudenTs find This connecTion beTween The oldquot and The newquot In researching the world students experience the world through other lenses and I II 1 39 1 Al I 4 and 1 others experiences Each individual s ideas are the unit Students learn to open their minds to other cultures and social systems They see beyond their immediate world and into a perspective of universality Students have the power to become multicultural advocates as well as world learners Works Cited Bird Wendell R The Origin of the Species Revisited Oxford Oxford Press 1954 Brooks Cater M hology Understood 1999 ltwwwcarterbrookscomgt Handy M Exploring the Native American M h 2001 ltwwwa11aberycomgt Landon Brooks Teaching Pop Culture University of Iowa 2000 Disappearing Through the Sky Light Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century 3 October 2002 ltwwwuiowaedugt VanVickle Linda A Curriculum Module For Use in World Mythology Contemporary Literature St Louis Community College 1999 Multicultural Myths 4 October 2002 ltwwwstlccccmousgt True Origins Court Cases The Teaching of Creation in the Schools 1963 Supreme Court Tribunals 4 October 2002 ltwwwtrueoriginscomgt UniT Goals My inTenTions in Teaching a uniT on researching The worldquot fall wiThin fulfilling The requiremenTs of Georgia39s QualiTy Core Curriculum and GwinneTT CounTy s AKS However my greaTesT goal is To endow ninTh graders wiTh The knowledge They need To be more aware of The world around Them as well as Their immediaTe culTure ThroughouT The uniT sTudenTs will produce Their own pieces of folklore find folklore wiThin Their own culTure produce a mulTimedia presenTaTion on Greek gods and goddesses ThaT exisT ThroughouT liTeraTure creaTe a vocabulary ThaT provides basis for foreign languages and learn To appreciaTe and respecT people of oTher culTures STudenTs will compleTe The uniT by producing a folklore projecT represenTaTive of many differenT culTures and religions ProjecT descripTions and rubrics are provided ThroughouT The uniT lesson plan InvenTory For noTes on Greek myThology Homer and The Trojan War I will use EdiTh HamilTon39s Third ediTion of MyThology During The secTion on Legend I will use The HobbiTquot by For explanaTions on language I will use Romeo and JulieTquot by William Shakespeare The New Cambridge Shakespeare Version ediTed by Jay L Halio To find poeTry by William WordsworTh and Samuel Taylor Coleridge I will use The NorTon AnTholoqv of English LiTeraTure sevenTh ediTion Grammar sources come from The fifTh ediTion of The MLA Handbook for WriTers of Research Papers and The fifTh ediTion of The ST MarTin39s Handbook The Odysseyquot excerst will come from The ElemenTs of LiTeraTure Third ediTion pages 890945 Any noTes or pieces of folklore Taken from websiTes are ciTed wiThin The lesson plans STudenTs will waTch pieces of Disney39s Cinderell The carToon version and The live acTion version wiTh Brandi and WhiTney HousTon STudenTs will waTch excerst from The Emmy award winning movie Oh BroTher Where ArT Thouquot Class Discussions Thr oughouT The uniT many class discussions will Take place The quesTions menTioned in The lesson plans will be quesTions ThaT I will puT ouT onTo The floor To begin class discussion STudenTs will compleTely car r39y The discussion I inTend To be a quiTe observer however I will require Them To raise Their hands and waiT for me To call on Them I will noT r39espond To commenTs I wanT sTudenTs To form Their own opinions of whaT oTher s are saying If The discussion veer s off Tr39ack To a pr eposTer ous poinT meaning The high school dance eTc I will bring Them back To The lasT commenT made ThaT was on The inTended Topic Before each discussion I will remind sTudenTs of The following discussion r ules ThaT ar39e posTed in The fr onT of The room 1 2 00 U1 0 You musT raise your39 hand and waiT unTil you are called on To speak RespecT your39 classmaTes and Their opinions Due To differ enT culTur39al and religious beliefs we will have many differences of opinions Everyone is enTiTled To shar39ing Their opinion wiThouT being paTr39onized for doing so If any disr39especT occur s you will be Taken compleTely ouT of The discussion No yelling name calling Talking ouT of Tur n eTc STay on The Topic aT hand Do noT sTr39ay To whaT is happening Fr iday nighT If you are noT Talking To The group you are noT Talking aT all NO side conver saTions allowed They are disr upTing To Those who are speaking In shor T only one person should be speaking in The enTir39e classr oom If you break any of These rules you will be asked To wr39iTe a brief essay abouT The rule you broke and whaT you will do To avoid doing so again One Week Lesson Day One I Grammar will be on The board when sTudenTs enTer They are To wr iTe down The word and define The word Day one39s word is homonym We will briefly discuss The word 5 minuTes II InTr oducTion AcTiviTy Telephone AcTiviTy 30 minuTes III NoTes on Folklore 20 minuTes IV Weekly definiTions will be puT on The overhead They are To be defined for homework 5 minuTes Legend myTh foir yTale Tall Tale urban legend hyper bole Day Two I Grammar 5 minuTes We will disTinguish beTween Their There and They39re II CreaTion MyTh AcTiviTy 55 minuTes III Hand ouT Urban Legends and GhosT STories for homework quotNorThwesT CreaTion SToryquot Raven was so lonely One day he paced back and forTh on The sandy beach feeling quiTe forlorn ExcepT for The Trees The moon The sun waTer and a few animals The world was empTy His hearT wished for The company of oTher creaTures Suddenly a large clam pushed Through The sand making an erie bubbling sound Raven waTched and lisTened inTenle as The clam slowly opened up He was surprised and happy To see Tiny people emerging from The shell All were Talking smiling and shaking The sand off Theri Tiny bodies Men women and children spread around The island Raven was pleased and proud wiTh his work He sang a beauTiful song of greaT Joy and greeTing He had broughT The firsT people To The world Greek Creation Myth Long before the world existed there was Chaosimmeasurable dark and wild Out of Chaos came Night and Erebus AlR abus a dim place All was still black silent and without end until Love emerged Love brought Light and Day which then produced Earth No one can recall just how any of this happened Then Earth called Gaea JEEah produced the boundless blue Heaven called Uranus YURanus The union of Heaven and Earth produced gigantic monstrous children with overwhelming power Among their children were the oneeyed Cyclops SlGHclops the 100handed Hecatoncheires hecaTAHN churs and the mighty natural forces theTitans Six female and siX male Titans ruled the universe One of them was called Oceanus because he ruled the great river Ocean that encircled the earth and formed its outermost limits Oceanus and his Titan wife Tethys TEH thees had 3000 sons and 3000 daughters Their sons were the spirits of the rivers Their daughters known as Oceanids were spirits of streams and springs Eventually the Titans children destroyed their parents and became the gods of the Greek world Egyptian Creation Long long ago the Egyptian sun god Re RAY created Virtually everything that existed in the world Simply by speaking the name of something Re created it As he named birds animals and things they appeared Because Re made all things he also controlled them More powerful than anyone he ruled both heaven and earth Isis a clever god gifted in the arts of magic envied Re s power She desired to know Re s secret Great Name because it was the key to his magic and would give her greater power Isis spent a lot of time wondering how she could obtain Re s secret As Re grew older and weaker she devised a plot Whenever Re drooled the wily Isis gathered up his spit Kneading the spit with soil she created a serpent Although the serpent came forth from Re he had not created it so it was outside of his control Isis molded the serpent into the form of a dart and placed it on Re s daily walking path across the sky When Re passed by the serpent reared up and stung him Soon Re began to burn with the serpent s venom He was baffled by the creature s behavior and dismayed to discover that he had no power over it He could not cure his body of the terrible pain Re called to his children for help but they could not end his suffering Then Isis came forth and offered to work her magic to end Re s pain However she insisted she could cure Re only if he revealed his secret Great Name Re offered a variety of nicknames but clever Isis was not fooled Fearing for his life Re finally gave in and transmitted the Great Name from his heart to Isis s That is how Isis successfully learned the secret of Re s all powerful magic The Beginning of The World Japan Before the heavens and the earth came into existence all was a chaos unimaginably limitless and without definite shape or form Eon followed eon then lo out of this boundless shapeless mass something light and transparent rose up and formed the heaven This was the Plain of High Heaven in which materialized a deity called I 39 39 Mquot t the D 39t P W t quotenterofHeaven Next e heavens gave birth to a deity namedT 39 M b39 Mquot t the If h 39 d Deity followed by a third called KammiMusubinoMikoto the DivineProducingWondrousDeity These three divine beings are called the Three Creating Deities In the meantime what was heavy and opaque in the void gradually precipitated and became the earth but it had taken an immeasurably long time before it condensed sufficiently to form solid ground In its earliest stages for millions and millions of years the earth may be said to have resembled oil oating medusalike upon the face of the waters Suddenly like the sprouting up of a reed a pair of immortals were born from its bosom These were the DeityU h39 h39 VahibiFquot Mquot t the P1 t D 4 Sb t Drince ElderDeity and the Deity AmenoT t h39 Mquot t The F 1 Ft 1 St 439 Deity Many gods were thus born in succession and so they increased in number but as long as the world remained in a chaotic state there was nothing for them to do Whereupon all the Heavenly deities summoned the two divine beings Izanagi and Izanami and bade them descend to the nebulous place and by helping each other to consolidate it into terra firma quotWe bestow on youquot they said quotthis precious treasure with which to rule the land the creation of which we command you to perform So saying they handed them a spear calledAmanoNuboko embellished with costly gems The divine couple received respectfully and ceremoniously the sacred weapon and then withdrew from the presence of the Deities ready to perform their august commission Proceeding forthwith to the Floating Bridge of Heaven which lay between the heaven and the earth they stood awhile to gaze on that which lay below What they beheld was a world not yet condensed but looking like a sea of filmy fog oating to and fro in the air exhaling the while an inexpressibly fragrant odor They were at first perplexed just how and where to start but at length Izanagi suggested to his companion that they should try the effect of stirring up the brine with their spear So saying he pushed down the jeweled shaft and found that it touched something Then drawing it up he examined it and observed that the great drops which fell from it almost immediately coagulated into an island which is to this day the Island of Onokoro Delighted at the result the two deities descended forthwith from the Floating Bridge to reach the miraculously created island In this island they thenceforth dwelt and made it the basis of their subsequent task of creating a country Then wishing to become espoused they erected in the center oPound the island a pillar the Heavenly August Pillar and built around it a great palace called the Hall of Eight Fathoms Thereupon the male Deity turning to the left and the female Deity to the right each went round the pillar in opposite directions When they again met each other on the further side of the pillar lzanami the female Deity speaking first exclaimed quotHow delightful it is to meet so handsome a youth To whichlzanagi the male Deity replied quotHow delightfull am to have fallen in with such a lovely maiden After having spoken thus the male Deity said that it was not in order that woman should anticipate man in a greeting Nevertheless they fell into connubial relationship having been instructed by two wagtails which flew to the spot Presently the Goddess bore her divine consort a son but the baby was weak and boneless as a leech Disgusted with it they abandoned it on the waters putting it in a boat made of reeds Their second offspring was as disappointing as the first The two Deities now sorely disappointed at their failure and full of misgivings ascended to Heaven to inquire of the Heavenly Deities the causes oftheir misfortunes The latter performed the ceremony of divining and said to them quotIt is the woman39s fault In turning round the Pillar it was not right and proper that the female Deity should in speaking have taken precedence of the male That is the reason The two Deities saw the truth of this divine suggestion and made up their minds to rectify the error So returning to the earth again they went once more around the Heavenly Pillar This time lzanagi spoke first saying quotHow delightful to meet so beautiful a maiden quotHow happy I am respondedlzanami quotthatl should meet such a handsom youth This process was more appropriate and in accordance with the law of nature After this all the children born to them left nothing to be desired First the island of Awaji was born next Shikoku then the island of Oki followed by Kyushu after that the island Tsushima came into being and lastly Honshu the main island of Japan The name of Oyashi makuni the Country of the Eight Great Islands was given to these eight islands After this the two Deities became the parents ofnumerous smaller islands destined to surround the larger ones I Mande Creation Myth African The creation myth of Mandespeaking people of southern Mali is an example of what is called a cosmic egg myth As reflected in their culture the creation myth has elements of an imperfect creation as a result of incest Here we present one of many versions of the creation myth as told to us by Professor Bastain in our AFSANT267 class In the beginning there was only Mangala Mangala is a singular powerful being who is perceived to be a round energetic presence WithinMangala existed four divisions which were symbolic of among many things the four days of the week time the four elements matter and the four directions space Mangala also contained two sets of dual gendered twins Mangala was tired ofkeeping all of this matter inside so the god removed it and compiled it into a seed The seed was his creation of the world The seed however did not hold together well and blew up Mangala was disappointed with this and destroyed the world he created Mangala did not loose hope39 the creator began again this time with two sets of twin seeds Mangala planted the seeds in an egg shaped womb where they gestated Mangala continued to put more sets of twin seeds in the womb until he had 8 sets of seeds In the womb the gestating seeds transformed themselves into fish The fish is considered a symbol of fertility in the Mande world This time Mangala s creation was successful This is important because it illustrates the idea of dual gendered twinship an idea that permeates Mande culture Mangala tried to maintain this perfect creation but chaos crept in39 one of the male twins became ambitious and tried to escape from the egg This chaotic character is called Pemba He is a t trickster figure who symbolizes the mischievousness of humans Pemba s first trick was to steal the a piece ofthe womb39s placenta and throw it down This action made the the earth Pemba then tried to refertilize what was left of the womb committing incest against his mother the worn Mangala decided to sacrifice Pemba s brother Farro to save what was left of his creation He castrated him and then killed in order to raise him from the dead Mangala took what was left of the placenta and transformed it into the sun thus associating Pemba with darkness and the night Farro was transformed into a human being and was taught the language of creation by Mangala Farro39s knowledge of words is very powerful and the tool he used to defeat Pemba s mischief Farro and his newly created twins came to Earth and got married not to each other and became the horonw This is the basis for the foundation of exogamy in Mande Next an unknown being named Sourakata arrived from the sky with the first sacred drum hammer and the sacrificed skull ofFarro Sourakata began to play on the drum and sung for the first rain to come Sourakata is a magical being who can control nature and he taught Farro and his followers He is the origin of the nyamakalaw As one can see from the origin myth the horonw are the people of the earth They were destined to become farmers and wellbred aristocracy The nyamakalaw on the other hand were destined to be primal and mysterious They understand nature and are able to use it to their benefit These roles are exactly what we see in the horonw and nyamakalaw relations in Mande society today Chinese In the beginning the heavens and earth were still one and all was chaos The universe was like a big black egg carrying Pan Gu inside itself After 18 thousand years Pan Gu woke from a long sleep He felt suffocated so he took up a broadax and wielded it with all his might to crack open the egg The light clear part of it floated up and formed the heavens the cold turbid matter stayed below to form earth Pan Gu stood in the middle his head touching the sky his feet planted on the earth The heavens and the earth began to grow at a rate of ten feet per day and Pan Gu grew along with them After another 18 thousand years the sky was higher the earth thicker and Pan Gu stood between them like a pillar 9 million li in height so that they would never join again When Pan Gu died his breath became the wind and clouds his voice the rolling thunder One eye became the sun and on the moon His body and limbs turned to five big mountains and his blood formed the roaring water His veins became farstretching roads and his muscles fertile land The innumerable stars in the sky came from his hair and beard and flowers and trees from his skin and the fine hairs on his body His marrow turned tojade and pearls His sweat flowed like the good rain and sweet dew that nurtured all things on earth According to some versions ofthe Pan Gu legend his tears flowed to make rivers and radiance of his eyes turned into thunder and lighting When he was happy the sun shone but when he was angry black clouds gathered in the sky One version of the legend has it that the fleas and lice on his body became the ancestors ofmankin The Pan Gu story has become firmly fixed in Chinese tradition There is even an idiom relating to it Since Pan Gu created earth and the heavensquot meaning for a very long timequot Nevertheless it is rather a latecomer to the catalog of Chinese legends First mention of it is in a book on Chinese myths written by Xu Zheng in the Three Kingdoms period CE 220265 Some opinions hold that it originated in south China or southeast Asia There are several versions of the Pan Gu stor Among the Miao Yao Li and other nationalities of south China a legend concerns Pan Gu the ancestor of all mankind with a man39s body and a dog39s head It runs like this Up in Heaven the God in charge of the earth King Gao Xin owned a beautiful spotted dog He reared him on a plate pan in Chinese inside a gourd hu which is close to the soundgu so the dog was known as Pan Gu Among the Gods there was great enmity between King Gao Xin and his rival King Fang quotWhoever can bring me the head of King Fang may many my daughter he proclaimed but nobody was willing to try because they were afraid of King Fang39s strong soldiers and sturdy horses The dog Pan Gu overheard what was said and when Gao Xin was sleeping slipped out of the palace and ran to King Fang The latter was glad to see him standing there wagging his tail You see King Gao Xin is near his end Even his dog has left him Fang said and held a banquet for the occasion with the dog at his s1de At midnight when all was quiet and Fang was overcome with drink Pan Gujumped onto the king39s bed bit off his head and ran back to his master with it King Gao Xin was overjoyed to see the head of his rival and gave orders to bring Pan Gu some fresh meat But Pan Gu left the meat untouched and curled himself up in a corner to sleep For three days he ate nothing and did not stir The king was puzzled and asked quotWhy don39t you eat Is it because I failed to keep my promise ofmarrying a dogquot To his surprise Pan Gu began to speak quotDon39t worry my King Just cover me with your golden bell and in seven days and seven nights l ll become a man The King did as he said but on the sixth day fearing he would starve to death out of solicitude the princess peeped under the bell Pan Gu s body had already changed into that of a man but his head was still that of a dog However once the bell was raised the magic change stopped and he had to remain a man with a dog39s head He married the princess but she didn39t want to be seen with such a man so they moved to the earth and settled in the remote mountains of south China There they lived happily and had four children three boys and a girl who became the ancestors ofmankind Norweigen Creation Myth In the beginning were only Tepeu and Gucumatz These two sat together and thought and whatever they thought came into being They thought earth and there it was They thought mountains and so there were They thought trees and sky and animals Each came into being Because none of these creatures could praise them they formed more advanced beings of clay Because the clay beings fell apart when wet they made beings out of wood39 however the wooden beings caused trouble on the earth The Gods sent a great flood to wipe out these beings so that they could start over With the help of Mountain Lion Coyote Parrot and Crow they fashioned four new beings These four beings performed well and are the ancestors of the Quiche Australian Aboriginal In the beginning the earth was a bare plain All was dark There was no life no death The sun the moon and the stars slept beneath the earth All the eternal ancestors slept there too until at last they woke themselves out of their own eternity and broke through to the surface When the eternal ancestors arose in the Dreamtime they wandered the earth sometimes in animal form as kangaroos or emus or lizards sometimes in human shape sometimes part animal and human sometimes as part human and plant Two such beings selfcreated out of nothing were the Ungambikula Wandering the world they found halfmade human beings They were made of animals and plants but were shapeless bundles lying higgledypiggledy near where water holes and salt lakes could be created The people were all doubled over into balls vague and un nished without limbs or features With their great stone knives the Ungambikula carved heads bodies legs and arms out of the bundles They made the faces and the hands and feet At last the human beings were finished Thus every man and woman was transformed from nature and owes allegiance to the totem of the animal or the plant that made the bundle they were created from such as the plum tree the grass seed the large and small lizards the parakeet or the rat This work done the ancestors went back to sleep Some of them returned to underground homes others became rocks and trees The trails the ancestors walked in the Dreamtime are holy trails Everywhere the ancestors went they left sacred traces of their presence a rock a waterhole a tree For the Dreamtime does not merely lie in the distant past the Dreamtime is the eternal Now Between heartbeat and heartbeat the Dreamtime can come again U Christian Creation Myth 1lln the beginning M created the heavens and the earth 1 Now the earth was formless and empty Darkness was on the surface of the deep God s Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters 1SGod said Let there be light and there was light 14 God saw the light and saw that it was good God divided the light from the darknessksGod called the light Day and the darkness he called Night There was evening and there was morning one day 16God said Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters 1 God made the expanse and divided the waters which were under the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse and it was so 1BGod called the expanse sky There was evening and there was morning a second day 19God said Let the waters under the sky be gathered together to one place and let the dry land appear and it was so 1loGod called the dry land Earth and the gatherng together ofthe waters he called Seas God saw that it was good 1nGod said Let the earth put forth grass herbs yielding seed and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind with its seed in it on the earth and it was so 1lzThe earth brought forth grass herbs yielding seed after their kind and trees bearing fruit with its seed in it after their kind and God saw that it was good There was evening and there was morning a third day 1MGod said Let there be lights in the expanse of sky to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years 115 and let them be for lights in the expanse of sky to give light on the earth and it was so God made the two great lights the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night He also made the stars 117God set them in the expanse of sky to give light to the earth and to rule over the day and over the night and to divide the light from the darkness God saw that it was good 1lgThere was evening and there was morning a fourth da 1mGod said Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures and let birds fly above the earth in the open expanse of sky 1ZlGod created the large sea creatures and every living creature that moves with which the waters swarmed after their kind and every winged bird after its kind God saw that it was good 1ZZGod blessed them saying Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and let birds multiply on the earth 123There was evening and there was morning a fifth da 12 4God said Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind cattle creeping things and animals of the earth after their kind and it was so 25 God made the animals ofthe earth after their kind and the cattle after their kind and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind God saw that it was good 1mGod said Let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth 127God created man in his own image In God s image he created him39 male and female he created them 1 God blessed them God said to them Be fruitful multiply fill the earth and subdue it Have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth 1ZgGod said Behold I have given you every herb yielding seed which is on the surface of all the earth and every tree which bears fruit yielding seed It will be your food 130To every animal of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to everything that creeps on the earth in which there is life I have given every green herb for food And it was so 131 God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good There was evening and there was morning the sixth day 2lThe heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them 2 On the seventh day God finished his work which he had made39 and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made 23God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because he rested in it from all his work which he had created and ma e 2 This is the history ofthe generations of the heavens and ofthe earth when they were created in the day that Yahweh God made earth and the heavens 2sNo plant of the field was yet in the earth and no herb of the field had yet sprung up39 for Yahweh God had not caused it to rain on the earth There was not a man to till the ground 2 but a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground 27Yahweh God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life39 and man became a living soul 2BYahweh God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed 2 Out of the ground Yahweh God made every tree to grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food39 the tree of life also in the midst of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil 2IOA river went out ofEden to water the garden39 and from there it was parted and became four heads 2llThe name of the first is Pishon this is the one which flows through the whole land of Havilah where there is gold39212and the gold of that land is good There is aromatic resin and the onyx stone 213The name of the second river is Gihon the same river that flows through the whole land of Cush 2MThe name of the third river is Hiddekel this is the one which flows in front of Assyria The fourth river is the Euphrates 5 Yahweh God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it 2 Yahweh God commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat 217but of the tree of the knowledge ofgood and evil you shall not eat of it for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die 2mYahweh God said It is not good that the man should be alone39 I will make him a helper suitable for him 2IQOut of the ground Yahweh God formed every animal of the field and every bird of the sky and brought them to the man to see what he would call them Whatever the man called every living creature that was its name no The man gave names to all cattle and to the birds ofthe sky and to every animal of the field39 but for man there was not found a helper suitable for him221Yahweh God caused a deep sleep to fall on the man and he slept39 and he took one ofhis ribs and closed up the flesh in its place 2ZZHe made the rib which Yahweh God had taken from the man into a woman and brought her to the man 223The man said This is now bone ofmy bones and flesh of my flesh She will be called Woman because she was taken out ofMan 2MTherefore a man will leave his father and his mother and will join with his wife and they will be one flesh 2ZsThey were both naked the man and his wife and were not ashamed 3lNow the serpent was more subtle than any animal of the field which Yahweh God had made He said to the woman Yes has God said You shall not eat of any tree of the garden 3ZThe woman said to the serpent Ofthe fruit ofthe trees of the garden we may eat 33but ofthe fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said You shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest you die 3 The serpent said to the woman You won t surely die 3sfor God knows that in the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil 36When the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was a delight to the eyes and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit ofit and ate39 and she gave some to her husband with her and he ate 37Both of their eyes were opened and they knew that they were naked They sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons 38They heard the voice of Yahweh God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of Yahweh God among the trees ofthe garden 3QYahweh God called to the man and said to him Where are you 3loThe man said I heard your voice in the garden andl was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself 311 God said Who told you that you were naked Have you eaten from the tree thatl commanded you not to eat from 3lzThe man said The woman whom you gave to be with me she gave me of the tree andl ate 313Yahweh God said to the woman What is this you have done The woman said The serpent deceived me andl ate 3MYahweh God said to the serpent Because you have done this cursed are you above all cattle and above every animal of the field On your belly shall you go and you shall eat dust all the days ofyour life 3151 will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring He will bruise your head and you will bruise his heel 16To the woman he said I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth ln pain you will bring forth children Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you 317To Adam he said Because you have listened to your wife s voice and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you saying You shall not eat of it cursed is the ground for your sake ln toil you will eat of it all the days of your life 3 Thorns also and thistles will it bring forth to you39 and you will eat the herb of the field 3lgBy the sweat of your face will you eat bread until you return to the ground for out of it you were taken For you are dust and to dust you shall return 3mThe man called his wife Eve because she was the mother of all living 3ZlYahweh God made coats of skins for Adam and for his wife and clothed them U ZZYahweh God said Behold the man has become like one of us knowing good and evil Now lest he put forth his hand and also take of the tree of life and eat and live forever Therefore Yahweh God sent him forth from the garden of Eden to till the ground from whence he was taken 3MSo he drove out the man39 and he placed Cherubs at the east of the garden of Eden and the flame of a sword which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life Hawaiian For many months Pele followed a star from the northeast which shown brighter than the rest and migrated toward it One moming Pele awoke to the smell of something familiar in the air In the distance could be seen a high mountain with a smoky haze hiding its peak Pele knew she had found her new home She named the island Hawai39i Pele carrying her magic stick Pa oa went up to the mountain where a part of the earth collapsed into the ground She placed the stick into the ground Pele called this place Kilauea Inside the Kilauea Crater was a large pit She named it Halema uma u maumau being the fern jungle surround the volcano Halema uma u would be her new home There was a re God living on Kilauea named Ailaau foresteater He and Pele both wanted Kilauea for their home They started throwing re balls at each other causing considerable damage Ailaau ed and still hides in the caverns under the earth Pele alone would rule the Island of Hawai39i The people of the island loved and respected the Goddess Pele The egg her mother gave Pele hatched into a beautiful girl Pele named her new sister Hi39iaka ika polioPele Hi iaka of the bosom of Pele Kamohoali39i the shark God taught Hi iaka the art of surfing Pele fell in love with a man she saw in a dream His name was Lohi39au a chief of the island of Kaua i Pele sent her sister Hi iaka to fetch Lohi au on Kaua i to bring him back to Hawai i to live with Pele Hi iaka would have fourty days to bring Lohi39au back or Pele would punish the girl by hurting Hi39iaka s girl friend Hopoe Upon reaching Kaua i Hi39iaka found Lohi39au dead She quickly rubbed his body with herbs and chanted to the Gods for help bringing the young chief of Kaua i back to life Grateful for Hi39iaka s help Lohi39au agreed to retum with her to the Big Island The fourty days had passed Pele suspected that Hi iaka and Lohi39au had fallen in love and were not coming back In her lry Pele caused an eruption which turned Hopoe into stone On her return to Hawai i with Lohi39au Hi39iaka found Hopoe a statue in stone Hi iaka lled with sadness and anger decided to take revenge Leading Lohi39au to the edge of the Halema uma u crater where Pele could see them Hi39iaka put her arms around Lohi39au and embraced him Furious Pele covered Lohi39au with lava and ames The two sisters anger subsided were remorseful One lost a friend the other a lover Pele decided to bring Lohi au back to life to let him choose which sister he would love Pele was sure Lohi39au would choose her Lohi au chose Hi iaka Pele with aloha gave the two lovers her blessing and Hi iaka and Lohi39au sailed back to Kaua i Pele still lives on Hawai39i where she rules as the fire Goddess of the volcanoes The smell of sulphur reminds the natives that she is still there in her home Halema uma u her ery lava building a new island to the south still submerged named Loahi Hindu This universe existed in the shape of darkness unperceived destitute of distinctive marks unattainable by reasoning unknowable wholly immersed as it were in deep sleep Then the Divine Selfexistent himself indiscernible but making all this the great elements and the rest discernible appeared with irresistible power dispelling the darkness He who can be perceived by the internal organ alone who is subtle indiscernible and eternal who contains all created beings and is inconceivable shone forth of his own will He desiring to produce beings of many kinds from his own body first with a thought created the waters and placed his seed in them That seed became a golden egg in brilliancy equal to the sun39 in that egg he himself was born as Brahma the progenitor of the whole world The Divine One resided in that egg during a whole year then he himself by his thought divided it into two halves And out of those two halves he formed heaven and earth between them the middle sphere the eight points of the horizon and the eternal abode of the waters From himself he also drew forth the mind which is both real and unreal likewise from the mind ego which possesses the function of self consciousness and is lordly Moreover the great one the soul and all products affected by the three qualities and in their order the five organs which perceive the objects of sensation But joining minute particles even of those siX which possess measureless power with particles of himself he created all beings Day Three I II III Grammar 5 minuTes Review homonyms from day Two and discuss The difference beTween your and you39re NoTes on Urban Legends and GhosT STories and discuss how These characTerisTics fiT The sTories read for homework How does This provide a basis of TruTh Have you heard This in any oTher forms before Does This provide an elemenT of horror Do you gain a moral from reading The legend Do The ghosT sTories provide an aTTracTion of frighTening evenTs Are The characTers secluded in any way55 minuTes Hand ouT versions of Cinderella and Tall Tales for homework 5 minuTes Day Four I Grammar 5 minuTes II Review homonyms and discuss difference beTween bare and bear NoTes on Fairy Tales and Tall Tales and discuss whaT char acTer39isTics appeared in lasT nighT39s r eadings Wer e Ther e exaggeraTions in The Tall Tales Did This explain an unexplainable evenT Discuss whaT The differenT versions of Cinderella r eflecT by waTching pieces of Disney39s Cinderella and Br39andi39s Cinder ella ie changes in Time culTur e eTc Did you find any laws of Twins evil vs good eTc 55 minuTes Day five I Grammar Review all homonyms 10 minuTes Assign sTudenTs bring in a paragraph using all The homonyms for Tomorrow II Discussion on TradiTional and culTural folklore Talk abouT how differenT counTries celebraTe ChrisTmas Hanukkah Kwanza eTc Show The differences in family TradiTions from cerTain culTures ie The pickle hidden in The Tree signing around The ChrisTmas Tree EasTer egg hunTing fasTing eTc WhaT TradiTions do you and your family share How are They differenT from anyone else 45 minuTes III Homework Bring a paragraph describing a personal piece of folklore Show Them my piece of folklore as an example 10 minuTes E N A U14gt N X 0 InTroducTory AcTiviTy STudenTs will form a circle around The room The Teacher will whisper All is well and done in The land of OZquot inTo The ear of The sTudenT direchy To her righT she may only whisper The senTence once ThaT sTudenT will whisper whaT They hear inTo The ear of The sTudenT To Their righT and son on around The circle The lasT person will announce ouTloud whaT message she goT This is a Typical game of Telephone The message is expecTed To make drasTic changes by The end of The sTudenT Telephonequot The class will discuss how Things change as They are passed from person To person verbally WhaT accounTs for These changes STudenTs ThroughouT The middle of The Telephone will share The message ThaT They received To see how The message changed ThroughouT The Telephone AfTer The discussion The Teacher will require every sTudenT To geT ouT a scraTch sheeT of paper and someThing To wriTe wiTh She will Then wriTe aT midnighT The coach will change back inTo a pumpkinquot on her sheeT of paper She will Then show This sheeT of paper To The person direchy To her righT ThaT person will record whaT she saw on her sheeT of paper and will share her message wiTh The person To her righT The message will be passed all The way around The circle in The same manner The lasT person will read her message aloud The message should be The same The class will discuss how Things can sTay The same over Time if They are wriTTen down 10 This will lead inTo a discussion on folklore Folklore was originally passed down Through generaTions verbally Do we Think ThaT some of This folklore may have changed The folklore ThaT was passed down in a wriTTen form remains somewhaT more consisTenT If messaged do noT geT The ouTcome expecTed Talk abouT whaT could have happenedquot and why iT did noT WhaT facTors influence The Transferal of The message eTc NoTes on Folklore Folk Tale A shorT narraTive in prose of unknown auThorship which has been TransmiTTed orally someTimes such prose narraTives do have known auThors The folk Tale is a broad caTegory ThaT includes fables fairy Tales legends and myThs WebsTer39s DicTionary B Oring quotAlThough The word 39folklore39 is regularly employed in our everyday speech iT39s precise definiTion presenTs a problem The Term is clearly a compound made up of 39folk39 implying some group of people who have someThing called 39lore39 The eminenT folklorisT Alan Dundes aTTemst To simplify The issue for The inTroducTory sTudenT quot39Folkquot can refer To any group of people whaTsoever who share aT leasT one common facTor39 www i nkspell homesTead corn Folklore is common To all people UndersTanding appreciaTing and sharing anoTher culTure39s folklore Transcends race colour class and creed more effecTively Than any oTher single aspecT of our lives and as an elemenT of our pasT and presenT socieTy iT is someThing we can all relaTe To ITs value is no less Than any oTher parT of our hisTory and heriTage and as such musT be documenTed and preserved as a legacy for our fuTure BriTish Folklore SocieTy Social CusToms Marriage CusToms involving sTag nighTs bridal showers and bedroom lore and wedding anniversaries Skipping Games and hopscoTch Funeral CusToms ThaT include such Things as puTTing pennies on The eyes or in The mouTh of corpses so ThaT They can pay The ferryman To carry Them across To The oTher side BirThing RiTes Coming of Age Ceremonies and GraduaTion Ceremonies including Tenyear and TwenTyyear reunions eTc Household CelebraTions and FesTivals and Calendar CusTomsquot MaTerial CulTure is a branch of folklife ThaT includes such Things as QuilTing poTTery woodworking wood and sTone sculpTing and general crafTs The full exTenT of which can besT be seen in books on folkarTquot Oral LiTeraTure includes Ballads ChanTs Cries specialized Work Language Si DialecT Speech Folk Songquot OccupaTional Folklore is a branch of folklife ThaT deals wiTh BlacksmiThing boaT building farming and silviculTure Tree planTing and Tending and oTher workrelaTed lore Commercial and recreaTional fishing pracTices are very largely based on oral TradiTions so iT is easy To see here how all The differenT aspecTs of folklore are linkedquot CreaTion MyThs AcTiviTy 1 STudenTs geT inTo pairs There may be some groups of Three 2 Each group receives a creaTion myTh from The sTack of blue papers 3 The group is To read The myTh ouT loud TogeTher 4 AfTer reading The myTh The group is To share The following informaTion wiTh The class CulTure Beliefs of creaTion Name of The DeiTy CreaTion of Humans CreaTion of naTure and The earTh Any oTher inTeresTing facTs Each group will be given an overhead marker To circle any imporTanT deTails wriTe noTes To The side eTc 5 AfTer each group has presenTed The class will discuss similariTies and differences in each myTh This acTiviTy is To show The imporTance of being aware of culTural differences including religious pracTices NoTes on Folklore Genres quotAn urban legend 0 appears mysTeriously and spreads sponTaneously in varying forms 0 conTains elemenTs of humor or horror The horror ofTen quotpunishesquot someone who flouTs socieTy39s convenTions 0 makes good sToryTelling 0 does NOT have To be false alThough mosT are ULs ofTen have a basis in facT buT iT39s Their life afTerThefacT parTicularly in reference To The second and Third poinTs ThaT gives Them parTicular inTeresTII GhosT STories WiTh Their evocaTive seTTings amid misTs and shadows in ruinous houses on lonely roads and wild moorlands in abandoned churches and overgrown gardens ghosT sTories have long exercised a universal fascinaTion Responding To people39s overwhelming aTTracTion To anyThing frighTening CharacTerisTics of FairyTaIes repeTiTion of words phrases chanTs forTunes Sl misforTunes of a hero advenTures ofTen supernaTural evenTs quotonce upon a Timequot amp quothappily every afTerquot ofTen seT in rural and foresT areas magic charms disguises spells Tricks numbers play imporTanT roles number 3 is especially common TransformaTions sTock characTers such as The wiTch og res and gianTs wee people wise old woman a losT child child swallowed whole miraculous birTh of child childless couple suiTor searching for bride royalTy and casTles Time passes quickly fairies and wiTches TesTs and Trials appearances Si disappearances journeys and quesTs animals play imporTanT roles such as The wolf The snake and birds good Si evil are clearly idenTified problems are overcome Through bravery cleverness and oTher virTues abused Si persecuTed people conTains a lesson abouT life or a moral Tag Tall Tales oquoes someone s descripTions of cerTain experiences hyperboles firsT began as a reacTion To The WesTward Expansion vivid exaggeraTed imagery frame Tale narraTion use of a cenTraI characTer humorous Tone use of episodes building a climax Urban Legends from inskspellcom Baby si er Legend A young couple living in a large isolaTed house had gone ouT To a dinner parTy one evening and lefT The baby siTTer in charge of Their Two children The children had been puT To bed and The baby siTTer was waTching The Television when The phone rang She answered buT all she heard was a man laughing hysTerically and Then a voice saying quotI39m upsTairs wiTh The children you39d beTTer come upll Thinking iT was llone of Those phone callsll or a pracTical joke she slammed down The receiver and Turned The Television sound up A shorT Time laTer The phone rang again and as she picked iT up The unmisTakable hysTerical laughTer came down The line and The voice once again said quotI39m upsTairs wiTh The children you39d beTTer come upll GeTTing raTher frighTened she called The operaTor and was advised They would noTify The police and should he phone again could she keep him Talking in order To give Them Time To Trace The call and have him arresTed MinuTes afTer she replaced The receiver The phone rang again and when The voice said quotI39m upsTairs wiTh The children you39d beTTer come upll she Tried To keep him Talking However he musT have guessed whaT she was Trying To do and he puT The phone down Only seconds laTer The phone rang again This Time iT was The operaTor who said quotGeT ouT of The house sTraighT away The man is on The eXTensionquot The baby siTTer puT down The phone and jusT Then heard someone coming down The sTairs She fled from The house and ran sTraighT inTo The arms of The police They bursT inTo The house and found a man brandishing a large buTcher39s knife He had enTered The house Through an upsTairs window murdered boTh The children and was jusT abouT To do The same To The poor baby siTTer Roommafe Chrisfmas These Two girls in Corbin had sTayed laTe over ChrisTmas vacaTion One of Them had To waiT for a laTer Train and The oTher wanTed To go To a fraTerniTy parTy given ThaT nighT of vacaTion The dorm assisTanT was in her room sacked ouT They waiTed and waiTed for The inTercom and Then They heard This knocking and knocking ouTside in from of The dorm So The girl ThoughT iT was her daTe and she wenT down BuT she didn39T come back and she didn39T come back So real laTe ThaT nighT This oTher girl heard a scraTching and gasping down The hall She couldn39T lock The door so she locked herself in The closeT In The morning she leT herself ouT and her roommaTe had had her ThroaT cuT and if The oTher girl had opened To door earlier she would have been saved Necking Teenagers Two sTudenTs had gone ouT To neck in a car on an isolaTed counTry road AfTerwards The car wouldn39T sTarT The girlfriend goT spooked The boyfriend said he would walk for help buT suggesTed she firsT geT down on The floor of The car in The back and puT a blankeT over her so no one looking in would see her and Told her noT To look ouT or geT ouT unTil he reTurned and Told her To no maTTer whaT she heard Then he walked off leaving her hidden He didn39T reTurn and he didn39T reTurn and Then she heard a sTrange Tap Tap Tap sound on Top of The car Tap Tap Tap DespiTe her growing panic she didn39T geT ouT and remained huddled There all nighT long lisTening To The irregular Tapping sounds Finally The day grew lighT ouTside and she heard someone walking up To The car A man39s voice called ouT quotIs anyone in Therequot IT was The local sheriff She peeked ouT and he Told her To geT ouT of The car walk down The road To The waiTing sheriff39s car and whaTever she did noT To look back aT The car She walked down The road To The sheriff39s car buT looked back aT The lasT minuTe and saw her boyfriend39s head impaled on The CB anTenna dripping blood onTo The car Georgia Ghost Stories from Theshadowlandsne r Savannah Lighthouse A Mr Martus was the keeper of the old lighthouse on Elba Island which helped guide the ships into and out of the port of Savannah his sister Florence lived there and helped him in what would otherwise have been a pretty lonely life Florence kept a little garden weather records and became quite accurate at predicting the weather and forecasting storms approaching off the Georgia coast Their only company was a dog which they always kept One day Florence had gone into Savannah for supplies and while there she met a handsome young sailor from a distant port some say Greece or Italy and it was love at first sight During the few days the sailor had to spend in Savannah he and Florence saw as much ofeach other as possible this was in the 188039s he asked her to marry him upon his return to Savannah then sailed off into the horizon She never saw him again but took up the practice of waving her long apron to greet each ship which entered Savannah39s harbor This went on for years and in all types ofweather The lighthouse became fully automated in 1931 and M Martus retired39 he and his sister moved into the city The Propeller Club presented Florence a plaque of gratitude and named her Savannah39s Sweetheartquot at a testimonial dinner in 1938 Death came to Florence Martus in 1943but that39s not the end of the story To this day on occasion as ships entering the Savannah River pass the old lighthouse they are sometimes greeted by a woman sometimes she only appears as a fluttering cloth waving an apron and with her dog at her side A statue of Florence Martus was erected on the Riverfront on River Street in Savannah This story is very well documented Grocery S rore Manager I39m 45 years old andl am the manager of a grocery store in Georgia It s a family business owned by my best friend s family We have two stores around the Atlanta area lhave worked for this grocery chain for 30 years and my story starts whenl was 16 My best friends family has owned a grocery store since the early 190039s and when we turned 16 we both went to work for them It is a big store but the incidents always happened after closing at around 6 PM we would mop the floors and all of a sudden you would see footprints where you have just mopped and 1 would never see anyone walk over it Baskets would all of a sudden start to roll down the aisles with no one pushing them On one occasion me and my friends uncle who was then the manager were locking up the store when we heard screaming that scared the pants off of us 1 have worked there all my life and whenl was assistant manager we were robbed and three of our workers were killed We still don39t know what causes this now 1 am the manager of the store and my friend is president of the chain Our other store never experiences any problems like this but we still do last week I walked down an aisle and apple juice started falling off the shelf and onto the floorl looked on the other aisles to see if a stock boy was playing ajoke but no one was there 1 can39t figure out what is doing this Other employees even customers notice the incidents Augusta Littlenoticed remnant of Augusta39s past stands on the sidewalk at the intersection of Broad and Fifth streets It39s tall dark and haunted some say It39s a pillar all that39s left of the farmer39s market that straddled Broad Street at Center now Fifth Street from 1830 until Feb 7 1878 when it was destroyed by a rare winter tornado The pillar unmarked and about 10 feet tall now stands next to several empty buildings on Broad Street and cattycornered to the Augusta Police Department39s Mounted Patrol station The haunted part is a local legend Everyone who grew up here always learned about the pillar as part of Augusta39s historyquot said Aquinas High School graduate David Bradberry 31 It39s a tale with mystique to it Move the pillar try to destroy it or even touch it and you die legend goes It39s made enough of an impression on M Bradberry He started Haunted Pillar Records to promote local bands and local lore That lore attributes many sources to the curse According to one story a traveling preacher was denied permission to evangelize at the market and put a curse on the bazaar The preacher stood in the middle of the square and threatened that a great wind would destroy the place except for one pillar and that whoever tried to remove this remaining pillar would be struck dead according to the Year Book of the City Council of Augusta Georgia of 1977 The storm is said to be the result of the preacher39s curse Clear tones of the market bell were heard for the last time as it struck 1 am say accounts of the time The cyclone narrowly missed Richmond Academy uprooting a large China tree in the rear and knocking down a brick wall Judging from stories in The Augusta Chronicle the following week people were glad to see the building destroyed Now that the Market House is in ruins we think it may be opportune to suggest that it never be rebuilt upon the same spot It was at best an unsightly edifice and marred the grand boulevard upon which it was mistakenly located an article opined The stories of the haunted pillar have been passed down through generations but its ominous reputation might be greatly exaggerated In 1935 an automobile struck the pillar and reduced it to a pile of brick and cement according to The Chronicle The driver was unhurt and the pillar was rebuilt by a local market owner The column was moved a year later to the southwest corner of Broad and Fifth streets On a Friday the 13th in 1958 the column was toppled by an oversized bale of cotton on a passing truck The driver was not injured Afterward it was moved eight feet back from the curb which should help keep it around for Augustans like M Bradberry His Haunted Pillar Records gained notice in 1993 when Mr Bradberry released Haunted Pillar Presents It39s a compilation of tunes from local bands such as 100Year Sun and Burning us M Bradberry is continuing his marriage of local music and history with a compilation of regional bands to be released in May in a benefit for the endangered historic Butt Memorial Bridge in Augusta Problem is while wayward drivers have suffered no ill effects from encounters with the pillar musicians may not be immune to the curse M Bradberry said with a grin A number of the bands on the Haunted Pillar Presents compilation have broken up since the original recording including Smile and Blah It really has done well for everyone involved M Bradberry said Bands may have broken up but those people are still playing music Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper New York WM Mather 1800 s On Cinderella39s bridal day The Prince he gave a grand gala Drest in the splendor of the East The guests assembled at the feast The lovely fair one is here seen With modest and becoming mien Kind fortune did at last prevail But I39ll relate the pleasing tale In early years of sire bereft To her step sisters she was left But they cruelly did use her Made her a slave and oft abus39d her Each night they at the ball or play Would go drest out so fine and gay While she would to the cinders creep There sit down to sigh and weep There was a splendid ball at court To which the sisters did resort Poor Cinderella wish39d to go In fact she told the tyrants so She ask39d them for to lend a dress But they did cruel scorn express Yet she good natur39d did not pout And help d to deck their persons out Scarce had they gone when there came in Her Godmother the Fairy Queen Said she I your desires know Cease to weep and you shall go The wand was raised and then behold A pumpkin is a Coach of Gold Six mice are stately horses made A rat as coachman is displayed The footmen are from lizards got Found behind the watering pot No equipage more fine could be I can39t go in these rags said she The words scarce spoke when in a trice No princess could appear more nice And the whole for to complete Glass slippers did adorn her feet Her beauty did the court delight She went again another night But on the third the simple maid Forgot what her Godmother said Return before tis twelve at night Or you39ll be in your former plight But the King39s son so charm39d her mind That she all prudence left behind ln anxious haste to get away She lost her slipper I heard say The prince who sought for her in vain Fell sick nor could he health regain The King he caused a proclamation To be made thro39out the nation That she who could the slipper wear Should soon espouse the royal heir lt fitted none but Cinderella Who produced its tiny fellow Again touch d by the fairy wand She shone injewels very grand The prince receiv39d the lovely fair And bade adieu to sad despair The sisters did for pardon crave Which she sweetly to them gave My Folklore Experience Every ChrisTmas Eve my family gaThers around The Tree and opens one presenT We also have a poT of chocolaTe fondue To dip marshmallows sTrawberries and bananas in Each family member picks whaT gifT The oTher family member will open Usually we all open my AunT Nan39s gifTs ThaT nighT They are always The TackiesT Things We poke fun for awhile AfTer fondue we have some warm cider and go To bed I always sleep on The floor in my broTher39s room on ChrisTmas Eve My broTher and I are The firsT ones up We Took Turns each year on who had To wake up mom and dad and who woke up Granny and Papa We would gaTher aT The fireplace and pillage our sTockings firsT We would open our presenTs from SanTa Finally The enTire family opened presenTs from each oTher AfTer all The presenTs Granny cooked a large greasy breakfasT My broTher and I napped When we awoke we called our friends ThaT we grew up wiTh To find ouT whaT we all had goTTen ThaT nighT we gaTher in The culdesac of The neighborhood and show off our new Toys Researching The World Melanie Kee The Universi iy of Georgia A Six Week UniT on Folklore and MyThology Week 2 Day One I II III IV Common Spelling Errors 5 minuTes i before e excepT afTer c Example receive Can you Think of any words wiTh This same rule NoTes on Legends 15 minuTes Read The HobbiT Gandolf s Talequot and The legend of The Loch Ness monsTer a loud Why are These considered quotlegendsquot Have you heard differenT versions WhaT does iT mean if aQerson is a legend Give examples of Babe RuTh Charles Manson Michael Jordan 40 minuTes Vocabulary for The week WriTe Them down and define Them TonighT for homework TradiTion Ur version folklore repeTiTion legend No res on legends Legend a Tradi rional story or my rh A famous or remarkable person or even r Explana rion of symbols used Folklore fable Tradi rion Tale epic saga Immor ral hero grea r luminary gian r god goddess dei ry celebri ry idol supers rar Mo r ro slogan wording key code Table Legends of ren exis r wi rhin a particular cul rure They explain unexplainable even rs for example The Loch Ness Mons rer is a legend in rended To explain The disappearance of boa rs and fishermen in Loch Ness Legends usually form around a particular person or even r Week Two Day Two I Common spelling errors 5 minu res When To use s and es To make words plural also when To change f To v example knife To knives II Discuss how To wri re a proposal for a projec r Do a mock proposal Toge rher 20 minu res III Spend The remainder of The period wri ring your own proposal for changing a school rule ge r individual help 30 minu res How To wriTe a proposal for a projecT N specify The projecT ThaT has been assigned To you Tell how you will compleTe The assignmenT WhaT meThods will you use Ex Library InTerneT wriTing a paper performing for The class eTc Who will help you WhaT specifically will you do WhaT maTerials will you need To accomplish The projecT CreaTe a Timeline of when you will do whaT in order To avoid procrasTinaTion 3 Why are you choosing This parTicular rouTe Be able To defend why your projecT is a valid represenTaTion of The projecT assigned 4WriTe down any quesTions concern or commenTs you may have on The assignmenT Mock proposal We need To wriTe a proposal on how we will sTop Teenagers from smoking 1 How will we compleTe The assignmenT I39 A The assignmenT We are To find a way To sTop Teenagers from smoking We will research sTaTisTics of Teenage healTh problems broughT on by smoking The library will provide us wiTh books on The harmful effecTs of smoking Our inTenTion is To make posTers and hang Them around The school using The informaTion we find in our research All of The adminisTraTion and faculTy will help us by hanging The posTers in The classrooms and ouTside in The hallways especially in areas where sTudenTs frequenT hallways lunchroom library eTc NaTerials we need are posTers markers crayons pencils consTrucTion paper and doublesided Tape Timeline Monday we will go To The library To find books on The effecTs of smoking Tuesday we will go To The compuTer lab To find sTaTisTics on The InTerneT Wednesday we will compile all of our facTs we found To puT slogans on The posTers Thursday we will make our posTers and Friday we will hang our posTers This is The besT way To sTop Teenagers from smoking because iT is righT in Their face everywhere They go If They are always reminded of whaT will happen To Them when They smoke They may noT wanT To smoke as much By including The faculTy we may help To lower smoking among adulTs as well 4 Will all of The faculTy parTicipaTe How do I ask Them how do I geT a hold of Them wiThouT disTurbing Their class Where can I find The supplies I need Week Two Day Three I Common Spelling Errors 5 minuTes Take errors from Their proposals The day before II NoTes on myThology 15 minuTes MyThology By Edith Hamilton Notes on the Introduction to Classical ll Greek and Roman mythology is supposed to show race thought and felt ages ago Civilized man removed from nature Greeks movec of being in touch with and closer to nature There was little distinction between the real and ur lmagination was vividly alive and not checked by r The myths show how high the Greeks had risen al and fierceness We do not know when these stories were first told The myths are the creation of great poets The first written record of Greece is the Iliad Greek mythology begins with Homer 1000 years b the Greek miracle the new birth of the world wi Greece mankind became the center of the univer the Greeks made the gods in their own image a the art and all the thought of Greece centered ll Laughter in the presence of an Egyptian Sphinx w it was perfectly natural in Olympus and it made the compainionable The miracle of Greek mythology is a humanized w from the paralyzing fear of an omnipotent unknOWI The world of Greek mythology was not a place of1 spirit A very limited sense of right and wrong prevailed i and for a long time after Greek mythology is largely made up of stories abc goddesses but it must not be read as a type of Gr of the Greek religion A real myth has nothing to do with religion it is an something in nature how things came into existan Myths are early science as well as early literature Most of the books about the stories of classical my chiefly upon the Latin poet Ovid The Iliad and The Odyssey contain the oldest Gre no way to accurately date them The Theogony by Hesiod is an account of the cree and the generations of the gods Homeric Hym ns were written to honor various god Pindar was the greatest lyric poet of Greece he w the victors in the games at festivals in all of his pc alluded to Aeschylus the oldest of the three tragic poets Sopholcles Eu ri pides Aristophanes great writer of comedy III How does mythology play into literature 20 minutes Show examples from Romeo and Juliet alluding to the moon Discuss the book quotUlyssesquot by James Joyce as alluding to mythology Do you know any other things that allude to mythology For example the bible bring in poetry by Wordsworth and Coleridge to show their allusions to Eve IV Review the vocabulary for the week Discuss definitions and how they tie into what we have already learned 20 minutes V Give out God and Goddess assignments 10 minutes Week Two Day four I Common Spelling Errors 5 minuTes CorrecT The following passage Today my besTfriend and I wenT To The suprmarkiT We boghT brocoli bannannas and onyons We recived a free glas of caTchup wiTh our purchas II Draw Gods and Goddesses for projecT 10 minuTes III Begin proposal for The projecT 15 minuTes IV Begin Research from books ThaT I will bring from The library inTo The classroom 30 minuTes AssessmenT 1 Greek Gods and Goddesses Goal STudenTs will presenT a Greek GodGoddess To The class Through a PowerPoinT presenTaTion The presenTaTions musT include The following 1 Pick a piece of paper from The bowl Each piece of paper conTains The name of a GodGoddess from Greek myThology This will be your figure To research 2 We will go To The library for Two days and The compuTer lab for Two days You are To find informaTion on These deiTies 3 You musT find The following answers abouT your GodGoddess WhaT is Their symbol WhaT is Their origin WhaT do They preside over ie love beauTy earTh eTc Who is Their family You may draw a family Tree if you wish How were They creaTed ie from The foam of The sea ouT of Zeus39s head eTc Find a picTure of Them Find one Greek myTh ThaT involves your GodGoddess Who is Their counTerparT in Roman myThology WhaT is Their name Is There anyThing differenT abouT The Roman counTerparT Find any oTher informaTion ThaT may be inTeresTing To The class 4 AfTer The research is compleTe we will be in The compuTer lab for Three days You will creaTe a PowerPoinT presenTaTion on your GodGoddess using The informaTion you found above I will be in The lab To provide help 5 Your presenTaTion musT include Ten slides graphics color creaTive backgrounds and readable prinT Be careful noT To creaTe Too much disTracTion from The informaTion 6 You will be assigned days To presenT your PowerPoinT To The class Be careful noT To read from The slides provide useful informaTion and keep The aTTenTion of your audience Rubric for Gods and Goddess PowerPoinT PresenTaTion WorTh 56 poinTs Has all required informaTion 18 poinTs WhaT is Their symbol WhaT is Their origin WhaT do They preside over Who is Their family How were They creaTed Did you provide a picTure Is there one myth that involves the GodGoddess Who is their counterpart in Roman Mythology Did you provide extra information PowerPoint Presentation 30 points has ten slides used color is readable contains graphics and shows proper use of the English language spelling grammar mechanics Class Presentation 8 points provided useful information did not read directly from the slides kept attention of audience and showed enthusiasm for the subject Total out of 56 5056A 45 49 3 3944 c 3439D 0 33 F Week Two Day Five I Common Spelling Errors 5 minuTes Fix The following senTence Maria and David winT To giT some Touls To fix The laundry machin The cloThs were all weT so mom had To dri Them on The back pourch II Workshop on Power PoinT 30 minuTes Show Them how To open The program from The program menu Show Them how To sTarT a slide show DemonsTraTe how To add and deleTe slide DemonsTraTe The differenT slide formaTs available Show Them how To cuT and pasT images Show how To creaTe bulleTed lisTs Show how To ciTe a quoTe Show how To run The show for The presenTaTion III Begin InTerneT research for informaTion 35 minuTes The following search engines musT be used before using one of your mxloo14gtwmrd own alTavisTacom askjeevescom yahooliganscom yahoocom neTscapecom glck12gausedu Week Three Day one Turn in proposals Vocabular y copy Them down and define Them aT home TonighT 5 minuTes Greek r ooTs Common puncTuaTion rules 15 minuTes Comma Rules I II III 1 0 Use a comma before a coor dinaTing conjuncTion and buT for nor or yeT so Joining independenT clauses in a senTence Use commas To separ aTe words phrases and clauses in a series of words Use a comma beTween coor39dinaTe adjecTives ThaT is adjecTives ThaT separ aTely modify The same noun Use commas To seT off par39enTheTical phr39ases if iT is brief and closely r elaTed To The r esT of The senTence Use a comma afTer39 a long inTr oducTor y phrase or clause Use commas To seT off alTer39naTive or conTr asTing phr ases Don noT use a comma beTween subjecT and verb Do noT use a comma beTween ver b and objecT Do noT use a comma beTween The par Ts of a compound subjecT compound objecT or compound ver b 10 Do noT use a comma beTween Two par allel subor dinaTe elemenTs 11 Use a comma in a daTe whose order is monTh day and year 12 Do noT use a comma beTween a monTh and a year or beTween a season and a year 13 Use a comma To seT off a nonresTricTive modifier ThaT is noT essenTial To The meaning of The senTence IV Library Research on Gods and Goddesses40 minuTes The librarian will give a brief rundown of where To find Things in The library and how To look for whaT you need I will walk abouT giving help where needed and going over problems in Their proposals Week Three Day Two I Common puncTuaTion 10 minuTes Semicolon Rules 1 Use a semicolon beTween independenT clauses noT linked by a conjuncTion Use semicolons beTween iTems in a series when The iTems conTain N commas 3 Do noT use The semicolon where a comma is needed II Go over Greek rooTs and explain how They can be used To help idenTify word definiTions on The SAT 20 minuTes SAT word preparaTion Go over words 123 affixes Give The following examples To explain The combinaTion of parTs of words To form a definiTion AesTheTic androgynous anarchy cauTion cranium chiropracTic criTical cyToplasm eTymology monogamy germ hepaTiTis lexical narcolepsy necrophilia neurology pleura poliTical rhinoplasTy schizophrenia somaTic aTop III CompuTer Lab Research on Gods and Goddesses 30 minuTes Week Three Day Three I II Common puncTuaTion rules 10 minuTes Hyphen rules 1 Use a hyphen in a compound adjecTive beginning wiTh an adverb such as beTTer besT ill lower liTTle or well when The adjecTive precedes a noun 2 Do noT use a hyphen in a compound adjecTive beginning wiTh an adverb ending in ly or wiTh Too very or much 3 Use a hyphen in a compound adjecTive ending wiTh The presenT parTiciple or The pasT parTiciple of a verb when The adjecTive precedes a noun 4 Use a hyphen in a compound adjecTive formed by a number and a noun when The adjecTive precedes a noun 5 Use hyphens in oTher compound adjecTives before nouns To prevenT misreading 6 Do noT use a hyphen in familiar unhyphenaTed compound Terms when They appear before nouns as modifiers 7 Use hyphens To Join coequal nouns 8 Do noT use hyphens afTer prefixes Colon Rules 1 Use a colon To inTroduce a lisT an elaboraTion of whaT was JusT said or The formal expression of a rule or principle 2 Use a colon To inTroduce a quoTaTion ThaT is independenT from The sTrucTure of The main senTence Greek rooTsSAT prep 20 minuTes Go over words 2429 prefixes Give The following examples To explain The combinaTion of parTs of words To form a definiTion Asexual oligarchy orThodonTisT paraplegic pseudogirlfriend Telephone III Final day of compuTer lab 40 minuTes STudenTs should finish all research by The end of The period They should have all answers To Their quesTions Week Three Day four I Common puncTuaTion errors 10 minuTes AposTrophe Rules 1To form The possessive of a singular noun add an aposTrophe and an s 2 To form The possessive of a plural noun ending in s add only an aposTrophe 3 To form The possessive of an irregular plural noun noT ending in s add an aposTrophe and an s 4 To form The possessive of nouns in a series add a single aposTrophe and an s if The ownership is shared 5 To form The possessive of any singular proper noun add an aposTrophe and an s 6 To form The possessive of a plural proper noun add only an aposTrophe 7 Do noT use an aposTrophe To form The plural of an abbreviaTion or a number II Greek rooTs and SAT prep 20 minuTes Go over wor ds 3035 suffixes Give The following examples To explain The combinaTion of par39Ts of words To form a definiTion NosTalgia democracy TonsilliTis cr eaTionism panorama Thyr oid III Vocabulary review of lasT Three weeks 35 minuTes The review game will be like a spelling bee The sTudenTs will siT if They miss a definiTion The lasT sTanding geTs an award Week Three Day five I Vocabulary quiz 20 minuTes II Read around of folklore projecT 40 minuTes STudenTs will siT in a circle and pass Their pieces of folklore To The r ighT This will give Them an oppor39TuniTy To read ever yone s work I will ring a bell ever39y Thr ee minuTes for Them To pass The paper Vocabulary Quiz 20 minu res 1 The original version of a my rh or piece of folklore is called The a New version b Ur version c Original version d Shin version 2 A descrip rion wi rh exaggera red imagery humorous Tone and hyperboles is called a fairy rale b ghos r s rory c rall rale d legend 3 The Loch Ness MonsTer is a piece of Irish a ghosT sTories b legend c Tall Tale d sTories 4 Using The Three LiTTle Pigsquot Tell me why This is an example of a fairyTale 5 How is iT ThaT people like Babe RuTh can be considered legends 610 Using your knowledge of Greek prefixes rooTs and suffixes define The following nonsense words 6 cyToeTym 7 necroneur 8 ThanaTTop 9 paraThanas 10 gamyoid Week four Day One I Compound and Complex wriTing 10 minuTes 1 Ask sTudenTs To wriTe a Twoword senTence on Their paper Ex He ran Ask Them To add an adverb Ex He ran quickly Add an adjecTive Ex He happily ran quickly Add anoTher word Add anoTher word Add anoTher word 001th 7 Explain The use of compound and complex uses of wriTing by simply adding descripTion II Vocabulary for The week formidable musTered savage profusion necTar sage adversary sTealTh circe rancor 5 minuTes III God and Goddess Power PoinT PresenTaTions 45 minuTes Week four Day Two I Compound Complex WriTing 10 minuTes Ask sTudenTs To Take ouT The senTence from yesTerday Ask Them To add anoTher senTence To This on in The same way By The Time They are done They should have Two exTremely descripTive senTences II God and Goddess PresenTaTions 50 minuTes Week four Day Three I Compound Complex descrip rion 10 minu res Ask s ruden rs To Take ou r sen rences from yes rerday Ask Them To add a r leas r Two more sen rences To make a descrip rive paragraph Explain how scaffolding wri ring like This helps To produce s rrong descrip rive s rories II No res on Homer Trojan War and The Odyssey 30 minu res No res on Greek Classics Homer Life and Background Q There is no question that the writer of the Mand the Odyssey was one of the greatest poets in the history of Western Europe 9 Homer made his living as a bard or rhapsode an itinerant singer of verses 9 He probably lived in the 8th or 9th centuries BC and came from the island of Chios Q Tradition has visualized Homer as blind but there is no real evidence for this belief It is based on the portrayal of Democodus a blind mistral in the Odyssey who sings a poem about the fall of Troy 9 Homeric Question Did Homer write the M the Odyssey Homeric Hymns The Battle of Frogs and m and Margites himself There are differences in style and grammar that most scholars attribute the differences to the different times in Homer s life rather than to another writer or writers Homer and the Epic As a literary form the epic began early in human history as an expression of belief in superhuman heroes who strove to achieve some worthy undertaking for the bene t of society Epics fall into 2 distinct classi cations folk and art Folk epics are long poems of obscure origin that have been patched together from oral folk tales of separate authorship Art or literary epics are composed by a single author in imitation of earlier models Epics contain common traits that set them apart from other narrative poetry Strict unity Grand simplicity Serious moral tone Focus on exploits of a male character who is usually larger stronger more intelligent or more resourceful than other men The hero springs from noble parentage and performs a dangerous feat that is crucial to national survival or tribal pride such as the recovery of Queen Helen who was abducted from Sparta by the Trojan prince Paris A uni ed retelling of the epic hero s adventures and accomplishments takes place against a vast setting sometimes extending beyond national boundaries and even into the cosmos The actions of an epic encompasses valorous deeds against terrible odds often in con ict with supernatural forces or the gods themselves such as Odysseus battle for survival against Poseidon god of the sea Epic language is sonorous and weighty held together by digni ed meter Homer and his imitators used dactylic hexameter a long line composed of 18 syllables divided into three s Epic poets often invoke some supernatural power seeking divine assistance in recalling and narrating the story Epic writers may begin at the most crucial point in the storycon ict in medias res and recounting at a later time the events which led to the situation Long lists or catalogues of ships warriors or gods may be included An epic question as to the nature and cause of the con ict is followed by a short response Lengthy descriptions Eloquent speeches and great debates Elongated ornate similes Homer s emphasis on humanistic values honor truth compassion loyalty devotion to family and gods gives The M Background of the Trojan War39 The Iliad covers only a few months during the 10th year of the Trojan War Homer s audience would have already been familiar with the events leading up to this year of war The legend begins with the building of the city of Troy It was a city under the protection of Zeus Kind Laomedon decided to build a huge wall around Troy for protection This is the wall that the Greeks were not able to penetrate for nine years the point at which the M begins Poseidon volunteered to help build the wall but said that he would have to be compensated for his effonts When the wall was completed the Trojans thought that it was so impenetrable that they refused to compensate Poseidon Poseidon then withdrew his protection and the unprotected city was vulnerable to attack At the time of the Trojan War Troy was ruled by King Priam who was married to Hecuba who according to legend bore him 49 children including the noble Hector the prophetess Cassandra and the handsome Paris Hecuba dreamed that Paris would be the cause of Troy s destruction so she agreed to abandon her baby on Mount Ida A shepherd saved him and adopted him as his own Just before the beginning of the Trojan War Zeus arranges a marriage between Thetis a goddess and Peleus a human they became the parents of Achilles At the wedding Eris the goddess of discord threw a golden apple into the crowd of paliy guests The golden apple had the words for the fairestquot carved on it Hera Athena and Aphrodite all claimed the apple and asked Zeus to serve as judge Zeus appointed Paris to be the judge Each goddess tried to bribe Paris DHera promised him a rich kingdom and power Athena offered him wisdom and military success Aphrodite offered him love and the most beautiful woman in the world III Read The Odyssey Part I 30 minutes Students will be assigned ports to read for the day Week four Day four I Compound Complex senTence assignmenT 20 minuTes STudenTs are To wr iTe a very deTailed paragraph on a par Ticular acTion ThaT They do during The day Ex Brushing Their TeeTh combing Their hair eaTing cer eal eTc II Review The beginning of The Odyssey 5 minuTes III Read LoTus EaTer s and Cyclops 20 IV Discuss The implicaTions of The Cyclops How does The escape benefiT The par Ties involved How do The LoTus EaTer s funcTion as good and as evil Pr edicTions of whaT will happen nexT 15 minuTes Week four Day five I Review The week39s vocabulary 15 minuTes II Share and criTique compound complex wriTings in reading groups 15 minuTes III Read WiTch Circe and Land of The Dead 20 minuTes IV Discuss The progression of Odysseus s epic WhaT is IefT for him To encounTer WhaT is The Circe Who is in The land of The dead Why are They imporTanT 7 minuTes V Assign The CapsTone ProjecT 3 minuTes UniT Assessment Researching The World 104 poinTs Goal STudenTs will creaTe Their own folklore compilaTion for children 1 Break inTo groups of no less Than four and no more Than five 2 Your group is a publishing group hired To creaTe a children39s picTure book on folklore You will creaTe a book wiTh a cover pieces of folklore descripTions of Those Types of folklore and picTures To accompany The TexT 3 You musT include The following in your book a You need a fronT cover wiTh TiTle auThors names and graphics b You musT include Ten pieces of folklore from aT leasT five differenT genres ThaT we have sTudied You do noT have To include The enTire TexT JusT a descripTion of ThaT piece of folklore ie The ChrisTmas Tree The fairyTale Cindrella The Urban Legend of The Teenagers in The car eTc c You need a descripTion as To why This piece fiTs ThaT cerTain genre ie Cinderella has Twins The sTepsisTers opposiTes sTepmoTher and Cinderella eTc You musT have picTures To accompany The sTories and descripTions Make The picTures appealing and colorful as well as descripTive Some children learn more from The picTures Than The words Look aT The Children39s books I have in The fronT of The room for examples and ideas e All TexT musT be Typed and double spaced 0 4 You have Three weeks from Today To finish your book You will be given a ToTal of four class hours To work on your projecT Each member of The group musT Take one of The following Jobs To fulfill a The ediTor checks for The group39s progress correcTs errors keeps conTinuiTy of The elemenTs of The book and complies finished work b The illusTraTor creaTes graphics and illusTraTions for The book c The publisher approves final producTs helps group members wiTh Their parTs and communicaTes wiTh The Teacher on quesTions and group progress d The enTire group is responsible for wriTing and compiling examples The wriTer assigns The genres approves works To be used and wriTes The JusTificaTions for using each work in ThaT parTicular genre see parT c on number Three If you have a group of five Two people can share This Job 5 AT The end of The Three weeks we will visiT classes aT The elemenTary school and read our books To The classes 6 Make sure To sighT The sources you use when borrowing liTeraTure You will be required To Turn in a bibliography Researching The World Rubric created requirements are met exceeded of original Ideas are and inventive graphics effects to enhance to cover the topic in details and u jec is excellent using headings lists to group maten39al Is Presentation we attention is divided shared equally by all members graphics quotes is All i s i n errors 90104A 79893 6978 C 5977 D 058 F requirements are met thought Your shows new ideas color effects etc to to presentation lists to but the overall ofthe topics interesting a fair1 Y delivery that audience is divided all members to person is in desired andor errors credit evidence graphics etc but the includes essential abou e are factual delivery is not but able to able hold audience of the time but one person is viewed but is not in errors the content use other people39s but do not give credit effects etc but 39 from presentation content content is minimal ral or organizational delivery is not and audience lost OR several in the group are as not doing their Week five Day one I Grammar 15 minuTes Nouns can name a person place Thing or idea Pr oper nouns name specific persons places Things or ideas Bill Iowa Supreme Cour T Buddhism They are capiTalized Common nouns a general person place Thing or idea sTr eeT boy desk love CollecTive nouns names a group flock Team Jur y Singular noun naming one person place Thing or idea gir l Plural noun naming more Than one person place Thing or idea girls Mass nounscannoT be made plural because They name someThing ThaT cannoT easily be counTed dusT peace prosperiTy Possessive noun by adding an aposTrophe To a plural noun and an s To a singular noun To show ownership Bob39s car or The girls39 houses II Read quotSirensquot and waTch The excerpT from Oh BroTher Where ArT Thouquot 30 minuTes III How did The wriTers and producers change The concepT for a more modernday approach WhaT Things are alike whaT are differenT WhaT happens To Odysseus and his men aT This momenT How are They forever changed 10 minuTes IV Vocabulary for The week Implacable abominably ardor TumulT adversiTies adorn revelry resTiTuTion glowered epic Week five Day Two I Grammar 15 minuTes Verbs show acTion jump occurrence become or a sTaTe of being be live Verbs change To show Time walk walked person she walks I walk number one person works Two people work voice she asks she asked and mood we see if we saw Auxiliary verbshelping verbs combine wiTh oTher verbs To creaTe a verb phrase They include The forms of be do and have can could may mighT musT shall should will and would AcTion verb simply shows The acTion in The senTence normally a physical movemenT run Jump play Linking verb predicaTe noun links or Joins a subjecT wiTh a subjecT complemenT ChrisTine is a single moTher InTransiTive verb expresses acTion ThaT is noT direcTed Toward an objecT The Braves won TransiTive verb expresses acTion ThaT is direcTed Toward a noun or pronoun direcT objecT of The verb I will analyze Three poems II Read Beggar and The FaiThful Dog and The GreaT Bow 35 minuTes III Discuss The reading WhaT is The faiThful dog WhaT did he do Who is The beggar whaT did he do Who holds The greaT bow WhaT does The greaT bow do To Odysseus How far has Then Journey come unTil now LeT39s Trace back The previous evenTs ThaT led To The greaT bow 10 minuTes Week five Day Three I Grammar 10 minuTes AdjecTives modify The meaning of nouns and pronouns by describing idenTifying or quanTifying Those words AdjecTives are used To describe or make comparisons AdjecTives may end in er or esT To show comparisons Some pronouns may funcTion as adjecTives ThaT is a huge plane II Read DeaTh aT The Palace 20 minuTes III Discussion Who39s deaTh was aT The palace Who ordered The deaTh Which characTers did This deaTh effecT 10 minuTes IV Group discussion 20 minuTes STudenTs will break inTo small groups of four To five They will form openended quesTions for The class To discuss based on all previous readings of The Odyssey Week five Day four I Grammar 10 minuTes Adverbs modify verbs adjecTives oTher adverbs or enTire clauses Many have an ly ending Adverbs ofTen answer The quesTions when where why how To whaT exTenT ConjuncTive adverbs modify an enTire clause and express The connecTion in meaning beTween ThaT clause and The preceding clause or senTence however furThermore Therefore and likewise II Go over discussion quesTions raised by groups from day Three 20 minuTes III Read Odysseus and Penelope 20 minuTes IV Discussion 10 minuTes How is This reaTionship unique for The cuTure of The Time How does iT compare To oTher reaTionships ThaT we have sTudied Week five Day five I Grammar STrucTuralisT grammar lesson 10 minuTes How can we Tell whaT parTs of speech are which by simply looking aT The sTrucTure of The senTence Examples The blah blah blahblahed iTs blah WhaT are These parTs of speech how do we know This When Goo and Goo googedly googooed They googed How are The parTs of speech in This senTence evidenT Look aT Shakespear Oh Romeo Romeo where for arT Thou Romeo How are These parTs of speech evidenT II Wrap up any loose ends in The Odyssey Ask for any quesTions 10 minuTes III STudenTs will geT inTo groups of four or five Each group is responsible for producing a characTer web Tying TogeTher relaTionship in The play 20 minuTes IV Review vocabulary for The week Discuss characTerisTics of an epic ThaT are in The Odyssey 10 minuTes Week six Day one I Grammar 15 minuTes Pronoun funcTions as nouns in senTences and ofTen Take The place of specific nouns serving as shorT forms so ThaT we do noT have To repeaT a noun ThaT has already been menTioned AnTecedenT a specific noun ThaT a pronoun replaces or refers To Persona pronouns refer To specific persons or Things I me mine Refexive pronouns refer To The subjecT of The senTence or clause which They appear They end in self or seves InTensive pronouns do noT refer To specific nouns aThough They may refer To idenTifiabIe persons or Things They express The idea of quanTiTy all some any none DemonsTraTive pronouns idenTify or poinT To specific nouns This InTerrogaTive pronouns are used To ask quesTions who which ReaTive pronouns inTroduce dependenT clauses and reaTe The dependenT clause To The resT of The senTence who which ThaT Reciproca pronouns refer To The individual parTs of a plural anTecedenT each oTher one anoTher II Discuss characTer webs 20 minuTes III GeT inTo groups and wriTe a proposal for capsTone projecTs 25 minuTes Due aT end of period Week six Day Two I Grammar 15 minuTes SubjecT who or whaT The senTence is abouT simpe subjecT consisTs of one or more nouns or pronouns compeTe subjecT consisTs of The simple subjecT and iTs modifiers Example Sailing over The fence The ball crashed Through The window ball is The simple subjecT The underlined parT is The compleTe subjecT Compound subjecT conTains Two or more simple subjecTs Joined wiTh a coordinaTing conjuncTion and buT or or a correlaTive conjuncTion boThand eiTheror neiThernor In imperaTive senTences The subjecT is implied as quotyouquot Example Keep your eye on The ball The subjecT is implied as You keep your eye on The ball II STudenTs will use The remaining Time To work on Their capsTone projecTs 45 minuTes Week six Day Three I Grammar 15 minuTes PredicaTe Tells abouT The subjecT simple predicaTe is The main verb and any auxiliaries II compleTe pr edicaTe includes The simple pr edicaTe and any modifiers Example BoTh of us are planning To ma39or in english are planningquot is The simple pr edicaTe ver b and The under lined par T is The compleTe pr edicaTe pr edicaTe adjecTive if H describes The complemenT of The senTence pr edicaTe noun if H idenTifies The subjecT The complemenT is a noun or pr onoun predicaTe noun Work on capsTone projecTs 45 minuTes Week six Day four I Grammar 10 minuTes IdenTify The compleTe subjecT in The senTences by highlighTing Them yellow HighlighT The compleTe pr edicaTe gr een Circle The simple subjecT Under line The simple pr edicaTe


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