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by: Conrad Pfeffer


Conrad Pfeffer
GPA 3.58


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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Conrad Pfeffer on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1111 at University of Georgia taught by Knox in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/202201/geog-1111-university-of-georgia in Geography at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
When Where What does it cover How long will it be How much math is on it Do I need a calculator What is the test format What do I need to bring Will all the tests be like this one What should I study Review Sheet for Fall 2009 GEOG 1111 Test 1 Friday September 1111 Our regular lecture room AM section 102 MLC PM section Forest Resources Auditorium Christopherson Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 ie pages 1 136 AND what s in lecture see WebCT DO study what I emphasize in lecture PLUS a few other things from book next page It will be a 50minute test A couple of questions Yesjust to be safe Approximately 50 multiple choice or truefalse questions A number 2 pencil bring your own to use on Scantron forms forms are provided calculator CANNOT USE TEXT CANNOT USE NOTES CANNOT USE FORMULA SHEET Any formulas you need I ll give to you Don t forget the pencil Not necessarily so carefully read each test s review sheet See below for study questions NOTE I can and may ask a few questions from the text material that are not on this list Iwill ask questions in a different way than phrased on the list Don t inst memorize the answers GOOD LUCK STUDYING Don t forget to use the Discussions feature on WebCT gtP quott 05quot HHi xoooq by OEO gt gt 05quot poo TF Cartography is the science of studying the physical environment TF A GEOG 1111 Fall 2009 Test 1 Study Questions visual question math question What do geographers do Whether it s human systems or physical systems What aspect of the system do they study Name the four spheres of Earth not just the atmosphere think the whole Earth we re studying this semester What shape is the Earth approximately In reality What is its shape What s the oneword geography name for it When did humans know the Earth was round 2247 BC 247 BC 647 1492 How did they know How exact was the estimate of the Earth s circumference made by Eratosthenes What was Eratosthenes day job Be able to correctly identify latitude and longitude lines on amap or globe Which ones go westeast Northsouth What s the signi cance of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn What happens at least once at any point inside the Arctic or Antarctic Circles What are the latitudes associated with these lines on the globe What s the latitude ofthe North Pole On tests less than 100 get this right What s a great circle and What does it look like on a Mercator map projection Why do we have time zones When were they invented and What method of transportation inspired them About how Wide in longitude is a time zone and how does this relate to the sphericity of the Earth and length of day Where s the International Date Line approximately in terms of longitude If you travel west past it What do you do 39 map with scale of 1 50000000 is small scale What do the numbers mean in a scale of 1 50000000 Could you use a map with scale of 1 50000000 to nd Dr Knox s house on an 85 x l linch map WhyWhy not Why can t you draw a perfect map of the globe What two goals of mapmaking are not possible on a 2D map Name four kinds of map projections What type of projection is the familiar Mercator map A gnomonic projection is focused on what location on Earth Which is bigger on a Mercator projection Greenland or South America In real life which land mass is bigger What are the two main categories of remote sensing Which category do most weather satellites belong to What category does weather radar belong to What is GPS What is GIS What does GIS do with different types of data sets Can you get ajob with a GIS background Spatial literacy I ve learned the hard way that my students o en do not know where all the US states are Can you correctly identify the location of the following on an unlabeled map Wyoming Nebraska Iowa Minnesota Wisconsin Indiana Maryland Delaware Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire and Arkansas What is the major energy source for the Earth s physical environment except for the deep Earth WNNNNNNN MN 9 wa99gtw NH www Luna mm V F WWW wwu 4 o mhhhhhhhhh oxoooqcxmhme CNKIIKIIKIIKIIKIIKII kllkllkll 9 wu99 w o ONONON 5quot o v axocxcx 99 F What star about 150000000 kilometers from Earth has a temperature of about 6000 C What type of electromagnetic radiation does this star primarily emit based on Wien s Law What external source of charged particles helps trigger auroras in the Earth s upper atmosphere TF the Sun had fewno sunspots between 1650 1700 TF the Sun has had fewno sunspots this past summer Coolmovie allusion If Earth received Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Sun could this affect Earth s climate Aphelion is when Earth is closest tofarthest away from i On what day of the year does perihelion occur In early July Earth is about i farther away from the Sun than on average TF according to a survey most Harvard studentsalumnifaculty think that the seasons are caused by distance from the Sun Why is it hotter in summer than in winter Explain with reference to how high the Sun is in the sky and length of daylight If the Earth were not tilted when would Athens temperatures probably be warmest January or July What does equinox mean When are the equinoxes What do equinoxes mean for the poles In what two locationstimes is daily insolation the greatest on Earth TF if you want to take pictures of long sunsets you should go to the North Pole in winter What gas accounts for nearly 80 of the Earth s atmosphere What gas makes up most of the other 20ish What do we call gases that make up about 1 or less of the atmosphere Name some important gases in the atmosphere that make up less than 1 of the atmosphere Why are they important TF carbon dioxide went down in concentration about 20 ppm from 2000 to 2009 If you divide the atmosphere up by composition what are the two layers If you divide it up by temperature what are the four layers What are the two layers de ned by their function What are the four layers of the atmosphere as distinguished by their temperature pro les In which layer does most weather occur Where are they located eg which one is closest to the ground which one is closest to space etc What is the suf x given to the divisions between the temperature layers where temperature doesn t change with altitude What s alapse rate What s a temperature invers1on Which atmospheric layer is really just one big temperature inversion Why does temperature increase with height there What is the ionosphere What happens to it at night and how can you use a common home appliance to tell What health problem does the ozonosphere protect us from In what atmospheric layer categorized by temp does the ozone layer reside Explain why this argument is wrong CFCs cannot cause the ozone hole because they are heavier than air and cannot ever reach the stratosphere What is the typical atmospheric pressure at sea level What s recordlow sealevel pressure What weather system caused it How does atmospheric pressure change as you go up How does density change as you go up 39 I In your textbook read about the Kittinger balloon experiment You take a tightly closed water bottle with some air in it on a trip from sea level up to Denver What happens to the bottle At least how much of the mass of the atmosphere is contained in the troposphere Recall the reseating exercise in lecture Describe how the global average temperature changes as you go up in the troposphere and why it changes in that way Pollution TF thousands of people have been killed in killer pollution episodes across the industrialized world TF Carbon monoxide inhalation can cause headaches fatigue and even death TF Pollution can kill by causing poor visibility What is the general trend of concentrations of most not all types of pollution in the US since 1970 Why this trend Which pollutant was caused by the Romans and then greatly increased during the postWorld War II years due to gasoline usage Why was it added to gasoline What is the trend in this pollutant today What can this pollutant do to people Which pollutants contribute to acid rain Does it affect locations in the United States TF ozone is a pollutant in the troposphere and is associated with smog in cities See WebCT Weather Channel link which US town experienced a deadly pollution episode in the 1940s What industry caused the pollution What meteorological weather feature concentrated the pollution in the region What geographic features concentrated the pollution in the town What piece of legislation ultimately was inspired by this pollution episode some say TF the Clean Air Act cost the United States trillions of dollars but it was worth the high price to have cleaner skies Which nation today has 7 of the 10 most polluted cities in the world See WebCT notes TF pollution from Asia can reach the United States Under what weather conditions should East Campus Village residents expect the Poop on the Loop smell Radiation which one of the following is NOT electromagnetic radiation gamma rays Xrays light heat sound microwaves i TF from class Can you see a normalsized man s face with radio waves Why or why not As an object gets hotter the wavelength at which its EM energy emission peaks moves to shorter longer wavelengths 39 mum Name ve ungs that can happen to EM radiation as it enters the Earth s atmosphere Hint A Re ection and re action of light in water causes what cool optical effect Scattering of light causes what cool optical effects What s albedo What is the Earth s albedo in percent as measured om satellite What s the albedo of fresh snow If 100 photons from the sun reached a spot on Earth and 70 of them were absorbed refracted transmitted or scattered what would that spot s albedo be What are four types of energy transfer mechanisms Which one requires direct contact Which one doesn t require direct contact or even any molecules inbetween the energy source and receiver Which one involves horizontal mixing in a uid such as water or air Which one involves vertical bubblingup in a uid If the Earth s atmosphere absorbed all sunlight in the visible channel what would the Sun and sky look like during the day The Earth s energy budget is determined by incoming 7 mi us ougoing How do clouds and greenhouse gases affect a the incoming energy and b the outgoing energy Does the Earth s energy budget balance out when averaged across the whole world Does it balance out at each point on the globe If not where is there a surplus De cit What processes play Robin Hood moving surpluses to regions of de cits Review Sheet for Fall 2010 GEOG 1111 Test 2 When Friday October 8th Where Our regular lecture room AM section 102 MLC PM section 171 MLC What does it cover Christopherson Chapters 6 7 8 ie pages 141 240 AND DEFINITELY what s in lecture see eLC DO study what I emphasize in lecture PLUS a few other things from book next page ALSO to keep you reviewing for the nal I include the hardest questions from previous tests How long will it be It will be a 50minute test Somewhat harder than last test How much math is on it Very little Do I need a calculator Yes just to be safe Cellphones are ok but only as calculators What is the test format 50 multiple choice or truefalse questions What do I need to bring A number 2 pencil bring your own to use on Scantron forms forms are provided calculator CANNOT USE TEXT CANNOT USE NOTES CANNOT USE FORMULA SHEET Any formulas you need I ll give to you Don t forget the pencil Will all the tests be like this one Not necessarily so carefully read each test s review sheet What should I study See the next page for study questions NOTE I can and may ask a few questions from the text material that are not on this list I will ask questions in a different way than phrased on the list Don t inst memorize the answers GOOD LUCK STUDYING Don t forget to use the Discussions feature on eLC to ask questions about the review sheet GEOG 1111 Fall 2010 Test 2 Study Questions visual question math question What is your 8 10 student ID number Know it On the Scantron sheet do NOT include the last digit I was watching a cable program in which scientists analyzed the gas composition of atulence They were looking for methane but they actually found more of this gas which is the 3rdmostcommonlyoccurrmg gas in the atmosphere What is it What s the longitude of Greenwich England The International Date Line What s the latitude of the Tropic of Capricorn TF Infrared radiation is the same thing as visible light The noncloudy nonpolluted atmosphere does mostly this with visible light coming from the Sun A R R T S TF pressure in the atmosphere changes very little from the ground to the tropopause If this morning s low temperature was 50 F and the high is 75 F for a daily range of 25 degrees what do you think the daily range in temperature is for the soil about 1 meter below the surface Why TF the Sun glows but we don t because the Sun is a lot hotter than we are How does lead affect the human body Why did American cars use leaded gas for decades The Edmund Fitzgerald storm is sometimes called a Panhandle hook cyclone because it formed near the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles skinny parts of those states Can you nd Texas and Oklahoma on a US map Wisconsin Michigan Vermont New Hampshire Iowa TF Greenland is much bigger than South America TF Greenland is much bigger than South America on a Mercator map Which of the following gases is increasing every year nitrogen oxygen argon carbon dioxide In which months is it probably warmest at Havana Cuba 235 N Quito Ecuador Buenos Aires Argentina 34 S What is air pressure What instrument is used to measure air pressure What is wind A west wind blows from which direction and blows toward which direction Which scienti c law is the basis for understanding wind Did the ancient Greeks know about this scienti c law What are ve forces that are essential for understanding wind Which one acts only in the vertical Is due to motion around a curve Is due to the Earth s rotation Pushes directly toward lower pressure Opposes the direction of the wind 18 What is an isobar The strongest winds on a weather map will occur where isobars are close together Far apart 999 Ni How 9 H SP MHeP o ION 0 N Fquot ION pm NM lt9 WNN 90w hhhhhhh so wwwww www got4me oxo imaging WNH bk 000 v v o v Fquot kllkllkllkllkllkllkll P s9msw axocxcx mum to o P Name four ways that air is li ed What are fronts What kind of front is associated with thunderstorms What kind of front is associated with moderate The geostrophic wind is caused by a balance of which two forces Is this wind a good approximation to reality near the Earth s surface Why or why not What about in the upper troposphere in a straight jet streamiis it a good approximation there Hydrostatic balance is a balance of which two forces Where is this balance a good approximation to reality Near the Earth s surface how do the winds blow in relation to the isobars and in relation to high or low pressure Because of this which pressure system is related to bad weather highs or lows Where in the world Poles Tropics Subtropics Midlatitudes do you typically nd highpressure regions Where Poles Tropics Subtropics Midlatitudes do the following usually develop lowpressure systems with fronts tropical cyclones In what latitude range do air masses NOT develop Hint it s where certain weather systems move through equentl What is a jet stream What are two types of jets discussed in the book What name goes with the large wavy wind undulations You re on the beach looking at the ocean on a sunny late a ernoon Is the wind blowing om behind you or into your eyes Explain with reference to the sea breeze What 1s a mountainvalley breeze Where does the air go during nighttime Try to explain the presence of fog in river valleys partly because of this nighttime circulation What s a monsoon What lar e nation is most often associated with the monsoon What s a Hadley Cell Where is it located Poles Midlatitudes Other Which jet stream is directly related to it What fourletter acronym refers to weather associated with the rising motion in the Hadley Cell near the Equator Oceans what drives the ocean currents at the surface What direction do the ocean gyres rotate in the Northern Hemisphere Where does ocean water conveet The 3D circulation of ocean water is called by what mechanical nickname Could a shutdown of this oceanic convection cause 150 F temperatures and 100foot tsunamis in New York City within a few days as seen in The Day After Tomorrow or is that absurd What could cause such a shutdown to occur Roughly how much of the world s water is freshwater ls much of the world s freshwater in lakes atmosphere rivers From a chemistry pointofview why is water a unique molecule You may be shaken but not stirred by this question When water changes from liquid to a gas does energy have to go into the water or is energy released into the air around the water AL SO what s the special name given to tlus kind of energy Why do we care more about condensation than freezing when it comes to water s energy impact on the atmosphere What is saturation What is relative humidity RH When is RH highest and lowest during a clear calm day and night What is a high dew point temperature What is a low dew point temperature Can you have saturation with a low dew point Why does relative humidity go down when the temperature goes up See Some Help With Moisture le See Figure 712 Does the maximum amount of water that air can hold change SLOWLY or RAPIDLY as you increase the temperature om say 20 C to 30 C How does this relate to where hurricanes can form What is the DAR in numbers Know this number Note Assume that for the test the MAR is 5 Ckm The rapid cooling of a can of compressed air while you spray it is an example of choose one adiabaticdiabatie cooling by choose one expansioncompression TF a saturated air parcel is more likely to rise than an unsaturated air parcel in a conditionally unstable environment TF an environment with alapse rate of2 Ckm is conditionally unstable Redo for 4 Ckm 8 Ckm 12 Ckm When RH reaches 100 in an air parcel what visibly happens Which cloud type looks like a wispy feather A tall attopped thunderhead A sheet with a halo on it A day for a picnic Which cloud class what s the pre x is made up entirely of ice crystals Which cloud types are precipitating Air masses see Figure 82 Which air mass usually covers Georgia in summer Which air mass brings us cold air in winter How do air masses relate to people s accents in an analogical sense What weather phenomenon is the analog of losing one s accent If this happens in wintertime near the Great Lakes what other weather phenomenon happens Why do we care ifair is li ed What happens to an air parcel ifit is li ed precipitation into cooler air What is an occluded front and how does it form according to your book What does it look like on a weather map When and where do you expect to see it on a ma How does the weather change right after cold front passes your location Describe interms of change in temperature dew point wind direction and precipitation What cloud type indicates that a warm front is comi What kind of fronts does a midlatitude cyclone have connected to it in the young adult or open stage Is a midlatitude cyclone still dangerous in the occluded stage Also how long does a midlatitude cyclone live TF Midlatitude cyclones are surface weather features with no connection to the midtoupper troposphere Weather forecasting see eLC fo What kind of weather forecast method is based on the idea that history repeats itself Is it used in today s weather forecasts I Dr Knox s notes what kinds of weather forecasts are best for boring average weather TF the warwinning Allied forecast for DDay was made using advanced computer techniques just like today TF the rstever numerical weather forecast was made by an ambulance driver and it was horrible TF weather forecasting has not improved much in the past fty years it s still all just pure guessing TF All of the weather observations forecasts watches and warnings gatheredissued nationwide by the National Weather Service cost the US about 1 trillion per year and provide only 006 ofbene t for every 1 spent on them Name some of the life and propertythreatening phenomena that occur withthunderstorms What are the three kinds 39 of thunderstorms Which type is the most likely to produce violent tornadoes What meteorological quantity determines the difference between the three types of thunderstorms Where are thunderstorms most common in the US Where are they most common across the world Microbursts What are they and why do they happen What form of transportation is at high risk from them


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