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by: Conrad Pfeffer


Conrad Pfeffer
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Conrad Pfeffer on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1125 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/202218/geog-1125-university-of-georgia in Geography at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Final Exam Review Mutipe choice matching TF on the new chapters One long essay about 12 pages THE SEVEN FRAME WORKS ii Key Point Not all people are created equal when it comes to environmental impact Instead a population39s level of consumption affluence and technology not just numbers of people will determine the level of environmental impact Think IPAT WHAT SHOULD I KNOW Malthusian thinking is very prevalent in popular discourse about the cause of environmental problems Be able to explain the basic argument of Malthus exponentialgeometric growth vs linear growth of good supplies and its limitations Understand why Ecological Footprint is a better way of understanding the issue Understand why people claim population is a resource 1 l 1 l7 Key Point A marketbased approach to environmental management emphasizes economic efficiency and profit over other factors and often promotes privatization as a solution to environmental issues Understand the role of scarcity in the Market Response Model gtsubstitutesefficiency or gtnew sources exchanging a car for a new model Prius that would save gas Why can more efficient use of a resource actually increase rates of consumption WHAT SHOULD I KNOW What is a market externality and why does it matter What are different types of marketbased solutions to environmental problems pros and cons Green Taxes Cap amp Trade Green Consumption also green washing Environmental Justice markets may allocate cost efficiently but not justly 71 39l Vigilquot l l l iii T iiiiif l l l39l quot iquoti ii i ii iif Key Point Collective actions via formal and informal institutions to manage common pool resources is a viable alternative to privatization What is the prisoner39s dilemma What is the Tragedy of the Commons How have these influenced thinking about the commons today What are the characteristics of successful commons management without privatization pg 55 WHATI SHOULD KNOW What is the difference between an institutional approach and a market approach Be able to explain the commons issue in relation to climate change and other major environmental concernsthink about the atmosphere 4 Eli gig m if r rial lg ill 7 Key Point An EE framework considers the role of values and morals eg right and wrong in naturesociety relations Understand the trajectory of environmental ethics through time Dominion thesis anthropocentric and utilitarian views gtConservation and Preservation gt Land Ethic ecocentric and ecology gt Animal rights gt Deep Ecology WHATI SHOULD KNOW There are limits to this EE approach Holism individuals vs the whole system Scientism how can other knowledges count l H l Ke Point The y people perceive and react to environmental hazards is influenced by a variety of social factors What is a hazard What is a risk What is the role of uncertainty Risk perception describes the way people perceive or evaluate the hazardous of a situation which is not always purely rational WHATI SHOULD KNOW Risk perception is influenced by People grid sense of hierarchy and group sense of community pg 87 The perception of commonality vs catastrophe immediacy vs long term nature voluntary vs involuntary Risk communication of information is also a factor what we are told and the ability to adapt how we can react Exam 3 Review Geography 1125 Fall 2011 7 Dr Rice Below is a list of terms concepts and ideas you should understand for the test In addition to defining and identifying these concepts you should be able to apply them to real world situations compare and contrast different approaches and synthesize the information into critical re ections on the interactions between nature and society Mile 1 have tried to make this list as exhaustive as possible please remember that all lectures readings and activities up to the test date are testable material Trees Chapter 10 The stand off at UC Berkeley who what when where why How are trees symbolic Early importance of trees to humans Climax vegetation Disturbance Succession and the relation between these terms for forest ecosystems and trees What is the relationship between conservation practices and forest management How has this changed over time and new scienti c knowledge Is forest cover on the rise or decline worldwide Why What are regional trends What is the relationship between forest cover and population growth Tree plantation Ecosystem service Biodiversity and its relationship to trees as described in this chapter Reconciliation ecology What is the puzzle of treesquot understand main points in this section Understand and be able to explain what forest transition theory is relationship of forest cover to population and economic development Understand gure 102 Secondary succession and its relationship to the Forrest Transition Theory Problems associated with the Forest Transition Theory Ucurve model Political economy of forests and trees why is the decline in tree cover the result of development and capitalist agriculture How does this also illustrate uneven development Understand Table 104 What is the Chipko movement Chapter 11 Wolves Who are the proponents and who are the opponents of wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone Explain both sides Understand the biology of wolves as discussed in the chapter their geographic range causes of them being endangered what their prey is the social lives of wolves and packs What is the role of the wolf in the larger ecology of landscapes trophic levels apex predator Biodiversity biotic and abiotic factors bottomup and top down affects Understand the chart about the ecological role of the wolf in the class notes on slide 11 Why were wolves killed in the centuries leading up to the 1995 reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone also how were they eradicated Understand what gure 114 is showing What does it mean to take an ecocentric approach to environmental ethics of wolf populations What becomes of value and concern with this approach Exam 3 Review Geography 1125 Fall 2011 7 Dr Rice What is sustainability What is the rewilding movement What is conservation biology How does it related to rewilding Problems with this approach What is a stakeholder How to do they matter to an institutions framework of wolf management Who are stakeholders in the wolfsituation What is natural resource management What is the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA Understand the Minnesota public participation case What was successful What was not Using a social construction framework what is the relationship between wolves and masculinity Why does this matter How is the idea of wilderness socially constructed Who benefits and who does not Bottled Water Chapter 13 What does it mean to say that there are uneven geographies of water Understand the video clips shown in class what do people think about the quality and test of bottled water compared to tap water Is this true How is bottled water often marketed What does a life cycle analysis tell us about the true environmental impacts of bottledwater packaging C02 in manufacturing and transport waste What does it mean to say that bottled water has been turned into a commodity What are different examples What are the trends of bottled water sales gallons per capita sold per year Why What are the different reasons for bottled water consumption around the world What are three types of water scarcity Where are they prevalent Understand Tables 131 132 133 How does the IPAT equation apply to water consumption How dos the risk lens apply to the bottled water problem Risk assessment Risk communication Risk perception How does primitive accumulation relate to bottled water and privatization of water How does the crisis of overproduction relate to the marketing of bottled water products French Fries Chapter 14 Understand the history of the potato as discussed in the textbook eg proportion frozen monocrops globalization What role did the Columbian Exchange play in the history of the potato Why were potatoes popular in Ireland What was the Irish potato famine When did the French fry become popular Role of fast food Understand Table 141 What is the French fry puzzlequot What does a risk analysis approach tell us about why people eat fries Do people change their behavior with more health information about fats What is the role of branding in fast food What are the implications of plenty fast food but very few grocery stores in lower income neighborhoods sometimes called food desertsquot


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