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by: Estelle Prosacco


Estelle Prosacco
GPA 3.84


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Estelle Prosacco on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1101 at University of Georgia taught by Bakker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/202245/pols-1101-university-of-georgia in Political Science at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
POLS 1101 Court Cases SC Supreme Court Notice how there are generally 3 eras of the Court Nation vs States era government in the economy era and civil rightsliberties era Try to think about which cases fall under which era There are obviously many more important court cases but these are with a couple of minor exceptions all of the ones touched on by Dr Bakker in his slides Marbu V Madison 11803 Established concept of judicial review McCulloch v Ma land 118191 States vs federal government issue Fed gov charters bank in Maryland Maryland wants to taX said bank Court rules that states cannot tax the fed government supremacy clause and congress can charter bank necessary and proper clause Gibbons v Ogden 1 1824 Ogden is given steamboat monopoly by NY state Gibbons from NJ wants to engage in business as well Ogden is upset Court rules that fed gov can regulate navigation commerce clause also NY monopoly is unconstitutional since fed gov chose to regulate and supremacy clause kicks in Barron v Baltimore 1 18331 City of Baltimore ruined Barron s wharf Barron sued on 5Lh amendment grounds that he had gotten no compensation SC ruled that 5Lh amendment didn t apply to the states Con rmed that citizen of US and separately citizen of a state Near v Minnesota 1 19311 Near wanted to publish some hateful racist stuff State of Minnesota restrained him from doing so SC ruled that this Violated freedom of the press Also set precedent for application to states Near could be sued for libel and slander but cannot be restrained ahead of time Mapp V Ohio 11961 SC set the exclusionary rule Courts exclude eVidence obtained in Violation of the fourth amendment Gideon V Wainwright 1 1961 Under 143911 amendment states now required to provide legal defense for defendants who can t afford it Griswold V Connecticut 1 1965 SC inValidated a Connecticut law that forbade the use of contraceptiVes due to priVacy suggested in bill of rights Roe V Wade 11973 Further cemented right to priVacy Landmark abortion case States still issue some restrictions though Plessy V Ferg11son11896 Upheld Louisiana statute that required segregation in all public facilities Separate but equal rule Brown V Board of Education 1 19541 Abolished separate but equal de juris Schools desegregated but took time to get enforced and did not address discrimination in employment Voting etc Griggs V Duke Power 11971 Burden of proof on employers to show that discrimination policy is a business necessity Ledbetter V Goodyear 12007 SC ruled that charge of discrimination must be brought within 180 days of the time


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