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by: Estelle Prosacco


Estelle Prosacco
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Estelle Prosacco on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 2000 at University of Georgia taught by Crespin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/202248/pols-2000-university-of-georgia in Political Science at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Iievier 2102012 PoLS 2000 ial Svienti f 39i hinlkmg V 0 What is science Characteristics of Scienti c Knowledge Communicable a 1 Empirical NunennrmaLiVe Prowsmnal Concepts and Variables Types ofvnriables t Reliability and Validity I Hypotheses 2102012 t it lkl tltnil kg 1A7 Development of Research Question 1B 7 Development ofTheory 1C Identi cation ofvariables to be studied 2 Hypothesis about the relation between one variable to another 3 Reality testwhereby changes in variables are measured to see of the hypothesized relationship is present 4 Evaluation between reality test andhypothesis and development ofgeneralized statement 5 Suggestions about signi cance problems with test future ypotheses P a pet F3 V 0 Ideology Electoral Incentives and Congressional P0 What ate Hie theories from le paper How am Ihey tested What is atheory Vhatare me important elements ofa wearyquot what makes one theory better than another How would you te 7 Should be able to look at data and dotei mine lffhel39e IS support for the mean 2102012 kg I Think about different ways to look at data Why are some better man nth Is w What problems might come up when looking at gures tables E nu anemia m Scientific Ream H39Cl F s V 0 Theories Models and Paradigms and Laws Broad Methods ofReasoni Deductive general to the more speci c Iuduane reasoning rmuvmg fm m Speci c observations to broader generalizatio ns 0 Should be able to look at a table and tell me Vs and DV s hypotheses and mm dam supportthe hypotheses Types ofvariahles Rafi male1315 in SClEiitil39in Reward 4 Levels of Variables 4 Types of Relationships u Research Design Issues and Different Types of Designs Regression Tammi 2102012 1 I From Crespin Gold7 Rohde 139 H WWW mum Independent Hf Vanables 3 Number of Cases WW u R2 01 96 of DV explained R 3363le TM FE K From Crespm Gold Rohde mm H a wWManquotnunn Am Wm menun Dyn35 mnem nvm xvmy mumsme mm M a vn l xmsmvm mm pm sssxmsmlvme nixlmmxmg nymme Rfquot MHZ TAM From Crespm7 Gold7 A one umt change In IV Rohde correspon s to a change in th DV WW mmunmm 439 M mun Mum NOMINAT E NUM NATE Continuous a to 1 Preslden L131 Vote ontinuou s 071 100 RaLing n W 1 M Dichotomous 0 or 1 ideology Dichotomous 0 or 1


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