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by: Estelle Prosacco


Estelle Prosacco
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Estelle Prosacco on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1101 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/202252/pols-1101-university-of-georgia in Political Science at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
V Federalism m m Human m l wnm r L Intruductlon to Amencan Government 39 L llHl Federalism AmericaniStyle Federalism mm m m AmericaniStyle Federal m gn ernmems u r Immnl E h mm m a me me g mm mum 39 3 m zrlminisrrz Qualificati n of Federal System Types ofFederalism Dual Federalism The sim wlest L le an angement Two inct fun if American federali n have been identi ed Dual federal39 Shared federali n Dual Federalism Shared Fede alism of quite limited r6130 1 39methe The econd and more aL urate conce ion offedera 39 39 ion 1 callev 39 cooperati e tfederali n iationahzat that the national ZIIL ate governments Toda the national so emment hasahand in almost all r 0 16 Cltlzem poliue that conLem 1el of tie citizenry Dual federal39 m no lancer de 39b that nature of federal taterela 10 Shared Federalism r he ape and earnp1e ty ofmodem problems mandale a joimeoopera ive al ac l 1e and 39els ofgovemmen immded imo he radrdahal r pan rrr e a esarrdae commum es ha even sharer n39li ofnalionalizalion EuelhaHhefederal govemmemha 39 Bu iflhere have alwa been en39hv how did we gel lo 1 aim Shared Federalism or hm he lelt eral govemmem aemallv medre p0 39 ilih ora Em he presdah ofwhelher I m xemained li quota1 federalism s a misnomer Shared Federalism w have s a es n39ghls advoeales had di uhy pm lllioning federal and s a e responsibililies hadarral poli ugh l0 expand heir aulhox over he Veal an hey a covered ha he Wall he weeh he federal govemmem and he a vas hm impregnable The Conslimlion leaves ample room for avan39ety of lederal e relalim oreove wherrrradahahzadah ofpublie poli proceeded r rare1 m39ggeredacon mlionale Shared Federal m Samh Dakola allowed 19yearolds l0 pureh earnaarrahg up a 3 1 alcohol In 1984 he Uniled Slal 2r 5 pa ed he Nalional hhrdrhumnn39h ng Age Ac Vilhholding highw hrrrds ram s a es ha did hm adopl a minimum legal age ofll SoulhDakola eha11errre he law and h Th ruing ar Ies ra r39 h e 39 e oliederal aulhon39ty under he rreee ary and proper clause Federalism and the Constitutio 39 h 11 who e membex 1ec ed by he a e are beholden to he ateleg lam rincipl u oh a1h keeping with he I preme law onhe lam The pro39 39 n leCon imtion 39 h he mo p ofound nnphcanon for modem American fedem n he o called supremacy clause in Anic eI o give he fedex 1govennnen free Framed o avoid nnpa ovex n o o cede o he na iona1 govemmem broad amhox over he suite n a he han preemptive 9 nati na Federalism and the o titution n u a e emed he peop1e Thu he peo ecrea ed he govemmem no he a e Language goveming he re1a io ip ofthe na iona1 govemmen a nu quot hroughom he L o s m on But he end r em open o na ionahzing for enumerated becal e hey n e ictional boundax hemeen he s a ee an I he 1 govemmem The Powel of Congre s The Tenth Amendment lthu m w m m mm t ThETEnth mExvlmE ntxi xv u 1 The Tenth A nlendnlent mmem ha 1 1 11119 IEJSPS P XE 9131 P HBO 1 9111 plm 1119111391111921073 1 19191 9111 01 1mm 111 A1110 5911 111 01 19 1111911111119111v 11101 9111 39 11191111119 1103 11113 11 3919m0d 11119119 10 9 9x9 111110111111 01159111 73111 01111 9111 1119 19d01d 111111 39111103 911191111g 9111 01 59073 11 1111 9111 6l8111u I C1 39 39 39 6131 punpllm 39 1130711133 9111X11d 0 191 4 11193 39SSS 39Oldllls 2301 1111111 11 4 119011113911 5911111 1 l 861 1gtll711 11 131 1111730191d 911115 10 Luanr 01110111171113 A sag 10131191 01 ned 1111101111111 011 4 111911111 0 3110 Q A 4 395111919991d 111119m0d myth 3911 111101111143 P313913 PSAIOSSI 1191b 4 39111111d0d1011 1 11 391sls111111 1973 39911115 911110 511011911 39 1191111119103 9111 In 311 211 an 1 j 11 111011 11191111119107 111111 111110111111 911111991111911 A11 391 L k 391 I 1 NH 1 911119139101d 4 59111d11 10 9919191 1 1 6181 9111 11 111103 911191111g 0181 l l f 391 PUHORNY 9111119110 119 5191111113 9111 punJim 3911117171111317111 6181 pm L I 1 51101511015 unopmpsu03 31111911191111 Gibbons v Ogden 1824 New Yo k State legislatur e en a steamboat monopol teambom opemmr New Yo eal I Ipset 7 pre k to ban Gibbo Damel W39ebster and to me Supreme Court Gibbons v Ogden 1824 El 3 Commerce is more than 1 t buying and and while the power to regulate commerce witlun a state belongs to the state commerce among the states does not stop at the bor er 2 No The NY monopoly 39 unco itutional becaus the Supremacy Clause g39 r the federal government s laws precedent here 1 ite the 10th Amendment owex the monopoly would 121V been fine if the federal government did not cho to regulate Gibbons v Ogden 1824 It goes to the Supreme Court The two big questior 1 Does the Con 39tution permit the federal 1 rent to regulate nax gatioI 397 2 Is the New York monopoly o 39tutional under t 1e 10th Amendment or does tl o ate the Commerce 0 Nationalizati Bottom line Power is shi ing from the states to the federal government The 10th Amendment sua 39 att1e Suprem Court level tate of Constitutional Amendments


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