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by: Elna Nader
Elna Nader
GPA 4.0


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elna Nader on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GENE 3200 at University of Georgia taught by Bedell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/202262/gene-3200-university-of-georgia in Genetics (Graduate Group) at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
mm 2 Lndaemniamznm Wanna m awemmm nuke mum y m maumam Lhehumm gamma Erth was summmsymmme 5 a E 45 vi thunm madamr yremnsi mme mm mum mmmmwy aw mam Mummethth Smumnsmlimer p1amimmemxe xslmdvhmmxmedmemh x Lhemm nu ephunmmplahrymamimhmg mum mm ibzlua xilsdumanm mm a dmlbltimndbxezkmmh u mmm dwbltimmlbxuk 3532 FEW E r a 5 mamammwmmammdmmmmmm a um a m susxwmmmmummammxwmm MmuhxwmymhrymesusesmeIhyhumvaATlxesmuAS m ESmi naxaf lAFnlymmiuimlt ryfaxfumanmvfadaiedmunm mm 5 m my wahrymuxm maimed MRI remunndmedmdmdu e a m m a mm a ERMA a mm a mu mm semmmmm wt mm Emu mm 1n 1 mm m m ufyaw A id mm Eda sunryamm uanbemnshxednmuslbemadl edbyxhzadmmna s Shmz Delgarrm szquzncz Equzmz m pmkarynnc RNA whm chznbbsbmz mnam mmatz nanS annn A Eukarymcnbbsbmz s Ebmpbszd mas and ens nbbsbmal 5mm Dunng Elbnganbn m apnlypzpndz mung nanS annn a Ehargzd an 2mm the A m an the nbbsbmz Ammbacyl RNAsynchzrasEs ark he Enzymzs mama mvnlvzd m margmg mm An dzal plasrmduszd asa dmmgvztmrm 2 nah 5mm haw Umquz rzm an ms m hmmm fohz ampmulm gznz m a plasrmd witan a t s a szlzmablz markzr BAEsarz nrmlarvzmnrsuszd m a bug rm agmzms m mu m kb m 2 nah A gznbmm hbrary s a wuzcnbn n u NA agmzms mm an Drgamsm nsznzd mm vmm Hybnmzaunn 5 NET he cavalznt bmmng mgzthzr thwn u NA strands 30 A whom nnxn prnm n uxmed lulmgn um nannnmmnann um hen mm m umu mama wlmaypn mm Many m lmvulm nnm Hm um Wm n A u Mmlnull Armanulklm1mm lmkndmul 71H 71an Nu nan Vm IlmllhuranNa7me mllv xmn m um rluummmmx p mm m Rumh pnrngun m 2an pmpmnuns anthK m mman pmdnn nun nmnm m H mm prudured Hm lullnwmg nuth W anx H A umlum m n and mm mlde 1 J 1 1 x m mum m man 54 Hundhlmlwh k 5 r y w m nnnnnTnT n lnvml N2 33 AM A m WW Mm m 1mm 1 Wu H 0 qu m a pm Whth m m mmlumm In le mm mm wnih um n can A MM a mi manna m mynm my lwwnguxquunuBuuwulml forwmhlv y u 5 n can c nn D Annnn n n m n n Mnnvnw mom n m Nun nun Abmc m m nnnnnnn m w pm Cw alumA Macaw n Mn m pm mm IHJL nnnnnwaW m Mum AMM mm n m an m dnmrlm m MAM n be An nnmnnWm A A n m runnwnnn A In m meA a branchpmm Emsznsus szquzncz ms am the Ar m the 539 m 339 Mann mm m can 5 a Musznsz a Dnzammbamd mangzd thanbchzrammb and Ebnszrvanvz a submmnm haschz saw u gmup Nantbnszrvanvz a subsmmmn nasa Mmm x grbup Nansznsz a ammbamd Endbn mangzdma mp Endbn Suz t a n manga m ammb am lnvzrsmn a yams swltnhzd Framaanun 152mm Dr Aaxannn altzrsrza mg iramz many agmzms wm d EDmE mm ark mmm Enzymz thzrrmm H mm nghb wamanyba a Mn a ganmEnumbzriound EXAM 3 PCR primers 0 Forward primer is 539 to 339 on top Reverse primer is 539 to 339 on bottom Circular form of lambda DNA will have less fragments than the linear form DNA sequencing reactions 0 Newly synthesized is just reading up from the bottom 539 to 339 0 Template is opposite reading up from the bottom Hierarchical shotgun approach is used to screen a genomic library Fluorescent in situ hybridization FISH is NOT a common technique used to screen a genomic library 0 FISH is a top down approach to genome mapping DNA markers used in genetic mappin 0 Restriction fragment length polymorphisms RFLPs 0 Simple sequence repeats SSRs 0 Single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs Sequence analysis can be used to generate the highest resolution map of a genome Hierarchical shotgun sequencing strategy requires the generation of a minimum tiling path of BAC c ones The hierarchical shotgun sequencing strategy requires construction of a physical map Paralogous genes paralogs arose by duplication within the same species Orthologous genes orthologs the same gene in two different species that arose froma common ancestor Homologous genes homologs have enough sequence similarity to be related in evolutionary history Five classes repeat sequences can be placed in for genomic analyses 0 Simple sequence repeats o Segmental duplications of 10300 kb 0 Processed pseudogenes o Transposons When preparing cDNA with uorescence o Colored spots mean the mRNAs are expressed at higher levels in the cells in whichever type those came from treated than contro Microsatellites are useful DNA markers for linkage analysis Analysis of minisatellites in genomic DNA is used for DNA fingerprinting What is the expected result for SNP analysis using ASOS when DNA is analyzed from an individual who is heterozygous for two SNP alleles 0 At high temperature 90 deg C both oligonucleotides hybridize to the sample Linkage disequilibrium LD is when the frequency of haplotypes in a population deviates from the frequency expected if there is random association of alleles at the different loci The steps in a typical positional cloning strategy 0 Correlate transmission of trait with a particular genomic location 0 Identify candidate genes in the critical region 0 Evaluate candidate genes to identify the gene that encodes the trait In positional cloning knowledge of the genetic or cytogenic location of a trait can be used to identify the gene responsible for the trait Haplotype association studies 0 Can be used for high resolution mapping 0 Can be done with large extended families that have affected individuals appearing in multiple generations but doesn39t have to e o SNPs are the most useful for these studies By weight chromatin consists roughly of 13 DNA 1 3 histones and 1 3 nonhistones proteins Euchromatin is generally transcriptionally active DNA is wrapped around a protein core of 8 histone subunits In eukaryotic chromatin the rst level of compaction of DNA is DNA winding around histones to form nucleosomes Properties of telomeres in eukaryotes 0 They consist of special repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes 0 They protect against the loss of essential sequences at the ends of chromosomes after DNA replication 0 They protect against fusion of chromosomes 0 In cell culture tumor cells maintain long telomeres but normal cells cannot During mitosis kinetochores develop during prophase NOT true of position effect variegation PEV o Extent of heterochromatin formation is identical in each cell 0 It occurs most frequently with genes that contain missense substitutions o It is caused by mutations in genes that encode histones Numbers of Barr bodies in humans XO female 0 0 XY male 0 o XXYmale 1 In cats different alleles of an Xlinked gene controls the formation of orange and black hair pigment Orange pigment occurs in cats that are homozygous for the 0 allele of this gene while black pigment occurs in cats that are homozygous for the 0 allele About tortoiseshell cats 0 In cells producing black pigment the 0 allele is on the active X and the 0 allele is on the inactive X o In cells producing orange pigment the 0 allele is on the inactive X and the 0 allele is on the active X Pseudolinkage results from a reciprocal translocation After meiosis in an individual that is heterozygous for a paracentric inversion o It can lead to deletion products 0 It generates acentric fragments o It generates dicentric bridges o It reduces the number of recombinant gametes In a translocation heterozygote which segregation pattern is most likely to result in a normal zygote 0 Alternate In heterozygotes inversions act as suppressors of recombinationbecause gametes that have crossovers within an inversion loop will not survive Turner syndrome is the result of monosomy of the X chromosome m J J ui sister to separate properly in meiosis Examples of aneuploidy o onosomy o Trisomy o Tetrasomy 0 NOT tetraploidy Polyploid species that have complete sets of chromosomes from two or more different ancestral species are called MM Two parental species have hybridized one has a haploid number n 3 and the other species has a haploid number n 2 In the somatic cells of the hybrid the diploid number of chromosomes w39 be 10 Possible consequences of transposable elements TEs nactivation of a gene through insertion of a TE into a coding region of a gene 0 Altered expression of a gene through insertion of a TE into a regulatory sequence 0 Reversion of a mutant phenotype by precise excision of a TE 0 A chromosomal rearrangement through unequal crossing over between two TEs O Because SINES are the nonautonomous version of the LINE S they can transpose only by using a reverse transcriptase encoded by LINES A bacterial auxotrophic mutant is a strain that cannot synthesize a speci c nutrient ex Trp needed for growth In E coli a partial diploid merodiploid can be made by mating an F39 strain with an F strain In E colli Hfr strains can be mated with only F strains I 3 mwgu Muchmmcs39m a nu WWI WV u m m MW m m m E l M m m wnh m mm m s r M u m m H mm mw up m m m U n 441manSmemv mum nny m x m 7 I mde 3 m gum a mil hm n 4an m Wm1r I m umWgmm mm mmquot g H171 117mm u 39M m 1 Wm WM mm n ququ m w 41 m quotonquot u m m mm 71vMV nM1cm L 1 m w u urmrm 39 xummm un u m mm Jv mILwv mum mm mmbeg a a m k uu u x mm m m 431 ugh n m lmnhpn e 1 willy Mm rummv dunnkrwnh m pmmmc n 4 gm mm um um nvmlmuhu mm H wu ulerz ulldks 73 u m an m mde dsem 1nmum p xmkcralkk r r 39A39 rr u mrmmlUNArund u39 r m mm mm w am pm WWW m 1 ndmdu mmm WWquot mum r A waghmudw w H mm H mm eqm ml rrcqumcyul m m mdme hmnul m mu v mm 4 mm rwmm sup 4 wannmumm m u m mm FL 4 1H 5 huntmupmm ulkl m m m Innva m m h m kale m m mny u u 3 hum at um um m Am m may 5 mmq4nandmm mm m u m mm u mm m mm myquot u v u 1 2 WM u Wu Mum mam mum n r In I m X X smvyp um 5mm um 4s to us pm Hommnguux mcuphm e Akronmanna from qunnamdm wnh mm 5 mm 1 m mum mm 1 m mm im L mum pmnm mm mm Igmlulm mm mm 0 mm mm Tumpn unulm lxyhnummun W W my on mtl mm m 15 Wm mm furwdmypu u m 3 m Wm up M39 quotquot m sump mto rmqu VINluv ma 7m 2 u u an m mm mm rm unlu mm hmmrlvgx um hm Ann mam mmquot m Slmnimmixd m md vfmawiwiyfxm Fm mum Mm mu mum mum unmaname hibemkpnaxedmymhrymesmluFDWmmsehmmenhe ymu lumymemdmmiuiui lak phaxuhemdsanhuhzmaimei 4710mmw bum m un mm m u pmmucpnu m 1 3mm m w o m WM V hunkrm hm Mm am r m um m c Lhuucnlunux Mm uwimlfurllu unlfplmmlypv NW mm m in H Mum munnplymuwl gmzomcr mdmulm mow mmmmmun luC cxmxyumm m m uzdlmAm mi r a c39 w mm 39 m umel 47411 pm Unug Hm me c mm mm In mm mm llch m m m In m pm pm mu mum mm m m w A 3 c cxumgugu 415 2 pm Wm n u mm mm WNW m m w mm m hum ml m mm w M m u 1 47 u pm um m m mm mm Lm h m mm Mmmn Hw cm 19 pm wow m lcs Ilmu my dnunu bemnm my cmm A gmm Explmm yum mm w wwmm N m hwumu l urm mummm quotouUH u uh U 1 AhmvthhJ y m Aunjunmdnnunldyimznmhnm may mnmanma dnvrdulmmn39 Havlnmm nmyu m pump nf Dunwnnnm anannmmvhm a a m Dmlnlulvmdutu mam wmhchz mmnn mznnm z mm nudu39mmch wad and annnmx a smmulukt M Di 5mg mm Lhmmnsnmzirnm mm mmum wmdd u mm m mm nia du drrwzdknmlmlwn gmawm nd uchulumlu m 9mm mmmpmmmnmmmummuma a Haw mm m mum vhyna yhlndus m mum niajzmud mm mmnrglnn hung mm m Drnsnvmh mu dnrrmmzdhydu Xm mmmmm memnnnnnnmsduvuzmvmsa mmmul SR Igmzuan mmvkm39rvmsu Haw an dummmk u and mm m wvubnmn 0 Lu mm dmmmndnmla du ummmma pnvhbnnnu d ry nusdnhzhwalkr Mann as a Immaqu ammmmgm m a Vanath mmm a Evulznnmrramnm Mum a Huntsman nfdu In ydunch mn39zn nrdrn 0 515 a2 M cg u mum rxn zydwpmmmm ammmmm mwmnhilign


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