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by: Jeffery Rohan


Jeffery Rohan
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeffery Rohan on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HACE 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Dey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/202283/hace-2100-university-of-georgia in Housing And Consumer Economics at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Ok so rst of all I had the notes basically memorized cuz Ineeded an A on this test and I was unsure on about 7 questions not because the material is hard at all but because when she s not talking about locking Johnny Depp in her basement until she s gotten all she wants out of him she is being a tricky little cunt that takes the easiest shit in the world and asks dumb fucking questions about it that aren t even in the notes Even Elliot could probably smell something wrong about this test IfI could punch one woman in the world it would be Hillary Clinton If I could punch two women in the world it would be Hillary Clinton and Dianne Moorman Now that I got that off my Jordan Mooreesque ripped and waxy smooth chest here we go Basically I would weigh my studying heavily on chapter 5 know all the agencies acts etc then prob 10 amp 11 then least amount on 14 amp 15 there are questions from those chapters but pretty much all no brainers if you are a business major T F there are ve steps in the prepurchase decision making 0 I put false bc there are ve total but only 3 come before purchase Implied warranties are not written but understood etc 11 20 of money paid for service contracts is actually used Know the difference between all the federal committees 0 FDA is oldest 0 FCC for radiotv complaints 0 Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed in FDA amendment in 1938 0 Above amendment was bc toxic consumer product sulf39milemide sp 0 There s one about pigs getting infected and people eating that meat and asked who is responsible for that and I didn t know bt CSPC or Ag Dep o FAA is part of DOT 0 One about Martha Stewart getting locked up which fed program actually made her serve jail time I put SEC but it might be Department of Justice cuz she lied to Grand Jury so look that one up rst Another Martha Stewart one TF sayin FTC was responsible for lockin that bitch up I put false 0 FDIC insures deposits in banks etc Cross Selling is basically store credit Viral effect masses complaining on intemet Dumb TF Question about an of cial formal list saying you need to 1 be honest ab complaint 2 have reasonable expectations 3 avoid nuisancefrivolous lawsuits or you have no legal right to sue corp I put true but I don t know T F about Jimmy Carter signing legislation is FALSE Supply and Demand questions two right answers on each as price goes up quantity demanded goes down and vice versa for supply if you get this wrong like Nathan did just quit life Monopolies are form of market failure Missing blank on ven diagram ab groups protecting consumers industry self reg California rst state to deregulate electric utility industry 0 Head of EPA appointed by President of US Current secretary of Ag Is former governor of Iowa Dietary supplements DO NOT have to go through same FDA approval as food Merger questions 0 Wood deck company merging w company that owns acres of forrest vertical merger 0 American grocery store merging with one in Taiwan market extension merger Know non gov consumer agencies 0 SOCAP started in 74 organized consumer complaints to bus and gov o Consumer s Union publishes Consumers Report magazine Dry Clean only label when really can be machine washed Low Labeling Which is not insurancespecified type of car crash Rear end collision Which is not a complaint against consumer protection agencies Limits politicians power One about deck repair man doing shoddy job he has the right to come back and try to fix it before being sued under righttorepair righttocure righttorescind or something else I put right to repair but it was pretty much a guess cuz that wasn t in the notes One about charging 1800 for replacing computer parts that didn t need replacing I put Low balling but again not positive other choices high balling fee splitting something else Charities must spend 25 or more directly to people it says it helps to be considered efficient T F The Better Business Bureau is not a third party medium that deals with complaints between consumer and businesses I put false US biggest export to China trash Portable credit card scanning device used by waiters is a skimmer Three credit Bureaus EquifaX EXperian Transunion not Transsomethinelse Freeze to prevent ID theft is called a security freeze Know all four Acts at the end of chapter 11 notes matching question Incredibly enough you need to know the number to opt out of preapproved credit card offers l88850PTOUT 18885678688 Know difference bt investing and speculating speculating depends on supplydemand Know difference between stocksbonds Season Ticket question sunken cost fallacy GEOG ll 12L Quiz 2 7 Study Guide Week 6 7 Lab 4 Atmospheric Moisture Latent Heat transfer When water changes phases it either releases or consumes taken away energy 1 A93 9 gt1 9 V39 HW c H H N H H be 14 consumed cooling process Gas liquid solid released heating Relative Humidity tells us how close the air is to saturation as a percentage Vapor Pressure water vapor exert a partial pressure to that of the entire atmosphere depends on the on the available energy used to change liquid to gas Saturation Vapor Pressure the upper limit to vapor pressure increases nonlinear with temperature Clausius Clapeyron Curve the nonlinear relationship between saturation vapor pressure and temperature lVIixing Ratio water vapor in terms of mass Ratio of water vapor mass g to the mass of dry air kg expressed as gkg Saturation Mixing Ratio graph used to show when air is fully saturated the atmosphere has reached the maximum weight of water vapor per kg of dry air Dew Point temperate the air must reach in order to reach saturation Sling Psychrometer A psychrometer in which the wet and drybulb thermometers are mounted upon a frame connected to a handle at one end by means of a bearing or a length of chain the psychrometer may be whirled in the air for the simultaneous measurement of wet and drybulb temperatures Thermal Hygrometer his term refers to any number of instruments that measure temperature and humidity levels in a space that houses is a device that measures relative humidity Dry Bulb Temperature T db The Dry Bulb temperature usually referred to as air temperature not affected by the moisture can be measured using a normal thermometer temperature is usually given in degrees Celsius 0C Wet Bulb Temperature T w The Wet Bulb temperature is the temperature of adiabatic saturation This is the temperature indicated by a moistened thermometer bulb exposed to the air flowWet Bulb temperature can be measured by using athermometer with the bulb wrapped in wet muslin The adiabatic evaporation of water from the thermometer and the cooling effect is indicated by a quotwet bulb temperaturequot lower than the quotdry bulb temperaturequot in the air The wet bulb temperature is always lower than the dry bulb temperature but will be identical with 100 relative humidity the air is at the saturation line Week 1 N Equot 5 UI 0 gt1 00 P GEOG ll 12L Quiz 2 7 Study Guide 77 Lab 5 Qatnration and 39 ic Stabilin Adiabatic HeatingCooling saturation occurs more commonly when air is cooled to its dew point temperature than when air masses mix As a parcel rises atmophereic pressure decreases allowing parcel to expand How to get rising air Intense surface hearing The collisionconvergence of surface air masses Contact of air masses of unlike temp along warm and cold fronts Tropical barrier mtn Upperair divergence Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate as an unsaturated air parcel rises it temperature will decrease at the DALR at 100C per km Lifting Condensation Level the height at which rising air parcels will cool to the dew point temp a parcel of air becomes saturated and condensation clouds form Wet Adiabatic Lapse Rate if air parcel rises above LCL it cools at a slower rate 59OC per km Environmental Lapse Rate ELR rate at which the surrounding environment changes with height Absolutely Stable Atmosphere an air parcel that is forced aloft cools faster than the surrounding environment when the parcel rate of cooling is faster than the ELR Absolutely Unstable Atmosphere parcel that is initially displaced and will continue to rise b c it it warmer and more buoyant than its surrounding at eh displaced height parcel rate of cooling is slower than the ELR Conditionally Unstable Atmosphere DALRgtELRgtWALR Calculations and GraphsWeek 6 1 Equot Equot Week NOOOOOOD t Using a graph and sling psychrometer data to determine relative humidity Average of wet bulb T average of the dry bulb temperature RH Calculating the dew point given the mixing ratio or vapor pressure and temperature Use dry temperature given on the graph Calculating Relative Humidity as a ratio of mixing ratio or vapor pressure VP S VPMIU SMR 7 Calculate the Lifting Condensation Level From surface temperature and dp temp Occurs at height where air has cooled to the dp temp Dp decreases w height bc decrease pressure Dp drops 20 Km Temp30 dpl 4 pressure 10 l 0mb Lines where intersect the LCL Calculate changes in air temperature and dew point temperature due to adiabatic cooling understand when to use the dry and wet lapse rates


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