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by: Mr. Ana Muller


Marketplace > University of Georgia > Biology > BIOL 1107 > PRINCIPLES OF BIO I
Mr. Ana Muller
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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Ana Muller on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1107 at University of Georgia taught by Barstow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/202292/biol-1107-university-of-georgia in Biology at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Biology 1107 Lecture 26 Wednesday March 23 2011 Lecture outline and study questions based on Chapter 14 Mendel and the gene idea B The dihybrid cross and the law of independent assortment C probability D Incomplete dominance E Codominance ABO blood types Dihybrid cross a cross between TWO parents with TWO different traits 933 1 ratio Law of Independent assortment each pair of allele separates independently of each other pair of alleles during gamete formation Probability like ipping a coin drawing a card from a deck rolling a dice two types of rule multiplication and addition Complete dominance Aa or AA when the dominant triat is the only thing that shows and no sign of recessive trait ex brown eyes dominant blue eyes Incomplete dominance appears like the two traits were blended together ex pink owers red white NO dominant allele Codominance when TWO alleles are fully expressed in a heterozygote ex blood type AB because BOTH a antigen and b antigen are expressed ABO blood types four blood types A B AB O A has antigen A and antibody B B has antigen B and antibody A AB has antigen A ampB and NO antibodies universal acceptor O No antigens BUT has Antibody A amp B universal donor and accepts only type O blood P U39 eri gt1 Study Questions Wh t are the h notypic ratios in a dihybrid cross w phenotypic ratios in a dihybrid cross 933l The results of Mendel s dihybrid experiments are the basis for the law of independent assortment each pair of alleles separate independently of each other pair of alleles during gamete formation 3 How many unique gametes can be produced from the following genotype AaBchDdEeFf 2A6 64 164 5 What is incomplete dominance Incomplete dominance appears like the two traits were blended together ex pink owers red white NO dominant allele 6 Roan color in cattle is the result of incomplete dominance What would be the resulting offspring of a cross between two roan parents You can NOT have a pure breed roan because crossing a Roan Rr quot9 RI X Rr yields 1 RR 2Rr lrr 7 What would be the expected Fl blood types from the following matings a AxB bABxO cBdeABxAB eOxO a 1 AB 1130 lAO 100 h 2AO 2130 c 2130 200 d lAA 2AB lBB e 400 8 What blood type is the universal donor Recipient Universal donor type 0 Universal recipient type AB Rh factor rhesus factor a blood group antigen possessed by Rhpositive people if an Rh negative person receives a blood transfusion from an Rhpositive person it can result in hemolysis and anemia Rh you have the factor dominant RhRh Rh or RhRh Rh Rh you do NOT have the factor recessive RhRh Rh Rh blue baby because a mother is rh and baby is rh yes because if mom is rh and baby is rh 9blue baby look in notebook 0 Multiple Alleles Now if there are 4 or more possible phenotypes for a particular tra139t then more than 2 alleles for that tra139t must exist in the popu1ation We ca11 this quotDALHJTIPLEE ALLELESH Let me stress something There may be mu1tip1e a11e1es within the popu1ation but individua1s have on1y two of those a11e1es why Because individua1s have on1y two bio1ogica1 parents We inherit ha1f of our genes a11e1es from ma amp the other ha1f from pa so we end up with two a11e1es for every trait in our phenotype An exce11ent examp1e of mu1tip1e a11e1e inheritance is human b1ood type B1ood type exists as four possib1e phenotypes A B AB amp 0 There are 3 a11e1es for the gene that determines b1ood YPe Remember You have just 2 of the 3 in your genotype 1 from mom amp 1 from dad The a11e1es are as fo11ows ALLELE CODES FOR IA Type quotAquot Biood IE Type quotBquot B1ood i Type quot0quot B1ood Notice that according to the symbo1s used in the tab1e above that the a11e1e for quot0quot i is recessive to the a11e1es for quotAquot amp quotBquot with three a11e1es we have a higher number of possib1e combinations in creating a genotype GENOTYPES RESULTING PHENOTYPES I I Type A IH Type A 131 Type B I Type B I IE Type AB


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