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by: Mr. Ana Muller


Marketplace > University of Georgia > Biology > BIOL 1107 > PRINCIPLES OF BIO I
Mr. Ana Muller
GPA 3.54


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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Ana Muller on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1107 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/202303/biol-1107-university-of-georgia in Biology at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Biology study guide Chapter 15 13 8 9111314 gt 151152 I I Chapter 21 13 21 Explain Mendel s laws in relation to chromosome segregation during meiosis Describe the chromosome theory of inheritance and how the experiments of T H Morgan with the whiteeyed Drosophila mutant provided solid evidence for this theory Describe Morgan s crosses with the whiteeyed Drosophila mutant and how the results revealed sexlinked inheritance Describe the chromosomal system for sex determination in humans and compare that to the XO system the XW system and the haplodiploid system Predict the genotypes and phenotypes of offspring from crosses of Drosophila and mammals involving Xlinked recessive traits Calculate probabilities for transmission of Xlinked human recessive traits from carrier females affected females and affected males Identify the pedigrees for autosomal recessive autosomal dominant Xlinked recessive traits and Xljnked dominant traits Identify carrier individuals in pedigrees for Xlinked recessive traits Describe Xinactivation and how Barr bodies relate to Xinactivation Describe how a female mammal that is heterozygous for an Xlinked trait can be a mosaic with patched of cells with normal phenotype and patches of cells with abnormal phenotype Describe how Morgan determined that recombination can occur between linked genes Compare and contrast segregation of linked genes vs unlinked genes during meiosis Calculate recombination frequencies from progeny of testcrosses of dihybrid individuals Identify nonrecombinant and recombinant progeny genotypes and phenotypes from testcrosses of dihybrids involving two traits If given the phenotypes of truebreeding parents in crosses involving two linked traits draw the chromosomes in the parental generation showing the position of each allele If given the phenotypes of truebreeding parents in crosses involving two linked traits aw the 39 an 4 4 39 that would be produced after meiosis in F1 dihybrids If given the recombinantion frequency map distance between two genes predict the number of testcross progeny in each phenotype class that would be produced from a dihybrid Determine the order of three genes based on recombinantion frequencies andor map distances Describe nondisjunction and how it relates to abnormalities in chromosome number Draw the ofa cell wideiguing quot 39 39 in meiosisl amp 11 and the chromosomes of resulting gametes Define aneuploidy monosomy trisomy and polyploidy Describe the chromosome abnormalities in individuals with Down Syndrome Kleinfrlter Syndrome and Turner Syndrome Describe the four kinds of alterations in chomosome structure shown in Fig 1514 5 Define I Genomics I Bioinformatics I Gene Annotation I Systems Biology Comparative Genomics


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