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by: Ulises Graham Jr.


Ulises Graham Jr.
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ulises Graham Jr. on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCI 4300 at University of Georgia taught by Everett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 86 views. For similar materials see /class/202309/csci-4300-university-of-georgia in ComputerScienence at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Web Programming HTML FOR PAGE LAYOUT T I TI E quot39 x 7 ai f J r 1 12 l LNLNE M Clientserver protocol Web Development with Java Request gt GET ndexhtml HTFF HJ Request Headers B tank Line Optional Content Response EDD OK HT I39P H 1 Respense Headers B tank Line lth1rnlgt Flgma 11 The request and respevnse have speci c fermets as speci ed by the IHTP pretemle Structure of an HTML document 39 Header contains information about the page D Page title n Keywords to guide search engines a Style information to control appearance U Scripts to define behavior eg mouse rollover effects 39 BOCly contains the visible page content HTML for page body HTML tags control formatting I You only see the text outside tags I The tags control how the text looks lth1gt UGA Frisbee Club Skeet BBQlth1gt lth3gt Please don t shoot the frisbees lth3gt U GA Frisbee Club Skeet BBQ Please don t shoot the fl isbeesl HTML Container tags I Use to organize page content Examples P paragraph contains text OL ordered list contains L list item UL unordered list contains Ll list item TABLE contains TR table row TR contains TD table data Simple HTML Example Dr Gaston H Gonnet Professorships 1 ETH Zurich 2 Infonnatik 3 Institute for Scienti c Computation Reasearch Interests A Symbolic and Algebraic Computation B Computational Biochemistly Algoritlnns C New Oxford English Dictionary Project My apologies to D1quot Gonnet whom I have never met for using his public information for this introductory HTML example Dr Gonnet39s real Web page can be found at the ETH Zurich Web site m Layout of Simple Example Dr Gaston H Gonnet Large header 11 Tahle used for sidehydde layout J Professoml ps small header quot13 list 1 131111 Zulich 12 Infonnatik f llEt liem 3 Institute for Scienti c Computation Reaseal ch Interestsr small header 396 list A Symbolic and Algebraic Computation B Computational Biochemistly Algmitluns C New Oxford English Dictionaly Project T Image tabla calls r 11va apologies to Dr Gmmet whom I have never met for using his public infm ma on for this introductoryquot I 0 bell Zuric table cell spanning two m Attributes of HTML tags I Attributes specify something about a tag I First ordered list 1 2 3 I Second ordered list A B C 01 typequot1quot liETH EuriEhfli liInFurmatik1i liIn5titutE For 519 Jul h3Heasearch Inter95t5 nl typequot quot liSymhulic and nlgehraic Bumputatiun fli Ttvo oldererl stsuv h different type attributes lth3lnteresting stuff that doesn39t go with any particular lectures yeth3gt U1 TYPO quotshouklbeltf gt lib n n a hreFquothttpfiwwwnasagnuquot home pageltlagtltikib liastrnnnmy daily 3 hreF httplfantwrpgchnasaguufapndfastrupixhtmlquotgtpictur 11HHSH a hreFquothttpJsciencenasaguuquot5cience siteltlagtltfli Error is difficult to spot by eye Browser will ignore bad tag and attempt to render Page Results will depend on the browser used Formal Languages I A vernacular language is the way people actually write or speak Aformal language has rules specified by some consensus authority Only in a formal language can we say with certainty that a sentence or document is correct I This process is called quot 2 htmll 3 ltheadtitlegtLecture Hates Fur ESBI 121llltltitle 1i llEl httpequiuquotBuntentTypequot cantentquottextlhtmlciarsetISI88595quotgt Ssyeype 6 H1 I This document is declared to follow the HTML 401 language with strict interpretation I The DOCTYPE and META tagsl along with the rest the HTML formal spec are defined at httpwwwW3orgTRhtml4 Document Validation by NBC This page is not Valid Strict Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an SGML parser 1 Line Q column 57 end tag for element quotKlquot which is not open exlain lt l izNAE 539 z 3 hr e f quot 111 t p xquot x mm nasa gov quotr home page lt rquot a lt13quot li I This output message comes from the site httpivalidatorwaoro I It pinpoints the error and allows us to fix it Typical Debugging Problem N0 CHARACTER ENCODING FOUND FALLING BACK TO UTF8 I was not able to extract a character encoding labeling from any of the valid sources for such information Without encoding information it is impossible to reliably validate the document I39m falling back to the quotUTF3quot encoding and will attempt to perform the validation but this is likely to fail for all nontrivial documents itlt ameta http EquivquotContent Typequot cantent39textfhtml charsetutf Bquot rhead Inn13rj NO FAIRS 1113 LIL Jan Everett 5111 I DID tleclale a clmmctel39setl hE C5 Undergraduate Acvis r I Debugging Problem continued THIS PAGE IS NOT VALID NV32CIDTDXHTML 10 STRICT Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an SGML parser 1 Line 14 column 0 character quotltquot is the rst character of a delimiter but occurred as data A delimiter is a character used to mark the beginning or end ofa word In this case lt marks the beginning ofan HTML tag quot html xmlnsquothttpffwwwm30rgf1999thtmlquotgt head style typequottextfcssquotgt H1 font familvArial H3 font family rial P font familyArialfont sizelapt TD font familyArialfnnt Size12ptpadding 5px 5px 5px 5px BODY background colorFFFFCC ltmma IIIIIIIII title kD n Everett39s Home Page 1311313 1 dmeta http equivquotContent Typequot cantent39textfhtml charsetutf Bquot Ehead ltbudygt The Corrected HTML file MK DblLEI titlerDan Everett39s Home Page icicle meta http EquivquotCDntent Typequot cantentquottext html charsetutf Bquot fhead budvb 1115 T lr T1n Ftrav nff x fh l I With matching double quotes the parser no longer thinks lt is a character inside the quoted string Connected document This Page Is Valid HTML 401 Strict 39The uploaded le was checked and found to be valid HTML 401 Strict This means that the resource l in question identi ed itself as HTML 401 Strict and that we successfully performed a formal validation using an SGML or XML Parser depending on the markup language used The validator site shows this message after we have fixed the error All modern browsers should correctly display pages written in HTML 401 or XHTML Mapping URLs to Unix server files drdanzion I p5 efgrep httpd apache usrlsbinhtt d apache usrfshinx httpd The HTTP Daemon program apache usrfsbinfhttpd apache usrsbinhttpd apache fusrsbinfhttpd apache i39usrsbinhttpd runs as the user quotapachequot apache fusrsbinfhttpd apache usrfsbinhttpd anache usrsbinfhttnd gt homefredpublich tmlmyPagehtml l homefredpublich tml in dex him m Correct file permissions homefredpublich tml index h tmi needs EXECUTE permission HEECI S READ permission Owner 39drdan has ail permissions cirdanfslzion 1 is al others have no permissions total 203 drwx drdan drdan 4096 Jan root root 4096 Jan drdan drdan 4021 Jan drdan drdan 33 Oct rw r r drdan drdan 171 Oct rw r r drdan drdan 124 Oct drwxrwxr x drdan drdan 4096 Jan D m J39z bashhistory bashlogout bashprofile bashrc 5 gill 33 CJ TJDIbChhj DUI LU CD DUI CD DID J J M J J J J J 0 J 39 J 3 J k n Fl 2 ND 39 I Fixing the default permissions 139 403 Forbidden Manna relm Eile Edit Eiew Higg corjr nakmarks Innis elp I V C5 http39quotziencsugaedu drdan 7 J quotLA Fm39bidden You don39t have pemlis siren to access ndrdan en this sener 5 Red Hmjjl Sewfer a 3503155ugmedu Per 8f Aimee 3 drdan gzi n quotquot15 Chm 711 Now hn pd has execute drdanl lzion S is al I total 2133 permissmns drwx x x S drdan drdan 4096 Jan 20 1326 drwxr xr K 53 reot root 4096 Jan 24 g7gg I


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