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by: Ulises Graham Jr.


Ulises Graham Jr.
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 39 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ulises Graham Jr. on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCI 2720 at University of Georgia taught by Liu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/202312/csci-2720-university-of-georgia in ComputerScienence at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
CSCI 2720 Data Structures Lecture 20 23 Tree Tianming Liu Department of Computer Science amp Bioimaging Research Center The University of Georgia Slides Courtesy Eileen Kraemer Outline El Balanced Search Trees 0 23 Trees 0 234 Trees 0 RedBlack Trees Why care about advanced implementations Same entries different insertion sequence 9 Not good Would like to keep tree balanced 2 3 Trees Features gt each internal node has either 2 or 3 children gt all leaves are at the same level 2 3 Trees with Ordered Nodes 2node 3node a Search keys lt S Search keys gt S Search keys lt S Search keys gt L Search keys gt S and lt L Example of 2 3 Tree Traversing a 2 3 Tree inorderin ttTreeI TonhreeTree ifttTree s root node r is a leaf Visit the data items else ifr has two data items inorder1eft subtree of ttTree s root Visit the first data item inordermidd1e subtree of ttTree s root Visit the second data item inorderright subtree of ttTree s root else inorder1eft subtree of ttTree s root Visit the data item inorderright subtree of ttTree s root What did we gain 8 b 6 What is the time efficiency of searching for an item 1020 Gain Ease of Keeping the Tree Balanced Binary Search Tree both trees after inserting items 39 38 32 Inserting Items Insert 39 Inserting Items Insert 38 dh deleaf insertinleaf and nwove n ddle value up to parent result Inserting Items Insert 37 Inserting Items Insert 36 insert in leaf divide leaf and move middle value up to parent b 50 overcrowded node Inserting Items still inserting 36 divide overcrowded node move middle value up to parent attach children to smallest and largest result Inserting Items After Insertion of 35 34 33 I Inserting so far 0 M P gt quot lt9 quot n1 n2 0 gt 5 M L 39 a b P M n1 n2 I Inserting so far Inserting Items 9 creating a new root if necessary 9 tree grows at the root New root Inserting Items How do we insert 32 Inserting Items Final Result Deleting Items Delete 70 a Swap with inorder successor Deleting Items Deleting 70 swap 70 with inorder successor 80 a Swap with inorder successor Deleting Items Deleting 70 get rid of 70 b c d ill 0 93 Delete value from leaf Merge nodes by deleting empty leaf and moving 80 down Deleting Items Result Deleting Items Delete 100 Deleting Items Deleting 100 Delete value from leaf Doesn t work Redistribute Deleting Items Result d Deleting Items Delete 80 d Deleting Items Deleting 80 a Swap with inorder successor Deleting Items Deleting 80 0 Delete value from leaf Merge by moving 90 down and removing empty leaf lt Node becomes empty Deleting Items Deleting 80 d e 4 Root becomes empty Merge move 50 down adopt empty leaf39s child remove empty node Remove empty root Deleting Items Final Result comparison with binary search tree Deletion Algorithm I Deleting item I 1 2 9 3 Locate node n which contains item I If node n is not a leaf 9 swap I with inorder successor deletion always begins at a leaf If leaf node n contains another item just delete item I else try to redistribute nodes from siblings see next slide if not possible merge node see next slide Deletion Algorithm II Redistribution a A sibling has 2 items Redistribute o 9 redistribute item between siblings and parent 6 0 Sibling Leaf Merging b No sibling has 2 items 9 merge node 9 move item from parent to sibling Sibling Leaf Deletion Algorithm III Redistribution C R d lb Internal node n has no item left 95 o 9 redistribute 333 6 0 n a b C d a b c d d Merglng 0 Merge Redistribution not possible a 9 Empty 9 merge node men 9 move item from parent to sibling a b C 9 adopt child ofn If n39s parent ends up without item apply process recursively Deletion Algorithm IV If merging process reaches the root and root is without item 9 delete root Height h Height h 1 Operations of 2 3 Trees all operations have time complexity of log n I The End


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