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by: Mr. Lupe Heaney


Mr. Lupe Heaney
GPA 3.52


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Lupe Heaney on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHNS 1001 at University of Georgia taught by Rao in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/202362/chns-1001-university-of-georgia in Chinese at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
1 W11 Nih o Hello 2 1M Ni3 ha03 Hello 1MHIE Nih o ma How are you z l WEE Wo hen hao ni ne lam good and you 1 l l l lt JllZE W6y h nh oNiji osh nmemingzi lam as well What s your name 2 lm Mai Ke Willi Wojiaomaike Ni ne My name is Michael What about you 1 11lElElEll l39A W6ji ozacNa shish nme My name is zac What is that 2 32 l19N l Zheshiwo de Xiaozhu This is my piglet t EtMREgMEDQ W6Ch6ngwuni dexiaozh Can I touch your piglet 2 EILX KeS yi3 Of course yes 1 l z ler AEM Niw ish meyouxi ozu Why do you have a piglet 2 f kl 141 st Yinwei14 wo de zhuan l ye4 shi shengwu4xue2 Ni ne Because I am a Biology major What about you 1 k j l l W6 de zhuiny shizhongw nWomendoushixu sh ng ma My major is Chinese We re both students right 231 l llE i Dui wo men doushixuesheng Correct we are both students 1 E141lt1R14RIL57 K nnih nL o Nianni njisu I You look very old How old are you 2 lA WEE Wojinnianshibasui Ni hen ohou3 l m18You re very ugly 1 i lA lam also 18 you are a dinosaur W6anni ny shibasui nishikong Long 2 l i l gi Ni you ba ma ma You have parents right 1 i f f zo 17 Hi RWN wojiiyoub ba mimih woNiyoujii duibudui My family has my parents and me have a family right 2 r rf l i xME wojia you wobama yige di di yigemeimei wo he zhixiaozhu My family has my parents my little brother little sister this piglet and myself 1 X i 3 W6xihuanchTzh rbuW6buxihuanzh I like to eat pork meat I dislike pigs 2 mil aax39xuzxgn m Ni feng leWo shihuanchuji he niu rou4 You re crazy I only like to eat chicken and cow 1 waxmug Nixihuanr nrbu ma Do you like human meat 2 7F 3 U Rf Bu shihuan Ni hen ben You re stupid no 1 7F1 ltl ltEJ l ltm Bu nib n niyouxi ozhuNianghu ma No You re stupid you own a pig Do you curl 2 x iWE WEX MWt A W03 shihuaannghuNi shihuan zuo4 shenme I enjoy curling What do you like to do 1 x x z k W6xih uanthiu I like soccer 2 753 x i i El l im x i i EIIEJ You yisi Woshihuan chinese new year festivalNi ye shihuan chinese new years festival ma Interesting I like Chinese New Year Do you like it as well 1 x x w W6buxihuanW6xihuanzh6ngqi ji No I don t I like the autumn festival 2 ET ii f L Ll lt lt1 El Suan4 le zhemei you yisi Jiyuejihaoshini de shengri Forget it this is boring When is your birthday 1 2 5 27 FaxE E JE 5151311 2 Yu 27 h ojishushiwo de sh ngriNi ne My birthday is feb 27 What about you 2 E EltJ El Eryueshi san haoshiwo de shengri February 13 is my birthday 1 14RE AX39 9n Your Chinese zodiac is Rooster Nishushiji ma 2 3114ltEltJEF 113J XLDEJ Dui ni de ye shiji ma Yes yours is too 1 31m SEE E t i ming w z ii zaiEat Hibachi 52 Yes I will treat you to dinner this Saturday night at 700 at Eat Hibachi how about that Dui H nh o quotquot V V 39anlm airhT Eat Hibachi z nmey ng


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