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by: Jillian Graham


Jillian Graham
GPA 3.73


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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jillian Graham on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPCM 1100 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/202382/spcm-1100-university-of-georgia in Speech & Communication at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Final Exam Study Guide The exam will cover chapters 3 12 13 17 18 Appendix B and the reading on Protest Speeches Chapter 15 will not be on the exam You will be responsible for the information from the book and any material from lectures While not exhaustive this study guide will help you isolate some of the concepts you should review As always let me know what questions you have and good luck 0 Be familiar with the different types ofacademic dishonesty including o fabrication pg 46 making up information or repeating a rumor without sufficiently checking its accuracy 0 three types ofplagiarism pg 43 o deliberate fraud students who borrow buy or steal another persons speech or written outline and present it as if it was their own work plagiarize knowingly and intentionally o cut and paste plagiarism this type of plagiarist copies entire paragraphs word for word from various articles and pieces them together into a paper or speech without using quotation marks or giving credit to the specific sources o improper paraphras e this occurs if you don t put the selection in your own words instead you change or translate a few words but keep the basic structure and ideas of the original intact 0 You need to know the following elements oflanguage use and why they are important for public s peaking o Connotative meaning emotional undertones related feelings and associations that cluster around a word Denotative meaning the meaning you find in a dictionary Concrete language using specific words Abstract language using vagueimprecise words Inclusive language recognition of all people and speakthink in ways that include all human beings and degrade no one ex don t be racist sexist ageist 0 Major gures ofspeech o Alliteration o Repetition Rhyming o Personification o Hyperbole use of exaggeration for effect o Metaphor comparison between two dissimilar things o Simile comparisons using like or as 0000 0 You should be able to identify each type ofpersuasive speech and construct a SPS for each type ofpersuasive speech You should also be able to convert a SPS from one type of persuasive speech to another for example you should be able to convert a SPS from a question offact to a question ofpolicy Persuasive speech on questions offact l Debatable points are about statements that either are or are not true orthings that did or did not happen Ex there is life on other planets 2 Causal relations argue that a particular phenomenon is the result of something that preceded it or led to it 3 Predictions contend that something will happen in the future Persuasive speech on questions of definition when we must decide what kind of phenomenon we havecategorize it ex people argue over definitions of pornography of cruel and unusual punishment Persuasive speech on questions ofvalue When you judge or evaluate something using terms such as right or wrong good or better or best beautiful or ugly Ex lt s unfair for airlines to charge obese people for two seats instead of one Persuasive speech on questions ofpolicy Speech ofpassive agreement tries to persuade audience to agree with your belief or if action is necessary it s not immediate Speech of immediate action tries to persuade audience to agree with your belief but takes it a step further by encouraging you to follow up the speech with immediate action You should be able to identify the appropriate organizational pattern for a speech based on a SPS or CIS This means that you need to know when each org pattern is appropriate Persuasive organizational patterns that you need to know include 0 Problem solution pg 320 0 Problem Cause Solution 0 Problem Solutions Solution 0 Monroe s Motivated Sequence including the 5 steps pg 321322 o attention step begin by gaining the audience s attention and drawing it to your topic o need step statementtell the nature of the problem o illustration give relevant examples o ramificationsprovide additional support such as statistics to showthe extent of the problem o pointing show the direct relationship between the audience and the problem o s atis faction step o show the problems extent and effects on the audience and then propose a solution that will satisfy the need 0 visualization step o tell the audience to imagine the future both if they enact the proposal and if they fail to do so compare the negative results of not enacting your plan with the positive results your plan will produce o action o name the specific action or belief you are advocating state your personal intention to act and end with impact You need to be familiar with the three persuasive proofs as outlineddetailed by Aristotle o Logos appeal to logicreason support claim with evidencecredible sources 0 Pathos appeal to the emotions make relevant use personal experiences 0 Ethos credibility as a speakerestablish good will personal experiences citing sources confidence Know the different parts ofan argument as outlined by Toulmin and be able to identify them in an example pg 333 Claim disputable assertions that require evidence or backing to be accepted DataGroundsEvidence to support your claims provide your listeners with evidence such as facts examples narratives quotations statistics etc to enable them to weigh your argument and decide whether or not your conclusions made sense Warrant o the justification or reasoning that connects the claim and the evidence Backing o reasons given to supportdefend the warrant Quali ers avoid using the words never and always instead use qualifiers which are words or phrases that limit or narrowthe scope of your claim ex among voters with a college degree in most cases usually Rebuttals o the part of your speech where you allowthe audience to raise opposition and prepare to deal with the questions try to prepare for counterarguments 0 You need to know the different types ofreasoning and be able to identify what type ofreasoning is being used in a speci c example p 335339 0 Caus al when a speaker links two factors stating or implying that one resulted to or led to the other ex there were 9 million americans out of work last year because there were 9 million immigrants Reasoning From Speci c Instance Induction specific gt general example Penny Freckles and Spot are good family pets concusiongt all spaniels are good family pets Reasoning From Principle Deduction generagt specific example Spaniels are good family pets concusiongt This spaniel Curly is probably going to make a good family pet Analogical comparison between one item that is unknown or less familiar and something already familiar to the audience o gurative metaphors comparing two things that are generally different but share a recognizable similarity o literal parallel cases comparing likenesses between two similar things arguing that what happened in a known case will likely happen in a similar case 0 You willneed to know the logicalfallacies we dis cussed in class and you should be able to identify the logicalfallacy used in a text hasty generalization when one ortwo people become representative of the entire group false cause post hoc creates a relationship between two things that are not related ice cream causes violence slippery slope one event will create a chain reaction and lead to an awful event either or false choice only 2 possible alternatives ignores other reasonable options straw pers on misrepresent the position of your person because its easier to defend bandwagon ad populum somethings popular so it must be good appeals to authority misuse of authority acting more accredited than you really are red herring derail the debate with irrelevant information ad hominem focus on the person more than the issue at hand non seguitor something that does not follow fals e analogy occurs when two things are compared and are not similar enoughcomparable ex comparing animal cruelty to the Holocaust 0 Know Aristotle s 3 occasions for genres of speaking including examples 0 Forensic rendering judgments time past what has happened o ex courtroom Deliberative the kind of speaking that gives people information and motivates them to make wise decisions regarding the future time future what should we do o ex persuasive speech business meeting EpideicticCeremonial praiseblame o time present what is happening o speeches of greeting welcome introduction o speeches marking awards presentingaccepting an award o speeches of tribute toast retirement speech eulogy 0 Know the strategies for apologia OOOOOOO bolstering character I39m a good personquot denial I m innocentquot differentiation what I did was not as awful as what I was accused of trans cendence try to divert attention from the issue attack accus ershi blame corrective action confession o The three factors a speaker should consider when tting the speech to the occasion O The occasion and its constraints expectations for speech ex at a funeral you expect the eulogy to be about the noble character of the deceased or at a commencement address you expect the overall tone to be congratulatory and inspirational o constraints are not absolute however public speaking is not formulaic although there are certain elements that need to be there intro body conclusion o ex Reagan challenger speech turned a standard state of the union into a tribute speech 0 Decorum Fittingness to the occasion o Length o short or long remarks o Formality highly formal inaugural address might call for a manuscript style of delivery o less formal wedding toast more conversational requires plain language o Intensity o introducing a speaker would be less lavish in praise than if it was a wedding toast o Types ofsupporting materials address to congress formal argument and evidence like statistics o pep talk examplesmetaphors eulogy narratives 0 Degree ofIdenti cation o to what degree do you as the speaker evoke a common bond between yourself and the audience o explicit bond memorial implicit bond chair of a meeting summarizes discussion 0 Purpos e o identifying your purpose what is your purpose Is your purpose best served by humor reverence strengthen commitment create positive or negative feelings You need to know how the setting in uences protest speaking o indoor o separation from audience more formal o less interactive o confinedfinite state 0 outdoor o lessno separation everyone is standing o audience more participatory o distractions You need to know some ofthe key strategies for rallyingunifying the protest audience 0 Mythi cation you re wrongquot person 0 objecti cation they re wrongquot group or organization 0 Villi cation we re rightquot praising the movement You should be familiar with the different gures ofspeech that are best suited for protest speeches You should be able to identify these gures of speech in a text and you should be able to use them 0 Paralipsis when you call attention to something in the act of passing over it I m not even going to talk aboutquot Antithes is pair contrasting words or phrases ex it was the best of times it was the worst of times 0


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