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by: Keith Gorczany V


Keith Gorczany V
GPA 3.51


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keith Gorczany V on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PBHL 3100 at University of Georgia taught by Wells in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/202385/pbhl-3100-university-of-georgia in Public Health at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Exam Review a Core functions of public health a What is PH primarily concerned with o Types of Prevention 0 Funding of PH programs 0 Life expectancy w 0 Why is PH controversial Who benefits and who doesn t a Social justice vs Market Justice 0 Difference between medical care and public health 0 Gov ts role in PH o StateLocal operation of PH 1 o What are limitations of gov t in carrying out PH if any 0 What is Epidemiology 0 Who are important figures in Epi o What are the types of studies What are the tools we use a What is data Where do we get data a What happens during an investigation 0 Framingham o What are the famous epidemiolgic chronic disease studies a What causes our major epidemic diseases 0 Incidence vs Prevalence o Epidemiologic curve PBHL 3100 Final Exam Review Monday December 13th 330630 Chemistry 400 Gerontology What is the fastest growing age group in the American pop Leading cause of death for elderly What are some characteristics of older people being healthier as they age What are the effects of prescription drugs obesity hearing impairment and Alzheimer s dz Gerontology How do older people pay for their medical expenses What are the differences between men and women Racialethnic categories What is the relationship between smoking and aging Who said that older people should get out of the way Why Future of Public Health What are ten public health achievements of the last century Characteristics of each What are the recent trends in how government interacts with public health What is Healthy People What does it do Who does it What is managed care What is the goal What about information technology Hlel e392 Future of Public Health What are the characteristics of public health in the 21St century Who iswill coordinate health information for the US What are the responses to the IOM institute of Medicine report What did President Obama opposeaccept as part of medical care reform Future of Public Health 0 What is HIPAA What does it do 0 What is biotechnology Movie And the Band Played On What is the plot of the movie What was the process of discovery Who were the major agencies involved What myths were trying to be dispelled in the movie Guest Lectures What is a foodborne illness What are the different types What does foodborne illness do to the economyhealthcare system What are symptoms of most foodborne illness ie gastro Is there a most common type of Virus that causes fbi What are the surveillance networks and what do they do Are there any foods that aren t food vehicles for outbreak monitoring d ljhfext 339 21y Guest Lectures 7 Jr 393 vvv What is a mass casualty incident How is it managed What is public health s role What is Archway Partnership Health Who does it How does it work What are key components What is evidence based medicinepractice Why should we use it What is history of Infection ControlHosp Epi Guest Lectures What are characteristics of hospital acquired infections What are surveillance steps in Infection Control What are some common types of HAIs PBHL 3100 Exam 2 Review What are the major chronic diseases in the US What are the risk and protective factors of each Symptoms How does age correspond to CVD diabetes cancer How does our diet affect chronic dz What is high cholesterol How do you know How to prevent it How does smoking affect the chronic dz s How does our behavior affect chronic dz What are the ways to prevent chronic dz What is the leading actual cause of death What are the characteristics of actual causes of death Do all racesethnicities have the same response to chronic dz What is the ecological model of health Example AIDS era What is true of health promotion and dz prevention programs Do they work When How What is the effect of SES on health How do Americans need to modify their diets What causes the high rates of childhood obesny What are the leading causes of injury What are primary secondary and tertiary prevention methods for car crashes 3 E s of injury prevention What is the correlation between SES raceethnicity gender to INJURY Can we prevent firearm injuries Who do they effect What has been proposed in society


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