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by: Cordia Gusikowski


Cordia Gusikowski
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cordia Gusikowski on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FANR 1200 at University of Georgia taught by Morris in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see /class/202398/fanr-1200-university-of-georgia in Forestry and Natural Resources at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Ecology Short answer Ni E U39 4 0 gt1 9 Three driving forces of plate tectonics are convection slabpull and ridge push Two important differences between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain Physiographic regions are the coastal plain has a hotter more humid climate than the piedmont and the coastal plain has a lower relief Five species of mega fauna that were found in Georgia prior to the extinction at the end of the last ice age were the mastodon which was a forest dweller and ate shrubs and trees the mammoth which lived in the tundra and open spruce forests and ate grass the short faced bear which belonged to the running bears the sabertoothed cat which lived in woodlands and grasslands and the dire wolf Four reasons PaleoIndians and modern tribes burned forests were to reduce brush increase grasses made hunting easier and instilled better security Serpentines are rock forming minerals that are green in color Found along linear zones where oceanic sediments pushed against continental crust Three lines of evidence that bobcat were successfully reducing overabundant deer on Cumberland island are increase in vegetation oak root sprouts and seedlings weight of the deer increased and browsing lines went down Three differences between reptiles and amphibians are reptiles have claws on their toes reptiles have scales and reptiles lay hard eggs where amphibians lay soft gel eggs Three reasons loggerhead turtles are endangered are they are hunted for food eggs are susceptible to predators and they get caught in fishermen s nets Multiple Choice N Bone Wars Cope and Marsh Difference between Cumberland plateau and ridge and valley sedimentary rocks occur in the Cumberland Plateau Percentage of native indigenous people in Georgia to die from disease greater than 75 around 9095 Gray color of poorly drained coastal plain soils reduction of iron minerals under anaerobic conditions Excurrent trees have a single main stem Carl Linnaeus provided us the modern system for classifying organisms In natural selection disruptive selection is a key factor contributing to speciation Fossorial animals are adapted to life underground Bats use this type of sensing to locate their pray 7 echolocation In vitro propagation is being used to produce blight resistance American chestnut In vitro means arti cial Fill in the blank 1 My dark mask indicates I am this type of squirrel eastern fox squirrel 2 Once almost extinct due to trapping I am now considered a problem because Ikill riparian trees beaver 3 One of my names is whistle pig for my characteristic call groundhog 4 Although not poisonous Imimic the color of the eastern newt to help keep predators away Northem Red Salamander 5 I am a pit viper with a scienti c name that means sh eater water moccasin 6 I am the largest snake in North America and bunk with the gopher tortoise indigo snake 7 I am found in the northern part of our state in sunny bogs and am endangered due to habitat loss Bog turtle 8 Red touch black venom lack scarlet snake 9 I have four les and no tail I am distinguished by my song I have dry bumpy skin anura 10 I am a metamorphic rock identi ed by banding that forms much of the piedmont gneiss 11 I am the large continent that existed about 240 million ybp pangea 12 My large crystals and dark color indicate I am an igneous rock that cooled slowly underground Gabbro My smooth bark serrated leaves husk fruit and long pointed buds identify me American beech LA Essay 1 Speciation evolutionary process by which new biological species arise a Allopatric large population separated into two smaller populations by a barrier Galapagos nches b Peripatricparapatric new niche on fringe of population i New nuts birds with the bigger beaks begin to eat ii London underground mosquito c Sympatric species diverge while habituating same place at same time i Apply fruiting hawthom fruiting 7 apple ies Jeopardy Questions 1 Rocks formed under low pressure and temperature and particles cemented sedimentary 2 Large crystals light color igneous rock indicating slow cooling granite 3 Rock that forms much of the piedmont gneiss 4 Sedimentary rock that comes in various colors shale 5 Metamorphic rock forms from limestone marble 6 Large geographic area with similar plants and animals biome 7 This biome has average temperatures near freezing and is associated with spruce and r forests boreal 9 t O O D ID ID ID ID ID ID I IONUIAUJNH D D I O 00 NN LAN LA 0 LA LA LA L U A U3 N LAD ION Period of repeated advances and retreats of continental ice beginning about 150000 yp Pleistocene This close relative of the gray wolf had more massive jaws dire wolf This relative of the elephant was a forest dweller and arrived in North America several million ybp Mastodon Theory that explains the mechanism for drifting continents plate tectonics North American and Eurasian are examples of this type of plate continental plate Occurs when an ocean plate collides with a continental plate subduction Evidence for plate tectonics includes this reversal recorded in ocean crust paleomagnetism Moves about the speed your fingernails grow continental drift About 46 billion years ago earth was created Fossils of mesosaurus that provide evidence of continental drift are found only on Africa and South America During this period much of North America west of the Appalachians was swamp and shallow sea carboniferous Mineral deposited along Georgia s coast about 65 million ybp kaolin Region is characterized by layered sedimentary rocks Cumberland plateau Red hills are typical of this part of the coastal plain upper coastal plain Linear northeast to southwest features identify this region valley and ridge Contribute to blue in blue ridge mountains isoprene or sulfate aerosols Georgia s two set of barrier islands formed during these Holocene and Pleistocene 9095 of native Americans in Georgia died from disease after this explorer traavelled through the state De Soto Bubonic plague and tuberculosis are examples of this type of disease zoonotic Workers are collecting resin for this industry naval stores industry Pulp and paper industry owes much to the inventor of the Kraft process Herty Up to 25 of the Appalachian forest was this at one time American chestnut Defined by all physical and biological components of habitat and interacting species and is smaller than a biome ecosystem The more or less predictable change in composition or structure of a community over time is termed ecological succession Plant or animal that by their presence or abundance demonstrate some distinctive habitat or quality of habitat indicator species Types of forest vegetation that occur in the Appalachian Forests are affected elevation slope and this term that refers to direction aspect An intermediate stage of an ecosystem advancing towards its climax vegetation community is called a seral stage General term for trees that have needles of scale like leaves conifer Two winged fruit of a maple tree called somara Chambered pith is characteristic of what tree walnut tree


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