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by: Gladyce Waters


Gladyce Waters
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gladyce Waters on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SWAH 1020 at University of Georgia taught by Nkurlu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/202409/swah-1020-university-of-georgia in Swahili at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
after answer arrive bathing shower be born be called before break brush teeth buy class clean climb close collapse comb hair come MS come from cook dislike hate do dress up wear drink MS drink tea drive eat MS fall ght nish forgive get on the bus give go MS hear help know leave likelove listen look make a phone call pass play Spring 2012 SWAHILI Glossary List baada ya jibu f1ka oga zaliwa itwa kabla ya vunjika piga mswaki nunua darasa saf1sha panda funga dondoka chana nywele ja toka pika chukia fanya vaa nywa kunywa chai endesha la anguka piga maliza samahe panda basi pa enda sikia saidia angalia piga simu faulu cheza praise Pray read study return come back run say see sell sing sleep speak stay live take talk teach tell then thereafter think travel try understand wait wake up walk want watch Tv write destroy be broken down sifu sali soma rudi kimbia sema ona uza imba lala zungumza kaa chukua ongea fundisha ambia halafu kisha f1kiri saf1ri j aribu elewa subiri amka tembea taka tazama televisheni andika haribu haribika ADJECTIVES CONJUNCTIONS all ote but lakini every each kila good pretty zuri or au short brief fupi so ili tall long refu different tofauti Spring 2012 SWAHILI Glossary List ADVERBS DEMONSTRATIVE PREP CLASS 3 amp 4 M MI U I also pia bread mkate in katika city town mji now sasa exam test mtihani on the ground chini hand mkono over there pale mountain mlima quickly haraka street mtaa there huko tree mti under chini ya year mwaka very much sana end limit mwisho when lini which gani together pamoja CLASS 5 amp 6 0 JI MA LI YA sure equal sawa car gari differently tofauti ChurCh kanisa Who 1 nani doctor daktari who 2 wakina nani egg yai What nini farm shamba Where wapi kitchen j iko how many ngapi milk lake maziwa which ones pi orange chungWa why kwanini papaya papai how much kiasi gani paWpaW papai shop duka state jimbo CLASS1amp2MWAMWA stove jikomeko American Mmarekani study lesson somo boy youth mvulana neighbor jirani child mtoto twin pacha customer mteja carpenter seremala girl msichana husband mume lawyer mwanasheria CLASS 7 amp 8 KI VI KI VI pastor mchungaji book kitabu person mtu chair kiti politician mwanasiasa 011p trophy kikombe student mwanafunzi diSh t001 Chombo teacher mwalimu English Kiingereza thief mwizi wezi food meal chakula wife woman mke head kichWa worker mfanyakazi Potato kiazi


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