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by: Mr. Dayna Spencer


Mr. Dayna Spencer
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Dayna Spencer on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 3140 at University of Georgia taught by Mani in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/202416/engr-3140-university-of-georgia in Engineering and Tech at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Engineering Thermodynamics Properties of GasVapor Mixtures Psychrometrics Properties of Moist Air Psych rometrics Definitions Psych rometric chart Example problems Psych rometrics Thermodynamic properties of moist air atmospheric air Moist air dry air water vapor Peaka Mm apt m 1 QM i Applications 1 0 kg of moist air Air conditioning dehumidification HVAC systems Drying process Psychrometrics Terms amp Definitions Dry bulb temperature Wet bulb temperature wa Dew point temperature po Relative humidity I 39 Humidity ratioabsolute humidity cu Vapor pressure of water in the air p Saturated vapor pressure of water in the air pg Specific volume of moist air v g nthalpy of moist air h Specific heat of moist air Cpm Psychrometrics Definitions f Dry bulb temperature Tolb c wb C I Temperature of the air measured using a the mometer Wet bulb temperature wa Temperature reached by a thermometer bulb surrounded by a wet wick when exposed to air passing over it Dew point temperature po Temperature at which water vapor starts condensing in the air at 100 relative humidity Wet bulb temperature 0 Ordinary Q therm meter Wetbulb thermomeb llllllllll Air ow Sling Psychrometer Wen bulb thermometer Drybulb II I I II 31 thermomcter 1 II J Welsbulb Ilhermomctcr wick Relative Humidity I Ratio of partial pressure of water vapor p in the air to the partial pressure of saturated water vapor pg at the same temperature Mass of vapor m alr mv Mass of in saturated air mg Relative Humidity I Ratio of partial pressure of water vapor p in the air to the partial pressure of saturated water vapor pg at the same temperature Mass of vapor m alr mv Mass of in saturated air mg Absolute Humidity or Humidity ratio 0 Measure of water content of the air in kg of water vaporkg of dry air Mass of water vapor in air m V Mass of dry air ma PM man 11M ParM ltRTgt 12W FEi 2 0622 5 0622 i P P P V a 45 an 0622 mpg P Pg P is the total pressure of the atmospheric air Pa 10 Specific volume v Ratio of the total volume of the air over the mass of dry air m3kg of dry air v mmRmePm m m Cl Cl V is the total volume of the moist air m3 ma is the mass of the dry air kg Id In K V RuT116078o W WWW 2896P n Specific heat of moist air cIom Specific heat of moist air at a give temperature kJkg K 0pm 2 cpa now 1005 1880 cpm is the specific heat of moist air kJkg K cpa specific heat of dry air kJkg K cp specific heat of water vapor kJkg K 12 Enthalpy of moist air h h h 03h a f a13 1 h cpmT TiC0LO cpa 9CPVTC07LO I 1OOST002501188T T0 is the datum temperature 0 C 7 latent heat of vaporization of water at 0 C 2501 kJkg 13 Web bulb temperature of moist air wa m wwb N 1005 T wa 7L Wb wwb is the humidity ratio of air at wet bulb temperature Awb latent heat of vaporization of water at wa 14 Psychrometric chart lolmrgta 09 quot 1 1 Specific humidity w V aqag 15 Drybulb temperatura Psych rometric chart Saturation line r 15 C po 15 C J U i 0 lt5 392 M 7 WC 3 0 EH 15 C 16 SHRAE Pshycmnmum Chm No 1 Normal Trm391emlulr Barometric Pressure 101325 km 1992 Allierican Society of Heath L Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers mgr Sea Level mumpyx 7 Humid mm Dry bulb wmpemuuc 4c Ptcpule pplmd39nlermodynulmc stud Uxuvm y m Idaho x AH Saymble heal Example Problem b y If the total pressure of moist air is 100 kPa and the humidity is measured as 002 kg of water vaporkg of dry air calculate NJ the following loan a The partial pressure of the water vapor hr 002 b The relative humidity of air if the air is MADE g 401 c The dew point temperature of the air d Wet bulb temperature of moist air 470 2 e Specific volume of the air E f Enthalpy of the moist air g Compare all the results with results from psychrometric chart 18 l ASHRAE Pslxydu39onlmric CharlNo 1 a H Norma Tmpemum Barumen39ic Pressure 101325 km s 1992 American Society of Heating T o Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers Inc a c Sea Level s m henka 1 had AH 5 mm y E N Hunmhty mm AWI l lcpumd by Ca LurAVphtd 39lharmodynumn39 smdm Uxmmny 01 mm Dry bulb mpemnue vu AHC Sammie haa


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