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by: Hertha Walter II


Marketplace > University of Georgia > Dance > DANC 2010 > DANCE APPRECIATION
Hertha Walter II
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hertha Walter II on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DANC 2010 at University of Georgia taught by Miller in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/202423/danc-2010-university-of-georgia in Dance at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
1182011 Video 1 Contem ora About love positive only have eyes for you Video 2 Mad Wlbrld Business man Homeless man Political statement Literally turns his back on friend Homeless man couldn t be save Video 3 Breast cancer tribute Ends in deathlooking towards the light Palms outstretched white costumesangelic purification What is dance Use of human bod Extends through time Exists in space Exists in weight Exis s in W Accomplished by rhythm Music is unnecessary Serves to communicate Has movement style and form Considered dance by performer andor audience Functions of Dance Art form an outlet for selfex ressiveness and rsonal creativity Popular entertainment appea mg to broader audiences Social affirmation expressive loyalty nationally or within a group of people Bollywoodlndians Means of religious wors ip Means of expressing phys1cality strength agility Spartans Football Social and recreational outlet Pilovides a medium for courtship means of education taught as a cultural form of society T erapy Different Ways we Look atDance o Socially cultural religion history criticism theory o Gender literary history psychology Within its own context film compared to other art forms Difficulty of dance as an art form and its understandinginterpretation 0 Dance is ep emera o We each come to a dance performance with different backgrounds and histories the audience is just as responsible as the choreographer and the dancers o No absolute truth The Dancing Body o Movement is a primary not secondary language We can all be read by our movement o Can be read as sign of identity race class health and sexuality 0 Who dances When Why o Shifting meanings in transmission of dances Exposes concepts of resistance appropriation and cultural imperialism 1202011 Lord of the Dance video Shiva lord of creation lord of the dance o Devotional dance Christian Dance No ancing because it subtracts from looking upward and worshiping God Controversial Loseyso Christian boy dance Africa has dance so that God would grant requests Christianity opposition to dance because it is eroticsexy Paganism wanted nothing to do wit it Social settings people danced Without the Church s consent Dance continued outside of churchdancer reaches up and is elevated as to reach God Division of spirit and matter Elevate s irit to Heavens God is w 39te light Christian churches in Africa o Dancing jubilantly invites the spirit to the ceremony in some Christian churches in Africa o Body serves the spirit o People are transformed o Dance of masked ancestors connects two worlds 0 Drummer gives instruction to dancer based on the beat o Every deity has s ecial dance and special music 0 Devotees wear W te Don t stain Conscious of character India Dance o Dance urifies body 0 All bo ily exercise depends on ability to control breath o In Kattakali all performers are male o Dance uses body as medium of expression 1252011 Dancing Ancient and Religious Dance Ancient Greek and Roman o Greeks dances at religious ceremonies to ensure fertile fields women war victories weddings funerals illness o Ener ies threaten to established order 0 Mus e Song dance and instrumental music combined together Plato s Notion of Musike o Musike educational force o Intellectual education determinin ethos o Plato art to reveal the Good and e Beautiful o Romans not partial to dancing later under Greek influence children were sent to dancing schools 0 Pantomim e Became popular conveying narratives through gesture alone Pa an Dance o 8ften survives as folk tradition Maypole dance as Pagan fertility rite o Human body Problematic lust and sex o JudeoChristian Ambivalent Christian liturgical dance plit between secular and religious life o Judaism and the dancing body Processionals circle dancesgangels dancing ho ping whirling stompin vs the wrong kind of dance Moses coming down from ont Sinai sees peop e worshipping golden ca f and dancing Psalm 149 Let the praise His name in the dance Christianity and the Dance o Earl Christianity fulfillment of the word cleansing moral filth that polluted Roman society o Dif icult to incorporate dancin body into worshi o Living ure life denial of bodi y desires Exposed to Pagan dances o Circle ance counterpart to heavenly dance of the angels Christian Church Condemnation of wrong kinds of dancing in church council meetings Denunciations of other acts Issue of control of dancing body Bans on dancing 12001500 ancing uring carnivals E ack Death 13481351 ance Mania in 1374 twitching attributed to rye poisoning seizures blamed on the devil Reformation 1517 and CounterReformation t15451563 o Protestant reformers banished all displays 0 wealth an pom ous excess 0 Roman Catholic Church followed more control over Carniva o Almost complete obliteration of dance in Christianity Colonialism o Localcustoms religions combine w1th Christianity as the religion spreads outs1de Europe t o Nigeria ecstatic dancing body is there to serve spiri Religious Spectacles o Seville Holy Week Processionals steady beat with swaying Jesus is dancing on the cross Hinduism o Dancing body important in religious worship 0 Hinduism umbrella term o Tradition of multiculturalism 0 Body treated as a tool for achieving greater insight and understanding g Disciplined yoga man that worships every mornin India Dancing o Virgins Snake dance to satisfy the snakes of the forest Snakes wards off mis o une in 2 girls possessed by the snakes on the mandala that is covered in powder and spices that take an entire day to ustrate Control of breath control of mind e no mental discipline without physical disci line release joy o Bharata natyam solo for hi hly trained fem ale devotiona dance in Hindu temples Sex as metaphor wi i Union with God o Kathakali dance drama for troupe enacting stores all male 2000 year old stage manual how to sta e dance dramas 0 Both should arouse emotional states rasa goa of collaboration between audience and dancer shared experience 0 Indian dancer suggest an abstract universal form o Achieve the perfect pose timelessness 0 Highly complex 7 moves for eyebrows 9 for eyelid based on gestures o Training bharata natyam dancer compared to ballet dancer o Kathakali students enter the schools as 1112 years old larger than life characters sign language of gestures Most people recognize the stories they tel Yoruba West Africa Nigeria o Dance is a part of everyday life Infuse Anglican serv1ces w1th movement 0 Body to serve the spirit and the mind o Carry on dialogue w1th ancestors o Oshun goddess of river travel to the river to make wishes pray for children a child to dance with o Dancing body opens up gateway between worlds and heavens 1272011 COURT DANCES o France Louis XIV determined to control aristocracy Built palaces of Versailles Turned dance to a wea on of state Dance was used in a metaphor to ensure Louis was seen as central figure All began with a bow to t e kind models of elegance faulting on a step could lead to dismissal from the court losing one s status Louis Apallo The Sun God Ballet s first star Light and on toes rehearsed yet flowy o Bugaku Japanese Court Dance 1200 years ago Danced only b emperor and court men Tradition VERY important Flatfooted squats precision clarity control Torso eld perfectly straight Wears masks Never mean to e seen outs1de of court Only a ter W WII was it shown to public Bugaku danced at every enthronement for over 1000 years Dancers are dressed identically perform same dance in all directions repeat same moves over and over Means time goes on forever Serene o Adaykesse Africa Ashanti Traditionally to be chosen king one had to be a great dancer Chiefs arrive in order of importance in court Drums Hierarchy is established by how much fold is displayed Focus is on king as well Henne drum censorship drums stop is the dance is offensive Unhurried a king is more ma39estic when he walks slowly Sign language Ashantils court is in peril there must be renewal Wilder dance t at tells a story o Indonesia Javanese Court environment is nurturing A dance becomes one with unity All dance the same Essence is balance Equilibrium through dance achieve balance between body and soul Badayo Offering to the forces that control Java fortune Dance open to a o Similarities To show king s power discipline decorum and grace Indicative of respect of culture Tells stores traditional All ideals re ective of the culture embodied in dance o Javanese vs France Javanese balance and unity eace and tranquility Re ective of the culture France who could become a better dancer better dancer higher status in court ava closer related to religion whereas France doesn t have much to do with religion All extravagant dances and ceremonies power and wealth hana number of umbrellas and drums 212011 Ballet and Modern Dance o Louis XIV ballet totally under his domain RAD concerned with technique rather than expressive art forms 0 18th Century Something beyond mere display of technique Convey some meanin Ballet d action telling story t Tirough ballet Movement told story ouis XIV amateur vs professional dancer Started RAD Pierre Beauchamp 1681 female dancers appeared on stage more sedate dancing costumes s1tions 0 Court dance replaced by ballet o Noble amateurs replaced by professional dancers o Proscenium stages created distance between audience and performer Professronal dancers evolved technical feats re ace techniques changedLeaps o Slowly escaping rules of decorum Decorum doesn t apply to dancers o No longer limited to emotions that were appropriate in public Female dancers o Italy Austria Russia England established royal opera houses and theaters Ballet companies attached 0 Royally protected 0 Jean Georges Nover re o Proposed reforms more of a philosopher overre 1 810 o Ballet s artistic possibilities o Artistic ex ressron an communication tec ically brilliant but should move audience emotionall Unified design Costumes became lighter French twist bun replaced headdress Pantomime gestures and sign language 0 French Revolution Challenged the place in public life started as aristocratic art forms New revolutionary t emes Tried to attract the commoners 2082011 Chapter 4 o ter Reign of Terror RAD Paris Opera Vrolent political upheaval 0 French revolution actually had a positive affect on dance Paris Opera opened its doors to a liberated nation Revolutionary Dance 0 France after 1789 Outdoor festivals Celebrate the new republic T each proper behaviors and attitudes o New French Republic the committee of Public Safety protect moral values spying 0 Public theatrics fueled revolutionary sentiment o Celebrate victory of eo le in their struggles against tyranny equality and rot erhood Processional dancers not linked to Royalty Popular entertainment for the masses Wrgs masks etc disappeared o The Waltz altz helped keep dance alive became a popular dance form Cited its excessive exuberance and closeness to partner seen as immoral Ex pression of IIiddle Cl ass o Ballet mo ern rdentrty during the 19th cent Romanticism Influence What is Romanticism o Thew out old convention o No more rigid forms o Supernatural Pursuit of unattainable 0 New emotional content and meanin Realities of life after French evolution 0 Industrial Revolution Social change and ra id economic growth Longing for escape rom the cities The Romantic Artist o Often politicalllyrand socially involved but distance themselves Interpretation t ough emotions Bourgeois life vs the artist Wandering above the Sea of Fog 1818 Caspar David Friedrich She was a Phantom of Delight Wordsworth Woman becomes a metaphor for art and the romantic artist s strive for perfection Romantic Music o Expression of intense feelings 0 New melodic styles rich harmonies dissonance o Expansion of the symphony orchestra o Nationalism Romantic Ballet o Two major themes Mysticalirrational r 39 es o Technological Developments 1 Use of curtain 2 Gas lightin 3 Flying Mac ines 4 Tu 5 Pointe shoes The Romantic Ballerina o By mid 18405 strong feelings against male dancers liminated from corps de ballet ncing male ro es o Aristocratic art form transitioned to po ular entertainment themes related more toe genera public appealed to bourgeois GISELLE 1841 o only ballet of the Romantic Period to survive and continues to be performed folk dance o know Giselle Albrecht Hilarion Wilis 2152011 o Ballet was first introduced in 17th C in Russia ntil late Russia was a follower not a leader in ballet 0 Classical Ballet 18901910 Mar1us Petipa oach to choreo raphy by Mkhai Fokine o Petipa preserved ballet at a highTevel when it was all but dead in western Europe o Classrcal Ballets Formal values Clarity harmony symmetry and order Academic ballet technique most im ortant characteristic o Petipa s choreography has a high degree 0 inventiveness and variety 0 Change in costume tutu Lead ballerina wore this costume almost exclusively to show rank 0 Grand Pas de Deux Opening Adagio man woman slow music lifts and balances Solos Manmasculine jumps leaps turns Female Dainty light pointe Coda Finale comes to ether Third act of sleeping beauty sim ar to nutcracker 2222011 o The earl 20th C saw a turn away from formalism e inc asing emphasis on technique and visual spectacle loss of expansion and depth 0 Serge Diaghilev 18721929 Producer of operas and ballets Attracted to Fokine s progressive i e Hired Fokine as choreographer for his company Ballet Russes F auvism o Characterized by bri ht and bold colors o Colors emphasizedt e emotional effect of the piece 0 The most notable artists in this style are Henri Matisse and Andre Derain o Linear and straight Cubism o Style or movement that describes very cube shapes and angles featuring shards of what was once normal object or perso o Made it seem at 0 Began in 1900 Diaghilev and Ballet Russes


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