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by: Cory Kassulke


Cory Kassulke
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cory Kassulke on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMLT 2500 at University of Georgia taught by Young in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see /class/202424/cmlt-2500-university-of-georgia in Literature at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
CMLT 2500 Comparative Ethnic Amelich Literature Spring 2011 Joe Brown Hall 220 Instructor Jocelyn Young Office 125 Joseph E Brown Hall Call Number 52140 Office Hours by appointment Contact youngjmugaedu Course Description amp Objectives This course is designed to be a study of the literatures of the city of New York with speci c regard for its immigrant populations past and present This study will include but is not limited to literature of African American AsianAmerican HispanicAmerican and J ewishAmerican peoples This course will examine the changing nature of the city and the in uences and impacts of this nature on minority populations In this course students will gain knowledge of various multicultural traditions in the United States as exhibited in their literatures Students will also learn to analyze individual literary works identifying thematic stylistic and generic elements and interpret the work within its social historical and aesthetic context Finally students will improve their skills in expository writing by composing three analytic essays during the semester Required Readings purchase only these versions Hunger by Lan Samantha Chang ISBN 9780393337952 The Colossus ofNew York by Colson Whitehead ISBN 9781400031245 Breath Eyes Memory by Edwidge Danticat ISBN 9780375705045 How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alverez ISBN 9781565129757 Letters of Transit ed Andre Aciman ISBN 9781565846074 The Magic Barrel and Other Stories by Bernard Malamud ISBN 9780374525866 As noted supplemental materials will be provided on eLC Attendance Students are allowed 4 absences excused 0r unexcused After the forth absence 2 points will be taken from the final grade for each additional absence In accordance with UGA policy any student that exceeds 5 absences at any point of the semester shall be withdrawn from the course and awarded a withdraw pass WP or withdraw fail WF Students are still responsible for the material and for knowing all assignments which they must gain from their peers Students arriving late or leaving early may be counted as absent Students found using any electronic device or engaging in activities not related to classroom content may be counted absent Participation Please come to class prepared to discuss the reading What did you enjoy What did you dislike Why What parts were easydifficult to understand What page was it on Did it bring to mind another work you ve read Breakdown of of 1000 total 100 73 0779 D 700 F 600 Quizzes Quizzes will test the students knowledge of the literary text in consideration Questions will be based on a speci c text Quizzes cannot be made up In Class Assignments Inclass assignments will be comprised of writing assignments group work mini presentations peer review and the like All assignments are to be completed in the classroom and cannot be made up Discussion Questions Unless otherwise indicated each student is responsible for creating and submitting one original discussion question regarding the reading for each day of class Detained instructions can be found under the Assignments tab on eLC Exams Unless otherwise states exams will be based on the material covered in class from the rst day of class until the day of the exam Makeups are given only in extreme cases and only when a student provides documentation Essays amp Papers Writing is an important part of understanding literature Papers should be typed proofread and doublespaced in Times New Roman 12point font on 85 x 11 sheets of paper with linch margins MLA formatting is expected Topics will be discussed in class and posted on eLC Presentations Each student will choose a presentation topic and present on their assigned day The presentation will consist of a 10minute discussion of the topic that will include discussion questions for the class as a whole Visual aids are recommended for every presentation and will be an integral part of many Students must provide their peers and the instructor with a handout detailing the integral points of the presentation as well as a works cited page for the instructor Please see eLC for a detailed description of presentation expectations and grading policies Late assignments Late work is strongly discouraged For each late assignment the instructor will take off half a letter grade for each 24 hours Learning disabilities Any student with disabilities is encouraged to meet with me within the rst week to discuss accommodations Accommodation will be provided following the university procedure Academic honesty Students are responsible for being aware of the academic honesty policies of this university The University of Georgia s policies on the Honor Code and Academic Honesty can be found online at httpwwwuga d v 39 aLshtm Plagiarism is the use of other people s ideas or work without proper citation and is not considered acceptable in this course Other policies This course has a zerotolerance policy regarding the use of cell phones pdas mp3 devices or other similar products during class The use of cell phones may cause dismissal from the class meeting that day and the student will then be counted absent The use of any electronic devices during assignments and or exams may result in the grade of a 0 Also unless the student has proven a valid reason for their use in taking notes laptops are not permitted during class Withdrawal deadline is Thursday 24 March 2011 This syllabus is a general plan for the course Changes announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary January 14 F Intro 17 M MLK DAY NO CLASSES 19 W Mukherjee Imagining Homelands Letters of Transit 21 F Alverez How the Garcia Girls Lost T heirAccents Alvarez bio 24 M Alverez How the Garcia Girls Lost T heirAccents Latinos in NYC A History 26 W Alverez How the Garcia Girls Lost TheirAccents C20 Dominican Republic 28 F Alverez How the Garcia Girls Lost TheirAccents Trujillo Regime in the Dominican Republic 31 M Alverez How the Garcia Girls Lost TheirAccents Modern Dominican Culture February 2 W Alverez How the Garcia Girls Lost TheirAccents Reader Response 4 F Whitman The Spanish Element in Our Nationality eLC Whitman Crossing Brooklyn Ferry eLC The Brooklyn Bridge 7 M Essay 1 Due GomezPena Naftaztec eLC New World Border eLC GomezPe a bio 9 W Danticat Breath Eyes Memory Danticat bio 11 F Danticat Breath Eyes Memory Modern Haitian culture 14 M Danticat Breath Eyes Memory Modern HaitianAmerican culture 16 W Danticat Breath Eyes Memory Caribbean Immigrants in NYC 18 F Danticat Breath Eyes Memory Reader Response 21 M Danticat Breath Eyes Memory Reader Response 23 W Aciman Shadow Cities Letters of Transit Reader Response 25 F Film Hester Street 28 M Film Hester Street March 2 W MIDTERM EXAM 4 F Malamud The Magic Barrel and Other Stories Malamud bio 7 M Malamud The Magic Barrel and Other Stories C20 Jewish Immigration to NYC


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