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by: Cory Kassulke


Cory Kassulke
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cory Kassulke on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMLT 2111 at University of Georgia taught by Abney in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/202426/cmlt-2111-university-of-georgia in Literature at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Rachel Middleton William Abney CM LT 2111 10102011 Class Notes for October 10 h CLASS INTRO I Research paper was due by word document on ELC I You should receive a confirmation email Everyone on A contract will be divided into groups and have to grade three papers AFTER the mIdterm PRESENTATION Handout Castle connect the dots I Origin 0 Mound surrounded by ditch very different from modern interpretation 0 Filled ditch with dirty water for protection like a moat Feudalism O Grew in popularity during this time 0 Used as a military Headquarters Given money and land fiefdoms in exchange for protection 0 Evolved from moundsgtstone boxesgt grandergt what we know as today I William the Conqueror from Normandy Life within castles 0 Not grand most of the time except for the extremely wealthy 0 Food was usually served on a temporary table no hot water watchmen sleeping near their posts because it was primarily used for military purposes The floor would be gross very rarely would there be water transport in pipes wells were 0 more common 0 Bathrooms pots over river or moats 0 Chapel to attend morning mass I Modern ideas castles are romantic and adverterous and peaceful fun full of parties and feasting O FALSE instead military fortresses build to serve as a defense Architecture was intended to protect O Moats bridges walls baileys watchtowers and even spiral staircases 0 Build on hills 0 William the Conqueror burned wooden castles led to more stone castles built 0 Family slept on top floor for utmost protection I Warfare 0 Tactics for attacking a castle Surround castle and starve them out I Dig under walls at corner of a castle I Element of surprise 0 Defense techniques I Locate near river I Circular walls so they can39t dig under and give archers more vision I Barbican allowed those inside the castle to more efficiently protect the weaker gateway they poured hot sand and rocks on attackers I Trainbuckets tried to get things over the walls I The fall of castles O Gunpowder etc made them obsolete WRAPPING UP MABINOGIAN I Which taboos does the punishment of the nephews violate Does the story seem ok with these violations 0 Incest brothers have to have sex 3 times 0 Bestiality They39re both animals They both changed shapegender but are they still human 0 Bore each other s39 childreneven though brothers Very strange family situation 0 Society I Not considered taboo because they accept the children produced I Named them after the animals they were produced as 39 But all of them turned into people I Punishment fit the crime they raped a girl I Violated bond of maternal uncle nephew relationship because these guys were King Math39s nephews I This is supposed to be the strongest bond outside the nuclear family I Since they broke this no one really cares what their punishment is Why is Aranrhod called quotevilquot 0 She lied about her virginity 0 She abandons her son and curses him 0 She is opposed to her own son succeeding because it reminds her that she is a liar everything she does looks bad after that so that is why she is called evil 0 Women have no power She is asserting power over a man her son makes her evil and unacceptable to society because she as a woman has no right to do this 0 She has shirked her duties as mother shouldn39t have a right to decide his future happens in today39s society too I How is language used to circumvent expectations in the story 0 The language is able to foreshadow 0 Shows a lot of society ex emphasis on virgins 0 Uses words against her You won39t have a woman made of flesh gt Makes a woman out of flowers I You can39t put on your armor unless I allow it Gets someone else to put his armor on for him They use anything they can to put her back in her place and they never hear from her again once they get what they want out of her MIDTERM Wednesday October 12th 2011 NO MULTIPLE CHOICE 50 minutes TOTAL not graded for spelling and grammar as long as he knows whatwho you39re talking about 0 First two bits are less important 0 Look at parts 3 and 4 on online example 0 Objective shouldn39t take more than 5 minutes 15 one point each I Know big names like lancelot guinevere pryderi Bran Gawain etc I Will NOT be obscure information 0 Quotation identification 5 quotes chose 4 I 2 points where it came from O I 2 points who said it I Last 4 stories only have to be as specific as Mabinogian don39t have to tell specifically which of the 4 stories I If you answer all 5 he will only grade the first 4 be sure to leave one blank I Read the directions Paragraph length n One paragraph length is as much as all of the objective questions put together I 34 sentences not meant to be brainbusting questions look at sample midterm for TYPES of questions There are 4 questions chose 3 I DON39T make them super long sentences BIG QUESTION spend the most time on this one We have an entire page if we want front and back Should NOT take more than that or even that much depending on our handwriting I Worth a quarter of the test I Compare all 4 of the books at once Talk about them in relationship to one theme that applies to all of them I Themes are on study guide I Appearance vs reality it actually makes a difference Perceval assumptions I Mabinogian I Not as important Magical stuff but everyone is being decieved by the magic so it doesn39t count as much I Tristan and Yseut in the woods King Mark makes all these assumptions I Death of King Arthur Lancelot I Chivalry I Everything but Mabinogian Courtly Love I Tristan I Death of King Arthur Perceval not adulterous it39s a stretch I NOT Mabinogian I Family Relationships I King arthur Gawain and his brothers Morgan Tristan uncle nephew thing I Mabinogian newphew incest sex uncle thing I Feudal system King arthur I Perceval I Tristan FokoreCHECK OUT SLIDE ABOUT TRANSITION FROM FOLKLORE COURTLY I Mabinogian I Tristan Heroes I Tristan Perceval Gawain Lancelot Maybe King Arthur


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