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by: Spencer Smitham


Spencer Smitham
GPA 3.97


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Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Spencer Smitham on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 5100 at University of Georgia taught by Martin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/202460/psyc-5100-university-of-georgia in Psychlogy at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Study Guide 2 1 What is the second arrow we added to our reality concepts model In what ways does it differ from the rst arrow The second arrow also goes from concept to reality but unlike the rst arrow this is an intentional active and controlled shift The person consciously alters reality For example if you want to lose weight for Spring Break instead of eating right and losing weight you buy larger clothing to give the look and feel of weight loss 2 How do people high and low in authoritarianism view threat in the world What purpose does belief in a just world serve in people high versus low in authoritarianism Which group showed the lowest life satisfaction High authoritarians view the world with a high level of threat JW B defends this idea because high authoritarians dislike any nontraditional lifestyles and are hostile toward outgroups making them believe there are many bad people in the world Because they over estimate the threat in the world high authoritarians with no J WB tend to show lower life satisfaction and are constantly skeptical 3 What has happened to economic inequality since 1970 What has happened to the happiness of conservatives since 1970 What has happened to the happiness of liberals since 1970 Who believes more in a just world and how does this account for the happiness ndings What does this pattern tell us about motivated topdown processing Distance between the rich and poor has increased Conservative has become happier Liberals are less happy The rationalization of inequality is a core component of conservative ideology This helps explain why conservative on average are happier Liberals lack the ideological rationalizations that would help them frame inequality in a positive light Because it is active and intentional if has the process of rationalizing the world Conservatives are ok with the current system and believe hierarchies are good 4 How does focusing on the future in uence people s belief in a just world Why How does this translate into blaming an innocent victim What does this pattern tell us about motivated topdown processing People believe since they are doing the right thing in school and getting good grade their future will be bright An innocent victim can be blamed because they did something in their life to deserve it Your concept is JWB so you form reality so the world is fair 5 How did threat in uence authoritarians39 choice of messages to read How did this exposure in uence their attitudes What does this pattern tell us about motivated top down processing Threatened authoritarian chose to read more attitude congruent articles than any other group showed less attitude change and showed less attitude ambivalence They still believe what they believe Intentional and shapes how they bring in new evidence opposing their point 6 When people were told that it was better to be an introvert or an extravert how did this affect what they remembered about themselves or the type of people with whom they wanted to interact What does this pattern tell us about motivated topdown processing Depending on whether they were told extroverts or introverts were better the person could nd ways in which they matched the better category Once the better was switched to the other type they changed their answer of which they were This tells us motivated topdown processing is pliable and can be easily supported and changed depending on the situation 7 Who sees the world in more threatening terms or low authoritarians How does this difference in uence what they believe to be the evidence for their specific political positions and their view of the world more generally How did this relation change when the participants attitudes were made salient In general whose views of the evidence were closer to the actual values What do these results tell us about the relation between evidence and beliefs Both views see evidence supporting their view and ignore or alter evidence rejecting their ideas The more salient the attitude the less likely to change Low authoritarians were closer to actual percentage value and did not over estimate norms as much Salience of your belief directly in uences your attitude toward opposing evidence 8 What is the rational model What is the rationalizing model Which one represents the way people think they operate Which one represents they way people operate much of the time The rational model is thoughtful and logical interpretation of evidence to form opinion The rational model is way we think we operate but in fact we operate mostly in the rationalization model thinking the thought first then rationalizing it 9 What are three central features of the brain according to Gazzaniga What is the interpreter What is confabulation How do the three features of the brain help us make sense of the interpreter and confabulation 1 Modular unconscious different areas perform different activities vision taste smell 2 Parallel we experience output of these modules simultaneously 3 Mostly unconscious unaware of process attractive faces These 3 work together to produce conscious feelings Dumfounding is immediately after asking why Interpreter produces the confabulation Confabulation is the answer you make up 10 When Gazzaniga sent the command quotwalkquot into the right hemisphere of splitbrain patients what did they do How did they explain their behavior What sources of information did they use to arrive at this explanation In this context how does understanding the causes of our own behavior relate to understanding the causes of other people s behavior They walk and then make up a confabulation saying they were going to get a Coke Rationalization model39 you apply your own rationalization to others actions 11 People can describe whathow they are feeling and they can explain why they are feeling that way Are people generally more accurate at description or explanation Why People are better at describing how they are feeling than why they feel that way Unconscious plays a big part in your feelings in a way you can t understand 12 What is principled reasoning How can we tell if people are using it What is meritocracy How does it relate to people s explanation for their opposition to affirmative action What really explained their opposition Equal treatment for all If all are being treated the same Being graded directly on merit AA does not take account merit just race gender etc Stereotypeprejudice unconscious 13 When white males were asked if they supported affirmative action for women what did they say When they were asked if they supported affirmative action for African Americans what did they say What does this tell us about principled reasoning What role did meritocracy play in their explanation What role did stereotypes play in their explanation They supported for white women but not African Americans because they deserved it more and worked harder These men did not believe in principled reasoning Women should be graded on meritocracy but not African Americans 14 According to Haidt and Hersch what happens in what order when people make a moral judgment What is the role of disgust What is the role of confabulation What is dumbfounding Why does it occur What do the results of Haidt and Hersch tell us about the rational model and the irrational model with regard to moral judgment First you feel Second judgment Third Law Fourth Why To come up with why dumbfounding then confabulation Conservatives more often than liberals use the irrational model when making choices because of moral judgment especially about homosexuality 15 What strategies help people cope after a traumatic experience Which strategy does not work Which aspects of people s worldview are likely to change in a negative way Which aspects are likely to change in a positive way Multiple coping strategies and active coping Distance Less positive view of future and of the world as a whole selfreliance vulnerability selfdisclosure 16 What are the three steps Tedeschi and Calhoun outline in their model of posttraumatic growth How does psychological growth relate to rebuilding one s worldview What is the analogy to earthquakes How does growth and rebuilding relate to acceptance of negativity 1 Individual builds a set of beliefs about who they are and how the world works 2 Trauma disrupts these beliefs negative 3 May be forced to develop new beliefs positive PTG and negative PTSD when you build your home in a great city and an earthquake comes through and destroys everything you are forced to rebuild your home and be more exible Increased appreciation for life in general and many smaller aspects closer and more meaningful relationships general sense of increased personal strength identification of new possibilities for one s life Growth can only come from struggle 17 We saw a video about veterans of the Iraq war being treated for PTSD What is one reason they continued to find their experience traumatic What were three features of the treatment that seemed to help them Trained to take control but now the trauma is in control so they don t face their anxieties as well The program allowed them to feel a sense of control 1 Virtual reality sights and sounds 2 Active coping 3 18 According to Pema Chodron what is our usual assumption about negativity and insecurity What was her new view How does her view relate to that of WrenLewis Pema Chodron also said that we act as if there is grounding when there is not What does this mean What did WrenLewis say that was related We have the assumption pain and anxieties are things to get rid of instead of dealing with them Groundlessness 7 loss of foundation for beliefs safety and security net is taken away Only thing left is kindness and inner strength Relates to JWL because you accept reality and you build strength while getting through things The real wonder is that we don t experience this feeling before this change We are afraid to be insecure l9 Pema Chodron said people hate suffering but love its causes What did we talk about in class that relates to this observation Alcoholics keep drinking to feel the high PSYC 5100 Study Guide 1 What do the following terms mean in the context of existentialism 1 no fixed human nature choicestotal freedom to choice particular life choices objective proofvve don39t know what the afterlife is put your faith in religion without absolute proof uncertaint eve choice has an uncertain outcome deathindividuationA push may keep you living authentically quotIfIwill die then I must live recognition of death understanding you are an individual that will die and ou are the onl thin that matters to ou r l r h gtltWhat was the dictionary example of authenticity we gave in class What exam le did we use kaleidoscope Be able to map the scenes and characters from Titanic onto the main features of existentialism ON GOOGLEDOC and sheet Martin sent out According to Joseph Campbell what is a hero What are the steps in the hero s journey as we talked about in class A mythic hero is an individual who has risen past the local and historical cultural traditions questions those traditions and quottries on for size other ways of thinking tries to find hisher authentic life Steps 1 Normal world dislocation not a bad life but not satisfied Could there be a better life It s okay but it39s not perfect 2 Sense of discontentinitial call to adventure A quotpushquot or an event that ha ens to ive ou the reason to et that better life 6 Deepest abyss No matter how many friends or helpers you have the decision comes down to you You are the only one in control of your faith Nobody saves you or makes decision for you Succeeds or fails at abyss 7 Death to old self nd new authentic self With luck you succeed and U39I become new person awaken I39m not the person I used to be 8 Refusal or return You don t want to return to the person you were before the journey feel different from everyone else and don t know how to interact 9 Reconciliation you always had the power to change According to Ioseph Campbell what is the nature of the transformation during the hero s journey What is the role ofhelpers and the individual in the hero s journey The transformation from inauthentic to authenti e helpers play a role in being the encouragement but they cannot do anything for you Be able to map the steps of the hero s journey onto the scenes and characters from the Wizard of Oz 1 Normal world nothing wrong but she s not happy 2 Sense of discontentinitial call to adventure someone is taking her dog so she packs up and leaves 3 Refusal ofinitial call Sees magician and goes back home 4 Undeniable call to adventure tornado 5 Trials and helpers scarecrow tinman lion Galinda 6 Deepest abyss When the ying monkeys took her friends and she had to continue the journey and save them on her own 7 Death of old self when Dorothy decides to throw water on the Wicked Witch 8 Refusal of return When she doesn t ask to be taken home from Oz by the wizard 9 Reconciliation realization that there s no place like home What are the overlaps between eXistentialism and the hero s journey eg refusal of the call You change through the journey You have obstacles and through those you have your wakeup call which leads you to take the leap of faith and are able to choose to live an authentic life which causes you to be a new person That ncertaint u n 39 l u i What is the linguistic room 0 the work quotsinquot How does it relate to William Iames definition of religion quotThe belief that there is an unseen order amp that our hi hest ood lies in adjusting ourselves harmoniously there to To sin is missing the mark of alignment with the highest good and failing to adjust oneself harmoniously with the unseen order Unseen OrderOnes l What does estrangement mean as we discussed it in class What is reconciliation Relate both terms to religion the hero s journey and existentialism Estrangement turning away in feeling or affection overactive survival system inauthentic anxiety normal world discontent Reconciliation to win over to friendliness cause to become amicable brain cataract removal authentic quotIt is Good Religion failure to live in harmony with unseen order amp living harmoniously with unseen order Hero s Journey sense of discontentinitial call to adventure refusal of initial call amp knowledge that you had the power to change Existentialism livin inauthenticall amp livin authenticall V 39 ll D Hire The 2 experiences are similar in most ways Both lead to increase in life satisfaction Mystical is still finding wonder in something but a religious experience ties in into religion 12 What is sanctification What are its features What is the difference between the sacred and the mundane Be able to relate the scenes and characters of Chariots of Fire to sanctification There are 2 types Theistic an object can be perceived as a manifestation of one s image beliefs or experience of quotGodquot Kosher meat amp Nontheistic invest everyday objects with qualities that are associated with the divine cr in at owers after NDE H W What is awe According to Kelter and Haidt what features give rise to it How does awe relate to challenging our concepts What is accommodation What as ects of the Double Rainbow video re ect the as ect of awe Accommodation adjusting mental scripts that cannot assimilate to new experiences It goes against your mental script According to Joseph Campbell what are people searching for ifnot the meaning of life What are clown gods and tricksters What does Joseph Campbell mean when he says quotReligion is a defense against a religious experience How does one get the experience ofquotOh Ah The experience oflife Not real but an image we create that we are scared of Reduce religion to concepts and what society tells you to believe within a religion Going against society and having an individual experience What are the features of crucial events What are the features of crucial spaces Relate these features to awe and sanctification What is the distinction between problems in life and problems oflife Features of Crucial Events H 1 H U39l H l 1 Happens only once or at least it should marriage 2 Experiment trail and error seem inappropriate you don t have a baby to see how it goes 3 Decision affects the direction and destiny of life in its entire cycle possibility of success or failure with respect to life as a whole 4 Calls attention to the being of the self and to life as a whole attention away from details oflife to the bigger picture 5 Demands a response from us that reveals the nature of our persons our most intimate desires and value our ultimate beliefs and commitments Michael Jordan s actions with basketball tell you who he is 6 Reveals the precarious nature of our existence no realization is absolutely guaranteed in advance you never know but you take your best shot 7 We confront a problem oflife not a problem in life shocked into awareness of our being and its purpose in the total scheme of things Features of Crucial Spaces 1 Set apart from ordinary or routine experience Church 2 Histories associated with experiences of the holy in the past religious 3 Direct our thoughts to ourselves and our own being and at the same time away from ourselves to an awareness of the power upon which all existence depends not a problem in life but YOU in life Many times a crucial event will lead to awe or sanctification It takes a crucial event in order to give something a special quality that sets it apart from the mundane Problems in life are mundane and ordinary ie your laundry is not done Problems oflife are serious and crucial pivot points ie teenage pregnancy According to Caspi and Moffit what do life transitions do to our preexisting knowledge When do life transitions lead us to guide our behavior in accordance with our genetic dispositions When do life transitions lead to guide our behavior in accordance with cultural standards Transitions represent a break from the customary the old ways of living are no longer adequate When we choose to guide ourselves We know what kind of person we are and act in that behavior When we need a transition there is a need to behave previous responses are discouraged and there is info to adapt to According to Victor Turner what are the three stages ofa ritual Which one corresponds most closely to life transitions and aweinspiring events Why On what do people guide their behavior during the liminal stage What is the name Victor Turner gave to the state people experience during the liminal stage What are some ofits features How does this state relate to the videos about the ele hants and the Meer cats Liminal That is the only stage where change is actuall ha enin what works for the individual within a culture Limbo the


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