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by: Aida Feest Sr.


Aida Feest Sr.
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aida Feest Sr. on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADPR 3850 at University of Georgia taught by Reber in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/202476/adpr-3850-university-of-georgia in Advertising at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMUNICATION P 134135 Goals of Communication Inform Persuade Motivate Achieve mutual understanding Using media effectively Which media best meets a program s objectives How can it be combined to enhance program effectiveness Which media is most efficient to reach key audiences Effective communicator factors WHAT constitutes communicationhow people receive messages HOW people process infochange their perceptions WHICH kinds of media amp communication tools are most appropriate for a particular message Five possible objectives of communication message exposure Through mass mediacontrolled media audiences exposed to message in various forms accurate dissemination ofthe message Basic info ltered by media gatekeepers remains intact thru various media acceptance of the message Audience retains message accepts it as valid attitude change Audience believes amp makes verbalmental commitment to change behavior as result of message change in overt behavior Members ofaudience actually change current behaviorpurchase product amp use it First 2 objectives easier to accomplish WHICH FACTORS INFLUENCE MESSAGE RECEPTION COMPREHENSION RETENTION AND CREDIBILITY AND ADOPTION P 135 Schramm s Model Source gt encoder gt signal gt decoder gt destination 2nd model added shared experience 3rd model is continuous feedback looping process cyclical offers ability to re ne message as you go using feedback generated Successful communication involves interaction shared experience message must be not only sent but also received Largerthe audience gt the number of barriers to communication various languages social classes etc Communicators must tailor messages to get recipients attention Messages for passive audiences must demonstrate style and creativity whereas messages for an audience actively seeking information must contain more sophisticated content an effective message describes an obvious bene t The most basic element necessary for understanding between communicator and audience is a common language Public relations consider audiences amp style their language appropriately taking into consideration literacy levels clarity and simplicity oflanguage and avoidance of discriminatory language Flesch readability formula Average sentence length number of 1 syabe words per 100 wordsrandom 100 word sample contains 42 sentences 142 syllables 9th grade level Cloze procedure Developed by William Taylor Tests comprehension Idea of closure human tendency to complete a familiar but incomplete pattern Every 5th or 9th word removed ability to ll in the blanks determines whether or not message can be understood Key variables in message believability source credibility context and the audience s predispositions especially members level of involvement Messages are often repeated extensively in several ways through a variety of channels to reach all members ofthe target audience help them rememberthe message and enhance theirearning All who receive your message might not absorb it all who read and hear message won t understandact on it Avoiding jargonclich shype words important in increasing audience understanding amp comprehension Avoiding euphemisms use positive words to convey a message without lying Doublespeak euphemisms that alter the meaning or impact of a wordconcept often used to hide unfavorable news Avoid discriminatory language Entropy disintegration that occurs as media channels and people process the message and pass it on to othersmessages repeated frequently to help ght this Five steps in acceptance of new ideas or products are Awareness Interest Evaluation Trial Adoption The adoption process is affected by relative advantage degree to which an innovation is perceived as better than the idea it replaces Compatibility degree to which an innovation is perceived as being consistent w existing values experiences and needs of potential adopters Complexity degree to which innovation perceived as diffto understand and Trialability degree to which innovation can be experienced on a limited basis and observability degree to which the results of innovation are visible to others WHY IS MEASUREMENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM EFFECTIVENESS IMPORTANT P 143 1 Evaluation is the measurement of results against objectives it can enhance future performance and establish whether the goals of management by objective have been met 2 Not only to do better next time management by objectives system clients employers want to know if moneytimeeffort used on PR are well spent amp how they contribute to the realization of an organizational objective 3 Must have objectives to measure to begin with that are realistic credible measurable and compatible with client s demands 4 Criteria must be set to evaluate the level of success of attaining the established objectives 5 Lindenmann 3 levels of measurement and evaluation Advanced 3 Measuring behavior attitude opinion change Intermediate 2 Measuring retention comprehension awareness reception of the message Basic 1 Measuring targeted audiences impressions and media placements WHICH METHODS ARE USED TO MEASURE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAMS P 145 1 On the most basic level practitioners can measure message distribution and media placements A second level would entail measurement ofaudience awareness comprehension and retention The most advanced level is the measurement of changes in attitudes opinions and behaviors 2 Several criteria can be used to measure message exposure including the compilation of press clippings and radiotelevision mentions media impressions or the potential audience reached number of hits on a website advertising equivalency systematic tracking by use of computer databases requests for additional information and audience attendance at special events 3 Can count the number of news releases feature stories photos letters etc However this is quantity over quality better to spend more time on a few really good news releases than a lot of crappy ones Counting clippings is still most common PR evaluation technique 4 Production measurement approach specifying what PR person should accomplish from media coverage Example of client wanting to evaluate campaign based on of feature stories or news releases picked up by local media Evaluation criteria in this situation is unrealistic impossible to guarantee as well Media gatekeepers make these decisions not PR person 5 Media impressions potential audience reached by a periodical or broadcast program Commonly used in advertising to document the breadth of penetration ofa particular message Gives rough estimate of how many people exposed to a message Can count internet hits circulation of paper audience of the medium 6 Changes in audience attitudes can be evaluated through a baseline or benchmark study which focuses on measuring awareness and opinions before during and after a public relations campaign 7 Advertising Equivalency calculation ofthe value of message exposure AVE Convert the value of stories in the reg news columnson air into equivalent ad costs News stories considered more credible than ads This is much like comparing apples to oranges not really effective because ofdifferences in advertisingpublicity 8 Systematic tracking analysis w computer database to analyze content of media placements market penetration type of publication tone of coverage sources quoted mention of key copy points Chapter 14 Global Public Relations 4292013 20300 AM What is Global Public Relations 0 The planned or organized effort ofa company institution or government to establish and build relationships with the publics of other nations 0 can think of this as the intersection between nations Public Relations in other nations 0 Public Relations is now an international enterprise 0 China in particular has a rapidly expanding industry Public Relations Development in Other Nations 0 quotERICquot nations shorthandfor rapidly developing economies 0 China Thailand Japan Australia Singapore and Hong Kong Mexico India Brazil set to host World Cup in 2014 set to host Olympics in 2016 great time to be a PR practitioner in Brazil 0 O O O O O 0 Russian Federation 0 Middle East 0 Africa International Corporate Public Relations 0 in the global age PR firms represent foreign interests in the US as well as the interests ofAmerican corporations around the world Challenge Differences in Language laws and culture 0 High Context those where not only the language is important but the settinginteraction is important 0 Low Context like the US and many Western European cultures used to things being cut and dryclear setting is less important than the language Five Cultural Dimensions Hofstede39s five cultural dimensions 0 Power distance how tolerant is a culture for unequal decision making are we as a culture accepting for someone else making the decision do we accept easily that the boss tells us what to do 0 Individualismcollectivism individualism think of ourselves most of all think about how things affect us how we as individuals are going to be affected vs we as a groupwe as the companya group of friends 0 Masculinityfemininity based on stereotypes between masculinefeminine masculine culturehighly competitive femininemore compassionate nurturing culture 0 Uncertainty avoidance how much are we willing to accept ambiguity things aren39t crystal clear 0 Long term vs shortterm orientation longterm orientationtied to traditional acceptance for the importance of having traditional way of doing things shortterm orientationchange oriented quickly adapt and change 0 US has shortterm orientation low uncertainty avoidance highly individualistic and there is a low acceptance ofpower distance Language and Cultural Differences 0 Public Relations Practitioners must deal with issues related to language and cultural differences 0 differences in giftgiving expectationstraditions physical contact speed at which we do business not as quick in all cultures as it is in the US Foreign Corporations in the US 0 Corporations in other countries use public relations and lobbying firms to advance their products services and political interests in the US Representing US Corporations in Other Nations 0 Three Key audiences that PR professionals need to communicate about the benefits of globalization 0 Companies themselves sometimes we have to communicate internally about the importance of building relationships and developing quotglobal sensitivitiesquot o Nongovernmental organizations NGOs activist groups that may stand in the way of us doing what we want to do 0 International institutions governmental institutions other countries International Corporate Public Relations US Firms might be hired by other countries to gthold offprotectionist moves gtdefeat legislation gtsupport expansion expanding media opportunities for example gtprovide ongoing information USBased Global Giants Walmart Exxon Mobil Chevron Conoco Phillips General Electric pg 296 of textbook Public Diplomacy our government tries to spread the culture of the US in order to make for a positive business environment for US businesses 19531999 run by US information Agency 0 The US government refers to its international information efforts as quotpublic diplomacy o to enhance understanding ofUS culture and promote US foreign policy objectives 0 The United States Information Agency USIA 1999 it was disbanded now in the US state department 0 Foreign public diplomacy efforts 0 advance political objectives 0 ascertain probable US reaction to a projected action Advance the country39s commercial interests assist with communications in English Convince key publics to support a policy 0 O O O lobby for changes in legislation in the nation39s selfinterest The Rise of NGOs Nongovernmental organizations 0 NGOS depend on international support for their causes 0 Examples 0 Green peace organization that campaigns in favor of environmental issues 0 Amnesty international organization that based in London works for fighting injusticeprotecting human rights 0 Doctors without borders based in France works in 7075 countries and tries to bring healthcare to those in need regardless of ability to pay race religion etc o OXfam based in Oxford England a confederate of organizations that tries to work towards eliminating poverty 0 different from the American Red Cross NGOs have strong international presence Opportunities in International Work New golden age of global marketing foreign language skills openness to language and culture graduate study is an asset Corporate protocol someone who has expertise in training people who are travelingdoing business in other countries on what appropriate behavior is Chapter 15 Corporate Public Relations 4292013 20300 AM Community Relations what people will do in the community to develop a relationship with us to be a good steward to the community 0 Analyze the environment ask what kinds of things have your organization done in the past needs of the community etc 0 Important public opinion issues in the community environmental issues public education what types of things attribute to this organization 0 What kind of quotcitizenquot is your organization 0 Role of corporate philanthropy Research 0 Client a Community complaintsaccolades b Pastpresent practices c Strengths and weaknesses with community d Opportunities to enhance relations 0 OpportunityProblem is something that is taking advantage of prospective opportunity 0 Audience a Community media local media b Community leaders mayors city commissioners city leaders c Community organizations Objectives 0 Impact higherlevel objectives a Increase knowledge b Promote favorable opinion c Gain support d Encourage feedback 0 Output lowerlevel objectives a Distribute publications b Be responsible c Create new projects d Schedule meetings 6 Increase community volunteering Programming 0 Themes 0 Special events O O O O O 0 Evaluation Uncontrolled Media in organizations gossip or grapevine Controlled Media Target opinion leaders Target organizations Promote audience participation Community outreach Objectivebased California Fire Ants Case 0 Research Objectives 0 Programming Client California Department of Food and Agriculture CDFA Public familiar with a Fire ants b Health risks involved c Identifying fire ants and their hills d What to do ifyou find fire ants Showed differences in ethnic populations Showed need for multilingual campaigns Define audiences based on research a Homeowners Outdoor workers Parents of children Elected and health officials 990 Raise awareness of the dangers associated with fire ants Encourage residents to report infestations for eradication Press conferences Outdoor workers Children put together educational packets for teachers they could use in school Media related to press conferences PSAs Grassroots people put signs in their yards to raise awareness Web Advertising Evaluation 0 Hotline call center 0 Awareness of public on various issues 0 Increase in treatment Employee Relations 0 Employees are the quotambassadorsquot and a primary public of corporations 0 PR often works with human resources on employee communications 0 Challenges 0 Morale 0 Sexual harassment o Layoffs and outsourcing Internal Relations Employees 0 Organizational culture is it open or closed Are you free to talk to supervisors Do people above you have opendoor policies 0 Role of internal communication in culture Are there newsletters o Controlled versus uncontrolled communication uncontrolled comm Can be a big issue Specific Employee Issues 0 Sexual harassment policies must be communicated o Layoffs must be communicated to employees before being released to the media 0 Outsourcing of offshoring rationale should be communicated carefully 0 Ethnic and religious minority groups must be considered in communications and work environment Investor Relations 0 Requires knowledge of finance and government regulations 0 Investor relations staff primarily communicate with institutional investors individual investors shareholders prospective shareholders and the financial media How do corporations continually provide information 0 Annual report 0 Quarterly report very specific form 0 Stockholdersshareholders meetings not an annual meeting 0 CEOCFO speeches means of communication getting info out 0 Regular release of information to financial media Marketing Communications shifting to causerelated marketing where not only you might sponsor something with a nonprofit but you somehow associate product with non profit 0 Product publicity 0 Product publicity and product placement are often part of marketing communications 0 Causerelated marketing 0 Involves partnerships with nonprofits to promote a particular cause Corporate Sponsorship o Enhance reputation 0 Give product brands high Visibility 0 Provide a focal point for marketing efforts and sales campaigns 0 Generate publicity Viral Marketing 0 Sometimes you will be asked to create a quotViral marketing campaign can never guarantee that it will go viral 0 quotBuzzquot about a product or service 0 enhances reputation management and message dissemination o Adopted terminology and some special techniques Environmental Relations 0 Corporate concern for the environment and sustainable resources 0 Examples 0 Shell American Apparel Proctor and Gamble Starbucks CocaCola Merck O O O O 0 Corporate Philanthropy 0 Strengthens reputation o Increases favorable publicity 0 Be careful about touting good deeds o Charitable Donations by Corporations 0 Not at all funded by corporationsI only a modest 4 Chapter 16 Entertainment Sports and Tourism 4292013 20300 AM PR in Entertainment Tourism and Sports 0 Growing interest in careers in sports entertainment and hospitality among public relations students The Entertainment Industry 0 Involves serving as publicist primary task 0 Damage control is a key task think Charlie Sheen 0 Ethical issues how far do you go in terms of doing what they ask Promoting a Personality 0 Preparation 0 Get newsworthy facts through an interview Develop a short bio Develop a media kit Determine what the personality is to be quotsoldquot 0 O O 0 Decide target audiences 0 Make telephone and email pitches Promoting an Entertainment Event 0 The quotDripdripdrip technique 0 Repetition and steady output ofinformation drip drip drip o The movie industry 0 Planters and bookers 0 Product tieins Sports publicity 0 Stir fan emotions 0 Promote heroes 0 Managing crisis 0 Developing sponsorship ties Travel promotion 0 Stimulating desire to visit 0 Arranging for traveler to reach destination 0 Assuring a good time while tourists are there Travelers by age Chapter 17 Government and Politics 4292013 20300 AM Basic purpose 0 Public service 0 Circulation of information Public information affects citizens decisionmaking processes about policies Good public information programs involve 0 Identifying critical issues early 0 Creating an educated group of citizens 0 Ensuring issues are framed accurately 0 Providing opportunities for stakeholders to be a part of the solution 0 39creating legallydefensible solutions Objectives of government information efforts 0 Inform the public about the publics business 0 Improve the effectiveness of the agency operations 0 Provide feedback to government administrators 0 Advice management on how to communicate a decision or a program 0 Educate administrators about the role of the media The federal government is the largest disseminator ofinformation in the world The local government employs public information specialists to inform citizens about city services and promote economic development Lobbying effort directed to in uence legislationregulation o Pitfalls of lobbying 0 In uence peddling PACs soft money 0 5000 candidate for primary 0 5000candidate for general election 0 10000 total to any one candidate o NO LIMIT Chapter 18 Nonprofit Health and Education 4292013 20300 AM BASIC ROLE nonprofit serving public interest fostering good will tax exempt staff development volunteer recruiting fundraising fundraising 0 major public relations task 0 interest generosity is a primary factor labor unions 0 represent the interests of the entire industry 0 chamber of commerce 0 works to improve the city s commercial climate and to publicize the city s attractions advocacy groups 0 activist groups 0 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA 0 Social issues organizations 0 Strategies and tactics o Lobbying Litigations Mass demonstrations Boycotts Reconciliation O O O O 0 Fundraising Social service organizations 0 Philanthropic foundations 0 Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundations 0 Cultural organizations 0 Libraries ands musical organizations 0 Religious organizations 0 Churches 0 Publicity 0 Creation of events 0 Use of services 0 Creation of educational materials 0 Newsletters Health organizations 0 Types 0 Hospital 0 Hospital agencies 0 Health campaigns 0 To prevent and respond to diseases 0 To promote health and quality of life 0 Growth of online health information REVIEW FOR FINAL 4292013 20300 AM mass media is concerned being centralizedtopdown with being costly to publish being controlled by professional gatekeepers being mostly oneway communication with limited feedback how long did internet take to become popular attractive characteristics of the web our main reasons why visitors return to a website pull concept push concept webcast web 10 web 20 social media corporate organizational blogs employee blogs only four years easily update material interactive depth ofinformation infinite space cost effective not filtered by gatekeepers niche markets available 247 high quality content easy to use quick download frequently updated consumers are constantly interacting with a site and finding information most relevant to them information is delivered to the consumer without audience participation any event live or archived which involves the transmission of information from a person or organization to a larger audience over the internet information transmitted from supplier to receiver more interactive users can talk to each other the online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions insights experiences and perspectives with each other written by an executive and represents the official voice of the organization some organizations are concerned with this because ofliability issues third party blogs blog advantages why we blog words to blog by making friends on myspace and facebook youtube who makes up the majority of youtube39s audience news that quothappensquot news that is quotcreatedquot 20 ways to create news usually establish guidelines need to establish relationships with bloggers about your company anyone can create no startup costs informal links post comments changed instantly can immediately assess organizations to participate unfettered achieve realtime communication with key stakeholders to enable people to talk about the organization to foster conversation among audiences with a connection to the organization to facilitate more interactive communication transparent timely original relevant views vital for gaining consumer insights building brand awareness and creating customer loyalty premier social networking site for posting and viewing videos 3564 year olds and college students out of control eX natural disasters creating news to get attention for a cause controlled ex sports events tie in with news events of the day conduct a poll issue a report arrange interview with celebrity hold election media relations facts 10 commandments ofmedia relations mediasphere arrange speech celebrate anniversary make analysis issue summary of facts tie in with a holiday make a trip make an award hold a contest formannounce names for a committee stage a special event adapt national reports and surverys for local use organize a tour inspect a project stage a debate issue a protest media are busy editors are proud ofindependence trust is earned and easily destroyed informing media and public is important work assume stories judged on merits continue serving after story idea is accepted know deadlines know publishing schedules what kind of resources do they have remember correct written format know technology preference always be accessible anticipate their needs maintain your credibility always be genuine know the media topdown expensive controlled by gatekeepers oneway communication blogosphere texting broadcast text subscription text quotoneffquot text twitter wikis advantages ofvvikis podcast web 30 is it time for a news release content of news release publicity photos making a message work widespread broadband inexpensive new channels mobile new advertising programs 75 of mobile phone users text daily companies use to send a briefmessage to all employees mobiley users sign up to receive text cell phone user sends text to a source to get an answer to a question web based posts are indexed by google and readily available to anyone with internet access a collection ofweb pages that enable anyone who accesses them to provide input and modify the content they invite all users to edit any page within the web site they promote meaningful topic associations involve visitors in creation and collaboration digital media file distributed over the internet for playback on portable media players and personal computers smart phones and mobileenabled content apps what is the key message who is the primary audience what does the target audeince gain from product what objective does the release serve make sure to include the 5 W39s and H first paragraph summarizes the most important part of the story and succeeding ones fill in the details more people quotreadquot photographs than articles clarity simplicity avoid jargon use symbols slogans acronyms avoidcliches and hype avoid euphemisms use nondiscriminatory language when attempting to communicate remember what makes a good news story news release general interest specific interest strengths of print media advisories fact sheet media kit elements gain attention put together understandable message be credible practice creative repetition suggest action proximity consequencesimpact con ict timeliness prominence novelty irony current events the dissemination ofinformation to mass media such as newspapers broadcast stations and magazines women men news seniors etc dog guns needlepoint etc information seeking elite permanent lasting record mobile considered most credible problems slow memos to let the press know about something they may want to cover usually one page and contain headline brief paragraph outlining story answers to questions and short paragraph about who to contact give additional background information also FAQ news release news feature fact sheet background info graphics executive bios pitch interviews news conferences two types ofnews conferences mortification strategy press party junket familiarization trip radio release ANR actuality sound bite PSA radio media tour four approaches for getting an organizations39s news on tv and basic contact info short letters or emails to grab the attention of editors they let the editors know about the contents of the media kit typically result in a published short story subject has no control over what is published communication is twoway should be held only when there is news that requires elaboration and clarification can be either offensive or defensive tactic spontaneously arising out ofa news event or regularly scheduled admitting a situation is bad and that the organization is doing everything in its power to correct it a social gathering that ends with a pitch trip in which editors and reporters are invited to inspect a company39s manufacturing facilities in several cities offered to travel writers and editors by the tourism industry written in uppercase and doublespaced take about 3060 seconds to read more conversational style recording ofa news announcement sent to a radio station someone with a good radio voice reads the entire announcment are not identified an announcer reads the release with a quote included from a satiesfied customer or company spokesperson an unpaid announcement that promotes the programs of government or voluntar agencies or that serves the public interest spokesperson being interviewed from a central location by journalists across the country send the same news release taht the local print media receive media alert phone or email editor VNR produced in a format that tv stations can easily use or edit expensive SMT strengths of radio strengths of tv personal appearances bookinga guest magazine show product placement a world filled with meetings and events group meetings planning factors meeting locations reach large audiences a series ofprebooked oneonone interviews from a fixed location via satellite with a series of television journalists or talk show hosts best medium for urgent messages exible mobile low cost am general interest fm specific interest 1500 stations average family watches 7 hoursday 56 million homes wired for cable PR staff must be familiar with show39s format bookers responsible for booking a constant supply of timely guests atv program format that consists ofa variety ofvideos in much the same way that print magazines offer a variety of articles aka plugs retailers are active in seeking out product placements because studies show that today39s youth get many of their ideas about what products to buy from W vitalpr tools provide audience with facetoface interaction five senses detailed planning meeting location meeting invitations getting the meeting started speakers meals meeting identification lighting charts screen or monitors projectors and video equipment seating and tables meeting invitations getting meeting started banquets receptions and cocktail parties open houses convention planning conventions convention programs trade shows exhibit booths promotional events corporate sponsors global public relations speaker39s podium audience and speaker aids announcements in a newsletter or email for members invitations for nonmembers registration table personal welcome name tags elaborate affairs that require extensive advance planning helps to have personality speaker the focus should be interaction not speeches require thorough planning and routing careful handling ofvisitors and training of all personnel who will come in contact with the visitors timing location facilities exhibits program recreation attendance administration series of meetings to exchange information most likely out of town include large meetings cocktail parties receptions tours and banquets have to juggle planning multiple events ultimate marketing event designed for maximum visibility provide facetoface social contact attract journalists allow organizations to demonstrate products events to promote sales increase visibility make friends or raise money for a charitable cause can establish brand identity the planned and organized effort ofa company insttiution or government to establish and build relationships with the publics of other nations pr in other nations factors of nations that have PR international corporate PR high context cultures low content cultures five cultural dimensions power distance individualism masculinity femininity time orientation uncertainty avoidance language and cultural differences foreign corporations in the US aka international public relations new global enterprise china in particular multiparty political systems considerable private ownership of business and industry large scale ubanization high per capita income levels in the global age pr firms represent foreign interests in the US as well as the interests ofAmerican corporations around the world challenges different in language laws and culture dependent on conteXt more verbal legal based comm is more precise power distance individualism masculinityfemininty uncertainty avoidance long term vs short term the degree to which a culture accepts unequal distribution of power a cultural orientation in which people belong to loose social frameworks and their primary concern is for themselves and their families a cultural orientation in which assertiveness and materialism are valued a cultural orientation in which relationships and concern for others is valued whether a culture39s values are oriented toward the future or toward the past and present the eXtent to which member ofa culture accept or avoid ambiguous situations and uncertainty PR practitioners must deal with issues related to language and cultural differences aka relationship management corporations in other countries use PR and lobbying firms to advance their products services and political interests in the US representing US corporations in other nations US firms might be hired by other countries to public diplomacy voice ofAmerica public diplomacy goals of foreign countries the rise ofNGOs opportunities in international work face large size of corporation public and corporations pr and corporations media relations three key audiences that PR professionals need to communicate about the benefits of globalization 1 companies themselves 2 nongovernmental organizations 3 international institutions hold offprotectionist moves defeat legislation support expansion provide ongoing information the process ofinformation dissemination internationally created in 1942 part ofUSIA for several decades broadcast news around the world VOA not directed at citizens advance political objectives ascertain probably US reaction to a projected action advance the country39s commercial interests assists with communication to English convince key publics to support a policy lobby for changes in legislation in the nation39s self interests depend on international support for their causes eX Greenpeace perceived by the public as more credible new golden age of global marketing and pr foreign language skills vital openness to language and culture graduate study is an asset product logo and brand can distance them from stakeholders often distrustful of the power in uence and credibility of such giant corporations and business in general importance of corporate social responsibility eyes and ears of an organization reputation management ceos see journalists as the enemy ROPME research objectives materials evaluation customer relations customer satisfaction is important for FTC consumers pr must educate both organization and press coverage inaccuracy incomplete coverage inadequate research and preparation for interviews antibusiness bias research objectives programming materials evaluation consumer reactions to design created task force european front loading washers concerned about consumer skepticism media list DOEgovernmental cooperation PR educate opinion leaders on benefits of Neptune enhance Maytag39s credibility link dependability with new technology Business convince consumers that they want it now meet production and sales goals increase stock value news release outlines 4 C39s educated opinion leaders innovation build customer demand stock value customer service is the frontline of PR must actively listen to consumers and convey concerns back loyalty positive word of mouth reputation of company regulate truth in advertising people we take care of rather than capture marketing vs pr pr contributions boycott do39s ofworking with consumer groups don39t ofworking with consumer groups community relations research objectives programming evaluation employee relations marketing focuses on selling pr focuses on the whole exchange supports sales while maintaining concern with other aspects of the consumer relationship forming consumer groups and customer service departments adopting customer satisfaction programs for an entire organization concentrating efforts on moving consumers from another product or service to yours protecting the reputation and brand especially from consumer activism such as boycotts refusal to buy the productsservices of an offending company work with those interested in solutions offer transparency turn suggestions into action get emotional work with those who make threats expect immediate results analyze the environment important public opinion issues in the community what kind of quotcitizenquot is your organization role of corporate philanthropy client opportunityproblem audience impact output themes special events uncontrolled media controlled media target opinion leaders target organizations promote audience participation community outreach objectivebased employees are called quotambassadorsquot because they represent the company challenges of employee relations investor relations how do corporations continually provide information marketing communications integrated marketing communication ways to accomplish marketing communications objectives product placement cause related marketing corporate sponsored events serve 4 purposes viral marketing environmental relations corporate philanthropy within a large circle of family relatives and friends morale layoffs and outsourcing minorities sexual harassment combines disciplines of communications and finance to accurately portray a company39s prospects from an investment standpoint communicate with institutional investors individual investors shareholders prospective shareholders and the financial media annual report quarterly report stockholdersshareholders meetings CEOsCFO speeches regular release ofinformation to financial media using the tools of PR to support marketing sales objectives managing all sources of information about a productservice so as to ensure maximum message penetration product publicity cause related marketing viral marketing corporate sponsorship the appearance ofa product as part ofa movie or tv program a profit making company collaborates with a nonprofit organization to advance its cause and increase sales enhance reputation and image give product brands high visibility provide a focal point for marketing efforts and sales campaigns generate publicity and media coverage buzz about a product or service enhances reputation management and message dissemination corporate concern for the environment and sustainable resources donations of funds products and services to various causes strengthens reputation what percent of charitable giving comes from individuals pr in entertainment entertainment industry personality campaign preparation quotdripdripdrip quot bookers planters moviegoers 2010 product tieins sports publicity travel promotion travelpr involves increases favorable publicity gains and retains customers 75 growing interest in careers in sports entertainment and hospitality among public relations students involves serving as publicist damage control ethical issues campaigns generated public awareness of an individual who is intentionally seeking publicity get newsworthy facts through interview prepare a short biography determine what about the personality is to be sold repitition and steady output ofinformation those whose job is to place clients on talk shows and set up other public appearances those who deliver to media offices publicity stories about individual clients and projects 73 first heard a movie through tv ads 52 turned on internet when they wanted to know about a movie 62 moviegoers get review info from the internet 51 rely on reviews from friends and family promoting an event through a product eX toys in happy meals embrace normal PR toolbox and they also try to stir fan emotion promotes quotheroesquot managing crises developing sponsorship ties job is to attract visitors to a destination and then keep them happy stimulating public39s desire to visit a place arranging for travelers to reach it making certain that visitors are comfortable packaging government organizations basic purposes of government pr personnel interpersonal tools in local campaigns PIOs good public info programs involve federal government white house congress federal agencies state governments a travel package that usually consists of prepaid arrangements for transportation housing most meals and entertainment with a professional escort to handle the details federal state and local governments and agencies all engage in the same types of pr tasks public service circulation of information promote services orchestrate fundraising events spread news of successes or crises assist with smooth daily operations or crisis management implement campaigns that address local issues help develop long range plans direct mail campaign signs brochures cards newsletters speaking engagements doortodoor pr experts in the government who work very hard to keep the public informed with announcements identifying critical issues early creating an educated group of active citizens ensuring issues are framed accurately providing opportunities for stakeholders to be a part of the solution creating legallydefensible solutions largest disseminator of information in the world advertising presidents have long used media attention to implement pr strategies reagan bush clinton bush obama extensive information focused efforts to reach their constitutients employ public affairs officers and public information specialists pr work often subcontracted to private pr firms health safety and tourism often targeted in state pr campaigns local governments public information and public affairs objectives of government information efforts government relations by corporations lobbying in uence peddling grassroots lobbying coalition building election campaigns means for financing campaigns soft money pr and politics practitioner39s role nonprofit employ public information officers seek to inform citizens about city services and promote economic development public information affects citizens39 decisionmaking processes about policies inform public about the public39s business improve effectiveness of agency operations provide feedback to gov39t administrators advise management on how to communicate a decision or a program serve as ombudsman educate administrators about role ofmedia monitor gov39t and legislative activity gather information disseminate management39s views cooperate with government on projects motivate employees to participate in the political process efforts to defeat pass or amend legislation and regulatory policies pitfall oflobbying done by former legislators and officials who cash in on their connections using advocacy advertising toll free phone lines bulk faxing and direct mail to generate phone calls and letters from the public to the government getting individuals and groups with no financial interest in an issue to speak on the sponsors behalf fundraising range of communication new communication tools political action committees soft money money contributed to the political party as a whole fundraising budgeting determining objectivesstrategies managing communications noncommercial entities whose main purpose is to serve the public interests fundraising motivations for giving fundraising methods capital campaign membership organizations professional associations trade associations labor unions chamber of commerce advocacy groups advocacy groups strategies and tactics tax exempt foster good will recruit volunteers fundraising staff development compete for donations and different causes form partnerships on common interests create communication campaigns majorpr task motivations for giving inherent generosity ego satisfaction peer pressure corporate and foundation donations structured capital campaigns direct mail event sponsorship telethons telephone solicitations online and social media efforts to raise money for new wings buildings or make renovations groups ofpeople who share common business or social interests members of a profession or skilled craft organize for mutual benefit manufacturers wholesalers retailers or distributors in the same field groups that represent the interest of an entire industry an association of business professionals who work to improve their city39s commercial climate and publicize its attractions activist groups social issue organizations lobbying litigation mass demonstrations boycotts reconciliation


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All subscriptions to StudySoup are paid in full at the time of subscribing. To change your credit card information or to cancel your subscription, go to "Edit Settings". All credit card information will be available there. If you should decide to cancel your subscription, it will continue to be valid until the next payment period, as all payments for the current period were made in advance. For special circumstances, please email


StudySoup has more than 1 million course-specific study resources to help students study smarter. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, our customer support team can help you find what you need! Feel free to contact them here:

Recurring Subscriptions: If you have canceled your recurring subscription on the day of renewal and have not downloaded any documents, you may request a refund by submitting an email to

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your subscription, you can contact us for further help. Contact must be made within 3 business days of your subscription purchase and your refund request will be subject for review.

Please Note: Refunds can never be provided more than 30 days after the initial purchase date regardless of your activity on the site.