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by: Ignatius Heaney


Ignatius Heaney
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ignatius Heaney on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDIT 2000 at University of Georgia taught by Thomas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/202494/edit-2000-university-of-georgia in Instructional Technology Education at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Chapter 5 Supporting Student Creativity Reading Guide Name Courtney Ridley Pages 125126 1 What should Ms Groves have done when she saw Jamie s colorful circus train car with windows Why She should have asked Jamie questions about why her train car was different from her origin and what made her change her mind She should have told Jamie that it looked great instead of deleting the entire picture because that makes Jamie feel as if her work is not good enough and thus will be less likely to try as hard again 2 What role did Ms Groves take in this project What should the teacher s role be in enhancing student creativity Ms Groves took an authoritarian role in this project making Jamie revert back to her original sketch when Mrs Groves should have been encouraging her creativity and changes made to the train car 3 What roles can technology play in enhancing and supporting student creativity Technology allows these students to rethink about their design ideas They can go back and change their original ideas and make different creations 4 What are some benefits that students might derive from using technology to support creativity Are there any potential disadvantages Students learn how to use technology and become comfortable with computer programs A disadvantage would be that some programs are hard to manage if the students are too young to truly understand and editing may become a hassle We ve seen many times in our class where an assignment was meant to be easy but technology has actually made it more difficult Floorplanner anyone Page 127 1 Explore the Georgia Performance Standards for your gradecontent area Which address creativity List them here ELASLSVZ The student listens to and Views various forms oftext and media in order to gather and share information persuade others and express and understand ideas Pages 127131 1 What habits of mind might Ms Groves possess that let to her reaction to Jamie s creative drawing Ms Groves might have a habit of being practical and deriving her ideas from others or sticking to her original ideas 2 What are some practical reasons for promoting creativity in a classroom Promoting creativity makes students better and innovative thinkers meaning they are more likely to be problem solvers and stay intent on a task longer Pages 131136 1 What is the teacher s role in supporting the creative thinking process Teachers should structure activities according to curricular goals standards and students knowledge and needs and then provide relevant support as students work toward their own understandings 2 Which of the 4 guidelines for supporting student creativity is most applicable to your subjectgrade level Guideline 3 Let students show what they can do especially through writing as well as group work rather than what they cannot is most applicable for my grade level Pages 136145 1 Which of these learning tools and activities are a good fit with your subjectgrade level Why Authoring Environments are a good with with my subject and grade level 5th grade Language Arts because my students are just at the level where some of their technological learning has to be scaffolded but they can make presentations of books they have read etc Pages 145146 1 How do you assess learner creativity


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