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by: Ignatius Heaney


Ignatius Heaney
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ignatius Heaney on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDIT 6100E at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/202495/edit-6100e-university-of-georgia in Instructional Technology Education at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Blacard What is Instructional Technology EDIT 6100 1 W Jennifer Lortz wn What In atructw ion Learner engagement Explicitly imparting Creating knowledge learning Opportunities Wha tsz techngiogy M Mngw k How x if Jrquot quot 1 i l 3quot l f i x y quot v a 4 39x 1 7 1 xxx Squot f 3 2 i 6 a 393 11 The many devices tools o r ii m p lements humans create to change their surroundings to supplement balance or accompany tasks and duties on which they39re working You can also see which is based on my personal definition of technology My definition of Instructional Technology Creating learning environments in which the learner has a direct but assisted part in finding answers to their inquires with cognitive tools that instructional designers have created to guide said learners Direct instruction may occur The learner and learning is at the core and the process by which the learner reaches his goals is equally important to any product that results from the learning Official AECT Definition Instructional Technology is the theory and practice of design development utilization management and evaluation of processes and resources for learning Seals amp Ritchey 1994 Instructional Technology Through the Ages 1900 19203 Educational films Lantern slides Fims Pictures Charts Maps Graphs Visua instruction 203J4Os sound recordings Radio broad casting M otion pictures with sound Audio visual instruction 19505 Media insurgence Television nstructional media 6053703 Began to be thought of as a process Instead of as only equating it with media a way of looking at instructional problems and examining feasible solutions to those problems Finn 1960 3 new definitions emerge 1963 1970 and 1977 as the field grows and changes Major advancements made in educational software from such companies like IBM the Writingto Read program emerged as a leading educational tool in elementary schools in 1984 Personal computers introduced to a mass audience Schools begin using computers as tools 905 391994 definition statement createdagain describes the field in terms of theory and practice with emphasis on research and study very similar to the 1963 definition Focuses on the improvement of learning as the goal of the field Reiser p 6 The definition mentions design and delivery 20005 Yet a n oth er definition from AECTEducational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating lea rning and improving performance by creating using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources Faciliatate learning lmprove performance Use of word technological Domains of Instructional Technology l Development Design 1 Utilization i l Theory l V Management Development Creating materials content or experiences for learners Principles and theories connected to Instruction must be applied when creating said materials Questions to ask Does the development guide learners to achieving the objectives Utilization Matching learners with specific learning situations and materials Learner or instructor begins the utilization process by choosing the appropriate processes and resources AECT 2004 Management Once known as directing the operations of audiovisual centers AECT 2004 this domain has moved to organizing the work of people while planning and controlling the storage and processing of information within a framework of managing a project in an organization Program evaluation quality control and quality assurance falls under this domain Evaluation Very similar to the ADDIE model evaluation in IT will cover the formative and summative evaluations that will take place to give feedback to the specific products and processes of learning Questoins to ask Is there a execution problem and does it interfere with instructional needs What are the characteristics of the learners What must the learners master Design The map of what will be developed along with the plan for any supporting materials for the learning environments One must be familiar with learner characteristics and the instructional materials to define the learning objectives Questions to ask What are the learning objectives Issues in Instructional Technology Ways to improve instruction are always being sought therefore changes in it will be ever present Change in this field happens quickly and one must stay on top of the trends or they will become stale in their profession Many of the newest greatest advancements are taken as the catalyst that will change all of IT when it s really going to only be just another advancement in the line of many great progressions in this field How will it apply to me as an Instructional Designer Understanding the field history and theory of IT will help any Instructional Designer develop the best tools materials and learning environments for their particular I e THE HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY How will it apply to me as an Instructional Designer cont Staying in the loop with current trends current tools and current developments could take over This is not a field that will remain constant in one thought Becoming comfortable and complacent in methods could be the end of a career in Instructional Design Developing ways to stay abreast of the trends and issues will be of key importance to me Ways to Keep Current Join professional organizations gt gt gt gt gt Join local groups of people in similar positions having these conversations meetu ps twitter friends social networking friends Subscribe to RSS feeds of authors or blogs in the field gt gt gt gt The Bigger Picture Main purpose help the learners make sense of the new information While on a visit to a blog on instructional technology l was struck by a video they used from YouTube It reminded me of the fact that while many pieces of information will be presented to learners it is my job as an instructional designer to help the learner make sense of the information A learner might see something in the instruction that wasn t intended to be a learning outcome or might miss something that was intended as a learning outcome It is our job as instructional designers to make sure our learners can make sense of what it is that we re presenting with Please watch this for a visual example of helping the learner make sense of new information


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