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by: Randy Armstrong V


Randy Armstrong V
GPA 3.9


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Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Randy Armstrong V on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADSC 2000L at University of Georgia taught by Dove in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see /class/202554/adsc-2000l-university-of-georgia in Animal Science at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
ADSC Exam 2 Swine H N 9 P Equot 0 N 9 F H o H H H N H w H 4s H U1 H 0 H 1 H so Howm What Where is a pig39s point of balance and blind spot Behind shoulders directly behind How is a pig39s hearing eyesight and smell Hearing and sight good smell excellent How is a pig39s intelligence Herding instinct Defense Smartest of all farm animal mild to low herding flight orfight What happens with handling at 273 weeks Begin to squeal and struggle What are the two holds Head Thumb near ears indegtlt across face in corner of mouth behind needle teeth and rest Preferred crook of forearm with finger in mouth just behind needle teeth Why are needle teeth clipped To prevent injuryto sow and litter Why are tails docked How much To prevent tail biting and cannibalism just longerthan width offinger Why are pigs born iron deficient ron doesn39t pass through placenta How can iron be given How is method decided Manager decides shot or paste uch of what is in Fe shot Use 1 mL iron degtlttron100mg Fe What kind of needle is used 20 gauge Why is shot in neck Low value meat Why are navel cords clipped How long Where do you hold Prevent infection and blood loss 1715 in between piglet and where cut is an ear notch What kind of system is it Permanent ID base 3 system What are the rules for notches Litter number right ID number left no more than two notches in duadrant What are the methods for ear notching Use vrcutter cut deep and M in apart offset on top and bottom What notch means what Litlm No Fla No a 9 9 7 How do you number a girl versus a boy RD N O N N N W N 4 N 0 N l N RD 0 O W N w 4 Female low start with 1 males high start with number of live in litter What piglets are given special attention Weigh less than 2 pounds What do you spray navel cord with 2 iodine What must oral Fe be Chelated What is splayleg Can t straighten hind legs What is the most controversial procedure Where is it banned Castration Europe Why isn t boar meat used What is cause Objectionable odor from androsterone and skatole Why is castration done to young animals What does it affect slightly Nerve endings in scrotum less sensitive growth and survival Why aren t pain medications given to piglets during procedure Long withdrawal time and creates more stress What are the alternatives to surgical castration Chemical ineffective immunocastration anti LHRH vaccine down androsterone and testosterone genetically alter What must the incision go through Skin muscle membrane What are the castration steps Palpate scrotum spray with Betadine and wipe make low incision express testicles and pull up spray with Betadine What instrument is used Hook bill scalpel When do you process First 24 hours What happens if teeth cut too short Abscess called bull nose When do you castrate 121 days What is cryptorchid Testicles don t descend What is the white membrane Tunica vaginalis What are blind nipples Unfunctional nipples What is nursing schedule 24 seconds every 52 minutes What weight is best for survival 335 or more What is best teat and why Anterior because most milk and less likely mastitis What can increase survival Proper sow condition extra feed late gestation What are the pros of boars 4 4 4 U1 4 m 4 l 4 RD U1 0 Grow faster higher feed efficiency leaner What is zone heat Area of warmth for piglets Why give colostrum Born with low disease resistance and ability to absorb antibodies decreases What are signs of anemia Poor growth rough coat wrinkles pale mucous pale ears labor breathing death When do you crossfoster When the litter size is more than the number of teats What is scours Intestinal disorder with yellowwhite feces when anemic no colostrum chilled low milk What is colostrodial enteritis Diarrheal disease What are the 4 kinds of CE Peracute no sign die 12 days acute reddishbrown poop 23 days subacute feces progress to liquid 57 days chronic intermittent diarrhea What is Trichinella Young worms in meant from rats and infected meat What are signs of heat Farrowing Heat no eat restless vulva swollen Farrow milk production nest blood stained fluid restless What is a creep Area for piglets to have warmth and safety Drug Regulation 1 What dictates how to use drugs FDA Compliance Guide What is drug residue Components of drug in meat When is VeterinarianClientPatient Relationship VCPR needed To prescribe animal health products What makes an appropriate VCPR Vet assumes responsibility and client agrees to follow instructions vet has sufficient knowledge to initiate preliminary diagnosis recently made house call vet available for followup in case reaction or failure How does VCPR apply at a show Vet can transfer responsibility to local vet Who decides whether drug is OTC or script Based on what FDA margin of safety effect of overdose difficulty of identifying disease labeled for safety of person handlingadministering What causes the most drug type determination Difficulty in identifying disease of condition What vaccine safety question after sick vets Brucellosis What is OTC Labeled direction written so drug can be used by nonvet for labeled use What is script Only use by or on order of licensed vet N 4 0 What are the different kinds of drug use Which are legal Labeled and extralabeled legal offlabel illegal What are the characteristics of proper extralabel use Vet with VCPR writes script with withdrawal time when labeled drugs not available to maintain animal care What are examples of extralabel use Increased dosage change frequency treat disease not on label changing animal species What products can t have extralabel use Medicated animal feed What must a producer do Identify and track animals given drugs maintain records store label and account for drugs and medicated feed obtain prescription drugs only from licensed vet with VCPR educate those treating haul sell about administration withdrawal observance and methods to reduce residue What is on label Description active ingredient dosage 39 cautions presentation How is proper dose given Use labeled directions accurate weight syringe and gun accuracy How is proper dose assigned mL head at body weight amount body weight Horse Deworm 1 2 What are signs of a sick horse Standing by self rolling getting up and down How can you check for dehydration Skin pinch capillary refill How do you measure wither height Hands 4 inches What is a cecum What is its purpose On R side where fermentation occurs allows horse to live on forage What and where do you listen for gut sounds Near flank listen for presence of sound Who developed body scoring What is the range What is ideal Henneke 1 to 10 455 ideal Where can fat be deposited Neck crests loin tail head What is the formula to estimate body weight When do you need it WeightGirth in2 x Length in 330 when give medication What are other methods of measuring body weight Scale weight tape at heart girth How many kinds of horse parasites are there 150 What are management practices to fight resistance Don t overstock pasture fecal egg counts H N H W H U39I N W N 4 What is the deworming cycle Sept ivermectin NovDec ivermectin and praziquantel JanFeb MarApr ivermectin if gt150 eggs per gram MayAug none Describe large strongyles and small strongyles Large bloodworms significant blood loss 50 mm Small stay in intestine encyst so need moxydectin What is the intermediate host of tapeworm Oribatid mite Describe tapeworms 825 cm What are parascarids Roundworms can cause pneumonia common in foals 22 inches What are pin worms and how do you treat them Cause horse to rub tail head and rear raw ivermectin What are strongyloids Threadworms transmitted in milk What do stomach worms cause Summer sores How does bot fly infect Lay eggs on legs throat nose moisture leads to hatch larvae in mouth and swallowed What is a deworming program based on Ages and living group climate pasture stocking rate proximity to contamination management What are deworming management practices Compost manure keep age groups separated clean pastures What are the ways to administer dewormer What is preferred and why Liquid paste or pills paste because stick to tongue What are the methods for deworming Get weight set dosing syringe read directions for restrictions put in side of mouth towards back and shoot in Beef Reproduction 1 Why do you angle the rod To miss the bladder What does each cane have 10 straws What does yellow semen mean Angus What is on straw label Bull name ID date collected What is the primary objective of beef reproduction management To raise bottom line What is the 151 step in repro management Puberty What influences puberty Breed body type nutrition When do English Continental and Brahman reach puberty 5 H O H H H N H W H 4 H U39I H 0 N H 00 H RD N 53 N H N N N W N 4 N U39I N 0 N N N 00 N RD 0 O E while suckling C 915 months B 253 years How can you make cattle reach puberty earlier Crossbreed with English use bull with larger scrotum use cow that cycles earlier What is the vulva Visible portion What is the vagina Pa ssageway to cervix What is the cervix Protective entrance to uterus What is the body of the uterus Site of semen deposit in Aland where calf is before born What is the uterine horn Site of conception What is the oviduct Transports eggs possible conception What is the ovary Hormone and egg production How do you know a cow is in heat Aggressive rub head in mud stand to be ridden What is a boss cow In every butting group What are heat detecting aids Kmar patch squirts ink keep track of cycle crayon mark on tail head Heat Watch system Describe the cycle of a cow Day 0 heat 1 Ovulation CH fills site of ovulation 24 New CH develops progesterone 515 CH matures 1620 CH regress and new ovum FSH LH 21 mature ovum ready to ovulate When do you breed How 812 hours after stand to be ridden natural AI embryo transplant What are the advantages of natural reproduction Highest calf crop less laborrecordsmanagementtraining What is a gomer bull Can t penetrate female When do you semen test When buy when sell when put with cows What are the advantages and disadvantages of Al A choose bulls and sire better records and management control calving season quality calf crop increased value less bulls needed D time need adequate facilities longer season lower crop training What do you do if you want to use a bull Manage herd health and nutrition determine breeding group semen test bull determine breeding period length How do you know if a heifer has reached puberty Displays heat and stands to be ridden How do you know a cow will conceive Palpate for corpus luteum if present then progesterone What are the three hormones involved in reproduction Progesterone Follicle stimulating hormone mature eggs Luteinizing hormone CL split What are requirements for conception Nondiseased animal fertile eggs quality semen correct timing trained technician 31 How do you know if female ovulated Palpation ultrasound conception 32 How do you restrain cow Use black box with pole behind 33 What is temperature of hot water bath What is semen in 95 F liquid nitrogen 34 What is the procedure for thawing semen Raise cane remove straw deposit in bath for 30 seconds remove 35 What is the procedure to load the gun Cut straw with cito cutter snap straw in place on sheath slide gun over straw to end of sheath lock sheath in place cover sheath with paper towel and put in armpit 36 Why is a hot bath used Temperature of semen will gradually climb instead of spiking 37 What do the different sheath colors mean Green is splitsheath uses donut blue screws in place What is the procedure for insemination Long sleeve on unused shoulder lubricate glove make cow aware of presence slide tail to off side lubricate anus make hand into cone and enter rectum clean out manure and make fist clean vulva with towel check tract snap wrist and open vulva pass breeding gun through vagina to face of cervix weave gun through cervix slide gun past end of cervix and feel for tip at other end slowly deposit semen slowly remove 39 What is sympathetic heat Stand to be ridden but pregnant 40 What do you check for after remove gun What do you do with sheath Discharge yellow is infected sire information all semen deposited break sheath in halfand throw away 1 What is recorded after procedure Cows ID sire date time abnormalities breeding details 42 After you release the cow what is a sign the procedure went well If not standing to be ridden W 00 4 Beef Identification 1 What does weaning weight measure Cow milking ability 2 How do you measure performance Money generated milking ability 3 How do you ID cows Branding tat ear tag 4 What does a hot brand leave Freeze brand Scar white hair 5 What is freeze branding Super cold iron applied to kill color pigment in follicle 6 What are the advantages and disadvantages of freeze branding A less pain hide damage restraint more visible in cold best for show D coolants hard to find differ results on light animal more labor 7 What are the advantages of fire branding H O H H H W H 4 N 53 N H N 0 N 00 Quicker and cheaper What are the two types of coolants Dry ice and alcohol liquid nitrogen How do you restrain cow Chute and head gate What is the temperature ofdry ice Liquid nitrogen 109 F 321F What is the requirement for the alcohol 99 pure What are the advantages and disadvantages of liquid nitrogen A easier to brand shorter time D danger in burning self violent rxn with water Describe the branding irons Copper alloy or stainless steel 26 inches tall What are the branding times for dry ice for colt Horse Calf Cow 1624 s 20245 40505 50605 What are the branding times for liquid N for colt Horse Calf Cow 612s 812s 2124s 2530s How is ID number made Year born followed by order born What and why do you squirt before brand Room temp alcohol to remove oils and help transfer cold brand What are the freeze branding methods Chill irons till boiling stop restrain animal brush coat clean site and clip squirt alcohol align brand and press to skin start timer and start rocking motion remove brand What is necessary for a closed herd Artificial insemination What is branded ID number and holding brand owner What decides how you tag calf Same number as mom change to individual if you keep What is streaking All color follicles aren t killed because brand not held long enough or with enough P What is post branding process 15s indent 510 min swell 5 days swell gone 1 month top layer shed 2 month white hair grow 3 month white hair complete What is fire brand effect Brand too long and entire follicle killed Why do you tattoo cow Required to register What are the two kinds of ink Paste or roll on How do you know ink is in Cow jumps What are the tattoo procedures Restrain place halter test tat on cardboard tie head to side wet rag with alcohol and clean site put ink on tips if paste place tat in area and apply look at tat fill indentations with ink What direction do you turn head


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