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by: Thurman Wilderman


Thurman Wilderman
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Thurman Wilderman on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1211 at University of Georgia taught by Johnson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/202569/chem-1211-university-of-georgia in Chemistry at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
High Density Electronic Molecular Geometry Hybrid Examples Electron Geometry izatio RegionsGroups n Linear Linear AB2 C02 BeCI2 BeBr2 Bel2 HgCIZ 2 sp CdCI2 BeCIBr BeIBr BeH2 1 Trigonal Planar AB3 BF3 BCI3 BBr3 BI3 H2CO BFZCI BClZBr Trig 3 Trigonal Planar 2 Bent ABZU sz P39anarlsozrmr NOZ39SOZ bent CH4rCF4rCC394r SiH4 SiF4 NH4 1 Tetrahedral AB4 CF3CICH2C2 CH3F CH2F2 Tat ar Tetrahedral 2 Trigonal Pyramidal AB3U NH3VNF3V PH3VPC393rASH3rSO3 Z39lt lg Pyramid 4 3 Bent ABZUZ sp3 H25 H20 H25C20 4 Linear ABU3 CH30HOF2 NH2 bent HF HCI HBr HI FCI Ibr linear 1 Trigonal Bypyramidal AB5 PF5 AsF5PC5 trig bypyramid Trigonal 2 SeeSaw AB4U SF4 TeC4 seesaw F3 BrF3 5 Bypyramidal 3 TShape AB3U2 CF3 T shaped XeF2 I3 inear 4 Linear AB2U3 sp3d 1 octahedral AB6 SF6 PF6 octahedral SeF6SC6 SFSCI 5 Octahedral 2 Square Pyramidal ABSU BrF5 square pyramidal XeF4 6 3 Square Planar AB4U2 sp3d2 F4 square planar The groups of valence shell electrons on the central atom repel one another They are arranged about the central atom so that the repulsions among them are as small as possible This results in maximum separation of the electron groups about the central atom The molecule or ion is most stable when the electron groups on the central atom are as far apart as possible Two electron groups are most stable on opposite sides of the central atom where they repel one another as little as possible Lewis formula for polyatomic ions can be constructed in the same way as those of neutral molecules lplp gt lpbp gt bpbp Equatorial x axis plane and axial up and down Polarity Sigma BondHeadOn overlap ElectronegatIVIty Trends Pi BondSideOn overlap Single Bond 1 sigma Double Bond 1 sigma 1 pi Triple Bond 1 sigma 2 pi Molecular geometry excludes lone pairs on the central atom and describes only atom arrangement around the central atom But lone 1 s 1p 2 Sp pairs modify the molecular 15 2p 3 sz geometry ls 3p 4 sp3 NOTE The number of hybrid orbitals is always equal to the number of atomic orbitals that hybridize arranged so that their polarities cancel If there are two or more bond dipoles are arranged in such a way that they cancel so that the resulting molecule is nonpolar or do not cancel so that the resulting molecule is polar Each bond dipole is an electronic vector with a magnitude and direction Equal in magnitude and opposite in direction cancels to give a nonpolar molecule with a dipole moment equal to O In angular arrangement two equal dipoles don t cancel but add to give a net dipole moment greater than zero making it a polar molecule Directions of bond polarities would be reversed but bond polarities would still cancel in linear Lone pairs on the central atom can also affect the direction and magnitude of the net molecular dipole so the presence of lone pairs on the central atom must always be taken into account For a molecule to be polar two conditions must both be met There must be at least one polar bond or one lone pair on the central atom and The polar bonds if there are more than one must not be lone pairs on the central atom they must not be arranged so that their polarities cancel WHEN THE MOLECULE OR POLYATOMIC ION HAS NO LONE PAIRS OF VALENCE ELECTRONS ON THE CENTRAL ATOM THE MOLECULAR GEOMETRY IS THE SAME AS THE ELECTRONIC GEOMETRY uuesuon 2 me 2476 Dexermme m2 NM arms reanmn MKS 09 WEOMEJ Thesze nYThermu marm vames Vs avaHzme mrvau m me any US llJDlnunau Signs Nmns my AS Jmm x Quesmn AWN 1mm same rezmnn 5 7167 9 kJmm WM 5 A6 Vurme rezumm Ac m KJmul mm a D m Kn n n 1711 MN m g r A w A AKA2010 Quesuon 3 naex Chunse me mmu respnnsg wreath xmmnmmam mndmun Us We sth bar an we amuse buxes m see an mme avauame npnnns enema Arezmun wmm has AM lt a Quesuon Fur 2 mamun wmm mag gt 01m s em a w has mm mm j W Quesmn Areamun Much has Adm gt u Resaurces em 5 examerrmn mm 5 nunspnnranguus u m m mu 571 an an an m nzfm m mnnm m mun m 02511u171 nan SnowAnswer mummam Come yT mum 7 Yes 17 m 3 gamma 5er W I r meTzk en 75 Dale Taken nmmnoa at 0 uuesl n and prEssurE lo annnepm a Furme YuHqug rezumn a Cunsxam IEmpEramrE 25quot AH quot 202 4 kJmm 4 Hwy 02m 2 202m 2 H209 Furme Vuuuwmg reamun a mnsxam xemperamre 25 and Dreisure A 7202 4 KJmm 4 Hum 02m 4 mm 2 H2002 Queslmn Ca zma e me amount nrwarx m M 32 sure m Enterme zppmpnaxe sun W W mm 223 kJ 43mm Ea m a e AEanms reaumn m k BE sum m ENEMhE auumunme s gn Quesuon been the summer mm mm bnx max 5 mm farms reaumn Duesholl mama amount n1 mm w x1 Be swam emerth apprnnnzm swgn Numberiner wnrk 7 44 k Queshorl mm AEVuHms reamun m k Be swam mng apprupnme m NumberEner AE H 495 n m PM 4 wow uuesuon s mnemzus b 175 Klmm 4 wow QuesuonTOn ex Quesmn Try The spam ram nnsxanr K mm readmn 5 a uzgz a 35 m n o z 9 3 CE EMSIE kVUHhE reamun W H nuur a 74 S 39C and me amvznnn EHEFQVG 7 0 Wm 1a m m 11u 571 on 1911 m1 171 The spam ram mnsumk1ur araauvm 5 a 0292 squot ax 35 7c Cakmaxe KYurma raatnun w u utmrs ax 74 s 39c and ma amvzhnn enervas 74 a KJmm Resuurces uuesuon a unemsm b s 5 thusth a musx be 2 a M m ma Quesuon a On ex a was me a max be 2 a M m we mum um y n anasxos 61 x 1 x 1M1 an mm m H s 2 5n 2 z 2 y rn mamaran x u96n y mollll39lxo M452 1 nxsaa yzupnnanu x 961 y mmmx mm R mm Tms rsaumn s Th2 ram mm 52mm mamaquot uues on 1n mnex 24911 b 4 wzom Quesuon 11 Un ex Quesuon n m sueme equannnwmm sme Carma reamunfurmeAH nero O OZ 9 3 1a m m v1u 571 0111911 m1le H NEG 1303Lm NEOIQJ nzfm m mnnm m 1mm mm 09 NZOAE m 02511u171 man 2 N2ltggt 029 a 2 N206 gt szy 12 DzAg r4209 H 2 NE1 09 Nzomv m 173 Resuurces J y r Test Name Yesl m mm me1zk en 75 Dale Taken mumznoa at 0 uuesuon 12mnex 2482 b then what mm I Wm nntemrmmn M mna untemranun Quesuon13Un ex quesnon a rzamun Dummy m mesa Wages s R a wmre R rEpresEms a red baH and a rEpresems a bum baH um mammwmg Wages ax whzx me 5 rst equmbrmm asubHshgd uues on 14 mnex my b Z Ely 2 2 lg 1 Dng Frnm me magram we an armada manneAHM ndude me mrrEu swam Cu 2 a uuesuon 15mnex 246m 12 7 hours cu m quotu a n w 25 2 9 mm ramnnuthde dataVar ss huurs haw mamgrams mm raumnmma wm be ma bl Answer NM quotaway gram cu remam The radmnudme cu undErgues radmamvE maywun axm z 12 7 Haws Ramnamve mavmvswsx nrder mums u a M 2 B La 1 w 25 2 9 ohms raumnmm new1m 55 a hams haw manvgrams Mme radmnuthde wm be wequot grams cu ramam DaIeTzken 04142 9210 NC A w 1 quotPM 4 wzom Quesuon 17 Un ex 19m quesuon aw ms bzvanned rhemwca reamnn Ho 0 20M 2 owm m 202 4 KJmm rxn How many mmes m HO are mere m 95 a g at H07 There are mn es n1 HO m 95 a g m HO Duesuon Haw manvmmes nnms reaumn wm mm was a a n1 HG are reamed wun mass 027 5 mm wmgmm uues on 13 mnex 1953 Furme hasme 4 How 029 2 2 0sz 2 H2 0x97 Am 7114 g klmm rxn and NM lt a MS reaumn s m Cu 2 a u m m mu 571 umm1 an m nzfm m mnnm m 1mm 11 02511u171 nan Thus we mm m reanmn am meme mn es m mamun and furxms reaumn The sun m M aenmms whemer ham 5 hberaxed ar absorbed 4 wzom


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