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by: Notetaker
User_79809_profile4344 Notetaker
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Human Anatomy

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About this Document

It has information on microscopes, functions of cells, Lipids and many other organelles.
Human Anatomy
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL150 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania taught by Shundong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy in Anatomy at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
BIOL 150 A08 Notes on Cells Study of Cells Cytology Study of cells We us micrometer um 1cm10000 Sizes very from 7umRBC to 126 um oocytefemae molecule Shapes vary at cylindrical oval Animal cells can change shapes Plant cells are xed in slope chloroplast cell wall Prototypical cell Plasma membrane outer barrier Cytoplasm celluar contents cytsol organales Nucleous control center Microscopes Light Microscope visible light passes Transmission electron microscope a beam electron pass through thin slice scanning beam electron bounces off the surface 3d image of all surface General Functions of Human Body Cells Covering protect outer surface of body ex skin Lining Regulate nutrient movement body tissue ex small intestine Storage Store Lipid reservoirs store carbohydral nutrients as slyogan and fat Movementpump blood move skeleton ConnectionFrom ligaments attach to bone 0 Defense Produce antibiotics to target antigen ex white blood cells Communication nerve cell send info between regions of brain Reproduction new blood cell ex individual bone narrow reproduces red blood cells Plasma Membrane regulates passage of sas nutrients and waste internal and external Composition and structure of membrane and external Lipids Phospholipids double layer polar and nonpolar head is polar and tail is nonpolar they are tail to tail 0 Cholesterol temp hot drift apart cold keep together 20 of membrane Lipid Glycolipids 5 to 10 of membrane lipid sugar molecules facing out Proteins a Integral Proteins pass through expand thickness of membrane Membrane channels Na Receptors binding site b Peripheral Protein Float loosely attached expand in termal Enzymes digestive protein Glycoproteins B Functions of Plasma Membrane 3 Cytoplasm a Cytosol Viscous syrup like uid different dissolved substances b lnclusions strange aggression of complex melanin brown pigment glycogen lens chain sugar in skeletal and muscular division labor C Membrane bound biochemical activity organelle vs from cytosol ex endoplasmic reticulum a Endoplasmic reticulum Smooth and rough Smooth ER transport storage lipids detoxi cation steroid hormones metabolism drugs alcohol poison 0 Rough ER proteins secretion by cell incorporate into create lysosome and plasma membrane b Golgi apparatus receives CIS force shipping trans face c Mitochondria ATP require more energy d Cytoskeletonl Micro laments 2 Intermediate laments 3 Microtubules 5 Nuclear Envelope 2 membranes selectively permeable channels asl molecules in and out of nucleus B Nucleoli darllt staining bodies with nucleus composed RNA 4 Aging and Cell 0 Cancer apoptosis irreversible damage via harmful agents mechanical damage Necrosis programmed cell death What is tissue A group of cells perform similar functions Organ heart lung tissue Epithetical Tissue Sltin provide physical skin protection control permeability therosen in and out provide sensation secrete Ethelia Cellularity pure cell no gment no ber only cells Avascular but innervated Pure tissue not blood but has regions Regeneration multilayers square cells can divide regenerate


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