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by: London Bogisich


London Bogisich
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by London Bogisich on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 4020 at University of Georgia taught by Mitchell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/202605/mgmt-4020-university-of-georgia in Business, management at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
The University ochorgia TERRY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MGMT 40104020 Foundations of Leadership 11 Exam 2 Study Guide Listed below are various concepts discussed in class and in the text which will be used as a basis for Ex Please note some of the material covered in class is not in your textbook Make sure that you can define each concept as well as discuss its componentsdimensions processes influences A and r them if they apply The exam will consist of multiple choice questions or truefalse questions The exam will cover the following topics Communications Chapter 8 by Nelson 8 Campbell Conflict and Negotiation Chapter 13 by Nelson 8 Campbell Power and Politics Chapter 11 by Nelson 8 Campbell Communication Communication model Understand the overall m r 1 it A 1an how Re exive listening 0 Know its de nition 0 Know what it involves Types of communication 0 E 9 2 it What39s the role of silence 0 What39s the role of eye contact Leader communications 0 t makes for good versusbad leaders Barriers and gateways to effective communication 0 Communication barriers 0 Types of obviousbarriers and how they impact communication 0 r l 39 ham r and how they 39 t 39 0 Communication gateways 0 Understand how to get to a gateway versusbarrier 0 What39s the role of gender on communication 0 How do men versus Women provide feedback and discipline 0 How do men versus women receive feedback and discipline Defensive versus nonidefensive communication What is defensive communication 0 What are defensive tactics o Howdodeneui e 39 39 o What is defensive communication 0 What are defensive tactics How do deneui e 39 39 r 39 39 pron 7 o What is nonidefensive communication Pnnv 7 o How can you be nonidefensive MGMT 40104020 Foundations of Leadership II Exam 2 Study Guide p 2 I How does defensive differ from nondefensive communication I How does defensive and nondefensive communication impact the communication process Nonverbal communication I Proxemics o What is territorial space 0 What are the zones of territorial space 0 Understand seating dynamics I Kinesics and role of gestures I Face and eye behavior I Paralanguage How to build positive healthy communication I What are the components of positive healthy communication I What is communication disease Information communication technology ICT I How does ICT affect behavior 0 Impersonal in nature Decrease interpersonal skills Eliminates nonverbals Alters social context of exchange Equalizes participation Increases potential for overload Encourage multitasking Makes people less patient with facetoface OOOOOO Conflict and Negotiation What is con ict I What was the purpose of Mr Rosencrant s discussion and readings of sayings from his Mom and Dad 0 What does it mean to get to someone s interest versus position to resolve conflict I Why is it important to understand conflict management skills o How much time do managers on average spend managing conflict I Types of conflict 0 Functional vs dysfunctional o 3 types of group conflict 0 3 types of intrapersonal conflict I Consequences of conflict 0 Positive consequences 0 Negative consequences I Diagnosing conflict 0 Understand the 3 steps and What leaders should be analyzing with each I Causes of con ict 0 Structural factors 0 Personal factors MGMT 40104020 Foundations of Leadership II Exam 2 Study Guide p 3 I Diffusing con ict Con ict management strategies 0 Competitive versus cooperative strategies I What is winwin I How do you get to winwin o Ineffective techniques I Know what they are and examples of each 0 Effective techniques I Know what they are and examples of each What is negotiation I When do you decide to negotiate I What are the negotiation approaches 0 Which perspective did Mr Rosencrants use with his conflict about his commission I Con ict management styles Know what each style is Know when to use each style Know what the potential problem is for each style What are idiosyncrasy credits 0000 Power and Politics Important terminology to understanding power I Power I Influence I Authority I Counterpower I Role of interdependence Model of power I Sources of interpersonal power 0 Which isare most and least effective 0 For each bases of interpersonal power how can you use them ethically I Contingencies of power 0 Substitutability and its types 0 Centrality o Discretion o Visibility Positive versus negative power use I Personal versus socialized power I Which is most effective and why Politics and politicking I What is organizational politics I What is political behavior 0 Is political behavior bad I Conditions encouraging politicking I Types of influence tactics 0 Know what each are and examples of each


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