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by: London Bogisich


London Bogisich
GPA 3.75


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by London Bogisich on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 4010 at University of Georgia taught by Mitchell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/202606/mgmt-4010-university-of-georgia in Business, management at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
MGMT 40 Fall 2011 The University of Georgia m TERRY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MGMT 40104020 Foundations of Leadership II Fall 2011 Exam 2 Study Guide as a basis or Exam 2 Please note some of the material covered in class is not in your textbook Make sure that you can define each concept as well as discuss 39 s componentsdimensions processes influences consequences and management practices that facilitate them if they apply The exam will consist of multiple choice questions or truefalse questions The exam will cover the following topics Ethical Decision Making and Leadership Williams Chapter 4 Conflict Negotiation and Influence Nelson amp Campbell Chapter 13 and pp 178180 of Chapter 11 Guest Speakers George Boltwood and Hamiton Holmes Jr Listed below are various concepts discussed in class and in the text which will be used f Ethical Decision Making and Leadership erms and definitions Jus ce o Ethics 0 Ethical behavior 0 Unethical behavior 0 mportance of integrity Moral instincts and moral emotions Know the definition of moral instincts and moral emotions o 2 features of moral emotions and why they are important to the types of emotions o 4 families of moral emotions Moral cognition Know its definition 0 The 4stage process of ethical decisionmaking l Ethical sensitivity l Moral intensity Judgment l Moral development c mpact of moral development on judgments 0 Where people on average in business mostl fit in terms of moral development and why that s important to the behavior that they engage in at work I Principles of ethical decision making that impact judgment Motivation Conductbehavior Types of unethical behavior found in organizations ie rkplace deviance and its forms Organizational factors that impact the 4 stages of ethical decision making 0 oo o MGMT 40 Fall 2011 US Sentencing Commission 0 What is it o How do they punish organizations for unethical behavior 0 7 guidelines for effective compliance Building an Ethical Work Environment 0 Ethical work environment definition and what it involves o Approaches to establishing an ethical work environment 0 What are they 0 Which is the best approach 0 Practical steps for building an ethical work environment Ethical leadership 0 Definition 0 Components of ethical leadership 0 What is it and why can it be interpreted as defensive o How can you be non defensive Mr Boltwood s Presentation Examples he provided that demonstrate various topics covered on ethics The difference between value and values and why that s important to ethical decision making What s Mr Boltwood s hope for you as future business men and women Conflict Negotiation and Influence Important terminology 0 Conflict o Negotiation 0 Influence Facts about conflict management skills Types of conflict 0 Functional vs dysfunctional conflict 0 Group conflict 0 Intrapersonalconflict Consequences of conflict 0 Positive consequences 0 Negative consequences Steps to diagnose conflict Causes of conflict 0 Structural factors 0 Personal factors Diffusing conflict 0 Understand conflict and power dynamics 0 Understand the role of defense mechanisms know what the different defense mechanisms are 0 Conflict management strategies 0 Competitive versus cooperative o The difference between interests versus positions 0 Ineffective techniques 0 Effective techniques Negotiation When to negotiate o Approaches to negotiating 0 Conflict management styles 0 Understand their impact on negotiation 0 Understand when to use each


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