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by: London Bogisich


London Bogisich
GPA 3.75


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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by London Bogisich on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 5980 at University of Georgia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/202608/mgmt-5980-university-of-georgia in Business, management at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Leadership Test 2 Chapter 4 Building relationships by communicating supportiver Communicating effectively 0 Talking about what people do communicate 0 Quotes in book 0 Communicate effectively important most people are bad at it 8 Principles 1 Congruence not in congruence be honest what you are thinking and what you are saying 2 Descriptive not evaluative more description about what the problem is not evaluating the person a Sensitive line is closer when its personal and further when descriptive 3 Supportive communication problem oriented not people oriented focus on what you are trying to solve and not about the person a Presentation important 4 Validates rather invalidates hear person out and find root of problem disagreement and respond to this 5 Supportive communication specific not global tell the person the compliment out of a specific topic 6 Supportive communication conjunctive not injunctive it flows smoothly communicated back and forth 7 Supportive communicative owned not disownedquot own it assign owners to something 8 One way message delivery supportive listening actually communicating talking to peoplequot excuses couldn t do something Chapter 5 Gaining Power and Influence as defined by the book p 286 We will define power as the potential to influence behavior 0 Power is the biggest currency you have in leadership 0 More resources 0 Good things for subordinates 0 Hard to work for arrogant mean 0 Work the power not the power who wants to come from 0 Power hungry associated with doing well 0 Both work abusive power micromanage o How do you accumulate 0 Personal expertise attraction effort legitimacy I Start day 1 maybe a test question I Knowledge educated subject matter expertise don t have People skills attraction charm developing on own 0 Positional I Power aspect Centrality in the middle of anything everything 0 Cross desk control source of power and directing it 0 0 Stop someone with power cone after you 0 Flexibility discretion ability to make decisions framing o Favors to flexibility o Visibility to be seen doing great work 0 Helps with advancement increase competition increase haters o Conversation with someone sending email 0 Relevance being main line business be where you think you should be 0 To what business 0 Power to influence 3 R s Retribution bad negative influence if you don t do this I ll screw you over in O dysfunctional only thing to do do it commit to threats 0 Reciprocity good do something for me I do something for you trade something for something else 0 Reason good for both or good for neither external same boat could be good or bad persuasion exchange too common interest 0 How to fight back and neutralize read Chapter 6 Motivating others review Dan Pink video 0 Old jobs not that complicated o Rewards and Stress narrows their thinking Carrots and sticks rewards and punishments does not always work 0 I Defined measurement I Availability of reward 0 Absent of punishment want do it or want do great job 0 Motivate people Extrinsic motivated by outside forces money rewards and etc 0 o ntrinsic motivation inside what we want to do I Makes people perform a whole lot better 0 Autonomy having control over work what you do I Time when you workquot telecommuting I Technique how you do it I Placelocation where you want to workquot telecommuting I Who you work with it o Mastery learning something over time I See how it works I 10000 hoursquot working to try to get better I Sales 0 Purpose is important have to know so you can get be excited Chapter 7 managing conflict 0 Conflict 0 Good More than one idea generates multiple solutions and ideas 0 Bad prevents progression when people interact with people 0 Test question in 1996 managers spend 18 or 1 whole day dealing with people fighting with each other before 1986 before it was 92 o scarce resources Ideas 0 Focus of conflicts 0 People focus people screaming at each other person on person I Close proximity of each other interdependence of systems I 2 don t want to add partner bc of personal issues 0 Issue focus negotiation different interest I Person being a pain behavior you are doing things that are not productive action not person 0 About 23 don t want bosses jobs 0 Don t talk about politics and religion 0 Conflicts avoid work 0 Different understanding on what is suppose to be done informational differences I Example warehouse with forklift driver and safety manager solution common superiorgt must come in I Role incompatibility two goals that don t reach the other 0 Assigning a group to it most likely it want get done 0 Quote test question llit s a small world in a long liequot I A cost associated with making people making people mad because you more than likely will run into them again mad real cost 0 Externality environmental cost not been worn o 5 conflict management I Forcing get your way but you may occur cost in future I Avoiding don t have to deal with conflict problem still exist it grows 0 Something better to do I Compromising getting something we want but it s a quick solution I Accommodating letting someone win relationship more important I Collaborating working together to get to solution 0 lot of work time consuming 0 happy people and good solution


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