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by: Miss Marjorie Hudson


Miss Marjorie Hudson
GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Marjorie Hudson on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDUC 2120 at University of Georgia taught by Cozart in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/202613/educ-2120-university-of-georgia in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Can somebody list the main ideas from At the Edge of Poverty and Children of the Mountains Came across this link to ashcards httpswww kooferscomfashcardsefnd midterm coza rtreview these are beautiful notes good job Chapter 1 Multiculturalism Pluralism amp Particularism Ravitch amp Takaki Pluralism Ravitch Encourages students to learn all cultures and heritage Doesn39t assimilate One can work to self ful llment no matter what background Broader interpretation of history Abandon group ties Individualism Criticisms Maintains anglosaxon version of history Forgets real culture Too broad mpementation difficult becomes eurocentric Particularism Takaki Teach towards ethnic ties Teach individ culture to those in that culture Used to encourage learning by teaching one39s background Raise selfesteem amp achievement in minority students ldentity Is the culture one was born into Segregated classrooms quotRevisionquot of American Hist Comrnon culture is unattainableundesirable Criticisms Too much pride of one39s own cultureheritage Boxes one into one cultural standardframe lmplementation Expert teachers diff curriculum Unbaianoed lncrease racial tension Multicultural education definition per Nieto According to Nieto Multicultural education is a process of comprehensive school reform and basic education for all students Seven basic characteristics of Multicult Edu nAntiracist education nEducation for social justice nPervasive nBasic education nA process nlmportant for all students nCritical pedagogy Idea of social justice nGood education connects theory and action social justice nDeveloping a social justice perspective means learning how to think more inclusively re ecting on what is learned and applying that learning to real situations uMulticultural education with a social justice perspective means learning to question power structures and the status quo Culture Cultural Capital Represents symbolic credit for having more experiences with dominant culture More competencies that give someone quottastequot and intelligence Achieves higher social standing Cultural Deprivation Those who attend school We correct background suffer from cult deprivation Compensatory programs have been implemented to fill this gap ie ESEA Head Start LiteracyLanguage Programs Extended day instruction Transportation Services Computer Instruction Cultural Relativism Attempt to understand other cultures within the context of their own cut beliefs opposite of ethnocentrism AcculturationlAssimilation Acculturation AdoptingTaking on the culture ofa new group lmmigrants a take on dominant culture values dress customs food etc Portes amp Rumbaut Accult Model Consonant acculturation Parentschildren learn lang and cult ofcommunity where they live Dissonant acculturation Children learn new lang and cult Parents keep native lang and cult Leads to con ict and decreased parental authority Selective acculturation Children learn dominant cult and lang but retain signi cant elements of native cult Berm s Acculturation Model Culturol Identity Negative Positive C E CUITUFOYIOG Negchve marginalization Relationship to Dominant Society Positive Assimila39icn lntegroiiorzl BIC uliuvollsni Chapter 2 Race amp Ethnicity Immigrants who came to the US and why who comes today Legislation relating to immigrants entering and attending school Difference between race and ethnicity Legislationcourt cases relating to civil rights Different types of segregation Cultural identity Hate groups Types of race and ethnicity curriculum Beverly Tatum s De ning Racism article main idea summary of her terms Stereotypes contribute to prejudicepreconceived judgement based on limited info lnternalized oppression member of stereotyped group internalizes stereotypical traits about own group Racism system involving cultural messages and policies and practices as well as beliefs and actions of individuals when combined wsocial power social institutionalization of racist policiespractices Race is a social construction Idea of acting white Banished film Chapter 3 Class amp Socioeconomic Status Different classes Idea of class mobility Socioeconomic status Homelessness and students


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