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by: Ellen Abshire


Ellen Abshire
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellen Abshire on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2000 at University of Georgia taught by Hathcote in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see /class/202624/fdns-2000-university-of-georgia in Forensic Science at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
11211 Internships FACS Ed Student teaching Melissa KozakCHFD Rm 103A CHFD Internship Objectives Application of CHGD coursewor Develop professional skills Career decisions Graduate school decisions Certified family life educator certificationrequired Communitybased Placement CHFD 5900Preinternship orientation Establish internship placementhow does it prepare me Review professional issues Discuss issues specific to your placement CHFD 5910Internship Field Experience Meet regularly with Instructor classmates Complete weekly logs Complete ethics statement evaluations projects Networklearn about other agencies Enrolling in 5900 Complete advisement checklist with advisor Fall Spring amp Summer 12 Credit Hrs 480 Clock Hours 9 Hours 360 Clockhours 6 Hours 240 Clock Hours Youth services elderly services family services amp community services Delta more family friendly place 11211 Caveats all internships must be related to CHFD Degree Internships that aren t available include Real estate amp business placements Nanny positions Child life amp other hospital placements All requests require completion ofInternship Application Packet Barbara GrossmanFDNS Not exclusive WHY Makes classroom material more relevant Tryon possible careers gain work experience have professional contact in real world networking opportunities amp have a nonacademic reference FDNS 5930 Consumer Foods Internship Complete 3 or 4 years of study Dietetics Practicum FDNS 5800 Dietetic Internship is not until postgraduate for becoming registered dietician Michelle ObamaChoosemyplategov SweaneyHousing amp Consumer Economics Cum GPA 20 minimum of12 semester hours in HACE coursework or consumer Must have completed HAVE 5900preintern class 1 Enroll in HACE 5900 2 Acquire internship 3 Complete paper application Letter of agreement from supervisor Develop objectives with field supervisor Supervisor sign policy Memorandum Resume POD form policy memorandum health insurance verification 4 Completed appneed advisor s signature 5 Lisa something 6 POD form to Rm 112 11211 7 Register for HACE 5910 8 Make copy of application for records Internship Process Must use ELC to submit log of experiences each wk Midterm amp final selfrating evaluation 35 page paper Present a seminar summarizing your intern experience PSNNEquot Website for all internships in past Emily Blalock Dpt of textiles merchandising amp interiors Iia RoseFashion interiors intern programr hour 120 hours Fashion merchandisingsummer only 1 Selfevaluationwhat do you want to do 2 List of companies 3 Resume amp Cover letter Apply to 1020 companies 80 ofjobs are landed through networking Internship Booklet of contactson ELC Target15hr informalboutique NY up to you how much you earndo If company doesn t respond give 2 weeks for respect start hounding if really want position if up north amp ask for response if in south Register for 5910after txmi 5900 How do you get an internship lstbe motivated network write thank you notes search scrapbooks contact previous FM interns via linked in or fabo read WWD women s wear daily and search company websites ampjoin online internship databases freefashioninternshipscom Possible industry organizations apparel marts designers magazines dpt stores specialty stores boutiques amp manufacturers Eligibility GPA25 or higher c or above in 16 hours of FM course work Including FM professional elective amp major required 11211 Required class 5900 1 hr TXMI 2000 doesn t count towards internship Deadline Feb 6th for this summer Mandatory internship meetingApril 26thgoals amp objectives amp Requirements must find own internship summer ONLY 36 hours minimium Of 210 houra working emailweekly blog post amp professional portfolio Furnishing amp interiorssummer before sr year assignments amp readings along ith everything else in FM internship requirments November 9th Outreach Extension Public Policy by Don Bower The State of Ga UGA and the LandGrant University System How has the US standard ofliving changed Standard ofliving How comfortable we are by available goods and services Infant mortality high in countries with low SOL low in countries with high SOL Capita Income amp literacy along with infant mortality are indicators of SOL Other impacts What ofUS homes had inside running water not bathrooms in 1940 18 2000 99 How has agricultural productivity changed 19152000 US 200 times Soviet Union 3 times Landgrant University System amp Cooperative Extension System Painting from Saturday Evening Post1948Norman Rockwell Farmer farm wife amp kids in front of red barn with calf amp chickens Girl has 4leaf clover book in hand project raising and showing calf 351 counties has extension agent 4H Youth Outreach Extension Program Green Acres Hank Kimble Cooperative Extension agent Charlotte s Web with Dakota Fanning4H member took Wilbur to fair 11211 In 1862 Congress created two acts after civil war quotMale pale amp stale stilted environment with not much diversity Arts and Sciences amp Humanities were past studies until mid 1800s USDA was created by Lincoln Morrill Act was made 2 days later Bring science to farming Farmer s Almanachweather phase ofmoon superstition His grandma planted a dishrag planted in garden on full moon to help plants grow Morrill Act created at least 1 college in each state where leading object shall be without excluding other scientific and classical studies to teach such branches oflearning as are related to agricultural and the mechanical arts AampM agricultural and the mechanical arts New Mexico State Aggie bc it started out as an AampM university LGU s founded on 3 radical ideas 1 Higher education should be accessible to women minorities amp working class 2 Universities should teal practical subjects like farming engineering amp home econ 3 Should share knowledge with people throughout their states Formula sell 30000 acres times the number of congressman Ga at the time had 8 congressmen in mid 1800s sold 240000 for 243000 and allocated to UGA to start teaching practical subjects Additional LGU s 2Ml Morrill Act of 1890 historically black colleges amp universities Far north as Kentucky amp west Virginia far west as Texas 3ml M Act in 1994 Native American Landgrant universities Map on Landgrant colleges amp universities Seaman Knappgreat grandfather of Seaman KnappPresident at UGA FACS quotWhat a man hears he may doubt what he see he may possibly doubt but what he does he cannot doubt Seaman Knappbelieved in power of demonstration Senatorformer Ga Governor Sen Hoke Smith GA amp Rep Frank Lever SC 11211 SmithLever Act created cooperative extension systemshall consist if giving instruction and practical demonstrations in ag and home econ to persons not attending said college Motto TEACHING RESEARCH amp OUTREACH Laura Spencehome demonstration agent Mary Creswell1st female to earn bachelors degree at UGA 1st Dean of home econ at UGA Home demonstration agent Went to DC and worked at USDA Sewing machine erahome demostration agent In 1909 Hall published book called adolescents teenage years are separate part oflife instead of staying home working on farms Also 2 Iowa counties started using 4leaf clover 1904 Newton County Boys Corn Club amp Girls Canning Clubtraces of4H since 1904 1906 Statewide cottongrowing contests 1924 Camp Wilkins1st 4H camp in entire world Rock Eaglelargest 4H camp dedicated in 1905 half million since created 60 years ago 4H7 million in US 750000 in Ga 4H is UGA s youngest students Extension System Today Federal Agencies Counties help fund state amp nat l system Universities International Cooperative means to serve all 3 of agencies 2 Kinds of Extension Faculty campusbased faculty amp field faculty county extension office outreach amp agent research campus and state of Ga quotis our countyquot 159 counties in Ga 2 1 to Texas largest state East ofMS When counties were created you had to ride horse to town sink and backin one day Leila MizeHAD in 1930s example of hands on pactical application Picture of her making mattress out of scrap cotton Daughter is Iessi Mize current dpt Head of HACE at UGA Ex Of his work Parenting Edu Child development Sexuality edu relationship edu and senior caregiving edu


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