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by: Kathleen Hyatt


Kathleen Hyatt
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathleen Hyatt on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3230 at University of Georgia taught by McCaskill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/202631/engl-3230-university-of-georgia in Foreign Language at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
African American Literature Study Guide Exam 1 The Black Arts Movement 0 v Aesthetic something attractivebeautifulappealing gt Black aesthetic appreciation interest and devotion to thinking critically about what makes African American writing appealing something both general and specific 0 Continuous interest over time as to what good Af Am Literature looks like 0 We fix the notion of the black aesthetic to a moment in time informed by the tumultuous events surrounding them 19681975 gt Black Arts Movement 6875 0 Creative floweringconcentrationresurgence not only in lit but also in expressive arts music film theatre dance visual art etc 0 Black aesthetic is one component of the black arts movement 0 Another is politics 0 Good Black Art 0 v Politics By black people for black people Nationalist Political Encourages social change Transforms self esteem Vernacular influence Charged language gt Black Power Movement More and more young Af Americans became angry by the slow response by the government to implement social changes leaders being assassinated gt Splinters begin to show in the civil rights organizations so people begin leaving core groups to form their own more radical groups such as the Black Panthers gt quotlntegrationistquot changes to quotnationalst ie let s put black people first tired of court and non violence if it isn t working why keep using it while we watch our leaders die 0 Sounds like a radical move but actually pushes to aid in breaking racialethnic barriers lnward focus for social change Students take political agenda and connect it to artistic agenda The quotNationquot African American people Quality Af Am art has to connect nationalism Good African American art had to reflect the people and speak to them from their experience not elitist used language of the streets want to be in your face and become more aware of how institutions affect you the Af Am want to make white people aware of their complacency 0 Urban settings in northern city streets are popular in issues of Af Am nationalism and black politics Language meant to reflect that geographical domain Addressed issues of Dr King s organization focusing mainly on the south Some authors thought of themselves as the voice of the people forgotten by the civil rights movement 0 Semantic Inversion turning tables on meanings of blackness and whiteness ex white pure righteous sacred exchanged for black is beautiful Political and psychological action asking black audience to change the way they think of themselves promote self esteem and internal attitude love themselves 0 Vernacular artistic streams coming from experience over time ex blues spirituals llsorrow songs quilts bottle trees jazz dances swept yards languagedialect particularly southern words sermons work songs Think of vernacular as native indigenous coming from within 0 Signifying indirection relates to vernacular refers to the way Af Am use indirection to poke fun in order to imply superiority ex rap music 0 Valorize to pay attention to honor pay homage to historicize 39239 Jim Crowe caused a disproportionate effect of prison on poor amp people of color gt 1828 attributed the song Jump Jim Crowe performed by white actors in black makeup gt Populism political movement characterizing late 19 h century America of poor whites and blacks challenging white ruling class pretty successful gt Jim Crowe laws resulted to persuade poor whites not to align themselves with blacks 0 Created racial divides mistrust gt ldeologically Jim Crowe represented and reflected aspects of slavery gt Enabled small group of white quotsuperiorsquot to divide the rest of the nation from formingrallying against them 39239 Race Uplift gt Booker T Washington promotes gradual incorporation of citizenship for African Americans through acquisition of labor skills needed by the south for industrialization gt WEB Dubois wants immediate eradication ofJim Crowe laws through artsculture work and liberty quotFor My People Margaret Walker 0 00 Antecedentpredecessor to black arts movement 0 00 Announces the black arts movement Harlem Renaissance 19191929 James Weldon Johnson llLift Every Voice and Sing 0 00 o 00 o Conservative era but still has images challenging social norms ex llunknown god implying o o mechanical worship quotGood Woman Lucille Clifton 39 Sayles family 0 Metonym a part that speaks for the whole generations 0 0 o 0 o v Title page referenceslooks back to a history shared by all African Americans


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