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by: Kathleen Hyatt


Kathleen Hyatt
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathleen Hyatt on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2320 at University of Georgia taught by Steere in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/202635/engl-2320-university-of-georgia in Foreign Language at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Author Work Notes Movement Year Eating babies Satire SWIft A Modest Proposal NOT great potato famine reference The Lady s Dressing Satire Room Ceiaquot The Reasons that Parody Montagu Induced Dr5 to write a Poem call d the Lady s Dressing Room Mock Heroic ambic Pentameter Zeugma Syepsis Antithesis Pepe Rape of the Look Autonomy reducing things to their parts ie respect the crown Caesura Beinda Character Burney A Mastectomy lanny Bumey mem0r Charlotte The Emigrants ambic Pentameter Smith Bank verse does not rhyme First gothic novel Walpole The Castle of Otranto Theodore Matilda Manfred Gothic Byronic Jerome Barbauld 8 On the Pleasure amp Sir Aikin Bertrand A Philosophical Enquiry Subime vs Beautiful into the Origin of Our Burke Ideas of the Sublime amp the Beautiful Femae gothic Emiy Radcliffe The Mysrenes of quotgoomy and sublime objectquot Gothic Udolpho excerpt ends as Emily Is taken into her castle quotprisonquot Ambrosio Matilda Elvira Lewis The Monk Anges39 Flora her heart had forgotten to beatquot Gothic novels are cheap and formulaic Anonymous Terrorist Novel Writing Can a young adyinstead of pincushions and needle books Victoria Lilla Dacre Zofloya Compared to the Monk Gothic Blake Songs of Innocence and The Fly Experience The Tyger Robert Burns To A Mouse Crazy vernacular Lousebug ToA Louse Cutting down the rich Crazy vernacular Repetition of quota thatquot Moral Actions speak louder than rank For 07th The honest man is Kingquot quotThat Man to Man the warld o er Shall brother be for a that we are all brothers democratic ideal Wo rd swo rth Expostulation amp Reply Why William dreaming mother Earth s quotfirst born birthquot The Tables Turned repetition of quotbooksquot Let nature be your teacher I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Dancing with daffodils Jocund couch romanticism memory simplicity of nature Resolution amp Independence Poets die young Chatterton Burns quotTo give me human strength by apt admonishment Carroll Haddock s Eyes Parody of quotResolution and Independencequot Aged man quota sitting on a gate ots of food references and repetition of Wquotsound Dorothy Wo rd swo rth Thursday April 15th entry from The Grasmere Journals Coleridge The Eolian Harp Nature is in his bedroom Synesthesia Conversation poem Sara Christabel Unfinished Vampire fictionquot Geradine is evil and Sir Leoline falls in love with her Romantic Kubla Khan Fragment quotdamse with a dulcimer Abyssinian maid peasure dome by the river Jane Austen Love amp Friendship Epistolary novel Plan ofa Novel description of a novel almost absurdly satire Keats Lamia Hermes Apolonius Lycius Lamia throws off supernatural powers to play the role of woman Absoute vs Unknown reality ruins fairytale phiosophy will clip an angels wings unweave a rainbow Romantics La Belle Dame Sans Merci 2 speakers narrator and knight fairys aesthetic sounds sexual language negative capability Strange stanzas last line cut short Knight dies I set her on my pacing steed Victorian LEL The Proud Ladye Says she will marry the man who can get to her in the tower laughs while people Author Work 039 Dates Movement Notes Page Tennyson Mariana 1830 Early Victorian repetition of 1112 quotawearyquot 14 The Lady of Lady Lancelot 1832 Early Victorian 1114 Shaott 18 Browning Porphyria s Porphyria 1834 early Victorian Speaker kills 1252 Lover Porphyria 53 with her hair My Last speaker amp Fra 1842 early Victorian dramatic 1255 Duchess Pandolf amp monologue 56 Duchess ab portrait on the wall Solioquy of speaker hates 1839 early Victorian dramatic 1253 the Spanish Bro Lawrence monologue 55 Cloister and plots to lat 9f damn his soul rel39glous to hell 39mage V A Man s 18 Victorian Repeltition Of eLC Requirements quotlove me at the beginning of each line quotI will love thee half a year as a man is able George Sand George Sand 1844 early Victorian 1083 Sonnets Author Work f Dates Movement Notes Page Caird Does Mr John and 1899 reversal of eLc Marriage Mrs Sophia roles of Brown husbandwife the woman question Women of 1839 early Victorian part about 1583 Engand women 85 should be in the home rather than read Virgil Author Work f Dates Movement Notes Page Conan The Red Sherlock 1891 Late Victorian detective eLC DOMe Headed Watson Story League Vincent Spaulding Ezekiah Hawkins Duncan Ross William Morris Mr Merryweather Jones John Clay DG Rosetti Jenny 18481870 PreRaph 1449 56 Body s Beauty Lilith Adam 18481880 PreRaph quotround his 1459 Eve heart one strangling golden hair femme fatale Ruskin The Nature of 18511853 Victorian 1327 M Gothic 33 C Rossetti Goblin Market Laura Lizzie 18591862 Victorian pre 1466 Jeanie Raphaelite 77 moral at the end In An Artist s unnamed 18561896 midlate Petrarchan 1463 Studio Dante R and Victorian his muse Lizzie Siddal A Better Speaker Jesus 18301894 Victorian quotOh Jesus eLC Resurrection drink of me Author Work f Dates Movement Notes Page Stoker Dracula 1897 Victorian abhuman Gothic W5 Gilbert lfYou re Queen Anne 1881 Late Victorian light Verse 1535 Anxiousfor to Empress vegetable 37 Shine in the Josephine lover Pure High Aesthetic Philistines young man Line speaker Gilbert amp The Pirates of Pirate King Operetta Sullivan Penzance Ruth Maj orThe Slave Gen ofDuty Frederick Mabel Wilde Dorian Gray artist 1891 Late Victorian parables 1697 Preface moral vs immoral book books are well written or badly written The Algernon Lane 1895 Late Victorian money land 1698 Importance of Butler religion class 1739 Being Earnest JackErnest teChVTOlOglr Miss Fairfax marr39 ge39 Bunbury morality 39 hypocrisy Gwendc lyn39 doublelife Lady Bracknell food Cellal Mlss fictiontruth Prlsm writing Chasuble appearance irony epiphany Author Work f Dates Movement Notes Page Kigling The Mark of Strickland 1890 Late Victorian abhuman eLC the Beast The White white man 1899 Late Victorian cultural 1821 Man s Burden imperialism Macaulay Minute on 1835 Victorian superiority Of 1610 Indian Europeans no 12 EduCaton SanskitArabic Hardy The Darking 19001901 Late Victorian corpse 1871 Thrush Owen Dulce Et speaker and 1920 ref to 1974 Decorum Est friend poisonous gas WW1 Letter and to his mother 1920 WW1 1979 Preface reference 80 Author Work 039 Dates Movement Notes Page m Beau Ideal Rose 1915 member eLC missing poem to Meagan amp Sydney Jo ce Araby speaker 19051914 Modernist bazaar 2168 Mangan amp his 71 sister uncle Orwell Shooting an Burmans 1936 Epiphany 2378 Eephant elephant 84 Raine A Martian 1977 Martian riddles eLC Writes a Poetry Postcard Home Author Work Characters Dates Movement Notes Page E Lake Isle of 1890 Late Victorian ABAB rhyme 2025 Innisfree SCheme The Second None named 1920 quotthings fall 2036 Coming religious apartquot imagery Leda and the Leda amp Zeus as 1924 swan sex 2039 Swan the Swan Agamemnon Key Terms Dramatic monologue different from soliloquy single speaker situation is specific and at a critical moment tells a whole story from a very small slice Femme fatale seductive but dangerous woman charms men but then leads them to dangerousdeadly situations ex Lilith Operetta light opera in terms of both music and subject matter Phrenologyphysiognomy pseudoscience based on measurements of the brain Propaganda Hegemony forcing someone to participate in hisher own misery Hysteria panic emotional distress Epiphany sudden realization of truth Bildungsroman coming of age Abhuman becoming something not human Example Dracula Movements


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