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Recent AmericaU.S. since 1918

by: Zion Hansen

Recent AmericaU.S. since 1918 HIST 261

Marketplace > West Virginia University > History > HIST 261 > Recent AmericaU S since 1918
Zion Hansen
GPA 3.74

Michael Todt

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About this Document

Michael Todt
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zion Hansen on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 261 at West Virginia University taught by Michael Todt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/202642/hist-261-west-virginia-university in History at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
HX261 2172011 73500 PM International new look and nuclear policy Vietnam Iran and china German and Hungarian revolutions Suez canal Guatemala 0 Guzman appropriate land 250000 acres 0 CIA hires mercenaries and overthrow him 0 We install a government 0 Outlaws labor unions o Major issues 0 Nuclear proliferation Boom time in the USA c Economy 0 Period of great American prosperity 0 Development of planes etc 0 GI bill 0 Blue collar workers o Labor and the treaty of Detroit 0 1959 if you want a booming economy and prosperity you have to make sure there are no strikes trade off between labor and management in exchange for no strikes we will give you a cost of living increase based on inflation 2 as productivity goes up and we make more money you will share in the money 0 1955 supplemental unemployment pay gave an additional 13 weeks o Consumerism o The middle class begins to develop due to the blue collar 0 Spending goes up 0 Credit cards 0 New level of debt 150 increase o Cars and housing 0 Suburbia Organization man o alienation and loneliness o Conformity Tension o Baby boom o Changing role of women o Sex and RR o Literature religion and politics o Beat generation Civil Rights o Grass roots insurgency o Post WWII and armed struggle 2172011 73500 PM Chapter 11 3292011 Terms Trickle down economics Regan Doctrine Star WarsSDI Iran Contra Affair creator to debtor nation glass ceiling INF Treaty GlasnostPerestroika Overview Prelude The 1970 s Nixon Presidency and government corruption and lost of trust Secrecy about overseas and the use of IRS in the wrong way Carter Presidency and government incompetence Decade of moral conflict and the culture of narcissism Rise on New Right and Neoconservatives Rise of moral majority Civil Rights EEO Reagan s style Personal history and The Speech Style and use of executive staff First Term Deaver Baker Meese and control Don Regan and it s up for grabs Simple Message Great Communicator Three ideas to change Taxes Communism Government Reagan s domestic Policy Supply side economics tax cut greed and budget deficits Shrinking of government and deregulation loss of domestic programs Civil rights conservative USSC and EEOC Immigration Reform and Control Act 1986 Amnesty and Employers Foreign Policy Soviet Union Guatemala and Granada Lebanon Nicaragua and Iran Contra Affair Background to Nicaragua Arms for hostages Violation of federal lawBoland Amendment Tower Communism and indi


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