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by: Ardith Gutmann

Mechatronics MAE 211

Ardith Gutmann
GPA 3.6

Giampiero Campa

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About this Document

Giampiero Campa
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 42 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ardith Gutmann on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 211 at West Virginia University taught by Giampiero Campa in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/202651/mae-211-west-virginia-university in Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
KLEQQZ ZWMQQ F Q quot3 OM H lt3 it Fm I 1 HAMme 19516 7 CU39r i wg Wigwam THIC T1 7 V L M Marzatiremr T511277 7 049 L D PT CH Diar nm k g 1313 3 39r A M Ma WE WWW3 WV MS 2 quot quot is VLVFM VivrWCH 13390 0 WM V Vgt lt39IquotLv0 4 r LE 03 DEFSWEE 1M5 ragm PN39cr 391 e jUHL 1362 r k T 1 7 V V T a lm galmi 9Wquot N WW I a igww if Diva Nquot gt AWL fffiv L prgar 1 a qd fl39 a r39zobz mws wmw D IF A MW wmumw or hvw vwg HHTMG 42 n535 a nl x Jwg39rsmm s 5 3 551 ewV f Elf 34 933i Alf ii tf f lA 4L AQS I USED To TEAMSIWT f qT39IoA 052 WMm 397 3 WW 5 up DIPES armv GEAR w A aiding Traerw HAVE W mmfg quotV M im l h NL 54 2 Ti DL Hagar m St gig9 V i 92 17quot pa L quot5 7 mm z MWEFahAT m r WWW T39Tlf WS 159 1193 2 Nquot N2 0L Dz 39 f il 390 0 EQUAL Prmijv N mum FOR 3 WEN T39O NWTFf F I QYQPFIC M X rnzy gt2 i quotWMquot 3 Mon M2 1 N2 Wm DZ ma mg m ll m THQ Di SET A Iva 9 2 39 IL 7 VM 5 6r x N 7 Is 4 OF WWO V ne rwq awe lg DE I 9539 9 TEE I W IAM79 km 39 M9 4 mam wpur N9 hi TEFV39H w OUTPUT af rm 3 39 OWPW b N Wmquot THE DHEquotC39WltV a FQWWii eAAI W LNPU39T 5 r DE gapfu Hug 7715 Pawm6 gt 1 h PUT PUT 2 135 Minna Luau5M g4 0L ma SPEED TQMmm 33 A TFCT H m P yam 2 V 39 P7 FINE A39T Hl my 1312 4 9 Jojo I quot GealK SfEFTD 739 CVJ 7 2 QL 339 A 239 39 1 39 39 outP9TquotMJLM Wquot 1 rlin l f0 WPUT AMmJMQ SP 0 I 3quot I EgtltAr7rgt r at if war0M 0g AMI ruzsrMmr0M quot0 39 V T09 00 TAMJixf f 123 i WV 3 M07 EMKwur 7 0 11 2 3 F 1quot 2 WA SV Zlrzibr If I is TRON gymw TH Equot P947 OF A 0 3 D2 u 71 W5 F W Newm Ltf Q 19A 0 OUTPUT V7 005 1quotJxmtw39mg39az P rim M Taliapugquot 9 an 221quot 0N It amcesng 39 M PM 11155151WFQYWKIjQN LET 5 con5101 re 4 466 irv m f W 9393 5 MM 44 49a fly324 98 r AND 6J0 3 Na J5 74 3 A v M3 N g 67 meme gt 7 6 i I i K 1 ii Man 0 am v I S 0L 4 m LEA739 TE gt7TH If We 7 v 7mg 2401 11gtQIgf chm7 IF THE VQ l SE39ti V l N 09173453 6 EV re s 739 gm ip I 392 0 F57 i317 5775 0150 OM 50m 2m 7quot 6 AM 5 9M 57 CA 41 336 439 3 ifquot 6 35 gt gtAfyc 3 1 TB a 3 4J1 239 MQD Nae MAL 7quot N51 ML 0 n3 12A m pupa V057 fS Y39i WWCEQ 41quot63 HA1 gaffQR mm or 1 FWD IJW39FS N01quot MaxHazy gemMic A I v THE owzzence n J A gang0770 Is quot 7 NAD quotA 395 MacaoTim mu 4mm fen 10 a E 90743 393 EVEM 77 L fff TJQV zlttsgvam Ef fjj f 2 I k l T o r L A 107 TOOTH 65596L a 140 Team 5504 quotr0 DEth T715 1347 5 10 H 39 HOW FHA Amer ARE 7 quot39 53m Am THE ame RAT0 km Kn m 5 U Laraquot Mew Maw 39P P 30 VWVW WVquot 7751771 A 36 50 F Pfjh MM IWS V39f f imszz rfW0quot I V l AIM l l39 gt39 AIAK x I A 39rorecwrz op 2 MPH30 9 fl 7 M1 muggyf 1 010339 ION q 4 49 M gm NM 7 M vu NW4 Vmo 39AoE MW MUM 3quot 1 40 V a n 04 0 a II S 0 8m I DI 96 lt1 0N 24 v W 3 Fifi 43 V 4 j 10 FAX1234 HT 051quot 5 fr 1va y i s 5 rcg cwo v 3y wormv gt533 90 DEc k te s anceL D S W vr ncat s QAXVILJSH mAr 53905 ii Ufi0quotquot USrzra M wIquotrquotww 2 1ops 713 51 513 e3 GISVFIC 545 3 Q I 61 ws D39I 39F I39 M r WWI1 Gum39xwm 3 NH 7 V1 MrsL2 5 7w Hr 594 J t I M 394 39 gt13 3quot Ru c Lgt R95 it 4 cummz 92 98 S i 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