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by: Ardith Gutmann
Ardith Gutmann
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ardith Gutmann on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE T404 at West Virginia University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/202655/mae-t404-west-virginia-university in Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
iun96 newshtml Page 1 NAFTP NewsLetter June1996 National Alternative Fuels Training ProgramWest Virginia University NAFTP Information Service Attn RedaBata PhD or Remco deJong at 3042966689 fax Morgantown WV 265066106 All typos and errors are the responsibilities of the editor EMail BataFacultycemrwvuedu or Remcocemrwvuedu WebSite httpnaftpmaewvuedu Faxed by Cass if there are any fax problems call 7034251843 The National Alternative Fuels Training Program NAFTP Newsletter is a monthly feature of the program to keep the lines of communication open between our training team trainers and other interested parties VoTech and Community College automotive instructors eet managers OEM trainers utility personnel regulators and private training industries are welcome to learn about our program Administrator39s notes Reda Bata and Remco deJong have taken over website and newsletter responsibilities Remco a recent graduate from mechanical engineering at WVU brings additional firsthand knowledge of natural gas combustion systems to the NAFTP Along with his W W W publishing tasks he will be assisting with vehicle testing and dynamometer work at the Sabraton campus Electric Vehicles In an ongoing effort to reduce dependency on foreign oil and minimize noxious emissions a futureCar concept is being developed at numerous universities and research institutes The goal of this challenge is to transform a midsize five passenger automobile into a vehicle that attains 80 miles per gallon generates few emissions yet performs well and has high customer satisfaction Mechanical engineering at WVU has entered a series hybrid vehicle in this student competition The most significant feature of this system is that the internal combustion engine will be operating near an optimal constant speed and load roughly providing the average amount of power needed by the vehicle This scheme avoids the efficiency and emissions penalties associated with transient internal combustion engine operation To achieve the transient power demands a battery pack is used for load leveling purposes The basic layout is referred to as a series hybrid electric vehicle a schematic of which is presented in the figure A parallel arrangement has a mechanical connection from the IC engine directly to the drive train This has efficiency benefits but is more complicated The WVU entry has the potential to become either a series or a parallel hybrid with the addition of a couple of clutches The goal is to enable parallel operation by next year39s competition Wed Mar 11 1998 1144 AM iun nzwamnl Page 2 may Figure 1 Semsamngemzm 1vva elasmcvehlclz av mmwvvav mm w vva mm mavv mam vvivvvvvv iaa meadmlmsm hummus tymmwxmmywuahmsw vvvav mm MW vfmmm39nmwtaxalkx magvvmvavavvvvm Emmvmsemmsnmltmamsmwxylwms mmmvammvv 2 quotmm wax gavm m wvavmgamammmavivv av wuXYPdi vim vi 15 km umbmmsfm xwku39 avmvm mas yumwmwhge vi mu m mwll 1mm ivi m sahmdfm39mu39 mva mva vaamaa avv vi mwmsmmvmvm mm 9 avmum Innl 1 me MIEWBfmnzymvmwmvlymarpxklgmtdmddmme SanmC rpurmm 1mm waivva momwmmuzksmdfmz ysxwmbemadsmlm mmvavmvmmvvmvmv vvvzi mmwmdmmsmlmsuw nn man 1x wime av avgzvmvpamvvv wpmu vi vyvmvgav mmvvv maximum mung viavwvvvvagvimvagvav mm mm vavv madman vvv makmumm zm dbedeVyllhlgldmmml a v mammalss P smaw s utmsud vvavi mammva mvav i gt 5 vwvivx gvv mi vviv 15mm 1m mi mv Weedmusammdlyfmm wzvsm Mude narme wammpu nm smsm39 mfaalmgvh ma umMIA Enla v av a vimva vawvv Up W n swam n v mmyn39mwwa wyr avgzv av mmzmvvivmvvmvvvivmym viva a m nv vvvv v Wukumngxs mam mvvvvv sdam Bvaasedw v av knack mm m av mmmimm vivmvymvimvm stfbdum avxavaavammmwaavvvvv mmamvmmvvvm N xmvmmm mvmvvivvvvvvvivv mm am Apmmav wmmxhssmmmmmnzm ym mvvvmavvav mme vvviavvvvvvv huhusemmalbmamufE krmhywmxrnmedfmgvmmx PasmmmaMx 1mm Mimymvpemmmfm hldumsvaEvRxewmdwhthmmuasmm amux m Smmmmhssasmasma kxm av 15me mam1y wpu udmnwmba mm Wed Mar n wax 11 AM iun96 newshtml Page 3 by a specially developed driver circuit Calendar 0 Windsor Workshop on Alternative Fuels A three day conference to discuss alternative fuel industries and infrastructure is scheduled for June 35 in Toronto Canada Ortech Corporation and Natural Resources Canada and the US Department of Energy are sponsoring the event More information can be obtained by contacting Susan Horton of Ortech at 2395 Speakman Dr Mssissauga Ontario LSK 1B3 Canada NAFTP courses on Electronic Systems for NGVs amp Diagnostics Methods for NGVs will be held in MorgantowJune 1215 and September 1820 This is a new offering NAFTP courses on Propane Vehicle Technician Training Methods fundamental LPV theory systems and practice will be held in Morgantown June 2528 and August 2023 This new offering was jointly produced by NAFTP and College of the Desert CA and is structured like the NGV module with lots of handson shop time supported by concentrated classroom sessions and take home materials NAFTP courses on NG Vehicle Technician Training Methods fundamental NGV theory systems and practice will be held in Morgantown on July 2326 These courses have been refined based upon new technology and student feedback to include more shop time and rearranged to cover 4 full days instead of the odd half days as previous courses 0 Plan to visit us for these courses call 304 2937882 to reserve your spot Wed Mar 11 1998 1144 AM Appendix 311 The second order tensor of the conjugate thermodynamic forces associated to the damage variables takes the following form Y11 0 0 YYij 0 122 0 010 0 0 Y33 or in Voigt contracted notation as YYaY11Y22Y33gt0gt0gt0T 011 Using 98 the explicit expressions for the thermodynamic forces written in terms of effective strain are found as 1 7 7 7 7 7 Y11 W 011 a 012 535 013 gg 51 20555 20663 1 1 7 7 7 7 7 Y22 W 022 5 52 012 5351 023 53 53 2044 5512 2066532 012 2 1 7 7 7 7 7 Y33 033 Egg 1 013 Egg 1 02365341 2044 5512 Jr 2055Eg2 7 The thermodynamic forces written in terms of actual stress are 1 311 312 313 2355 2366 111 i 7012 0201 70301 7052 7062 9 1 22 12 23 2 44 2 66 Y 7 7 27 7 7 2 2 013 22 Q U2 mmai ggasm 933904 Qggmae 1 33 13 23 2 44 2 55 Y 7 7 2 Jr 717 7 7 2 2 33 9 9 Us 9103 930302 9304 9105 The derivative ofthe thermodynamic forces with respect to the damage aYaD is given by 111 1 1W0 0000 1 1016200001 W 3Y1 2y l 7 33 014 007000 81 l 0 0 0000 0 0 0000 0 0 0000 The derivative of the thermodynamic forces with respect to the actual strain is


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