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by: Dee Bruen IV

Orientation UNIV 101

Dee Bruen IV
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dee Bruen IV on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UNIV 101 at West Virginia University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/202669/univ-101-west-virginia-university in University at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
MINUTES THE WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY FACULTY SENATE DECEMBER 10 2001 Professor Roy S Nutter Jr Faculty Senate Chair called the meeting to order at 315 PM in Assembly Rooms NB NRCCE Members Present Badzek L Famouri P Kuhlman J Orndorff J Stanley C Bergner G Hanson R Larrabee J Pearson T Strife M Bilgesu H HelmondollarR Lastinger M Perry J Trajkovski G Bowen E Hill R Lewis R Petronis J Urbanski J Brady L Hoey J Malanga C Raynes R VanCamp R Branch D Hornak L Mays M Reece W Ward H Brown J Hummel M McCormick R Riley W Wasson N Cohen S Iskander W McFadden D Ruscellos D Wenger S Collins A Johnson D McGinley P Scea P Wilcox D Davis T Jones R Nadler S Sencindiver J Wilcox G Dixon S Karther A Nath C Sherwood L Williams J Edwards A Killefer J Nelson C Stack S Woloshuk J Elmore S Krainak P Nutter R Stamatakis M Woodrum D Yelton D Members Absent Baylis C Davis L Hogan T Meding T Stark L Birkle D Dedhia H Howell R Miles T Sypolt L Bonanno S Elfenbein A Juckett G Morgan D Turton R Bruner J Gebremedhin T Keyes G Muchant D Ward B Bull L Gibson L Kolar M Palmer J Wilkinson C Cercone J Graber G Loudin B Simmons G Wright F Clark K Graeber J McDiarmid M Smith L Cooper B Hissom J McGrath J Stanton B President Hardesty addressed the 3 cut for next year s budget He said West Virginia has not been affected by the country s economy as much as other states WVU has experienced 5 increase in fulltime enrollment and the appropriation rate has increased by 25 which is keeping up with in ation He said the Governor is required by the constitution to balance the budget At the present time WVU has not been required to make any alterations from this year s budget but it will make budget cuts starting in the new fiscal year July 2002 The President said the Governor has asked all state agencies to implement a 3 decrease in the base budget Some options to comply are to request a tuition increase reallocate money within the institution and propose an increase in the employee contribution to PEIA and other types of insurance He said assuming the cut will be a oneyear request and the economy rebounds WVU will forego raises during this time to make up much of the decrease The President said if ordered to do so programs will be reviewed He said the regional campuses have submitted similar propositions The President said this is a manageable proposition for WVU because other schools in various states are experiencing doubledigit increases in cuts The President said the Legislature Chancellor and the Governor are intent on increasing activities during this period WVU is working with the Governor and Chancellor and they are handling the situation very well It was moved and duly seconded to approve the minutes from the November 12 2001 meeting Motion carried The chair said the Senate Executive Committee is still reviewing the constitution It should be ready for Faculty Senate review at the January meeting He said the goal is to have it approved by the April meeting so it can be sent to the full faculty assembly Professor Jones moved approval of Annex I New Courses and Course Changes Professor Nadler objected to the approval of UNIV 101 because he said it has no academic content He said the course should be taken but not counted toward graduation Vote was taken Motion passed Professor Jones moved approval of Annex II Capstone Report It was duly seconded Professor Ward asked if the Curriculum Committee receives full documentation for the capstone courses Professor Jones said departments submit a twopage capstone form to the committee syllabi were not initially requested with the form It was recommended that a brief statement which provides substance be included on future reports Motion carried Professor Homak moved approval of Annex III It was duly seconded Motion carried Provost Lang reviewed the salary component of Senate Bill 547 in a powerpoint presentation He said it will show where the Institution has been over the last 5 years the adjustments that have been made and where money has been allocated Topics include A Statutory Goal for the Faculty Salary for the General University B SB 547 Goals 7 Expectations C WVU Salary Task Force D WVU Faculty Salary Improvement Plan E Accomplishments Professor Branch asked if the presentation could be emailed to senators The Provost said he would post it on his web page The Provost said 10 or 12 institutions were part of the SREB list He said there are now a different set of peers He will send the list to the senate chair who will forward it to senators 9 Professor Petronis said a controversy surrounding the funding of the Sydney Banks Institute at the Health Sciences Center was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Charleston Gazette He said Dr D Alessandri Dean Health Sciences Center played a major role in bringing the Institute to the University s Health Sciences Center Dr D Alessandri explained the intent of bringing the Institute to WVU He said a small group from the Health Sciences Center was initially brought in to experience the process of the program and many bene ts were received He said the program focused on the following research ability for people to work together to stay focused on what you were presently working on ability to make meetings more productive and efficient and to bring closure to thinking Dr D Alessandri said analogies and examples were used to help with the process A parttime person from the Institute was hired as a facilitator and has since worked with 50 units across the Institution The facilitator has helped people bring closure to ideas and concepts and reduce stress which in turn helps improve health Dr D Alessandri said 30 people have sat through the sessions and he can validate that there is no religion involved Dr D Alessandri said donors wanted to honor Mr Banks so they provided resources to WVU for research to be done He said the research is being overseen by a board of advisors and the techniques and standards being used are very high He said the advisors are in the process of looking at an instrument in a scientific way and the data looks good for validation Dr D Alessandri said he will provide additional information if needed and if senators would like to sit in on a session or join in on the research to contact him personally He is open to suggestions andor ideas 10 Professor Nadler thanked Associate Provost CB Wilson for sending him a copy of the documents concerning the language in the academic freedom policy He said it was stated correctly in the new guidelines but was not stated correctly in the faculty handbook Professor Nadler recommended language be accurately stated in all documents The Faculty Welfare Committee is reviewing this item and will bring it to the senate at a later date 11 The meeting adjourned at 500 pm to reconvene Monday January 14 2002 Mary L Strife Faculty Secretary


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