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by: Cooper Koch III

Medieval ARHS 331

Cooper Koch III
GPA 3.61

Janet Snyder

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About this Document

Janet Snyder
Class Notes
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This 43 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cooper Koch III on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARHS 331 at West Virginia University taught by Janet Snyder in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/202670/arhs-331-west-virginia-university in Art History at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Name Place Date 1 The Temple of Aaron 2 DuraEuropos Synagogue 3 3rd Century DuraEuropos is known for it39s wall paintings They portrayed Jewish heroes The artists relied on frontal views hieratic scale and flat space from Byzantine Influence Name Place Date 1 Christ as the Sun God 2 Tomb ofthe Julii 3 3rd Century The sun god represents Christ Name Place Date 1 Sacrifice of Isaac 2 Beth Alpha Synagogue 3 6th Century The central panel shows the sun god on a fourhorse chariot surrounded by the signs of the zodiac The four corners represent the four seasons Name Place Date 1 Donna Velata 2 The Catacomb of Priscilla Rome 3rd Century She is an orant figure shows with great force the essence of prayer She has huge deeply staring eyes large hands in the praying position and a flat body which is a style associated with Byzantine Art l l i Name Place Date 1 Arch of Constantine 2 Rome 3 4th Century The largest imperial arch to survive has three vaults The round reliefs above the two side arches are calledspolia People depicted stand in contraposto poses Artists gave a sense of 3D space Name Place Date 1 The Tetrarchs 2 Venice 3 4th Century Represent the western emperor and Caesar and the eastern emperor and Caesar All the faces are identical and uniform Name Place Date 1 The Colossal Head of Constantine 2 Rome 3 4th Century A fragment of a huge statue that once stood in the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine in the ForumDisplays a stiff hieratic style with large eyes staring upward in a fixed gaze and rigid frontalityConveys a sense of power v nun luuul Parts of the Basilica h apse g crossing f aisles e nave d narthex b atrium Has an entrance on the opposite side ofthe altar Windows in the nave above the level ofthe side aisles were in the clerestory Name Place Date 1 Santa Costanza 2 Rome 3 4th Century Name Place Date 1 Peacocks Grapevines and Fruit 2 Santa Costanza 3 4th Century Name Place Date 1 Priestess of Bacchus 2 Symmachus Diptych 3 4th Century Shows that 4th Century Rome was not entirely Christian The family that commissioned this piece retained their beliefs ofthe Roman Gods Name Place Date 1 Christ Teaching Seated Among Apostles 2 Chapel of Sant39 Aquilino 3 5th Century Christ is depicted as a young beardless teacher raises his hand while his disciples stand on either side of him Shown with a cruciform halo In his left hand he holds a scroll This is common in Hellenistic Art Name Place Date 1 Santa Sabina 2 Rome 3 5th Century Has been called the quotstandardquot Early Christian BasilicaHas an atrium nave and an apse Has tall rounded clerestory windows 14 Name Place Date 1 Santa Sabina 2 Rome 3 5th Century Has deeply carved Corinthian capitals Name Place Date 1 Crucifixion 2 Doors of Santa Sabina 3 5th Century Christ and two thieves stand in orant pose in front of an architectural form that resembles a basilica Name Place Date 1 Santa Maria Maggiore 2 Rome 3 5th Century Single aisled nave with slightly projecting transepts and side aisles flanking the naveHas ionic columns Name Place Date 1 The Story of Jacob 2 Vienna Genesis 3 6th Century Parchment stained purple which is the color of royalty Thought to be commissioned by an imperial patron The episodes go from left to right in the upper register and right to left in the lower register The upper and lower is connected by the curved bridge 18 Name Place Date 1 Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins 2 Rossano Gospels 3 6th Century Painted on purple stained parchment and written in Greek Shows representations from Medieval Art Name Place Date 1 Crucifixion 2 Rabbula Gospels 3 6th Century Many ofthe narrative details described in the Gospels are illustrated Below the crucifixion is a horizontal band with two scenes Mary visiting the empty tomb and when Christ warns Mary not to touch him 20 Name Place Date 1 Ascension 2 Rabbula Gospels 3 6th Century Composed in two zones shows a huge aureole around the ascending Christ riding on a fiery chariot with wings On the lower part shows a woman in the orant pose in the center 21 Name Place Date 1 Icon ofthe Virgin 2 Egypt 3 6th Century Set within an architectural setting Everyone but Christ is named Christ is shown as a quotwise little manquot seated on the throne of Wisdom Mary 22 Al Name Place Date 1 Hagia Sophia 2 Constantinople 3 6th Century Justinian commissioned the church and hired two scientists to design it The church is almost a square with two narthexes a broad atrium a single apse on the east and a dome over the center 23 Name Place Date 1 Interior of Hagia Sophia 2 Constantinople 3 6th Century Has a high clerestory with two rows of windows The walls vaults and domes were constructed with thin bricks This allowed for greaterflexibility in shaping the spaces The great dome has gold mosaics and the windows in the dome are filled with colored glass 24 Name Place Date 1 Virgin and Child Enthroned 2 Hagia Sophia Constantinople 3 9th Century Replaced a preiconoclastic Virgin and Child that was there before it 25 Name Place Date 1 Portrait of Ariadne 2 Constantinople 3 6th Century Ariadne appears as a cult image placed with an ornate baldacchino canopy She39s holding a scepter and orb with a cross 26 Name Place Date 1 Archangel Michael 2 Constantinople 3 6th Century Shows Michael holding a staff and a large orb with a cross He has a youthful face casual stance and draping clothing Very detailed and has a Hellenisticradiance 27 Name Place Date 1 Transfiguration 2 Monastery of Saint Catherine 3 6th Century The church was dedicated to the Virgin Christ is shown in full dress in the mandorla Moses and Elijah look like giant pillars Background is gold with thin bands of green and yellow on the bottom Name Place Date 1 Virgin and Child Enthroned with Angels and Saints 2 Monastery of Saint Catherine 3 7th Century Shows the Virgin and Child with Saints George and Theodore next to them The two angels behind them are looking up to heaven Virgin and child look past the viewer thinking about what is coming And the saints look straight on 29 Name Place Date 1 Christ 2 Monastery of St Catherine 3 8th Century Creates a sense of 3D with the olive green brushstrokes creating a shadow Has large asymmetrical eyes that suggests spirituality filled with wisdom 50 Name Place Date 1 GallaPlacidia 2 Ravenna 3 5th Century Has a Greek cross plan with barrel vaults over the arms and a central dome on pendentives Has blind arcades on the exterior and thick bricks 31 Name Place Date 1 The Good Shepherd 2 GaIIaPlacidia 3 5th Century Placed overthe entrance ofthe north arm He wears gold and purple and holds a tall scepter Name Place Date 1 Orthodox Baptistery 2 Ravenna 3 5th Century Has an octagonal shape eight sides which in Christianity is usually associated with theResurrection The dome is constructed with hollow tubulartiles and is lined with mosaics Name Place Date 1 Baptism of Christ 2 Orthodox Baptistery 3 5th Century The twelve apostles surround Christ being baptized 34 Name Place Date 1 Baptism of Christ 2 Arian Baptistery 3 6th Century The figures are very flat and look frozen against the gold background A II Name Place Date 1 Mausoleum of Theodoric 2 Ravenna 3 6th Century Reflects Theodoric39s background and life It iscentrally planned and made with imported stone Hasblind arcades and is a two story structure 36 Name Place Date 1 Sant39 ApollinareNuovo 2 Ravenna 3 6th Century Simple basilica plan without projecting transeptarms Above the arcade is rows of figures against gold backgrounds Follows the style of Roman basilicas 37 Name Place Date 1 Procession ofthe Virgin Martyrs 2 Sant39 ApollinareNuovo 3 6th Century There are 22 total wearing elegant clothing 38 Name Placa Date 1 San Vitale 2 Ravenna 3 6th Century Raised on an octagonal double shell plan withambulatory galleries and semicircular niches The dome is constructed of hollow tubes set in a mortar 39 Name Place Date 1 Interior of San Vitale 2 Ravenna 3 6th Century With large windows in the ambulatory galleries and dome it creates an aureole of light The narthexserves as the entrance The lower walls are marble and the rest is covered in mosaics 40 Name Place Date 1 Justinian and his Retinue 2 San Vitale Ravenna 3 6th Century All figures have individualized features which means that they are true portraits Justinian has a halo jeweled crown and purple robe to make him know as the regent of Christ on earth 4 Name Place Date 1 Theodora and Her Court 2 San Vitale Ravenna 3 6th Century They have gathered in an outdoor annex that has a fountain and a curtained doorway Theodora doesn39t stand out that much because she is the same size as the rest and off center She offers a chalice to the church 42 Name Place Date 1 Transfiguration 2 Sant39 Apollinare Ravenna 3 6th Century Has an abstract landscape setting All details are treated as individual motifs and are lined up symmetrically around the axis Saint Apollinaris is in the center Above him is a blue aureole with a gemmed cross in the center 43 Name Place Date 1 Christ Crowning the Emperor Constantine VII 2 Moscow 3 10th Century Made of precious ivory Christ is elevated on a footstool Constantine stands to his right with open arms and bows humbly 44 Name Place Date 1 Virgin and Child Enthroned between Emperors Constantine I and Justinian 2 Hagia Sophia Constantinople 3 10th Century Constantine offers the Virgin a model of the city he founded in her honor while Justinian offers a representation ofthe Hagia Sophia 45 Name Place Date 1 Harbaville Triptych 2 3 11th Century Made for personal devotion The saints are arranged in two rows Name Place Date 1 David Composing the Psalms 2 Paris Psalter 3 10th Century Rich colors and functions as an author portrait 46 47 Name Place Date 1 Katholikon and Church ofthe Theotokos 2 Greece 3 11th Century The nave has high open galleries The dome rests on a square that transforms into an octagon by squinches The exterior is covered in stone and brickwork 48 Name Place Date 1 The Pantocrator 2 Church of the Dormition Daphni 3 11th Century Huge bust portrait of Christ within a medallion Facial features are those ofthe pre iconoclastic icon of Christ He looks stern and carries the 39Word of Godquot in his left hand 49 Name Place Date 1 Vladimir Virgin 2 Constantinople 3 12th Century A gift from the Byzantine court to RussiaServed as apalladium protection against enemy forces Image concentrates on the compassion between the two Name Place Date 1 Deesis 2 Hagia Sophia 3 13th Century Rendered in meticulous detail and highly naturalistic 51 Name Place Date 1 Anastasis 2 Chapel of Christ in Chora Constantinople 3 14th Century Christ is surrounded by a white almondshapedmandorla He lifts Adam and Eve from their tombs Name Place Date 1 Carpet Page Book of Durrow 2 Dublin 3 7th Century Executed in four colors yellow red and green with brownblack outlinesHas swirling spirals andinterlace patterns 53 Name Place Date 1 Symbol of Saint Matthew Book of Durrow 2 Dublin 3 7th Century Features interlace patterns 54 Name Place Date 1 Carpet Page with a Cross Lindisfarne Gospels 2 Ireland 3 8th Century Has animal interlace with dogheaded serpents and longbeaked birds Still the page is symmetrical Name Place Date 1 Saint Matthew Lindisfarne Gospels 2 Ireland 3 8th Century The man is naturally proportioned The background is not painted but a realistic curtain hangs concealing another bearded man who acts as a witness Name Place Date 1 Chi Rho Monogram Page Book of Kells 2 Dublin 3 8th Century Features spirals and animal interlace 57 Name Place Date 1 Tara Brooch 2 Dublin 3 8th Century Has gemset enamels and amber is considered the pinnacle ofjewelmaking in Ireland Has animal interlace 58 Name Place Date 1 Muirdach Cross 2 Ireland 3 10th Century Located within a monastery and often marked the boundaries of monastic lands 59 Name Place Date 1 Golden Buckle of Sutton H00 2 England 3 7th Century Features interlace pattern of forms that intertwine in a controlled way 60 Name Place Date 1 Relief from the Sarcophagus of Abbess Theodota 2 Monastery of Santa Maria deIIaPusterola Pavia 3 8th Century Example of Lombard relief carving Gives the impression of symmetry but the artist has actually moved them slightly to the left 61 Name Place Date 1 Baptistery of St John 2 France 3 7th Century Was originally a fourth century GalloRoman structure Three apses were added Has classical capitals embedded pilasters and a uniquetransverseoriented plan 62 Name Place Date 1 San Juan de Ba os 2 Spain 3 7th Century Constructed with ashlar masonry carefully cut stones put together without mortar Take from Roman techniques Arches are horseshoe shaped which is influenced from Visigothic architecture 6 Name Place Date 1 Church of San Pedro de la Nave 2 Spain 3 8th Century Simple threeaisled basilica 64 Name Place Date 1 Gero Crucifix 2 Cologne Cathedral 3 10th Century The Whole body is hanging and the stomach is swollen Christ39s expression looks somber while the corners of his mouth are turned down 65 Name Place Date 1 Animal Head post 2 Oseburg Ship Burial Scandinavia 3 9th Century The surface of the head is divided into compartments where each receives a different pattern The cheeks have interlace and the top of the nose has crosshatching 66 Name Place Date 1 The Sacrifice of Isaac Capital 2 San Pedro de la Nave Spain 3 8th Century Tells the Old Testament story of how Abraham was willing at God39s command to sacrifice his son Name Place Date 1 Palace Chapel of Charlemagne 2 Aachen 3 8th Century Was dedicated to the Virgin and the emperor s private chapel The church is very similar to the church of Justinian in Ravenna Features a central octagon supporting a dome projecting apse and a two towered entrance 68 Name Place Date 1 Abbey Church 2 Corvey 3 9th Century Has a central plan projecting main portal with twin towers and windows in the upper gallery Name Place Date 1 The Plan of St Gall Ideal Monastery 2 Switzerland 3 11th Century Plan for a Benedictine communityLaid out according to a grid system with axes marking off four areas around the church at the center 70 Name Place Date 1 Oratory of Theodqu 2 France 3 9th Century Was covered in mosaics and stucco designs 7 Name Place Date 1 Ark of the Covenant 2 Oratory of Theodulf France 3 9th Century Only one to fully survive Angels in it are meant to represent the cherubic and seraphic guardians of the ark The two larger angels are in Byzantine style 72 Name Place Date 1 Christ Enthroned 2 Godescalc Gospels 3 8th Century The background is composed of gardens and architecture Christ is wearing a deep purple tunic He is depicted as a youthful beardless teacher 73 Name Place Date 1 Saint Mark 2 Gospel Book of Ebbo Italy 3 9th Century Very illusionistic Wearing a bulky mantle and seated frontally in a sketchy landscape His face is very distorted heavily arched eyebrows large eyes pointed lashes 74 Hymn mununuuu llll um i LullLNAmUTW Muir 3quot mama nurgaumnmmmr SniMHISOQNiMD uwmw mmqurlamrrm wuhrlwum 39f M 39 AUEEHNHMDLHN J 1 new iquot 1quot F 1 391 Name Place Date 1 Psalm 43 2 Utrecht Psalter Italy 3 9th Century Illustrated entirely with pen drawings Name Place Date 1 Presentation of the Bible to Charles the Bald 2 Vivian Bible 3 9th Century Charles the Bald is enthroned in the center and somewhat larger that the others The Hand of God comes out from the top ofthe arch to bless the event Three monks present him the Bible with their hands covered 76 Name Place Date 1 Equestrian Portrait ofa Carolingian Emperor 2 Carolingian 3 9th Century Copies other equestrian portraits like the Marcus Aureliusin Rome 77 Name Place Date 1 Virgin and Child with Zacharias and John the Baptist 2 Cover forthe Lorsch Gospels 3 9th Century Takes inspiration from fivepart diptychs form Late Antiquity 78 Name Place Date 1 Situla with scenes from the Passion and Resurrection of Christ 2 Church of Saints Peter and Paul Kranenburg 3 9th Century Situla is a holy water bucket which was used during processions to sprinkle holy water on the faithful Divided by bands of ornament to frame the scenes Bottom register is the birth and early life of Christ Top register is the events leading up to and Death of Christ 79 Name Place Date 1 Crucifixion with Angels 2 Lindau Gospels cover 3 9th Century Christ is in gold repousse hammering from the reverse side in the gem studded cover 80 Name Place Date 1 Back Cover 2 Lindau Gospels 3 8th Century Shows animal interlace enamel work and pearls In the four corners are the evangelists and their symbols Highly characteristic to the Carolingianperiod 81 Name Place Date 1 The Scribe 2 Eadwine Psalter 3 12th Century 82 Name Place Date 1 Saint Cyriakus 2 Gernrode 3 10th Century Served as a royal convent The apse built into the flat wall was believed to be an addition in the 12th Century Has a simple nave with side aisles a squarechancel and slightly projecting transept arms with two round towers 83 Name Place Date 1 Interior of Saint Cyriakus 2 Gernrode 3 10th Century The nave is divided into two large bays by rectangular piers There is an arcaded gallerybetween the nave arcade and the clerestory 84 Name Place Date 1 Abbey Church of Saint Michael 2 Hildesheim 3 11th Century Doubled in the transept and trebled in the nave 85 Name Place Date 1 Scenes from Genesis and the Life of Christ 2 Deors of Bishop Bernward Hildesheim 3 11th Century Took influence from the doors at Santa Sabina Each door is divided into 8 registers The left door has scenes from Genesis and the right door has scenes from the life of Christ 86 Name Place Date 1 Otto Enthroned amid Church and State 2 Aachen Gospels 3 11th Century Presents the youthful Otto enthroned on high within a mandorla representing the heavens The Hand of God places a crown on his head Has his arms open to receive the divine favors bestowed on him 87 Name Place Date 1 Otto Enthroned Between Church and State 2 Gospels of Otto Ill 3 11th Century Exhibits an Ottonian abstraction of space scale and frontalityCommands authority


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