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Art Appreciation

by: Ms. Samanta Collins

Art Appreciation ART T113

Ms. Samanta Collins
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Samanta Collins on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART T113 at West Virginia University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/202681/art-t113-west-virginia-university in Art at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
E p 2 quot 5 c0 all E 2 CO 33 L O E U U U 0 L U 3 Extension Service Wy Wes tV1rgir aUmversiry Tips and Techniques for Successful Camps Strengthen the HeartH Including Spirituality in Camp While Respecting Differences By Martha 5 Garton and Jane Jopling In 4H our need to embrace diversity and move away from a tradition which often favored one religion over another has led to a denial of spirituality Recently many disciplines have rediscovered the importance of spirituality and the need for reinstituting character education Medicine higher education mental health and business have all begun to recognize the importance of spirituality in life Reflections at camp can be spiritual without being religious Steps to Strengthening Spirituality at am Provide quiet time Involve youth in planning reflections Encourage thought about serious matt ers Encourage youth to express their feelings verba Encourage youth to write down their thoughts and feelings Encourage youth to read and appreciate art and literature Encourage youth to stop take time out and appreciate nature Involve Youth in Planning As with most other aspects of youth development empowering youth to be involved in planning is essential Youth should be trained to respect differences in religious beliefs and challenged to create reflection programs that are meaningful to them and their peers Explore w39 them why certain songs and practices may make others uncomfortable Train your re ections committee well before camp and plan the basics of the reflection programs ahead of time 1 Decide what the purpose of the program will be Offer some options but be open to their suggestions 2 Help them decide wh would carry out that purpose Give them tools and ideas for setting the mood for the activitymusic props lighting selection of readings etc 4 Do tbe limited to whatwe have at activity always done Practice any presentations Re ections can quickly lose their value amidst giggles and presentations that cannot be heard 6 Follow with an informal evaluation did we do what we wanted to do Suggested Purposes for Reflections To appreciate the beauty of nature To think about honesty To celebrate friendshi To show appreciation to each other To help us be more of a family To learn to respect others To make the best better To appreciate differences To celebrate our state To explore and appreciate 4H To learn to respect others To make the best better To think about citizenship To think about fairness A project of WVU Extension Service 4H Youth Development by the WVUES 4H Camping Team llZEUS m E 4 2 quot3 r20 at E 3 c0 8 q 0 E N U N U L U 3 Extension Service wv Wes tVlrginiaUmversigI Ideas for Methods Readings Dance performances or group dance Stories and object lessons Journalin Notes or happygrams Ceremonies Tap someone who Candle lighting Meditation or guided imagery It is more important to create a safer kinder world than to recruit more people to the religion that happens to satisfy us Dalai Lama In some ways all camps have a spiritual component Either because of the beautiful natural setting the opportunities for bonding with others or meaningful religious practices young people have an opportunity to Psychologist and Author Tips and Techniques for Successful Camps References wwwnational4 hheadquartersgov libraryelementsppt Huddleston J 1993 Perspectives purposes and brotherhood A spiritual framework for a global society In S Bushrui Ayman amp E Laszlo Transition to a global society pp 142150 Oxford England Oneworld Publications Ltd Family Matters Spirituality can Foster Physical and Emotional Health By Steve Duncan MSU Extension Service httpwwwencyclopediacom printableaspxid1G1 13559897 quotRediscovering Spiritualityquot Camping Magazine 3193 Karla A Henderson wwwmentalhealthorguk html contentspiritualityprojectpdf Transforming Campus Life Reflections on Spirituality and Religious Pluralism Peter Lang Publishing 2001 edited by Vachel W Miller and Merle M Ryan httpchironvaldostaeduwhuittc olspiritualspirithtm httpcharactercountsorg A proyect of WVU Extension Service 4H Youth Development by the WVUES 4H Camping Team mznua m 60 Year History 1950 Ben Laposky Oscillon Number Four 1961 Steve Russell SpaceWar 1962 Bresenham Line rasterization 1963 Ivan Sutherland Sketchpad 1965 Lawrence Rubens Homogeneous Coordinates 1971 Gouraud Shading 1972 Shoup Frame buffer 1974 Edward Catmull Texture Mapping Zbuffer 1975 Phong Shading 1976 Burnyk Skeletal Key Frame Animation 1976 Jim Blinn Environment mapping 1977 Crow Antialiasing 1978 Jim Blinn Bump mapping 1978 Lance Williams Shadow mapping 1983 William Reeves Particle Systems 1983 Lance Williams Mipmapping 1984 Robert Cook Shade Trees 1988 Drebin et al Volume Rendering Phong Shading gt A M7 quot Ecru 4quotquot Atea Bump Mapping Film 1963 Zajac TwoGyro GravityGradient Attitude Control System 1973 Westworld first CGI 39 i m o 1982 Tron 1983 Star Trek 2 o 1984 Last Starfighter o 1985 Pixar Young Sherloc V o 1986 Pixar Luxo Jr 1988 Tin Toy 1988 Willow morphing 1989 The Abyss 1991 Terminator 2 1995 Toy Story Tron 1982 Star Trek 2 1 82 1958 Tennis for tWO William Higginbotham 1980 Pac Many Donkey Kong 1961 Spacewarl Steve Russell et al a 1980 Battlezone 15 3D game 1966 Odyssey Ralph Beer 1983 Nintendo Famicom Japan 1969 Computer Space Nolan Bushnell 1986 1993 Nintendo Sega 1972 Pong Atari 8 bit consoles 1976 Fairchild VES console 39 1993 Doom 1978 space lnvaders 19871996 16 bit consoles 19932002 32 and 64 bit 1979 Galaxian a bit color consoles 197034 19803 W l t t39 39 aunt Wx39 Hunk mm A w w Q Lgt Inspiration for graphics PhysicsOptics Euclid geometric optics Newton Fresnel reflection refraction Fermat Lambert diffuse reflection Snell refraction angle T RE A Turbinis circuhrcm ba m lmbcntis vno unr m can 0 fpc tnrimmin s dimidia par C CCI39HKUE u x um mg in who yuu n urmlum ungcu dnx hm a m mm mum ab oculu in mmli nrcuml mmmm ex ante cwdcm mude 1m cm a 049d Agni cam en quad mmusc qugm V n g m c mam go pixaim en femicircula Q13 m him Pm quail uni outlus mum zit dimidizp u nubme ldcm dcmon tzbumu a lupus circulu qln inmrhinh fugu fin rum HE 1 Oculo peridem planum propius id tur bincm accedcnrc minor rurbmls pars cerlt netur quim oculo rcccdcmc malform men afpc 39ui pparcbit Sn bar com cimxlux mm mmm ondm mmm n x a a ad t u uumrn a mad nuuau cxukmx m qua r QPTICKS O R A T R E A T I S E O F T H E Rq c c om Rcyfmc liom iyfe iom and Colour OF LIGHT 727 Karma Erlision wit JdEiam By Sir Isaac NEWTON K1112 L O N D O N Printed for W39 and j l N NY 5 Printcnta he Royal Society at the I r39iu39l mtt in Su am39s ChurchYard 171 S 39 Inspiration for graphics b h ainting 14 391 e g emit Inspiration for graphics Baroque 17th c eg Rembrandt Vermeer light shadow contrast Inspiration for graphics Art b7ggmpressi92isr1 19th c 7quot s w A I 9 39 v 752 w Rendir Dega ET Monet 39 X v I m quot I n I I n It 7 quot iu39 39 39 reflection Inspiration for graphics Art Photorealism 1960s present Charles Bell Richard Estes Inspiration for graphics Technical Illustration 0m edye 0 prn39cmdium Course Outline OpenGL Overview Core features Drawing textured triangles Per vertex lighting Advanced OpenGL 20 and extensions Advanced texture mapping features 3D textures Cube map sphere map Anisotropic filtering Depth textures Point Sprites new primitive OpenGL objects vertex buffer object pixel buffer object frame buffer object render buffer object Occlusion Query Shader Objects The OpenGL Shading Language GLSL Data types qualifiers Builtin functions cm lt61 39 1quot C f Cif i f Jquot Ci fir Ci 1 C J C 1 Ci r Ci Course Outline Advanced shading and lighting 7 Per pixel lighting 7 Environment mapping 7 Bump mapping parallax mapping 7 Shadowing techniques Shadow volumes Shadow mapping 7 Water effects reflection refraction fresnel effect General purpose GPU programming GPGPU 7 Particle physics simulation 7 Image processing ScientificVisualization 7 Volume visualization r lsosurface extraction 7 Vector field visualization Course Outline Mesh operations Doubly connected edge list Mesh simpli cation Mesh subdivision Class Requirements C calculus matrixvector operations geometry No book required Class handouts and downloads Hardware required OpenGL 20 capable video card Nvidia GeForce 6800 or better ATI 9800 Pro or better Check httpdelphi3dnethardware Extension Service VWtVugimaUmversrgr WL 235 upporting the Changing Family How Family and Friends Can Help Few families today are exempt from divorce The child s experience can be overwhelming at times The good news is that by supporting key development assets we can enable children to lead healthy productive lives Divorcing parents extended family can be part of the solution in family restructuring The Search Institute Minneapolis 1999 has organized development assets which are essential building blocks for the foundation of growing children Understanding and focusing on these development assets can help bring a positive approach to the divorce experience for children The 40 assets are organized into eight general categories A variety of practical ways used to support and strengthen children living in divorce transitions can bene t all children 1 Support them with love care and attention Caring supportive relationships are vital to children and teenagers especially during the divorce process Freely give them love affirmation and acceptance Reassure the children in transition that regardless of status they are loved valued admired and not seen as failures 39 Surround them with people who care and listen Extended family members can reassure children Being a good listener helps children realize someone cares Help them know that they belong Including biological and stepchildren in family celebrations and family traditions with equal attention and affection helps them belong to a secure group of people Be exible Being exible with family celebrations to accommodate visitation challenges creates a sense of belonging Across the miles When grandparents are not geographically close they and the children may send notes cards and messages Email and telephone conservations maintain ties Hold the gifts Don t go overboard with gifts The personal contact between the grandparent and grandchildren is the key Child care opportunities Child care by grandparents may support both the parent and the child children as well as provide an opportunity to focus on a loving caring adultchild relationship Miriam S Leatherman WVUExtension Agent Hardy County Margaret W llIiltenberger W V ExtensionAgent Mineral County 2 Empower children with opportunities to make 03 4 a difference in their family and community Kids need to discover the joy of making a difference You empower children when you 39Help themfeel valued and valuable Display their pictures hang artwork or schoolwork on your refrigerator and spend oneonone time with each child 39 Give them opportunities to serve others Help children of divorce become or stay involved in community organizations Parents may have difficulty transporting children to such groups as 4H Scouts or religious organizations which promote service to others and provide growth opportunities for the child 39Keep them safe Be aware of child safety at all timesi childproof your home use a child safety seat in your car assist with afterschool child care etc Establish clear boundaries and have high expectations Young people need your guidance to stay safe and healthy You offer healthy boundaries and expectations when you Set and enforce clear respectful rules and limits Clearly de ne the house rules Acknowledge that families may have different rules but be consistent with your limits and expectations Consistent coordination of rules by families and adults will bene t the child Behave in healthy and responsible ways Actions speak louder than words Many grandparents and caring adults nd themselves as the primary mentor in the child s life during divorce You can be an in uential example to children in transition Modeling positive behaviors shows children responsible actions and lifestyles Expect and help kids to do and be their best Research indicates children tend to conduct themselves as the adults expect If you expect children of divorce to do their best they are more likely to give their best If you emphasize school achievement children are more likely to succeed in school Help them nd activities that make constructive use oftheir time Children need access to quality programs and activities that enrich their lives develop their talents and interests and help them develop healthy relationships ExpressiveArt Activities help children express feelingsiart music writing and puppetry are forms of helpful expression Drawing role playing and brainstorming allow children to express feelings more freely Have art supplies on hand Don t worry about the mess Even kitchen projects allow children to be expressive and create an opportunity to communicate Music Research shows that music develops a child s mind and can improve academic achievement Encourage a child s interest in chorus programs and school bands Listening Talking and listening help supporting adults understand the children s emotions Reading ageappropriate books about divorce can help children work through the issues they face Physical Activity Sports for some children are an excellent constructive pastime A supporting adult can help the transitioning child participate in Little League or school sports programs Youth Groups Involvement in organized programs such as 4H clubs Scouts and FFA provides unique opportunities to build leadership skills critical life skills and social competencies Religious programs strengthen the foundation for many youths Both religious and secular groups support systems for the children of divorce Program Access Providing transportation or nancial assistance can help children access art programs sports and youth groups 5 Nurture in them a commitment to learning Children need to develop a lifelong commitment to learning You can support them by Encouraging them in their education Acknowledge school achievements Attend school extracunicular activities Talk about school activities and friends and listen 39 Challenging them to explore and learn new things Provide family eld trips expose children to new and different experiences Participate in lifelong learning activities yourself and share them with the children Model the desired behavior Reading and learning with them Read aloud to children listen to them read and provide reading material at your home Make sure they have access to books and reading material at their home give them magazine subscriptions books etc 6 Instill positive values to guide them Positive values give children and youths the internal compass they need to guide themselves Model positive values Children will model the behaviors they observe Modeling positive values is a powerful in uence 39 Give children opportunities to think and talk about their values Conversations about family friends money and life all help children sort out their values 39 Support and guide them as they put their values into practice Set clear guidelines and be consistent Support children s transition into adulthood l Help children develop life skills and social competencies Social competencies are the life skills youths need to become independent capable and competent To foster social competencies 39 Expose them to new people and things Help grandchildren interact with a variety of cultures Take them on trips to understand new and different environments Model and teach the skills they need It is important to model being tolerant exible and openminded The lifestyle you live is an example they will strongly consider Challenge them to use their skills Foster independence at every opportunity Allow preschoolers to develop selfhelp skills encourage schoolage children to resolve their own con icts nonviolently and permit teenagers to resolve con icts peacefully 8 Nurture celebrate and af rm children s positive identity A positive identity forms the foundation that helps young people feel secure in themselves To nurture a positive identity Love and support children of divorce unconditionally Let them know you will be there for them and show them Support both natural and stepchildren in the same way 39 Live a life lledwith purpose meaning and optimism You can t x the maniage that just ended in divorce Maintain a balance among your own life your children s lives and your grandchildren s lives 39 Help them find meaning andpurpose in their own lives Encourage their discovery process and avoid discouragement Remember that positive attitudes are contagious 2003 10M Programs and activities offered by the West Virginia University Extension Service are available to all persons without regard to race color sex disability religion age veteran status political belieCs sexual orientation national origin and marital or family status Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work Acts ofMay 8 andJune 30 1914 in cooperation with the US Department ongriculture Director Cooperative Extension Service West Virginia University sozrmz


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