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Intro American Government

by: Daniella Prosacco

Intro American Government POLS 102

Daniella Prosacco
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniella Prosacco on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 102 at West Virginia University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/202698/pols-102-west-virginia-university in Political Science at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
The Timesquot 962013 22400 PM Last Time The Constitution o Federalist 10 0 Two Ways to Control the Effects of Factions Establish a Republic Broad republic o Federalist 51 0 Checks amp Balances Separation of Power Each branch has checks on the other branches 0 Ambition Counteracts Ambition Representatives in one branch should check representatives in the other branches o Federalist 52 0 Goals of the House and How to Accomplish It Be dependent on the people Frequent elections o Federalist 623 0 Reasons Why We Need a Senate Check the popular will u Elected by state legislatures Doubledouble security a State amp National Government a Senate amp House More stable body a Long term view Consider comprehensive amp national interest o Federalist 70 0 President s Most Important Quality Energy 0 Four Ways to Design an Energetic Presidency Unity n Just one president Duration n 4 year term Support a Support from the electoral college a Congress can t change salary during term Powers n Needs enough powers to do job o Constitution Summary 0 Hard to get things done 0 Status quo favored over changes 0 Short amp vague This Time The Congress o Kollman reader Readings in American Politics pages 149166 0 Congress The Electoral Connection 0 Home Style House Members in Their Districts o Meet the 113th Congress cnncom link on eCampus Next Time The Congress o Kollman textbook Chapter 5 o Read four models of Congress in chapter 5 Next Friday 913 First Multiple Choice Quiz o Scantron 882E 0 Half from lecture and half from the book Lecture Notes The Cong ressquot 962013 22400 PM The 113th Congress o House 0 232 Republicans o 200 Democrats 0 John Boenher Speaker 0 Eric Cantor Majority leader 0 Nancy Pelosi Minority leader o Senate 0 55 Democrats 0 45 Republicans 0 Harry Reid Majority Leader 0 Mitch McConnell Minority Leader o Demographics 0 Gender US Population n 51 Female n 49 Male US House a 82 Male n 18 Female Senate a 80 Male n 20 Female 4 out of 5 Member of Congress are Male 100 women serve in the 113th Congress a 185 of Membership n Highest amount of women in congress in history 0 Race US Population n 65 white n 13 Black a 16 Hispanic House a 81 White a 10 Black a 7 Hispanic n 2 Asian Senate a 93 White a 2 Black a 4 Hispanic n 1 Asian 0 Race and Gender A historic house All the democrats is the first in history to not be made up of a majority of white men 0 Age Average age in US is 37 House is 57 Senate is 62 0 Religion 52 Protestant 24 Catholic Jewish 2 Mormon 2 Other 20 0 Congress 56 Protestant 31 Catholic 6 Jewish 3 Mormon 4 Other Congress is older more male whiter and more god fearing than the US population History in the US Congress 0 1St Hindu Elected TulsiGabbard n D Hawaii 0 1St Buddhist Senator MazieHirona n D Hawaii 0 1St openly lesbian senator Tammy Baldwin n D Wisconsin 0 1St open bisexual member KyrstenSieman n D Arizona 0 1St African American from south since 1881 Tim Scott a R South Carolina a Not elected o Four Representative Styles 0 Trustee Someone who does what they think are best 0 Delegate Someone who does what their constituents want 0 Politico Mixes trustee and delegate If people are paying attention does what people wants them to do If not they act as a trustee o Burkean Trustee Does what s in the best interest of the nation not their district o Substantive vs Symbolic Representation o Substantive has substance Representation based on issues Agree with you on issues 0 Symbolic representation Representation based on demographics o Mayhew 0 Member of Congress Single Minded Seeker of Reelection o What are some things a SMSR would do Advertise Campaign Constantly Vote with constituents Reach out to voters Not do anything dumb 0 Three activities SMSR douse Advertising U Get their name out a Let you be aware of who they are Credit claiming Position taking 962013 22400 PM


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