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Planet Earth

by: Jessica Braun MD

Planet Earth GEOL 101

Jessica Braun MD
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Braun MD on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 101 at West Virginia University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/202721/geol-101-west-virginia-university in Geology at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
New Topic Chapter 11 in Plummer eta Ground Water or Groundwater or Groundwater Hydrology Study of Water Impies Surface Water Hydrogeology GroundWater Hydrology Hydrogeology Terms Aquifer allows wafer to pass fhrough Aquifar d refar ds passage of wafer Aquiclude excludes passage of wafer Porosify Pore Space in Mafer ial Permeabilify Rafe of w 39 Mafer ial Allows Waferquotfo Pass Hydrauic Conducf V fy Good Aquifers Sand Sandstone usually extensive Gravel Conglomerate Breccia Highest Conductivity may be very local Good Aquifers Sand Sandstone usually extensive Gravel Conglomerate Breccia Highest Conthctivity may be very local Fractured Rock Unpredictable Limestone Unpredictable W 1hr Aquitards Good Containers for quotBadquot Water Clay Shale Clayey Sediments Problems Leaks Fractures Lenses of sands etc No Earthy Material True Aguiclude Soil amp Ground Water Distribution Eastern USA Soil Moisture Belt Unsaturated Aeration Zone Water Table Capillary Fringe Saturated Zone Warer Tabe Prafle Deprh Ia Ware Tabe Determined by Land Surface Topography Recharge from Precipitationquot Permeability of Aquifer Mosf Variable Very Important GroundWater Flow Sunni Rumm m mm mm 5pm mm when 39 mu um Inleaa x m mg Eduw mm um gummy mealI my curved um um as n men mean The water in a well into an unconfined aquifer will rise up to the water table Uncon ned amp Con ned Aquifer System Perched Aquifer System Draw this in Your Notes Perched Aquifers Aquifer System Perched Aquifers Water Well Aquifer System Perched Aquifers Aquifer System Perched Aquifers Perched Aquifers DeWatered by Oil Well Aquifers Aquicludes ampAquitards Springs GroundWater Discharge Points Influentor os gStre Losing Streams Dry Stream Beds priming war Cone of Depression A Ma y reverse Pumping w Ground wa ter o w wail bclnm pumaW Coastal nd Water Problem Ner wall SaltWater Intrusion The water in a well into an uncon 39hed aquifer will rise up to the watertable The water in well into a co fined aquiferwill rise upto he ressure surface Artesian Aquifer Chestnut Ridge Morgantown Coopers Rock Wells 18901900 MW L Vnuvawmv rmr n w m1wmmwmmm u mum Area 039 recnarge ater Pressure Surface Water Rises to this Level Land su an Artesian Well Fig 1110 p270 in Plummer et a 10th ed Amman 1m 5m Dillme In up warm mun viam manoeu m aqqu mama Good Aquifers Continued a Unpredictable May have Water Quality Problems ag ard waiar 1 Emma m mummy s Chemical Weathering Carbonate Dissolution Calcite Lecture 3 Biochemical Sedimentary Rx Lecture 6 Limestone Cal 9 Seashells or Reefs Brea Down into Sediments Commonly Fos Calcite Dissolution CaCO3 H20 CO2 CaCO3 H2003 Ca2 2 HCO Dissolved Ions Where Is Acid Coming From CO2 H20 H CO Carbon Dioxide Water 5 2 3 arbonic Acid Where Is CO2 Coming rom Plant Respiration Burning Fossil Fuels Typical Limestone Outcrops in Karst Landscape Tower Karst China Cave Passages Record History of Cave Development 39 39 mnmmmmum mmmsmmm Roof Collapse Mammoth Cave Tube Formed Under Water Table Mammoth Cave Vertical Tube Formed Above Water Table 7 7 39 quot li l x h Same Vertical Tube Formed Above Water Table Stalactites and Stalagmites comivirtcave ml Dave Eunnell megoodearthgraphicscomvirtcavehtml nu Dave Bunneu Stalactites www900dearthgraphicscon Ky Dave Bunnell r wwwguodearthgraphicscomlvirtcave k y A wquot Calcite Aragonite Xls wwwgoodearthgraphicscomlvirtcavehtml i 0m Eunmll Stalagmites megoodearthgraphicscomlvirtcavehtml Dave Bunnell Columns megoodearthgraphicscomvirtcmcehh Columns Dave Bunnell wwwgoodearthgraphicscomlvirtcavehtml x m Rmck Rim Rock Stalactites Stalagmites Columns Dave Burma vvaQ oodearthgraphies6umlvirtcavehtml Geothnrmnl Sieam no steam wall power plant mum nutd u n v HotGroundWater 2 Methods Bring Heat Source near the Surface lceland Yellowstone etc Take Water Deep below the Surface Thermal Springs in the Virginias GEOTHERMAL GRADIENT 165 Clkm 48 Flmi Average Worldwide Hot Springs rginia Average Air Temp 52 F Average Water Temp 106 F How Far Down to Raise Water 54 F 54 F48 Fmi 11 mile deep Water Must Rise to Surface Rapidly or It Will Cool on Way to Surface Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV lm ages from imde www9reenbriercoml Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV Geology of White Sulphur Springs WV NastySmelling Hard Warm Spring Geology of White Sulphur Sp 39


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