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Corporate Finance

by: Christina Turcotte

Corporate Finance BADM 632

Christina Turcotte
GPA 3.64

Paul Speaker

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About this Document

Paul Speaker
Class Notes
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This 67 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Turcotte on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BADM 632 at West Virginia University taught by Paul Speaker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/202746/badm-632-west-virginia-university in Business Administration at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
03009053ch 4 may yaw vra Profng Ml11 CF quot quot 99 33930 c E was all 6917 Tquot 0 I 2 5 91 m 6 42 2 NZ 1 5V0 1 2 ZW l d quot V VD 4 V VI V VD jab ow 00quot V6 7 0 Q Odv we 80 000 an D Nrm fw gm 036 015 chve39 tcm f l u h r l F Zw 55 army 4 M 5340 3 em39x a delec39f 477 13 gt0 if fl firm coo0P N39 adoI39 m f w geh rf u 50 faa 92 e if I r a wkm I 9WMamp8Q GWWI QKJ DC F delr 7quot Ofg l39zgifz V Elk5 W VM f I M hale W we I a d5 i W I 43gt wk 1 mm Mn E l 39 o M I i fir gih meg mu Ma 6447 1quot a mf 304 Ememw WWW g k w v VL 0 U ue m Hh wW A 9quot N0 Wham ci rr rx W ddmmmt I a WW WW W M c NW i V nojw f 5 A new I Yup 1 1 D u 3 Emma DillV fwDMEZZg We 1W W DC F 3 Wow G We 9 3 Bard y d w fgfkpm fgm 3 a Q E 0o DcF39 r z D I 439 7 17 gt100 3907 1 g 07 a WW N 5 Q 404 019 mm WV 72 6 47d 15 36ml 61 PW w 3 V vefa yu 4020362160 M feaj Bfin b akaJ M C WW agave 5 9 05 mqu w it mami m 3 53 semi W5 vw a 1 mg g vei mihmi 0 w r e A J l a If f 000 CL C39 L 0 39 CTD 30 050 5 19 37 I 50 90 LT In C c 60 Mar Ir 6 la at CL 0 39 M a i 0 Owiwd 39 g Iv it me BADM 632 Corporate Finance and Regulation Martinsburg Morgantown and Wheeling Class of 2009 Sections 7B1 Spring 2008 CRN 13163 2937810 2032385 Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes In this course we will examine the capital decisions of the rm The foundation for corporate decisions is formed through principles developed in microeconomic theory using the accounting principles underlying nancial statements to organize relevant information The analysis includes a practical consideration of the operation of nancial markets considerations for the inter temporal comparisons of opportunities and the elements of the decisionmaking criteria for the nancial manager Upon completion of this course you will 0 Have enhanced your ability to read nancial statements 0 Be able to translate values across time 0 Understand how to extend the basic economic decisionmaking criteria to decisions that have an impact across time periods 0 Be able to value common stock bonds and preferred stock 0 Be able to determine the cost of capital 0 Be able to make business decisions using a discounted cash ow model 0 Be able to evaluate potential business projects and make economically feasible recommendations Course Prerequisites BADM 613 Business Strategic Environment BADM 621 Business Research and BADM 622 Financial Statement Analysis Required Materials Textbook Financial Management T hemy and Practice with Thomson ONE 12th ed Eugene F Brigham and Michael C Ehrhardt SouthWestern 2008 ISBN0324649088 Note that it is suf cient to have edition 9 10 11 or 12 Computer Hardware and Software All students must have a notebook computer with Internet connectivity A CD will be provided with instructor designed material Additional supplementary material is available at the publisher s web site The Microsoft Of ce Suite will be suf cient for class software needs where class examples use MS Excel Class notes are posted Via MS PowerPoint Other software use will involve free downloadable applications Class Meetings and Virtual Meetings The presentation of this course will occur through asynchronous delivery of course material The asynchronous delivery is supported by OPTIONAL class meetings The course has been divided into six Parts with the rst lesson detailing the use of WebCT VISTA Via eCampus the course management tool Each lesson has an opening and a closing datea window in which all lesson material assigned problems quizzes and threaded discussions must be completed The detailed material for each lesson may be found in eCampus Additional support material will be provided the first evening of class in the form of a CD If you should miss the first class meeting be sure to check with your teammates and have them secure a CD for you The course materials have been placed in a password protected site This permits us to use a variety of copyrighted materials without violating copyright laws Instructional Resource Center has placed your ID and password into the system The ID is based on your WVU email address and the password is the last four digits of your Student ID number In Lesson 1 you will receive instructions as to how you may access your personal resources in eCampus through your personal ID and password to that site Lesson 1 provides instructions for eCampus use a detailed syllabus lesson calendar and information on course organization Course Activities 0 QuizzesiThere is a quiz associated with each of the six parts of the course The first quiz is practice only and does not enter into the course grade Each quiz is timed and you are permitted up to three attempts Your assigned grade is the average of the attempts The quizzes are held within the eCampus environment Note that the quiz window of opportunity requires careful scheduling of your time Each of the quizzes in Parts II through VI are valued at 15 points 0 Excel Workbook ProblemsiThere is an Excel Workbook exercise associated with each of the six parts of the course The rst workbook is practice only and does not enter into the course grade The workbooks are posted within the eCampus environment Note that the workbook window of opportunity requires careful scheduling of your time Each of the workbooks in Parts II through VI is valued at 15 points 0 Discussion ItemsiThere are several discussion items required throughout the course This includes specific questions and a general discussion area for each of Parts II through IV There is also an ungraded practice discussion area in Part I You are expected to provide meaningful contributions to the discussion for every discussion question posed and to the general discussion area for each part The discussion grade for each of Parts II through VI is valued at 15 points 0 Final ExaminationiThere is a comprehensive final examination held within the eCampus environment at the end of the course The final exam is worth 75 points Attendance Attendance is optional as noted above The course is designed for asynchronous learning However it is highly recommended that you attend all optional meetings until you have achieved a comfort level with handling the material strictly within the con nes of the eCampus environment Makeup Assignments Honor the due dates for each assignment Should outside commitments cause a problem in meeting a due date contact the instructor to arrange a resolution to the con ict Grading Scale 90 A 80 B 70 C 60 D Below 60 F HOW to Use eCampus West Virginia University has chosen WebCT Vista as the standard medium for the provision of online course instruction The decision to adopt a uniform online medium is meant to ease the transition to asynchronous education for students who take multiple online courses from the University If you have taken previous online courses from WVU you will find a great deal of familiarity with this course If this is your first online experience WebCT Vista has a fast learning curve that will ease your adaptation to future courses eCampus provides the opportunity for you to deal with your class material at the time that is most convenient for you within a defined window of opportunity You may access eCampus from any location that permits you access to the Web While there are a host of options available in eCampus we will limit our use of the available features These include the online grade book so that you may check your grade status in the course at any time a closed reserve system to save inclass work and to post sensitive material and bulletin boards with threaded discussions to maintain an open dialog with your classmates Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated Please refer to the West Virginia University Student Handbook for more information about academic dishonesty Please note that a student will receive a failing grade in this course for cheating General Comments The instructor reserves the right to change this syllabus as time and circumstances dictate Necessary changes will be announced in class in advance when possible Note that the course outline is uid and will be adjusted within WebCT Vista as the semester progresses Although the exam dates are firm the topical coverage may change as circumstances warrant Social Justice West Virginia University is committed to social justice I concur with that commitment and expect to maintain a positive learning environment based upon open communication mutual respect and non discrimination Our University does not discriminate on the basis of race sex age disability veteran status religion sexual orientation color or national origin Any suggestions as to how to further such a positive and open environment in this class will be appreciated and given serious consideration If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing any type of accommodation in order to participate in this class please advise me and make appropriate arrangements with Disability Services 2936700 Go to Course Outline M90910 c MW 4 43 48 267 W a mm a 4 NM 2 Q C g w m s a mm a ma m A 4 mgam mmaif 1 gr I i 1 b J I aim b m4 MK mee a 7 9399 FCC 3 Zc Pt EKFJ 2Lb oooUjQ7wW 2 lt1 2 W 3 SA moon mm W quot Wquot 9 300 39 97 NPU 1 Pv ur 1 1 ZCEM CF 3965 U C03 5 w hf 0 W M e a a 2 Vim gt WM Abandwnm 7L CAIN Cc My he h 67474 amouij e Wan1 7 wt a a pam we NW F Wm M PN QI1gt NWOCH KU Cmmhied DUmm 1 Cash Flow Made 9ch l a n M Q 4 J C 439 v 4 V V0 a Z Ute Qinr 4 a pm yawMu 4700 75 and mm 7 an air f mg m Wmj Va 400 V 2 7an I 550 MA 3 aow wa 9M1 7W v i XCI FF 40 x m Mal E4 wa I V 7 a v W V quotW V 39 u 3 LIHVLlN3 quot VA Urquot39a szve fig 6 66W Ema 2 Von Sh 4 WWW h Q m di39SCOMA ILPMOHJ Pufjmr h 7 nunc wc ealj 717110 931 I7 P097 of RM 69ml Wm We VMYLaJA 7 S U gt P WW 4 N V Pm gt WK FU VP V V cg 0 f H r I N J I han 3 far 3 1 r q CE If 3 00 quothm 500 1 4 L 392 W l 1 l a F quot I034 n V 2 CF 0 g f UVf Zulc of 9410 1090 a 4 3 1 5 39 2 r x f Huff 39 J a w L w quot3 Wed M 6 e czmHf fourthICC 0 97 1quot CayvIw h Wcl c Wmgj q an a I WW1 Aro Maw r 30 I 0 w lmam 7244 Vw wc f S f WQ Mi a EveMA mfgT 1 th 09C swag Mm af z alt72C WIQWJM VEth 72 79 12 gm WaI39L Zlt hlf d7 a ALA 6 4 9 2 a d u 739 fl lureAth yi39 Key myn 9 2 74gt 5 a ag MOW Wottalcquot amiawbx Coach cm L Miami Qty 6 Ct quotLw 5W1 aam XJC Mmah lair044 Vev wn r MM wmnff j m UO m We We W mzzcrwIM g 39 AdiUAW of39a Wf JcVWJI L Jpd foh 5 74 n P LI VWJi a rj 0 30 Wk 14 J C C Z M de M VL Prim5 1927 few Q M Mam 1 G a w 1 m lt W WU Wquot Q U C912JkCB j 910 Va v t39am f 6 A j P5 7 J3 Q19 539 gs 21 Jr C 903 5572 WC 0 8 Q 01 572Jgt Sadw 0 J0 01 Z EU 7 Z R r W CW 613 a ZR ffWW 7quot 39 a I 6 avt 01A 2 1h 4rfe1 l4 w 9 m MM 3 r WB rp 3 3 A 3 6 5 6 WAG Us 63 a w w fg l n B M7Foub t Z 2 ML 31quot EFE CFA FRF ego 7 5 70 Zejrcfy m 7 on I X lwwtl t div we quot394quot CW PNf l o 5 523 L51 W I A 4307 53 m 1 45 QY Mj 1 34 M Md oCj t A fch INN v f Zda wd M m D quot 9 x 9 rm fkb 5 k 300 ma 39Jadd0 De fJ awdfm De6f ll 11110 M 701 l Baggage 3 6 74 90 V ZTD39 97760 9 id 2 453043 MR 5 quot quot3 quot W m 1 D50 6J 536 Wk 3m WW ges 39 g QQJ mMZ MAM 08 a quot 700w 03 acaw 457W 3 79 01 Fcid m39 wh l w39 04 WW szvxw94w w 6 l 4 a 392 39 239 f r e 39vquot 2 4 L y V 7 1 7 W4 g 5quot I 39 u mg v ma k J M r a I M R f7 1 v H l A I x A 1 r 439 514m quot a r39 M m w 39 Aquot f quot 1x f 239 v u glm raw 57w quot a a wf39 Vic 06 W 39 7 mm m yPa IVVM m mpm r anjf W gt I Kanq gt Eonc Wii ff cn L a 51w own J g f Em I Pry 2m korJ 39 wineJ e e 4 0M5 I F f w A giycwcrc rarteb 9 D COW ZC 3 opt mk Wanmc 170 ksmo m my am n39ci ata am na REAL h f flch r GP 1 l f hquot V14 mF Ca M It MW 7 W 06 1 rm W A a 09 a 17 o Mmmni ou 64 quot lt ozfac ueimm39n m Jew M hm quotWAce 6 J 33 u rnclov d 447739quot wow 79 I39M3975 g oAMli39j 4 4quotquot 5 foi J jr c74quot39M Cm 9 V4 he a JamMK 4 a quotm 4 W WM 7 WU W0 754175 Md ah Mfm amo jbqft Canam mi quot 4 M Wfar raf I4PJ9 5paIy m 1 7 M73M 7 7 m efficaw fortebf year M 1 PM via g r a Mfg f Mmfr d quot W 39 Calf 004196quot W YIN Ba 1 Ckfroufe 39e Ma d cl 0 a 3 Mr M m M M M F 4 4 Callfrmja yh rd W mm I Fwd i WW g quot MW m aw m f al r 2 6 le mtg d a d TNT nquot Ca 13 60 EN 5 n quot31 66 w w 23 M d quot 69quot mm 3460 Q W M 73 failM a 75 7601M I6 IAN


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