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Introductory Physics

by: Dr. Neoma Keebler

Introductory Physics PHYS 101

Dr. Neoma Keebler
GPA 3.51

Enrique Moreno

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About this Document

Enrique Moreno
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Neoma Keebler on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 101 at West Virginia University taught by Enrique Moreno in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/202812/phys-101-west-virginia-university in Physics 2 at West Virginia University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
Formula Sheet PHYS 101 39 v thsics Fall 2009 Sketch of Formula Sheet Important This is a sketch of a formula sheet I strongly recommend making your own However if you decide to use this one you are responsible for verifying that all formulas are correct This formula sheet must be printed in only one sheet of paper both sides Uniform acceleration v 110 a t 1 2 at m0 vot at 112 vg2am m0 Projectile motion 110 110 cos0 00y 110 sin0 w wo 120 t 1 2 yy000yt 9t 11 110 cos0 11y 110 sin0 gt 1 1W 113 0 tan71vyv 113 sin200 R Horizontal Range 2 2 v 8111 0 070 Max height 29 21 sin0 ttot g Total ying time Newton s Laws F me F kinetic ukm n Kinetic friction Er stat S ustat n Static friction Work and Energy linear motion W Fm GOSH Work KE 772112 Kinetic energy W AXE KEf KE i WorkEnergy Theorem PEgr mgy Grav Pot energy PEsprj11g 5 212 Elastic Pot energy ME KEPEgrPEspring 1 1 EvaergerEka Momentum 13 mvl Linear momentum f At Impulse f A13 13f 13 Ptot Z 13f in absence of external forces ml 7 2112 721 7 Ufg elastic headon collision Rotational motion Constant angular acceleration ww0at l A0w0t at2 w2wg2aA0 Relation between linear and angular quantities As T A0 11 r to at 7 a Tangential acceleration Circular motion ac 122 r w2 r Centripetal acceleration Newton s Law of Gravitation FG G m1 my2 Gravitational force 9 G mr2 Acceleration due to gravity Formula Sheet Torque and equilibrium T r F sin0 Torque Center of mass components mm 1M m1 1 7Tl22 39 39 39 ycm 1MY3myi m1y1 m2y2 39M Equilibrium conditions Z 0 70 Translational equilibrium Rotational equilibrium Rotational dynamics Rigid body Momentum of inertia I E m r2 Rotational Newton s 2quotd Law T I a KEN g I 022 Rotational kinetic energy Total mechanical energy of a rigid body E 771112 Iw2 PE Total mechanical energy is conserved in absence of nonconservative forces i Ef Moment of inertia I mrz Hoop I m sunny I m smmmu I E77172 Hollow sphere Angular momentum L I w Angular momentum YT AILAt L2 Lf Angular momentum is conserved in absence of external torques PHYS 101 39 v Physics Fall 2009 Fluids P F A Pressure P Po 09 h Pressure and depth relation P0 1013 X 105Pa Atmos Pressure FltAL FgAg Pascal s principle B Kubmged p md g Buoyant force A1 121 A2 122 Equation of continuity P p112 pg h const Bernoulli s equation Harmonic oscillation Relation periodfrequency Angular frequency T1f w27rf Blockspring system T27rmk Period f 127rkm Frequency w km Angular frequency w A Xt relation 11 Acusincut Vt relation a 7A w2 coswt at relation 122 LL22A2 i 902 VX relation Simple pendulum T 27rxLg Period Physical pendulum T 27m ImgL Period


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