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Problems of Philosophy

by: Kirsten Zboncak V

Problems of Philosophy PHIL 100

Kirsten Zboncak V
GPA 3.77

Joseph Baltimore

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About this Document

Joseph Baltimore
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kirsten Zboncak V on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 100 at West Virginia University taught by Joseph Baltimore in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/202828/phil-100-west-virginia-university in PHIL-Philosophy at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Problem of Evil Section 1 If God exists there would be no unnecessary evil in the world 2 There is unnecessary evil in the world Therefore God does not exist EVILS Moral Evil Natural Evil Murder Hurricane Stealing Earthquake Holocaust Disease Dyostevsky s Problem of Evil o If God exists there is no way he would allow such unnecessary evils to exist in the world He gives an example of a man ordering a child to be mulled to death by a dog in front of his mother Even if all of the suffering is for a main goal no goal could possibly be worth that John Hick s Free Will Theodicy God wants more good moral agents in the world There must be free will for the moral agents to choose to be good moral agents The good done by the good moral agents outweighs the bad done by the bad moral agents Free will Theodicy only deals with the moral evils Soul Making Theodicv 0 God instills a challenge of several virtues in order for us to have a soul 0 Developing Virtues I Compassion I Charity I Perseverance I Courage 0 These virtues could not be developed without some suffering in the world God s existence is beyond our realm of theoretical reason Meaning of Life Section I Tolstay S Traveler There is a bear being chased out ofa meadow He falls into a ditch but is able to grab on to a branch He is content for a moment but then realizes there are mice gnawing away at the branch He could jump but there is a monster at the bottom that would kill him The only thing positive about the situation is the occasional trickle of honey into his mouth The meadow is to represent the young years when everything is fun and carefree The bear is to represent responsibility because he is being chased from childhood into adulthood The branch is to represent life Should we hang on orjump suicide 0 The mice are to represent aging and time o The trickle of honey is to represent the few moments of joy we have in life compared to the entire struggle Mea ningfulness Religion gives us meaning to life because we are no longerjust a speck in the infiniteness of the universe we have a purpose and that is to serve God s will Atheist 2 Thesis 1 It is more important to have autonomy than a grand meaning of life 2 Religion can give us that grand meaning of life but at the cost of autonomy Poiman 2 rooms example 0 There are two possible rooms you can choose One is being pumped with deadly toxin BUT you have 100 autonomy and freedom In this room however you only have five minutes to live In the other room you have 95 autonomy and freedom but have several years to live Pojman believes that you would have to pick the room with less autonomy to greatly increase overall happiness Meaninglessness Camus Account o The absurdity of life 0 Habituality I The greatest philosophical question is llShould I commit suicide 0 The story of Sisyphus 0 He is punished and forced to carry a rock up a mountain continuously He carries the rock to the top and then it falls back down immediately only for him to have to carry it back up to the top again This continues for all of eternity Three responses to the Absurd ity of life 2 Appeal You can appeal to this life and find value in it LACKS LUCIDITY Suicide You can give up and commit suicide but this entails defeat HAS LUCIDTY BUT DEFEATS US N 3 Rebellion You can rebel against life just to spite nature BEST WAY TO GO Philosophy of Religion Section Aguina s Cosmological Argument 1 There exist things that are caused 2 Nothing can be the cause of itself 3 An infinite regress of causes is impossible Therefore there must be a first uncaused cause ie God The atheist will attack premise 3 first Aguina s Argument for Premise 3 of the Cosmological Argument Removing a cause from a series of causal events removes the causing following in that series If Premise 3 is false there is not a first cause If there is not a first cause there are not events today bngJH There are events today Therefore there premise 3 must be true Edwards Replies 1 Even if you can prove that there is a first cause it does not prove that it is God or gives it any special status whatsoever 2 It does not show that God still exists today a Many events that take place today have causes that are no longer in existence Pale s Teleological Argument If you compare a watch s intricate details with an eyeball s intricate details you can clearly tell they both have specific workings that make them do what they do We know that a watch has a designer so we must infer that there must be an equally intelligent designer for the eyeball due to the many relevant respects between the eyeball and the watch Objection to Paley s Teleological Hume 1 We have no other universe to compare and did not see the universe created 2 No reason to believe only one God a Makes more sense if there were more than one creator It would more closely resemble more things 3 There are flaws in nature 4 No reason to believe that God is still present today Teleological Rgponse to Hume It is even more conforming for religion that you never questioned a designer or ultimate design Anslem s Ontological Argument That which no greater can be conceived exists in the understanding That which no greater can be conceived exists in the understanding ALONE It is greater to exist in reality that in understanding bUJNH That which no greater can be conceived is not that which no grater can be conceived Therefore that which no greater can be conceived exists in understanding and reality Guarillo s Objection to Ontological Argument If we input things into the argument that we know do not exist through Anslem s reasoning we would still arrive at the conclusion that they do This makes his reasoning false


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