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Fundamentals of Chemistry

by: Rosendo Conn

Fundamentals of Chemistry CHEM 115

Marketplace > West Virginia University > Chemistry > CHEM 115 > Fundamentals of Chemistry
Rosendo Conn
GPA 3.99

Mark Tinsley

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About this Document

Mark Tinsley
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rosendo Conn on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 115 at West Virginia University taught by Mark Tinsley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/202832/chem-115-west-virginia-university in Chemistry at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Silberberg edition 6 Chapter 1 126 142 152 162 Chapter 2 24 220 222 224 239 241 249 252 260 270 274 292 295 2100 2106 Chapter 3 38 312 318 320 334 Fulther Examples 1 N The species shown below which has 24 neutrons is 20 2555Mn 12ng 3590 51 23V 13 C D E Which set of elements below are all in the same period A Ba Pb As Sn B Fr U Am Ca C K Na Li Cs D Na Al F Ar E Nd Dy Pu Os Page 1 E 5 VI 9 A naturally occurring element consists of two isotopes The data on the isotopes isotope 1 685 11 603 isotope 2 709 11 Calculate the average atomic mass of this element A 695 11 697 11 699 11 701 11 703 11 Which one of the following is a physical change when ignited with a match in open air paper burns in cold weather water condenses on the inside surface of single pane windows when treated with bleach some dyed fabrics change color when heated strongly sugar turns dark brown grape juice left in an open unrefrigerated container turns sour 3 B C D E Which one of the following contributes to the charge but does NOT contribute significantly to the mass of an atom electrons nuclei photons neutrons protons 3 B C D E Consider the atoms of 59C0 and 60Co Both of these atoms have the same A none of the below B number of neutrons C atomic mass number D number of photons E number of protons Aluminum unites with a second element which we will represent by the symbol E to form a definite compound whose formula is AlE3 Element E is most probably A an actinide element B an alkali metal C a chalcogen D a halogen E a transition element Page 2 9 50 0 N What is the correct name for the compound IBr3 bromic iodide iodine bromate iodine tribromide iodine tribromine monoiodine tribromite 3 B C D E When barium metal reacts with chlorine gas it forms an ionic compound BaClz In the course of the reaction each Ba atom A loses two protons B loses two electrons C gains two protons D gains two electrons E loses two neutrons Which one of the following formulas is incorrect because it does not represent a known ionic compound A BaClz B Ale3 C NaZO D RbBr E CaO What is the correct name for the compound CuBrz copperI bromideII copperH bromide copperH bromite copper dibromide cuprous bromide 3 B C D E Which one of the following is the correct formula for the compound ironII sulfate A FeSO4 B FeSO42 C Fez S04 D Fe2SO43 E F63 04 Page 3 13 5 V39 The SI base units of temperature and mass respectively are A degree and gram B kelvin and kilogram C celsius and milligram D 0K and kilogram E kelvin and gram When a student evaluates the expression 004616 x 0082057 x 29330 0654 the result should be expressed as A 169 B 170 C 1699 D 16987 E 169870 The SI pre xes giga and micro represent respectively A 109 and 10 6 B 10 9 and 10 6 C 106 and 10 3 D 103 and 10 3 E 10 9 and 10 3 A distance of 18 x 10 3 meters is numerically equivalent to A 18 micrometers B 18 millimeters C 018 meters D 18 centimeters E 18 kilometers How many square meters are there in a rectangular piece of carpet which measures 120 feet by 220 feet 1 m 3937 in 1 ft 12 in 245 m2 284 m2 866 m2 805 m2 966 m2 Page 4 2 O 2 22 The formula mass of CoNH35ClO43 is A 31853 11 B 38943 11 C 40257 11 D 45947 11 E 75413 11 A sample ofzinc metal density 714 g cm393 has a volume of 235 cm3 What is its mass A 168g B 227g C 261g D 488g E 329g The boiling point of barium is 725 OC Determine the equivalent value in 0F Tc59 TE32 A 435 F B 1337 OF C 1247 OF D 1362 OF E 1273 OF What is the percent by weight of chromium in KzCrO4 MW 1942 gmol A 26776 B 31763 C 40268 D 42241 E 51996 How many moles of Mg are there in a 350 g sample of this substance A 00182 moles B 0144moles C 0218 moles D 0226 moles E 131X1023moles Page 5 23 What is the mass of a boron sample which contains 0585 moles ofB atoms A 000541 g B 180 g C 352 g D 632 g E 185 g Page 6 Answer Key 1 D 2 D 3 A 4 B 5 A 6 E 7 D 8 C 9 B 10 B 11 B 12 A 13 B 14 B 15 A 16 D 17 A 18 D 19 A 20 B 21 22 23 UUIJCD Page 7


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